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A Revival of Proclamation Ministry

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training




  • June 27, 2008
    4:45 PM
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as of early statistics of bad news of vandalism the annual rate of membership increased from eighteen seven eighteen eighty was approximately twelve percent the larger turtles from five thousand four hundred forty members to fifteen thousand five hundred and seven seventy members and this was really led by having these large evangelistic camp meetings by the way can't we were always supposed to be evangelistic and were supposed to be these myopic navelgazing rotating of the chair on the Titanic situations we often encounter today and I am delighted that there's a new breath of fresh air coming again me as I was elegantly recently in Arizona where they had the best for their and they got a satellite truck and they opt links the signal from that campground in the middle of the yellow pines campground and they are pointed to the entire area was walking watching on Fox in Phoenix I said that's it that's over to be doing with hurricane meetings it always makes you keeps you on the path of you have some nonmembers who are there so on this microphone I guess with microphones appear which will be one so these large and are you just come up front that's a novel idea I mean there's not like there's many states missing himself the large evangelistic cant meetings were something else I'm glad this be revived by the work canvassing health work coupled with public evangelism really led to the approximate twelve percent enlargement of the church roles the church was rapidly expanding however by nineteen hundred institutional preoccupations were our last depressing in Mandelson Enterprises North America despite continuing advance a broad so tell you the things were drawing North America ready to go now so the early zeal for Cantonese and evangelistic images might grade and may even though that was going on this is my great grandfathers aunts for his campaign deepest and next to the seminary here and Clinton Missouri the old German seminary and he held evangelistic meetings at the same time Roddy was there trying to talk people out of some of their competence in a light anatomy baptism be baptized by the seminary professors Smith is a pretty interesting story this is my hearing and being baptized way back there and Clinton Missouri by my great-grandfather mouth the basic method during this period was a pull revelation proliferation of small one-man tent meetings at that instant knees were characterized more by small group teaching them by evangelistic oratory before large audiences so they had this going out with small one-man tent meetings we do that still amazing facts whenever there those going in smaller meetings and vigor meetings all the time the business results Howard plumbing institution institutional infrastructure continued to expand so the same time they institutions were expanding evangelism started to fail however this adduces were always spoken of in evangelistic terms things like Emmanuel missionary College and College of medical and Mandelson at least there was this whole idea that the institutions himself will be evangelistic when Ellen White return from Australia Paul Sartre I can see that if you begins in earnest until reforms membership and Santana extended vacation Australian antinausea struggled over that the the general conference one of the center but they left the system file this is another and she prayed over and she finally said I will go with the word whether brother-in-law Miguel and she went down the courses you know Avondale College was started there the same time there were several colleges started here that's what hero testimonies line six figure planning on starting a school for new nobles to prevent these testimonies volume six is a great thing to read also the sanitarium work the great thing to read my princes of the unlike a hands-on medical type thing you're trying to get involved in so what was an excellent school for those of you listen if you want to go somewhere for grade school city had urged to reforms first of all streamlining of church organization so that we got we got a dumpling some as big and secondly an aggressive plan on sitting evangelists as the Byzantine cities we got a reach the cities nineteen oh one zero conferences that look we need to reorganize and refocus as he went right to the front that we must rely great-grandfather was there and I have his notes on that median and he was quite impressed with her presence at that time in nineteen oh four of all the North American conferences combined all the North American direct pediment was above sixty thousand many institutions than a tithe income of more than half a million dollars in reported a net increase however while only thirteen hundred members so even though they had this all the things that Billy and one thousand three hundred and twenty five members that join NL White was not happy about this her comments seem to be falling on deaf ears six years later in nineteen oh seven White said we stand revealed by God because the large cities right within our site are on worked and on war and the terrible charge of neglect is brought against those within long and the work in this very America and yet is not entered the large cities with the none too much for four lands but we've done comparatively nothing for the great cities beside our own doors and white declared explicitly to Daisy Daniels voices are to be heard in every city proclaiming the last message of mercy to the world such as Outlook and nano cities you need to be reaching out and it wasn't happening two years later in nineteen oh nine General conference there was still no change now they think this lady has been kind of patient nineteen oh two thousand nineteen oh nine Cisco patient but she's run out of time with her biological clock right season getting close to while she died in nineteen what fifteen so astonishingly with few more than twelve hundred minutes with you more than twelve hundred Mister workers in the entire world Daniels revealed that more than five hundred persons had been drawn since nineteen oh one into the administrative circle for which he believed would render greater administrative efficiency is I think this is a great report we have five hundred more people in the