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The Seven Seals

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 31, 2008
    9:00 AM
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I morning everyone stood to theology here for our study in the book of Revelation and just a couple of reminders that we are recording this class and so if you have a comment we ask that you would raise your hand so you can speak into a microphone and the microphone doesn't project to you still need to speak out that is for the recording so just a weekly reminder of how to participate in the class we are now starting Revelation chapter six this is the beginning of the seven seals Alistair last time which was two weeks ago went through chapters four and five which is an interrelated which introduces the seven seals so we are going to get through hopefully most of Chapter six today and and we'll go from there have a word of prayer to start class targets father in heaven we thank you for this day we thank you that we can study for your word we ask for a special blessing now as we look at Revelation chapter six in the seven Seals and I pray that we would learn more that would help us to be ready for your coming and using them okay but there's a lot that we could talk about with the seals as we look at where we are in the sequence of the book of Revelation now we've had the introduction in the first chapter than the seven churches in chapters two and three in the interlude in chapters four and five introducing Jesus who is worthy to open the seals and then we get to see the seven seals here and run what chapter six now we just remind you briefly of the titles the three titles of Jesus in Revelation chapter one he is the faithful and true witness he's the first begotten of the dead he's the Prince of the kings of the year so just as a reminder Jesus serves as the faithful witness to the seven churches most especially to the Laodicean church then he's the first begotten of the dead in the seven Seals you'll see why the case because during the time of the seals we see God 's faithful are slain for the Word of God and for the testimony they held beneath the Prince of the kings of the earth and the seven trumpets when the seventh trumpet sounds the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of the stress I just try to give you an overview of her membered revelation is a revelation of Jesus Christ to work trying to keep this Christ centered the Jesus is the faithful and true witness to the seven churches now he's the first begotten of the dead in the seven Seals so as we get through this history and we see the persecution of God 's people we have the promise that Jesus is the first begotten of the dead and if he's the first begotten it implies that room that there will be many more after him on that will be raised from the dead sets .com gives us an overview now one other thing shoe look at Alastair talks last time about the four beasts how many of you were here last time analysis are talked about the four beasts in Revelation four and five said he recalled briefly and this sets up the first four seals for the four piece are the wine and the half a man and a flying eagle in Revelation chapter four and if you understand what the characteristics of these four beast represents an Alastair convert he touched on this last time they these form the you are what we believe to be angels to represent characteristics of Christ so their focus on one aspect of Christ ministries of the wine and represents Christ as King that the line is the king of the animals so to speak the man obviously represents that Jesus came here at to this Earth as a man that calf represents a sacrifice Jesus was a sacrifice when he came into the street and then the flying eagle represents the vanity so chooses of course was a God and all for those elements as Alastair talking a lot of fun is what qualifies Jesus to open the book of the seven seals the other thing that's interesting is that if you look at the four Gospels the four Gospels have those four characteristics Matthew shows that Jesus is King Mark shows that Jesus sacrificed which shows that Jesus is the man and John proves that Jesus was God so the four Gospels have the same characteristics as these four living creatures release for beast now it's interesting if we start chapter six that the first four seals are obviously opened by the land we will see that but it's the first four beast in the order of the lion the half the man and a flying eagle dates held John to come and see so that gives us the idea that there is something about the characteristic of those peas that's contained in the first four seals so just as a reminder line represents kingly authority the calf represents sacrifice man represents humanity and then the flying Eagle represents divinity said those four characteristics look for those four character him from matter in the first four seals now just a refresher from one house not a few weeks ago what is the book of seven seals about nephew remember he read it while and if you can if you want to hear from you wasn't it on the recording is from manuscript releases volume nine page seven ounce of management relief I am on page seven and their Alan White tells us that the book of seven seals is a sheet history of all the kingdoms of this earth and so contained within the book of a seven sealed in the history of all the kingdoms of this earth ever to see that the parts of the of the scroll that are unsealed for us to to look are from the time of the first century prompts you the second coming but that's the process that's unsealed for us the seats now the obvious reason then why Jesus is qualified to open this book which contains all of the history of humanity is because for characteristics in these four BC he's accused the king of this earth he came as a sacrifice he was truly man he came off in our fallen human nature and he was truly God qualify since it on on unsealed or to reveal to us the history of this earth because of it wasn't for him that history never would've taken place so now that I've set the stage were actually going to go into the seven seals so let's look to him and him were going to read verses one and see if I can have a volunteer to read Revelation chapter six verses one and two raise your hand will give you Margaret Revelation chapter six verses one and see and I saw wended and then one of the videos I had a sale and not the night is under one of their hobbies in common the livestock