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God has been a guide and protector of myself in a foreign land(China) for 5 years without trouble. I am grateful.

– C.B. from China, 11/2/17

My testimony is, I'm very happy how God send Angels and work in different ways to protect us, this last Monday I hear a voice telling me you have to be out of this situation and let things go, i follow my angel voice and now I'm safe and recovering in a very best way. I'm so Happy God answer my prayers and I believe Angel always protecting me. Praise the Lord

– A. from USA, 10/12/17

I praise God for AudioVerse. I mean that quite seriously. Just about four years ago, I was privileged with the opportunity to learn of the Advent messege from those God had lead me to meet—my very 1st Adventists. Today, only by Christ's continued love that was shown, can I say that I am profoundly honoured that He has allowed me to be a recipient of His truths as is layed out in the Scriptures and in His testimonies through Ellen Gould White! The learning of much of these thruths, were by way of AudioVerse. Being able to search for topics that I had not known, or thoroughly, and having many different speakers expounding on the same thing, gave not only knowledge, but also an assurance that God's Spirit is indeed leading His people—no confusion. Of course, by God's grace was I sheilded from anything that may have been damaging to my faith, and I found myself, as I grew, learning the truths found within the Bible right before error had a chance to present itself in my daily experiences. AudioVerse, in my estimation, is a tool God has blessed in providing for those with an honest heart, a means by which to grow in docrine—which must never be divorced from Christ. The two go hand in hand! I learned of many passages of Scripture, quotes of the Testimonies and also many great teachers because of AudioVerse. May God continue to bless AudioVerse in providing content that(I believe) is sifted for doctrinally sound presentations that are in line with the movement Christ Himself has called many to; in preparing a people to meet Him at His coming!

– J.P. from California, USA, 10/9/17

Next to the Bible and EGW books, AudioVerse has been a most amazing blessing in my spiritual life and walk with God. A true lifesaver. A blessing beyond words. Thank you.

– H.K. from Ohio, USA, 10/9/17

If it wasn't for Audioverse, I may have never discovered what it really means to be an Adventist. At age 16 my IPOD was at first filled with music and audio novels that did nothing to enhance my relationship with Jesus. But after discovering one sermon on this site I was not only hooked on the messages found here, but more importantly on the word of God! Sermons began to replace music and audiobooks. A short time later for every song on my Ipod there was a dozen or so sermons!

– V. from Michigan, USA, 11/7/16