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My husband and I take you everywhere we go! We ride bicycles and listen as we ride. We have you on when we go to bed. I listen to you to and from work. And it makes washing dishes so much more pleasant! Thank you so much for all you do, you are a necessary part of my every day. May Our Mighty God continue to bless this ministry!!

– Deborah B. from West Gardiner, ME, 6/30/20

My mind is often plagued with sin, being able to listen to a speaker, lift my thoughts to God. My body is regularly struck with severe pain, when I cannot attend church the blessings of audioverse bring God and my church into my very home. Thank you! 

– Theadora M. from New Zealand, 6/18/20

I appreciate the ability to listen to good sermons and audio Bible. I don't usually give, but I realized that the workman is worthy of his hire and if I use the service you deserve a response.

– Camilyn C. from Oregon, 6/8/20

Spiritually fulfilling, always finding messages that helps me to grow in my faith, finding rebuke and conviction at the right time. God speaking to me directly. Being revived with hope and encouragement.


– Maneo T., 5/21/20

Hey team, thanks for this blessed website that has been one of the great resource website which has been a great blessing to my spiritual walk.

– Edgar Q. from Fiji, 5/18/20