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You have been a big blessing to me for a long time! I first learned of your ministry in 2012, when I was living up in northern Maine. Traveling place to place in Northern Maine was always a long journey and there were plenty of opportunities to listen. I grew familiar with a variety of presenters that were a blessing and strengthened me. I had regular attendance at church, however, there is a precious gift in the individuality of each presenter as they share similar messages. The verity of testimony reaches people through the intrinsic value of each messenger. You are continuing to enhance your services with the variety of speakers you provide! I have to say, you outdid yourself by adding the dramatized Spirit of Prophecy! It's high time we wake up out of our sleep for our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. By beholding we become changed.

Kelly C. An App User

Thank you so much for ALL you are doing to keep us hearing God's word wherever we are. It's such a blessing to listen to so many and be enriched to share. I've especially appreciated the older sermons from Glenn Coon and WD Frazee, lately. 'Heart Murmurs' by the latter has been very helpful, especially at this time when it's easy to “see a reason” to not trust our church leadership. But when I do that, it's God I'm not trusting in. Praying for hearts of flesh in all of us. May God continue to bless your work until He comes!

Glenny A. and App User

This app has been a blessing to me since the first time I came across it. It has helped me desire to study the Word of God and share it with others.

Matongo B. - An App User

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