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Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus Christ! Your website is a greatest treasure. I discovered it on the Internet [in] January! I am so grateful. I live in _______, Kenya. During last year's University Retreat at ________, I heard Randy Skeete speak for the first time. I was so blessed! Actually, the sermon, "Who Made You?" turned my life around. The obvious thing to do was to conduct a hunt [for more] sermons by Randy Skeete. I am a lay preacher, actually a Law graduate, who has now fully dedicated his life to serve Jesus. May God bless you all.... I wish I could donate something. The greatest thing I can do is to pray for this powerful ministry. Amen.

– D.O. from Kenya, 1/29/07

Hello, I just happened to stumble across your site and I have found it to be a great blessing!

– E.K. from California, 1/28/07

I take this opportunity to thank God, who used [you] to start this. I personally a[m] touched by hearing such voices of the lovely preachers like Randy Skeet and others. May the Lord continue using you to preach his word all over the world.... Thanks a lot. May [our] loving God continue blessing you while preaching his word! Pray for us in Rwanda and others as well.

– M.M. from Rwanda, 1/22/07

Thank you for creating this wonderful ministry. It has already impacted my life and I look forward to many more visits to www.audioverse.org. May the good Lord give you heavenly wisdom as you select future sermons. Take care and God bless.

– K.L., 1/13/07

This looks great. Praise God... I love it...

– R.C., 12/3/06