Exciting Updates and New Features
October 27, 2022

Exciting Updates and New Features

Latest improvements to the AudioVerse app
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Dear AudioVerse Friend,

Since the launch of Version 4.0 of our app a few months ago, we have heard from many of our users. From the feedback we’ve received, we learned that we have many passionate users (for whom we are grateful!) who sometimes have differing preferences for how they want the AudioVerse app to work.

To enhance the experience for those who have expressed difficulties with our app, yet still retaining the best features for other users who enjoy them, all while introducing improvements from our product roadmap, we are launching a significant update of the AudioVerse app today.

Besides the bugs reported by our users that have been squashed, here are some new features you can look forward to in this new release.

Exciting Updates and Features

Refreshed Discover and Browse Pages. The first thing you will notice when you launch the latest version of the app is the refreshed Discover page. We wanted to show more content on the screen while still ensuring things were easy to read, so we expanded our canvas to include horizontally scrolling elements. This reduces the amount of vertical scrolling between sections and helps users stay oriented in the app as they navigate. The Browse page has also been updated to include horizontally scrolling sections, and it is an easy way to see all the categories of content in our library.

Streamlined Display of Teachings. Because of the high volume of teachings constantly being released, it would be helpful for users to be able to see more of them at a time. So in certain places, individual teaching cards have been shrunk down in size, and elsewhere the most vital information from each teaching is condensed into an even smaller list view. On the Discover page, for instance, users can now scroll horizontally through 15 recent or trending teachings with a flick of the finger.

New Play Button. To make space for such a reduction in size while simultaneously making it more visible, we redesigned our play button which now integrates the progress bar and duration countdown into one elegant element. Simply tap the red button to play, pause, and see how far you’ve progressed.

“Continue Listening.” Want to quickly pick up where you left off as soon as you launch the app? Now, at the top of the Discover page, logged in users will see a new section that shows their most recent in-progress recordings. So with just a single tap, users can start listening right away. Since this feature requires a user account, users not logged in will see a list of “Featured” teachings instead.

Filter Search Results by Content Type. We’ve also updated our search results interface so there’s now a scrolling submenu to allow quick filtering by content type categories.

Searching within Categories. Speaking of searching within categories, we’ve also added the search button to top level categories so it will return results specific to that page when you search. For example, if you are browsing the “All Persons” page and hit search, your search results will intelligently default to results just for Presenters, thus helping you quickly search and filter through the list of people. This works also for Sponsors, Conferences, Series, etc.

Car Mode. Tapping on the car icon in the media player brings up a special interface for listeners who need easy access to the most important controls while minimizing distractions. Great for driving or exercising, car mode can help users stay focused.

Better Offline Behavior. When you use the app without an active internet connection, the app will notify you of the lapse in network coverage and aid logged in users to find their downloaded content. Since having access to downloaded content on your device when offline is one of the greatest benefits of the app, we encourage all users to create a free account!

“Stop after each Message”. In their preferences now, users can choose whether the app stops playing after each message in a series or book, or if it automatically starts playing the next one. Whether they want to queue up many messages for a long roadtrip, or if they want to just play one as they fall asleep, they have the option for that now.

Version 4.1 of the AudioVerse app is available now on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Download it today!

There’s More to Come!

We’ve received so much good feedback from our users that this is just the beginning of what we are working on. There are many other ideas on our roadmap, which include things like organizing content by topics, quickly finding messages by duration, playlists, further improvements to search, and more. All these and more are in the works, and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Your Help is Needed

Software development is not cheap and to maintain the quality of excellence in our app that rightly represents the Truth we are called to bear; we are committed to continue investing in this endeavor.

Our users have discerning taste and high expectations for our service, but they are also our greatest source of support and encouragement. So today, we invite you to come alongside us in this work. Your financial support is crucial to enable future software improvements and developments. With your help, we can ensure that the Everlasting Gospel continues to be disseminated effectively via AudioVerse online.

Please consider a gift today! You may give online at our donate page or by check to our address below.

Thank you for your partnership!

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

AudioVerse | PO Box 2288 | Collegedale | TN | 37315