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I praise and thank the LORD daily for the audio Verse Ministry and I pray that the LORD will help you and strengthen you to continue daily, even to the END of ALL things. I pray that God will draw all men unto himself and they shall all be taught of the LORD, even the greatest to the least; and to that end HE will bless my offering.for HIS glory and Name sake. AMEN Sister Sandi With God's Heavenly Love, I pray.

– Sandra J from Australia , 4/9/20

Your sermons bless me on my morning walks. Thank you! You are doing more than you know to hasten the Lord's return for a people who are ready to meet Him.

– Dena G. from Altamonte, FL , 4/8/20

Audioverse allows me to grow spiritually. As a mom of four five and under, I don't get a lot of sitting quiet time. So I listen to audioverse, and I'm greatly encouraged. Thanks!


– Amanda V. from USA, 4/7/20

I love AudioVerse and consider it a huge blessing. I have shared it with others. Thank you so much.

– Heidi K. from Wellington, OH, 4/6/20

I want to express my gratitude for your site and for the ability to have access to such inspring speakers and such a wealth of information.

– Mary K. from Littleton, CO, 3/19/20