Christopher Sepulveda

Christopher Sepulveda

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Born in Riverside, Ca Raised in San Bernardino. Ethnic Background: Black, White, & Hispanic. During the 1st year of High school, his family lost everything and became homeless. After moving in with his grandparents in the country, Chris’ whole life started to change. He began attending church, he brought up his gpa from a 0.7 to a 4.0, participated in champion athletic programs, had a wonderful girlfriend, a high-paying sales job, the car of his dreams, and was working hard towards earning his first $1,000,000. Around this time, two Souls West graduates held a Bible Prophecy Seminar in town. After attending & learning the about the prophecies and of the deep love of Christ, he made a decision for baptism. Though he had gone from poverty to opportunity, he finally found the fulfillment he was seeking in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Since then Chris has attended PUC & La Sierra and even Souls West Bible college. He has had the opportunity of canvassing and leading canvassing programs for the last 4 years and has Bible worked in the Silicon Valley and Bermuda. He enjoys reading, drawing, painting, exercising, snowboarding, basketball, and videography, but he finds his greatest joy in traveling the world, and sharing God’s last message of hope with others, and seeing them make decisions for their Savior.

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