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I am from Brazil. Some time ago, I was looking for a website to practice my english. So, I found this great blessing. Congratulations for the job and thanks for providing the opportunity to listen to God's Word.

– C.R. from Brazil, 6/22/15

I have been listening to Audioverse for a few months. It was introduced to me when I was a missionary in China and Audioverse has been a blessing since then and I've been back home in CA. I shared Audioverse with my parents and friends because it has been such a blessing to find sermons from Pastor Anil Kanda and many more. Thank you Audioverse for this ministry!

– G.V. from California, USA, 6/18/15

In the loneliest times of my life, I am thankful for a close friend from LLU who introduced me to audio verse since 2007. It has been a spiritual blessing and an awakening of the soul to listen to. Thank you Audio Verse for the ministries!

– M.A. from California, USA, 5/18/15

Inspiring, informative and invigorating! Audioverse is an immense blessing for me both in my personal walk with the Lord and in my ministry. If you are not yet Audioversing frequently, go for it!

– J.H. from Norway, 4/16/15

I am living in NYC and my Family is in my country and I am always trying to stay connected to Christ through prayer and Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible! A Facebook SDA friend from South Africa posted the link and I connected and I listened to Pas Brian Choi and I was totally inspired and blessed , then another Facebook friend sent me the names of a few Pastors to listen one was Pas Anil Kanda I just couldn't stop listening it was a blessing and I learned a million truths! I have already shared the link with my children, my husband, and Facebook friends! I will post this link on Facebook as often as I can so the world can be saved through the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the Spoken Word! Praise to the Lord and prayers and thanks to all the Amazing brethren who make this possible ! I praying for the committed and wonderful Team who make this possible for free!!! A million thanks my beloved brethren!

– R.P. from New York, USA, 2/17/15