October 24, 2007

Working Out the Bugs

1m read
After launching VideoVerse, we noticed two problems. We now have some updates on them for you.

First, we realized that most videos were only playing for 10-15 minutes of their length, and downloads would stop after about 28 Megabytes. The cause still eludes us, but we have switched to a different downloading mechanism that we know works as intended. NOTE: If you downloaded or watched any of our videos prior to about 1:00 PM on Tuesday, October 23rd, we invite you to do so again, so you can enjoy the full length of the video.

The second problem is that our "What's Hot" scores were escalating far more rapidly than the website traffic suggested. We believe we've solved the problem, and we've retrospectively fixed the numbers. However, we won't know for sure if it's fixed until a few more hours of downloading and logging of statistics have passed. NOTE: Our "What's Hot" scores are NOT calculated the same way as on AudioVerse.org. They equal the average number of downloads per day since the recording was first posted, or for the last 10 days, whichever period is shorter.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion and difficulties you may have encountered. We appreciate your feedback on any problems that may continue.