Beyond the Tithe: Practical Lessons on Personal Finance

6 Parts
6h 9m

Nearly all divorces involve financial problems; student loans are crippling an entire generation; and the US national debt is headline news almost every day- yet money is still one of the most taboo subjects today. This practical seminar will tackle questions you've had about money but didn't know how to ask, like: Is it wrong for a Christian to want to make money? When is it OK to have debt? How much does God expect me to give in offerings? How should I invest? Do I spend too much money? And more! From his experience of paying off his house in just 2 years, regularly saving over 50% of his income, and running a personal finance blog (all while working on a ministry salary), Alistair will share a refreshingly practical and Biblical perspective on personal finances. You will be inspired to attain financial freedom and come away with simple, common-sense tools to do it.

Parent Conference

GYC 2015: Called. Chosen. Faithful.

Generation. Youth. Christ. (GYC)
December 31, 2015 – January 2, 2016