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I'm so happy because I found this website... I listen to these sermons every day... Thanks... God Bless you!

– C.C., 6/5/07

Love this website. Thank you.

– E.P., 5/31/07

I was introduced to your website and have been listening to various speakers and am enjoying the messages. I wanted to tell you that the messages which have truly, truly blessed my heart and made me look deeper into my life, [are] the plain, simple, true messages by Ray DeCarlo.

– M.S., 5/23/07

AudioVerse is such a blessing to me, but I want to thank you especially for recently posting the Frazee sermons. His messages have meant so much to me in the past, and these were no different. They're worth listening to over and over! I plan to do just that. May God bless you and this ministry.

– A.R., 5/21/07

Thank you so much for providing sermons free to us. It is a great blessing and strengthens the faith of Adventist students at the University of _________. It has brought confused students, who are reading former Adventist pastors' teachings, back into the church and [they]are becoming more and more confident that the church is still on the right track. Thank you so much, and please do not stop uploading. You are doing more in preparing people for the Kingdom. May the Lord come soon.

– E.L., 5/13/07