and all the wife of an event on me about how was even ongoing and you went for ongoing and you okay thank you now when you look at these first two verses who is it that opens the seals and this is the first one of course but who is opening the seals here is some land now we know that Jesus is the Lamb that was slain and in Revelation thirteen eight were told that Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world 's Jesus is qualified to open the seals because he's the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and notice it says one of the four B's said and see how doesn't tell us which one and how do we know which one of the four beasts Mrs. Hauser talked about this last time that if you like in each of the next three seals with the second seal is that the second beast is common see the third seal the third beast says come and see in the fourth seal the fourth beast says currency so by logical deduction it must be the first beast that same tendency to see the opening of the first seal and what was the first beast in Revelation chapter for Hawaiian for the first beast in Revelation chapter four in verse seven is the wine so again the characteristic of Hawaiian is that of Islam actually are kingly power now when you look then at this seal that is open what is John C he sees a white horse he sees the one who sits on how the blow and he has a crown and he went forth conquering and to conquer now does this parallel a description of the King can you see the description of the King here in the first still you have someone who has a crown going forth to conquer and to conquer conquering and to conquer states this has Chang Lee language now the forces why this represents the cure Christian church during the first century the conquering church the apostolic church which sets the gospel to the then known world in their generation Y that accomplishment and it's never been done cents and were waiting for that to be repeated so they have the power of the Holy Spirit they take the gospel to the then known world they were a conquering church they had the kingly power of Christ is a member number of other things we could talk about that you can go back and study this on your online hoping to get through most of Chapter six the day of the said earlier so here we see the pure church in the time this is still about one hundred A.D. and only gets you the second seal and this is versus three in verses three and four cell volunteer read actually Christian some down here to Chris from the area and when it opened the second seal I heard the second beast to come and see them there went out another horse that was read in powers given to him and sat around to take peace from the earth and that they should kill one another and there was given under him a great sword thank you now of course the land when it's as when he had opened the second seal this is the Lamb opening the second seal and who is saying come and see this field it's been open as the second beast now what's the second beast at such half what is the calf represent a sacrifice now when you look at the second seal that is opened you see anything in this description that fits the picture of a sacrifice you see the color red as some of you have mentioned here this gives us the picture of the persecuted church and is parallel to the church of Smyrna one of the two churches of the seven that did not receive a rebuke they were told be thou faithful and the death and I will give you crown of life and here you see this concept of the promise of Jesus being the first begotten of the dead he was our sacrifice he died on the cross for us he was resurrected so that if we buy faith die in him as many in the second seal bid we have the promise that as Jesus was raised from the dead he's the first begotten of the dead we will be resurrected as well so you see this concepts the second beast is showing that there is this concept of the followers of cry being persecuted they are being filled and this takes us through about three third scene I believe Thompson a year or maybe three twenty three forgot for the abyss of forgiveness Peter three thirteen three twenty three the evidence first the three twenty three thank you so this takes us about the time three twenty three and then we get shoes of the third seal Curtis you had your handouts Curtis if you could read Revelation six versus five and six and when he had opened the third seal I heard the third the state clemency and I beheld a low a black horse and he decided in that era palaces in his hand and I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say a measure of wheat for a penny in three measures of barley for obtaining and you don't hurt not the oil and the wine okay thank you is a lie we could talk about here bit more discussion of the basics you can get back and study this more further but again the lambs opening the third seal as the third beast of saying common see what's the third beast in Revelation four the third beast is a man soak in the third these were going to see something that gives us a description of humanity now now remember the seven seals are description of the history of this earth so there is not a perfect parallel of thing well Jesus is like this with an humanity must be just like him and the seal know what this beast looks at is it focuses on Christ was a man but it's also looking at the characteristics of humanity as well so don't get confused about what Jesus was a perfect amounts are not endorsing such a picture of humanity your will Jesus yes he was a perfect man and he lived a perfect life in the midst of fallen humanity and we see them a picture of fallen humanity in verses five and six now how is this force this arrived in the third seal the first seal we had a white worth what's the horse like in this picture a while now if Eric how does that compare to one with the exact opposite so you had a sheer church a conquering church in the first seal to this church is black or if the seal is black what does this say about the church so if the exact opposite of a pure church become corrupt now this church this is the period of the pergolas church from three thirteen to five thirty eighth parallel the Pergamum 's church now it's interesting that during this period in history this is when the abomination of desolation was set up with Clovis friends you can study that out you have the teachings of daylight and beta-1 in the church of Pergamum 's the word daylight means desolation and what Dale and it was an