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I appreciate the ability to listen to good sermons and audio Bible. I don't usually give, but I realized that the workman is worthy of his hire and if I use the service you deserve a response.

– Camilyn C. from Oregon, 6/8/20

Spiritually fulfilling, always finding messages that helps me to grow in my faith, finding rebuke and conviction at the right time. God speaking to me directly. Being revived with hope and encouragement.


– Maneo T., 5/21/20

Hey team, thanks for this blessed website that has been one of the great resource website which has been a great blessing to my spiritual walk.

– Edgar Q. from Fiji, 5/18/20

I just love it. I recommend it with all of my heart. It can bring you closer to Jesus.

– Săcuiu I, 5/4/20

Audioverse has saved my life and continues to do so. Everyday. Bless God for this website and God bless the creators and their families, as well as the content creators (teachers, preachers, ministers, etc.) forever, Amen


– Tesha F., 5/4/20