Raising the Remnant

6 Parts
5h 13m

“In the near future many children will…do a work in proclaiming the truth to the world that at that time cannot well be done by the older members of the church” (AH 489). Since children will play such a pivotal role in the final days of earth’s history, it’s a crucial question: How will the GYC generation parent and educate their children? Parents and nonparents alike must establish their stance upon God’s blueprint. Especially must unmarried young adults determine their parenting principles before they marry and have children. After all, how can I discern who is a quality potential spouse to raise children with… if I don’t yet have a parenting philosophy, myself? If indeed “An angel could not ask fora higher mission” (AH 231), then let us seek God’s parenting counsel urgently. Using time-tested inspiration, coupled with the latest research, “Raising the Remnant” will uncover eye-opening insights that will empower and inspire parents to raise a final generation of children – children possessing the strength to weather the storms of the last days.

Parent Conference

GYC 2014: At The Cross

Generation. Youth. Christ. (GYC)
January 1 – 3, 2015