office this up about Sandra Alloway is nearly ballistic as she did get right to the site this is the old McCain Daniels was content to report that during the quadrennial world church members about increased by sixteen thousand and four percent growth but she didn't be failed to mention in this little statistical why why him this prohibition United States can only increase by one percent per year Simon MedicineNet while scant lipservice was paid to the whites to wife's counsel to work the large cities with process of adopting plans that will get as far as they went did not emphasize systematic public evangelist so AJ Daniels and W W Prescott had their own focuses at that time a detailed want to focus on organizational issues WW Prescott wanted more scholarly search for theological truth and needed a lot of work but a good work but he does exist was studying away the dividend approach of Daniels and Prescott to the problem city evangelism their tendency to concentrate on organization and theology their failure of the nineteen oh nine session to respond or passive failed to do otherwise would too much to bear for a little white she sought an immediate audience with the members of the general Congress committee and spoke to them in severe terms of what you consider to be their duty it was easy to be resurrected today in the tendon next conference in elevator module whitewashing by the way I think it might be different than then I think we really do focuses on hot evangelism of the church today with we talk about going wide all the time we sometimes don't go as deep day this is what she said we must guard against tying up these are the resolutions man who could do more important work on the public platform in large cities and presented for unbelievers the truth of God 's work Altair people are good at preaching doing things they shouldn't billing a flameless Internet is for the perseverance that will not allow any slack in a number of persons always assume the salvation of our God solve it off the employer budget keep going go back try something different in this don't give up this is why sitting in the counsel for canvassers to go back to the same city again and again that God will eventually stop fighting you because it will think you're the dog friendly method is by great grandfather was my grandmother was a campus or the building story about this document back in the house only time that the dog would come ingredient but at first the dog was biting immuno once the doctrine of first sale of his ladies out to fight against them that God direct his pants off and he was leaving so he went inside and asked the lady said my pants are ripped off understanding like this to go upstairs all while turn around and throw your panties down he went upstairs me through his pants down the stairs so she was fixing his pants when her husband came home and he was upstairs waiting for his fans to be fixed he was fixing the paths anyway the joys of campsites so I say so driving is tired of the people were more important work the last likely November since the we must specifically place in the city 's capable man who can present the third Angels message in a manner so forceful that it will strike homes of our mannequin the visit cannot afford together the one place do the work that others might do this a lot don't put people like and do stuff others can do very now I am in Athens to move my session someone who missed the meeting break he says he now I'm a district attorney anybody can do his job most people who do this job him preach the gospel I want to go to have Helen learn out of reach the gospel testimony to our class and by the way I had in the last class about six nurses I have three physicians and surgeons in the preventive medicine the elusive safely than one present Gospel team I has happening across the spectrum a lot of young people to his uncle does want to go to school get a BMW I'm okay with some of him down story but not okay with these parameters as men and women are broadened the truth the Twin Cities and their mother was going for their means will be consecrated to the Lord service that we will see an increase in our resources of season luck if you do this don't tie people up have perseverance have people do stuff that no one else can do another was publicity that I will come in and you will not suffer a loss Mrs. White Binstock accident ones with an insistent message that Daniels and especially Prescott lay aside present work and go personally in the field to conduct evangelistic meetings so they began facing a details stock gone around and pontificating about the effectiveness of the conference president and all that stuff the lot into meetings Prescott like your writing money but Pentagon officials is interesting to note that Daniel 's descriptions of Prescott 's evangelistic impact ability is a degenerative talking about present abilities that he feels very keenly his lack of experience in that line of work buddies and that is as you know is about sixty years all been having never conducted a series of that minis are working at city Mister work what is an affiliate of the only God but really what he wanted was her to be easy on him but you will size a stairs although none of us here made basically but I love talking the people are like six feet above and on the reason the here today during a question and that's while I cannot share him like sharing the people out there and sharing in house listen to the testimonies of people out there preaching these things now admittedly you can even do a lot more on was listening to preaching the series they came back and they got converted themselves by drinking a little self recently Edinburgh during a question-and-answer grid someone asked the president to continue to serve as the editor of the review while the same time doing some meetings not a lot of value got out under his name isn't working right she said no doubt do it he got back and soon to that one worked with so they were not so happy and fellow I decided to dramatize her masses now she's not in the drama this is not like a schooner charade or sometimes in on the Deuteronomy in other words the actions speak louder than words and so what did you do before returning to St. Helena this is why dramatize her methods of the general conversation by making a personal tour of some of the eastern cities and family bias in Haskell Mostar and to old-time avails and her son W C White