A Definite Aim
May 20, 2022

A Definite Aim

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Dear AudioVerse Friends,

"Success in any line demands a definite aim. He who would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view the aim worthy of his endeavor."
-Education 262.1

If I could sum up this statement in my own words, it tells me that the attainment of success requires the discipline to remain focused on the goal and not become distracted. I think this truth is evident in those who find success in any arena:

  • Successful athletes focus on training to win their competitions.
  • Successful business people focus on improving their products or services to best serve their customers.
  • Successful musicians focus on practicing to perform the perfect masterpieces.
  • Successful chefs focus on refining their techniques to create culinary delights.

Now what about the successful Christian? Is his or her path to success any different?

We recently got this encouraging testimony from Emily, a 14-year old from New York City who has already come to understand this principle. What is the goal that she’s focused on achieving?

"AudioVerse has allowed me to find an effective way to listen to sermons and strengthen my relationship with God. As a 14-year-old living in NYC, it is hard to stay away from temptation. I use this website to stay focused and not be of the "world" as much as possible because some of the social media sites that I used to use for sermons are way too distracting. I try my hardest every day to live a life like Christ and spread my faith with others around me. This is such an amazing way to get my daily morning dose of God's word while on my way to school. Thank you all, for your wonderful work. I hope God continues to bless you!"
-Emily from New York City

Amen! We are so thrilled to hear that AudioVerse has been a tool for Emily to focus her time and attention on Jesus, the object of true success. If we are to attain the goal of a Christlike character, who else ought we to be focused on?

How do we spend our spare moments? On what do we permit our minds to dwell upon? May it be on Jesus and His matchless charms!

A Focused Experience

Emily is not the first to tell us that they appreciate how AudioVerse is an experience focused solely on the Word of God that eliminates distractions from competing content from the world. While we certainly believe in the importance of utilizing those platforms to advance God’s work, we also believe God has called us to focus on delivering an experience that is free from those competing influences.

This is one reason why we greatly appreciate your financial support, as it is more costly to build and maintain our own platform than to simply use someone else’s. We are encouraged by testimonies, like this one from Emily, that express gratitude for such a platform as well.

New Dramatized Conflict Series Audiobooks

Last month, we introduced you to The Desire of Ages in Living Sound by Myers Media. Our listeners have really enjoyed that book and so we’re happy to share that we have several new additions from them now available on AudioVerse. All are produced with beautiful musical accompaniments that deeply enhance the inspired words. You can listen to them now at the following links:

We will have a few more to add in the near future, so be sure to log in or create your free AudioVerse account so you can save the Myers Media audiobook collection to your personal library. That way you have quick access to all of their productions in the future.

Our One Focus

At AudioVerse, our mission has one focus and that is to uplift Christ and to prepare the world for His soon return. We do this by providing free and easy access to life-changing Biblical media to anyone in the world through an online platform tailored for a focused, distraction-free experience.

If this service has been a blessing to you as it has been to Emily, please consider a financial gift today to help us continue this work and to further improve the service that we offer. Thank you for your financial partnership.

To give a one-time gift or to set up recurring donations, visit our donate page. Or you may give by check to our address below.

Focused on things above,

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

AudioVerse | PO Box 2288 | Collegedale | TN | 37315