GYC 2021: Nothing
February 1, 2022

GYC 2021: Nothing

Because you say, I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of Nothing... - Rev. 3:17
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As Adventists, we proclaim the imminent second advent of Christ, but do we mean it? We think we are ready, but we're not. Rev. 3:14–22 tells us we have a massive problem...and we cannot solve it ourselves. There is only one hope to salvage everything, but many of us do not even recognize the state of crisis we find ourselves in.

Through this event, we aim to seek God like never before. We wish to see our need as never before that we may trust and depend on Him like never before. True dedication to God demands nothing less than a mindset of total dependence. If Christ were coming tomorrow, how would you live? Our focus at Nothing. will be on how we can embrace, cling to, and depend on the God from the mountaintops of life through to the valleys.

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