abomination so you have the abomination of desolation in the church of perkiness this is what gives it its characteristic character of a black notice one other thing that's important here when you look at these balances that are in the hand of this black for the person sitting on the Blackhorse notice how they measure what they're selling error how much how much does the Wii and the barley in the horse oil that's being sold how much does it cost okay now what is the Bible are you see is what any represent in the Bible if you can remember the parable of the person he worked all day for for his master he received the Tenney at the end of the day and a person he came at the eleventh hour and he got a penny okay a penny represents a day 's wage now I'll tell you how much I make in a day it's probably not that much but you have it's not what it does it is also yes I make more money in a day than the price of a loaf of bread okay that is unique and I think most of you who have a job make more money in a day than the cost of a loaf of bread that makes sense so far and pretty soon you might make about as much money in one day as the price of filling your tank of gas that's a different issue on that point here is that the rise of a measure of the witches about a cup of we cost a day 's wage which is an exorbitant amount it's a it's a very high price now we waited on represent what you used to make bread and bread in the Bible represents the word of God so spiritually speaking the word of God comes at a very high price during this time and gives you the idea that the reason why it costs so much is because is so scarce usually when the price of something goes up like this it means that did the supply is starting to run low energy into the book of Amos chapter eight verse eleven were told that there would come a time that there were be a famine in the land for the word of God and this is when that time e.g. and so we and history that it was the papal power that suppress the Scriptures you can study them the book of Revelation eleven that she witnesses her Klonopin sackcloth and ashes for the twelve hundred sixty years that it began even before the twelve hundred and sixty years just gives you decided that there is a famine served try to sense and in biblical terms of the matter we cost anywhere like while that be awesome I can go to the store and buy a loaf of bread for attorney wealth now let's think about in biblical language and in biblical language attorney represents a day 's wage and a day 's wage for a day a day 's wage for a measure of wheat is a very high price okay so we've done the first three seals we got to the history of the first century three five thirty eight to get to the fourth seal also volunteered to read verses seven and eight Jell-O if we could give her the microphone relationship or six versus seven and eight he like CL and what he may come and see and behold a pale horse and and his name on him was death and Hell followed with them and how it was given since then over the life I need to kill with sword and with hunger and with that and with the piece of your return so here we have the fourth seal the Lamb refuses up of the fourth seal the fourth beast says come and see who's the fourth beast is that the flying eagle for the fourth beast is the flying eagle and what is the Eagle represent Salida represents the vanity or is say it works into the divine character of God on his serve if you want then add what's being revealed here in verses seven and a how would you be able to make a parallel between the divinity of God and what were shown here in verses seven and eight what power is being represented in verses seven and said that it were time someone said that the Catholic churches being represented here not as we look down through the history here up through the third seal took us three five thirty eight CST fourth seal is the beginning of five thirty eight so if we have the papal power name describes your notice that power was given to them over the fourth part of years to kill with sword with hundred with death and with abuse of years I mean that's how they persecute the saints during the dark ages how then does that why would that be correlated with a fourth beast which looks into the divine character of God will the short answer is is that hateful power claimed to be God here on her they claim to the Pope claim to be the biker of Christ here in this Earth if you look at Daniel seven twenty five he shall speak great words against the most high and so forth seconds left wanting seed says that he says in the Temple claiming to be God and yet it's the exact opposite if you got it so here you have a power that's claiming to be God and yet is the exact opposite of you God really is so this is the history of years in these four bees they look into the character I is for aspects of his character but when they look into the history of the earth they also show us how a man tries to subvert and pervert God 's character and his is different characteristics that care we have been in the fourth seal it's a pale horse and actually in some translations like it's a pale sickly green horse so very just sick looking horse and this represents the time of history that the church was and is in its sickest or worse condition up to that point so this takes us she the time of when the Catholic Church persecuted the Saints they were persecuting with the sword with hunger with death and with the beasts of the years now something interesting happens in the fifth seal and like someone to read Revelation chapter six verses nine three eleven Revelation could vote to volunteer down here Revelation chapter six verses nine three eleven and when it opened the fifth seal is all the altar the souls of the slave were God and the testimony is held they cried with a loud voice saying along the Lord holy and true this does not judge and avenge our blood of them that dwell on the earth white robe given unto every one of them it was said then that they should rest yet for a little season for their fellow servants also the brother of it should be killed as they were to be fulfilled unfair thank you if you look at what's happening here longer see the four beasts or we may have passed the four beasts we have here the fifth seal and we have symbolically speaking because we understand the state of the dead the dead not anything to decide to throw that out there we see the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held crying how long the Lord so you judge