Every Wind of Doctrine

6 Parts
10h 15m

We are living in a time at the end of the world in which the Seventh-day Adventist Church is under attack by every wind of doctrine. We are admonished to not be “carried about with every wind of doctrine.” Many Seventh-day Adventists are falling into traps such as anti-trinitarianism, the 2520 movement, feast-keeping and other heretical doctrines. There is even confusion about the gospel. We are warned that these heresies are evidence of the work of the flesh. This seminar will address many of these doctrinal heresies and challenges that have come into the Church with the goal of creating an awakening to the truth that will prepare us to stand in the day of God.

Parent Conference

GYC 2018: To The End

Generation. Youth. Christ. (GYC)
December 30 – 31, 2018