included in a writer with New York Philadelphia New York Portland Maine where Mrs. Y conducted a series of nightly evangelistic meetings with good results so it is now I miss him I'm not going to call God good question I'll visible though I was too is anyone useful him love sharing this with young people are saying that you know life begins and eighty adult whites are urinating and when I went to do enough you think that that is an impressive thing asked Prescott availability sixty six is immunized on Hondo doing so increases series made in a lot of my churches and people get things done are those that are overrated I did a study of the people to get the most block to the American Red Cross to know they are as a people over seventy rating that saw the conflict of World War II alliances saw the need of blood and they got so used to giving blood that the one who still give blood today I think we need some young blood out there I patiently given the red blood cells with either white blood cells they had the wisdom payment made all the diseases interface with the depth of the front line spilling our blood anyway that's another such some one else that only do besides holding those meetings later in nineteen oh nine see extensively documented very intense interest in evangelism and the final volume of the vessel 's volume nineteen the very last thing zero was about a man living testimonies volume nine it's like well it is amazing on how many of them are written that is a wonderful volume talks about evangelism door-to-door work help evangelism canvassing city of vandals away evangelism Bible work holding meetings public evangelism and to talk about supporting the work of solo them again to our big line was don't do things by proxy of my personal involvement along and get involved when Daniels came to visit a lightning talk with her about project and needs to be held by on Thursday New York City's as a surprise and dismay see flatly refused to say until he subversively laid out in the work of evangelism in a manner to inspire complaint denominational commitment solved at the effects of the General conference rather comes a knock at the door allow all John McDaniels eighties here will tell this is why the zoo I don't know this sounds that line of talking to Alia Donatelli although maybe I can talk to don't try this at home Lindsay wrote about when the president of the General conference is converted what is able to know what to do with the message is God has said there is a saw how important is a vandalism whose initial conversion and general conference address the need of a little convert personal involvement something important to not notice out Daniel 's racing related to her message to send messages may regard the work in the cities in the Eastern is a nice thing unable to understand them fully that's generous consequently I cannot do all of these messages indicated that Cindy God finally I received a message when the president of the composition converted stable no what to do with the mess is gone and sent in I did not than have as much light on the matter of conversion and I now have I converted to ten a.m. all are and so I had but I have since learned that we need to be reconverted now I'm mad that message telling me that I needed to be converted is fairly appetizing but I did not reject it him right for the person I needed to give me the understanding I seem to like the setup powerfully good response will suit everyone about eighty days that's a bad subpar I want to have that attitude at his request AG Daniels was relieved the long-standing itinerary of canned meetings during the summer of nineteen ten and plans for October trip to Australia lowered year in order to respond to the messages of the spirit of prophecy Saudi cleared his schedule and then once he did that he has the promises they came from the Libya St. Helena go forward as you become using your position of influence I cannot say cold with you in full confidence and by the way he became so on serve himself and he said he do you want me to be general conference president anymore you think I should continue with his anonymous here is your position as general conference president and gold model the behavior the Lord is merciful pardoning the failure of the past he will be your helper we will draw with you and give you all the help we can to use your position and influence as president of the conference and were wisely in the education of others the labor in the city 's redeem the last time of the past nine years by going ahead now to work in our cities and the Lord will bless and sustain it note the impact this had on AG Daniels and thirty months is to get into events of the glands of the never time something like the old alluvial the bugle call that thrills my heart quickened my activities against me to live Kristen to get some gumption in this reveals that Vista what do the desire to do him a result I was I define the heart of every minister in the denominator with the failure I am regarding the importance of great value home analyst at work he was a woman this is my everybody's got to do this what was the impact of North America and the world search of a reconverted general conference president we had to do evangelism conferences in the large cities is with the recommendations that came from the fall annual Council nineteen ten they recommended the conferences in which large cities were located established small training centers for workers of various kinds could remain for a time to rescind all riled train and city work followers come out of this and we might will start a half ago Congress in college or an arise around the old west or south or east or north or it was also recommended that evangelistic efforts in the largest cities be so conducted as to how goes as much as possible in the training and younger conference laborers alignment solids that are doing always always about anything involving train other people I began my office in the day charge of a large organization in the church and I was talking to elicit several your understudied trainings I I I I I don't have anyone to talk to someone else and another on you don't have anyone we got to be training people time to think to governor airline pilot the guy looks like going from here to Las Vegas if you look in the cockpit of this huge jumbo jet there was only one pilot would you be a little concerned you want to have someone can take over right