and avenge our blood not to are these people symbolically speaking crying out these are martyrs and specifically from what's fine okay it's from the time those two were persecuted during the first four seals non- within a twelve hundred and six years and that is correct but God 's church was also persecuted by pagan round and in the period of one hundred to three twenty three during the church of Smyrna now is the persecuted church that was promised the faithful in the death and I will give you a crown of life that you have those you are persecuted by pagan and papal Rome as represented by the souls slain under the altar said with a comment on here weight which limits my atheistic observer 's eye when you talk about thistles of the dead and we know the state of the dead of course I Genesis when April was killed now you think you want to looking at you like your brothers giving frontier very good form thank you right of it for those of you may not have heard she pointed out that when able was killed by Cain God told him that the blood of Abel cried out from your search the very helpful point him Malik language that the blood of these souls who were slain is crying out from the earth millions of people I I think I've heard estimates that a hundred million people were slain by the Catholic Church during the dark ages that's why not something that they can discount of brushoff and Sarah were sorry about his it's it really is bad and they they still are who they are but we also have the souls that were persecuted by taken room which I talked about six here we have taken and people around persecuting the Saints killing them for the word of God and the testimony which they held and the question is rhetorically asked how long shall you judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth now the very fact that this question is asked suggests or shows that God will judge and avenge the blood of those you were slain for the Word of God and the testimony which they held so the question manners who is God going to judge and avenge he's going to judge and avenge those he persecuted the saints which have to be taken in papal run where does God accomplish that judgment you see it in the seven trumpets first four trumpets judge Western room Western Kay Hagan room fifth and sixth judge Eastern room seven through shrimp it is a judgment on spiritual realm which begins when the investigative judgment that's where God judges them avenges his saints and it begins that's why the seven trumpets follow the seven seals so the seven seals showed the persecution of the saints here on this Earth then you have the seven trumpets that's God 's judgment to judge and avenge those who were slain so the persecution of the Saints does not go unnoticed five he comes back starts with Western run they followed four seventy six eighty in the first four trumpet any of the fifth and sixth in the worst judgment is the Third World the seventh trumpet and it culminates in the seven last plagues so K papal RAM which is still alive at the end of time as the seven last place to look for two four persecuting the same for you and I know we have a comment on your quick to get the microphone the book that was open is the word of God 's word of God feels the history of man they were looking at today is a corollary corollary between the seven seals in the seven trumpets if you take the time frames and match them and put them on a chart to see the trumpets is sealed act simultaneously as being a carried out in their historical aspect the only see the chart it out there yet if the only one try to did I hear of it go back and cut the dates together we've mention the dates here that there is certainly a correlation there now just moving on here and noticed they were slain for the Word of God and the testimony which they held fast how long the Lord so you judge and avenge notice first eleven of those white robes were given and every one of them and with seven of them that they should rest yet for a little season so there's still sleeping until their fellow servants also and their brethren that should be filled as they were should be fulfilled now notice this fear we have the idea that here you have those you were slain during the time of pagan paper around but the ideas given here that more people there fellas him rather will be filled as they were soliciting to be in the future beyond the time of the persecution of pagan papal Rome during the dark ages I might have that some Adventist scholars believe that the fifth seal began in thirteen seventy Ford when the Protestant Reformation began when John Wyclif is known as the morning star in the church of fire Tyra is mentioned and this is when a protest of the papal actions towards God Saints finally was given voice and that takes us forward towards the end of the dark ages but it's interesting you remember for Matthew chapter twenty four it talks about there's this time of trouble since the senses since there never was her great tribulation except those days we shorten only the elect would be saved it gives you the idea here in the seals that this time was shortened so didn't go all the way to the end of seventeen ninety eight but if you move on here it gives you the idea that God 's people in the future will be will be filled as well for the word of God and the testimony which they hold and that takes us to later in the book of Revelation will come back to now want to get through these dates here in the sixth seal so we would come to the first five seals we see that God C4 persecutor for the word of God and the testimony which they hold we see that there is a promise of God judging and avenging their blood and we see that the judgments the seven trumpets and the seals which are revelation of history give us some very interesting frames of reference with respect to historical dates the notice in verse twelve understand and read go through this quickly here twelve I'd be home when he had opened the sixth seal an hour to the sixth of seven Seals ammo there was a great earthquake one was that I was seventeen fifty five out of the great Lisbon earthquake so that's the beginning of the six seal is the Lisbon earthquake so now worth notice of sale during the dark ages that's why I believe that the fourth seal doesn't go to room five thirty eight seventeen ninety eight because the six seal begins in seventeen fifty five so it would make sense for the fourth film in all the way to seventeen ninety eight if that makes sense so I think the fourth