Playlists for Studying and Sharing
April 23, 2024

Playlists for Studying and Sharing

A Great New Tool on AudioVerse
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Have you ever wished that you could permanently save messages from AudioVerse for later or to share more easily with your friends? We have too, that's why we’re excited to announce the Playlist feature on the AudioVerse app.

Create and Personalize Playlists

Now you can easily create playlists that reflect your current Bible studies or favorite topics. Whether you've been diving into the prophecies of Revelation 13, the Exodus from Egypt, or exploring the state of the dead, you can curate your own list of sermons, audiobook chapters, and more that cater specifically to your areas of study.

Save Your Favorites for Good

Not only can you build playlists around your study topics, but you can also permanently save your all-time favorite teachings for easy access anytime. Keep your spiritual resources organized and at your fingertips, tailored precisely to where you are in your faith journey.

Update Content as You Grow

As you grow, so should your playlists. Add new sermons as you listen to new ones or remove some. Our flexible playlist management allows you to keep your lists fresh and relevant.

Share with Others

Playlists are not just for personal use; they serve as a powerful tool for digital evangelism. You can share your custom playlists with friends, family, or study groups directly from our platform, helping others discover rich spiritual insights alongside you.

For example, if you created a custom playlist to go along with a Bible study that you’re leading out, you can easily share a link to everyone in the study to further enhance their study throughout the week. Or you can include a QR code to a special playlist you created that can be included in any literature that you pass out. The possibilities are endless.

Where to find my playlists?

On each individual recording, you will now see a new icon that allows you to quickly add the message to a playlist. This new icon replaces the old bookmark/save icon, but your "Listen Later" list can still be found as an option when you click the new Playlist icon.

To find all your playlists and to edit them, simply click on “Library” in the bottom menu and “Playlists” on the top menu.

Download the Free App

The ability to create and edit playlists is a feature that’s currently exclusively available on the AudioVerse app. Don't have the app yet? Download it today from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store for free and start creating your personalized playlists!

But don’t worry, when you share your playlists with others, they will still be able to see them on their web browser.

Discover More in Our Short Video

If you didn't already see it make sure you check out the playlist VIDEO

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Alistair Huong

Executive Director