Quick Start and Topics
November 16, 2022

Quick Start and Topics

Two new requested features in the app
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Dear AudioVerse Friend,

As we continue making improvements to our app, two features that our users have requested are 1) The ability to find content quickly by the duration of the message, and 2) The ability to browse our library by topics. I’m happy to share that we are introducing both of these features in our latest mobile app update. Available now for iOS and Android.

Quick Start: Start Listening Within 10 Seconds

Many of our users listen to AudioVerse on the go. This means they may only have a few moments to find a message to play before moving on with their tasks. This may be the few seconds before starting a drive in the car, the short time before hopping on a bike or treadmill for a workout, or even the fleeting moments when a parent’s hands are free between taking care of the kids. Moreover, these users tend to have very specific segments of time that they can listen. So being able to find content based on duration would help them listen to something they can finish in the allotted time.

With the large volume of content being released on the app, we realize that these objectives can be a challenge for this type of user. So we’ve created a feature called “Quick Start” that helps users find content by preferred duration in under 10 seconds.

To find “Quick Start” in the latest release of the app, simply tap the “Search” bar at the top. When the search page opens up, you will see the “Quick Start” section with 4 options of duration of messages. Click the time range you prefer, and you will receive a list of trending messages filtered by that length. Also, as long as you are logged into the app, it will hide messages from this list that you have already heard. (So be sure to create a free account, if you haven’t already!)

Browse by Topics

In the Discover page, Browse page, and the menu, you will now see the option to browse by Topics. We have created 24 broad topics that cover most of the subjects addressed within our library. Clicking on each one will point you to series of messages on those subjects.

This list of topics as well as the messages within them will grow and change dynamically with ongoing curation. However, it’s important to note that the purpose of these topics is not to be an exhaustive catalog for every single recording in our library, but rather to be an accessible entry point for listeners to easily find content that interests them.

Personalizing the Delivery of the Truth

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were even easier ways to navigate our library of 30,000 messages? Perhaps to be able to find the best teachings on a specific Bible verse, or for the topics that’s relevant to me to be shown automatically? We think so too!

That’s why in my previous newsletter, I shared with you our ambitious project to create a powerful system that intelligently personalizes the AudioVerse experience to each user. For us to provide “meat in due season” to our listeners, just like Jesus personalized His teachings to each soul.

To read all the details about this project, be sure to check out that newsletter here: Meat in Due Season.

Your Gifts Can Be Doubled!

Because of the intense data science and development work required, we anticipate this project requiring $550,000. This level of technology is rare in the ministry world, and we don’t have the deep pockets of companies like Google and Facebook, so we rely on God’s blessing through supporters like you.

That means your help is needed more than ever, but for a short time, your donation toward this project can be DOUBLED! Some generous donors have pledged to match each gift toward this project, dollar for dollar through the end of the year.

So between now and December 31, your $100 gift will be worth $200, your $1,000 gift will be worth $2,000, and your $10,000 gift will be worth $20,000!

To be sure your gift is applied toward this project and matching funds, be sure to select or note “Meat in Due Season” with your donation. (Whether in the memo of your check, or in the comments when you donate digitally.)

You may give by check at the address below or via our donate page. If you are considering a gift by credit card and are concerned about the transaction fees, you may consider using PayPal Giving Fund which eliminates the credit card transaction fee entirely. You will find the relevant links at our donate page, and you can keep track of our fundraising progress there as well.

The results of this project will ensure that the 30,000 messages in our library will not sit idle, but will be intelligently and proactively shared in a personalized way to the unnumbered thousands who listen to AudioVerse from around the world. The impact of such a targeted proclamation of God’s Word simply cannot but be profound. Thank you for making it happen.

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

P.S. The latest version of our app includes two new features: 1) “Quick Start” a feature for users to find messages with a preferred duration within 10 seconds, and 2) the ability to browse by topics. Future improvements to these and other features in the app require significant investment. That’s what our Meat in Due Season project is all about. We need your help to fund that project, and your gifts can be matched dollar-for-dollar through the rest of this year. We need $550,000 in all, so thank you for your support!