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While driving I used to "settle" for whatever nonsense came along on the radio, or even mulling over my own frustrations. Neither of those were productive. Then I found AudioVerse. Now washing dishes is an enlightening experience, distance driving allows for growth and paradigm shifts that empower my prayer life, and I'm always challenged and assisted in reaching my spiritual goals. Thank you, Lord, for AudioVerse! 

– HT from Fort Mitchell, AL, 11/23/21

Really good, solid, Biblical sermons added every week + a huge library going back over the years. I listen to several sermons each week & have not come close to listening to all the ones I'd like to!

– An App User, 8/15/21

I really enjoy AudioVerse while I get my daily exercise. I find it enriches me spiritually.

– Paul D. from Williamsport, TN, 8/4/21

Great "on the go" app to listen to sermons!

– An App User, 7/12/21

Please keep up the great work making it possible to reach the ends of the world! GOD bless you all for the great work!

– Schola A. from The United Kingdom, 6/21/21