The New AudioVerse App is Here!
June 15, 2022

The New AudioVerse App is Here!

A Preacher in Your Pocket
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Dear AudioVerse Friend,

We are happy to announce that as of today, the brand new AudioVerse mobile app is starting to roll out in the Google and iOS app stores. The app update will be rolled out over the next week, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, you will be receiving it in the next few days.

For more than a year, our team has been working diligently on not only updating the look and feel of our website and apps but unifying the experience between them. Not only do they share the same design now, they are also better integrated together.

For instance, if you save something to your library on the website, it will also be saved in your app. You’ll also have a comprehensive history of everything you’ve listened to, no matter the device. Furthermore, if you stop a recording midstream, your progress will be synced across all your devices!

The mobile app also features several improvements over the experience in the browser. One of which is the more streamlined and responsive interface that takes users directly to the latest content, which also includes a persistent navigation bar at the bottom. The mobile app also allows direct downloads of content to your device, so you can keep listening even without online access.

Most of these features are available only for users logged into their free accounts, so don’t delay and create yours today!

To commemorate this exciting news, we’ve also made a video about our new app. Check it out right here:

A Work in Progress…

The one constant in the world of technology is that things are always changing. So that means our mobile app will constantly be a work in progress. There are many additional features we are already working on, and we will continue to build and improve upon what we’re launching today.

However, we can use your help to make the app even better.

During your use of the app, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Whether it’s a bug, something that’s not intuitive, or anything you like or don’t like—we’d like to know about it. Simply write us at to let us know your thoughts.


The Pursuit of Excellence

Having been in the web development world for over the past decade, I can say from firsthand experience that the baseline expectations that users have developed for their apps have become vastly sophisticated. It’s no wonder when many of the most crucial functions that we do in our day to day lives now all occur on our mobile devices. This means the standard has never been higher for the quality that we must maintain for the AudioVerse app.

But beyond mere technological quality standards, we recognize that the message we bear is of such measureless value that our craftsmanship must exemplify a higher level of excellence. We must rightly represent the God of Glory and His Truth which we proclaim.

To accomplish this in light of the ceaseless advancement of technology means the need for continued investment into our app. We are very thankful for your financial contributions that have enabled us to get the app to where it is today. But your continued support is needed to enable future development and improvements.

As a ministry that is funded through the generosity of our listeners, we are always careful to get the most value out of every dollar. However, quality software development is not cheap and the level of technical expertise we need continues to climb. So your help is needed more than ever to enable this development work to continue.

Please consider becoming a recurring donor to help fund future improvements to the AudioVerse online platform!

To give a one-time gift or to set up recurring donations, visit our donate page. Or you may give by check to our address below.

May the new AudioVerse app help draw you closer to Jesus.

With thanks,

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

AudioVerse | PO Box 2288 | Collegedale | TN | 37315