New Year, New Site, New Opportunities
January 5, 2022

New Year, New Site, New Opportunities

Welcome to the brand new AudioVerse
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As we turn the calendar to 2022 after an eventful 2021, the time has finally come to take the wraps off the brand new AudioVerse website!

That’s right, today we are officially launching the all-new AudioVerse website—the culmination of many months of hard work by our dedicated team. A special thanks to all our beta testers who took the time to submit valuable feedback over the past few months, your input has made the final product better.

The First Thing You Should Do

When you visit the new site, the first thing you should do is to log into your account or to create one if you haven’t already. The reason is because logged in users will have a much better user experience and access to more powerful features. Here are just a few:

1. Straight to the Content. We have big plans this year to introduce AudioVerse to a lot of brand-new users, so we have redesigned our homepage to be more informative to first-time visitors. But if you are an experienced AudioVerse user, we know you want to get straight to the content. By remaining logged into your account, you will land on the new “Discover” page by default, giving you direct access to the most recent and trending teachings.
2. Your Personal Library. One of the big new features of the new site is the ability to quickly save content for later. Wherever you see the bookmark icon—whether an individual teaching, a presenter, a conference, or more—a simple tap will save it into your very own library. Besides your saved content, your library is also where you’ll find your full listening history.
3. Save Your Progress. When logged in, your listening progress will also be saved for teachings that you are partway through. That way, you never have to worry about losing your spot if you need to come back later. Saved teachings in your library can even be sorted into those that you’ve started, not started, or finished.
4. Personalized Settings. With your personal account, you’ll be able to control other preferences like your default language, whether recordings should auto-play by default, and your preferred audio quality setting. There will be many more personalization options to come in the future!
5. A Unified Experience. (Coming soon!) One of the biggest reasons to create an account is to have this new experience unified across your devices. When the new AudioVerse mobile app is released in a few months, your library, progress, and settings will be synced across all your devices so your AudioVerse experience can seamlessly follow you wherever you go.

This is just the beginning as we have a lot more features planned in the future that will only enhance the experience for all of our users. So don’t delay, sign up for your free account to take advantage of all these new features and more today.

While having an account enables the best experience on our platform, AudioVerse’s mission remains to share the Everlasting Gospel freely to all and to make it accessible to as many as possible. This means everyone will still have free access to our full archive of content even without an account, and we’ve got big plans in 2022 to introduce many more new people to AudioVerse.

Questions, Feedback, and Help

Whenever a big update to a platform is rolled out, there will surely be questions that arise. We understand this and want to share a few things that you can anticipate.

1. Contact Us. If you have questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us either via the Contact Page on the website or directly by email to [email protected].
2. Tutorials and Support. We will also be developing tutorials and support documentation to help new users take advantage of the full capabilities of the new site, so your feedback will help us better understand what topics to prioritize.


When is the Mobile App Coming?

Many of our users come to us through their mobile devices, and so we want to make sure that our mobile app is fully ready before we launch it. The native app will also allow for additional features not available in the browser, so we’re taking the time to refine them.

The mobile app is a top priority for us, and we currently anticipate it coming in late spring 2022.

Progress Continues

For those familiar with software and online services, they know the work is never done. That is certainly true for AudioVerse. While today marks a significant step in the improvement of our platform, this is merely the first step of many more in the future. We’ve laid a foundation that we believe can be built upon for years to come, which will enable us to reach more souls, more effectively.

We thank you for your support, feedback, and encouragement as we press forward on this journey. If you would like to contribute to help enable this development work to continue, please consider a gift today.

You may give online at our donate page or by check to our address below.

We hope you enjoy using the new AudioVerse site, and above all, we pray it will be the means of bringing many more souls to Jesus.

Happy New Year!

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

P.S. The brand new AudioVerse website has launched! Be sure to create an account and log in to take advantage of the full suite of new features and for the best experience.

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