Bible Buts & Band-aids: How to Apply God’s Word for Trauma Healing

5 Parts
4h 15m

We observe the faith of the three Hebrew boys in Daniel and we are inspired! How did they have so much faith, especially in the midst of persecution? One reason is trauma. Similar to Job, Joseph, and other Bible heroes, trauma and adversity, instead of breaking them, resulted in extreme growth and strength, mentally and spiritually. “How can I grow from trials and trauma?” The answer can be found in the three Hebrew boys’ answer, “BUT if not.” Join us in this seminar to understand what trauma is, how to correctly apply the “buts” and bandaids in God’s word, and to ultimately learn how you can not only survive and heal from trauma, but grow and thrive from it!

Parent Conference

GYC Conference 2023: But If Not

Generation. Youth. Christ. (GYC)
November 30 – December 29, 2023