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Thank you for the good work you are doing. I was inspired by the classic sermons that were in vop platform, they used to touch my wounded heart especially in the morning when I was at home after my automobile accident which kept in bed for 50 weeks.


I used to carry my phone wherever I go, even in the bathroom and listen to the sermons H. M. S.

Richards gave on radio before he slept in the Lord. They encouraged me and touched my soul and ever since then, I have been listening to them. The new platform makes it easier to access the title of the sermon and bless many who seek the word of God. In these times of information overload. May our good God bless you and keep you in your work to finish His vineyard.

– C.N. from United States, 2/1/16

I want to thank you for this website which has been an inspiration for my life. It is so nice to be able to listen to inspired sermons any time that is convenient for me. I listen much at home, in my office and while driving. May God richly bless your ministry.

– G.O. from Denmark, 12/21/15

It's lovely to come to audio verse. It feels refreshing and its heartwarming to get issues and sermons arrowed directly to the youth living in this present time. Dwayne Lemon is such a blessing, I appreciate how God is working through him to speak to us, as young persons. From presentations on Medical Missionary work to bible Prophecy. God is indeed interested in our every day life and happiness ....

– J.H. from Trinidad and Tobago, 9/30/15

AudioVerse came to me at a time when I was seeking God and Clinging to him with all my heart. It is amazing how God speaks to me through the sermons. THANK YOU THANK YOU. God bless you all at AudioVerse you are winning souls for Christ. Those who are weak can find strength in his word with just the tap of the app icon on their phones!! you cannot begin to imagine how much i needed something like this in my life!! God allowed me to watch 3ABN while the founders were on talking about the app and Iv been hooked to Jesus ever since.


Every situation every issue I can search to listen to the word of God and be lead in the right direction. Shawn Boonstra is one of my favourite presenters and im now doing his discover bible study lessons. This has just been a blessing!! My faith in God has been multiplied I never want to be without him again!! How sweet it is to rest in Jesus how amazing it is to be carried by him. Thank you AudioVerse for reconnecting me with God. The sermons load so quickly too no bufferring and the app is extremely easy to use and understand.

– R.E., 9/24/15

I saw the program on 3ABN tonight, it was with gladness to get to know the founders of Audioverse. Thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing. In dark times in my life a search of the sermon in need is always nearby and i am feeling afterwards that God's helping hand is uplifting my soul again! Appreciate it a lot, may God Bless you and this ministry.

– D.S. from South Africa, 9/1/15