Biblically Correct: How to be Male in the 21st Century

6 Parts
6h 8m

Just as was predicted over a hundred years ago, Satan is now working masterfully to neutralize and destroy the influence of the mighty men of God in the last days. Cultural confusion regarding gender.. An on-going and age-old counterfeit masculinity.. The pornographic assault on the mail brain.. In the midst of this madness, our culture desparately needs balanced, biblical answers to the gender and sexuality questions of our time. What does the Bible have to say about maleness to a society immersed in hyper-competitiveness, in-your-face sexual deviancy, and an aggressive political correctness regime? How can we gain victory over the lusts of the flesh in a pornographic culture? And what does it mean to me, personally, to be a man of God in the last days?

This seminar is open to both guys and ladies because it is essential for women to understand God's plan for men (and vice versa) so that the two can work in concert. The attack on masculinity and men is merely one branch of the wider, multi-faceted strategy to destroy the spiritual power of both males and females, and ultimately, the family and the church, as well.

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December 31, 2015 – January 2, 2016