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Love the sermons! I can search per topic, any topic and there is a sermon, answers from God, and there are various to chose from. It's a blessing to have this app!

– App User, 9/28/20

The AudioVerse message came at the very moment I needed those verses of hope! AudioVerse has meant a lot to me over the years. I have had the privilege of being overseas several times. There was a time when AudioVerse was the only church service that my husband and I had for several months. I'm sure you will only know in heaven how much impact you have had on the lives of people.

– Rebecca N. an App User, 9/28/20

 I am blessed by this ministry. It is a very necessary resource for any desiring to know present truth.

– Vernon N. from Monterey, TN, 9/28/20

Beyond blessed with this ministry.

– Camila M. from MN, 9/10/20

"Spiritually Refreshed"

– App User, 9/10/20