seal ends in thirteen seventy four that's when the fifth seal begins it still goes from six thirteen seventy four the beginning the Protestant Reformation to the beginning of the six fields which is seventeen fifty five the great Lisbon earthquake and then we have the sun became black as that class of hair and the moon became as blood we just had that you hundred and twenty eighth anniversary about that was May nineteen seventeen eighty so we just toss twelve days ago two hundred twenty eight years so then you as we march along the six seal then we get the seventeen eighty nine nineteen members thirteen the stars of heaven fell under the earth even as a fig tree casts with her untimely face when she is shaken of a mighty wind that's November of eighteen thirty three so that sex is all the way down to eighteen thirty three in Earth 's history and then verse fourteen the heaven departed as a scroll when Israel together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places when does that happen thus a second so where are we and her sister he worth between the falling of the stars which was eighteen thirty three in the second coming of Christ which tells you something Jesus didn't plan to wait so long after eighteen forty four if I don't become shortly after eighteen forty four yes seventeen fifty five seventeen eighty eighteen thirty three then eighteen forty four he's not come very soon the something 's happened now in revelation chapter seven tells us why he hasn't come yet and will get to the Internet study that the short answer is the reason why we haven't done from eighteen thirty three the following resources second cuttings because the servants of God have not been sealed and therefore had so the servants of God in Revelation chapter seven the servants of God the one hundred and forty four thousand have yet to be sealed when they are sealed then you will see him go to heaven the part of the scroll verse fifteen the kings of the earth and the great men in the Richmond and the chief captains and the mighty men and every bondman and every free man said themselves in the dens in the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sit upon the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand I just wanted a quick point here when Jesus comes it's described as the great day of the around of the land now many people have created a misconception about God and about Jesus and the way he's going to come they believe that when he comes everyone will basically be saved and that you can do whatever you want and God 's grace will save you anyway we have the idea that when Jesus comes for for some people probably for many it's good to be the great day of the wrath of the land in fact Ellen White even says the righteous asked the question who shall be able to stand and there's this moment of all awful file now the question that has and were probably close to being out of time but we gone through the chapters of it the question is crew shell be able to stand and if you look at Psalms chapter twenty four versus familiar to many of us so when Jesus found this crew will be able to stand and if you look at some chapter twenty four verses three and four since you shall ascend into the hill of the Lord or who shall stand in his holy place he that hath clean hands and a pure heart who has not lifted up the solids of vanity nor sworn deceitfully he shall receive the blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his solvation of notice first six this is the generation of them that seek them that seek my face so there will be a generation known as the hundred and forty four thousand to have clean hands and a pure heart and when Jesus comes they will be able to send because they been sealed and therefore had so when the great question disasters shall be able to stand with the hundred and forty four thousand who have purified their minds and their hearts their actions are clean in their hardest here is not just an outward obedience it's an outward obedience this stems from an inward heart cleansing and those are the people that will stand is not just an outward righteousness that's that covers this law were still sitting at the righteousness from Christ that cleansed from cleanses from within and produces an outward transformation as well and so if you wonder will I be ready when Jesus comes what do I need to deed to be able to stand in that great day will not haven't the parts of the scroll and everyone's running for the rocks and amounts the following month what when they you stand so that when you see Jesus you will be able second answer is he who has clean hands and a pure heart that's the generation that will stand in that day and so God has been waiting ever since eighteen forty four for a generation who will have clean hands and pure hearts and to often we know what is right the one first comes the sun shot of someone makes us mad we fight back we don't act like Jesus we reveal our own human nature and and people are left questioning will they they say they are Christian but they sure don't act like it and so we need to do some heart searching you know it's easy to be a Christian when things are going well but what happens when things go bad what happens when you get tested when the fire gets turned up that's when your true character is revealed the Lord allows us to pass through those experiences so that his character can come into our hearts that we did we can become one insert my challenge to you today I think were basically out of time that my challenge to you today is let's be that generation that will somehow bring an end to the history of this earth it's a long time since eighteen thirty three and were still waiting for the several that have ended up RSS roll and God looking for that generation so let's be the generation the next week we will study about the one hundred and forty four thousand Revelation chapter seven you won't want to miss it we want to be part of that group of people so why don't we go ahead and close with a word of prayer father in heaven we thank you for you called us to be of the people we ask for your forgiveness and how we've contributed to the delay of your second coming we know that you want to come soon enough your purpose away from on this I pray that we would surrender our life to you but you would work out your life in our hearts that we would have clean hands and a pure heart of the city like Jesus this is my current uses minimum


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