students is on the other schools when they seen the door and promising should be encouraged during vacations and after graduation to connect with Citi training school house good this course was a nonresident train and mentor young people since then this other source time in school and a seemingly training course by the way after seventeen weeks something that an eighteen week training course including an amazing variety of studies history and prophecy and Bible doctrines and pastoral training on Bible work in Reformation history and general history and English and journalism and drink in hygiene and sanitation unbuttoning bookkeeping and foundational history we have all those that have built up botany I think that's not insisting on overview of some a series of ministerial as it is for all pastoral vandals and workers and Daniels said were not planning to spend long weeks of systematic study of theology book study the most vital fundamental questions that have a bearing upon the efficient and efficient table successful ministry doctrinal theme studies in the ministry of the Holy Spirit ministerial duties and methods were not overlooking the personal leave the workers to set aside time for prayer meetings and social media which is a testimony means basically in addition evangelistic meetings of the public were held every evening so not after we do that at the end the math that all the beginning we have helped things on the community but every evening never far connected from death may get in trouble if you're not always actively witnessing this region from when one one nine David stayed home and sent the kings of the war now that's where young drum what was the result what was the result of Daniels and renew commitments January eight nineteen forty not too long still one would die but notice those are the reportedly see religious revival Reformation are in progress among our people is difficult to tell just one analogous revile began the same still begun very earnest appeals of spare proxy during the nineteen during nineteen oh nine in behalf of the millions of lost souls in the great places on us was reviled again now an outside source the Christian Advocate November four nineteen fifteen at this narrow one hundred and twenty five thousand eight hundred and forty four at this minute game last year was ten percent one hundred men one percent now it's ten percent wall I think that's a pretty good chunk of nineteen seventy survey revealed that during the year major measures to campaign today conducted in more than half of America's seventy one cities of one hundred thousand population or more and plans were afoot to cover the rest by the next year or so I frustrated with in nineteen seventeen of as of the successes brought members of gains to a peak increase of notices nineteen percent over the preceding year now how impressive is a snapshot of evidence is removing his Sony I remind you of the slider so dearly that they use the organizations go from their foundation to an empty space of adolescents to a crime and then after that prime time is reached they usually will start going down to aristocracy where people have a sense of entitlement this finale on evangelism that we hire someone else to do this we do that later this these the bureaucracy and then usually death and that because it wasn't was headed to severe the call I was a mostly administration no new bro for what happened just like when Jesus came and looked like there was going to be nothing coming out of it there was one that was twelve over seventy with five thousand and there was twelve and there was one and then there was no one but Finley was resurrected things begin to expand again as you read acts and what happened was they did look there was a change picture in the world sign up upside down in one generation I think that's what the generation of the enterprise is all about I think that's what Western Europe governments is all about an army of youth rightly trained to begin turning the world upside down in on this or something with you I think that we need to go wide but we also need to go deep I know I've said this before probably some you personally but I still believe in more outside you it's going beginning to happen I get impressed when I talk to the Mormons I'm impressed by their theology course and I sampled the breast I'm impressed that people would actually believe that theology I'm impressed how do they get members and their church I mean they come to my house and they start out with the most amazing things baptizing people for the bad all these different things with a run in the first visit and still he had people join the church out of a given than fifty or sixty thousand people and going door-to-door right now all were sitting here in the relative comfort of the commodious chapel in Weimar College with the new padded seats in their out the young ladies go for one year as the back and have babies of the disembodied spirits can have a place what are the young men fill for two years and they go to these schools all over the world that are coupled with language schools and they learn about their faith in the event about eight points and they start out with the most objectionable point and they go right down when they find anybody in any way that will listen and they love those people in the reach out to them and they have an amazing network of anything we should do some like that I think WIC God as far as it goes but what you think what would happen if we decided WIC staff schools all around the world and we created a culture and we led the way by each of us going for one year or two years in groups of twos and doing this with David but with the message that I think it is a little bit more compelling I think that would be an amazingly vital you say what that could never happen in the administration denies up in the Mormon church it was in nineteen seventy something that the idea was first attached and from nineteen seventy until now is only about how many years thirty thirty eight years maybe you think that something like this could get into and I think it's a solid amazing facts we decided to franchise after those Seattleite schools in every division I would like them to be present for people went out home under the desk or rise or missing college or whatever you call ontological having all the schools are doing that encompasses I'm in the repetition of this point we want to finish the work in hand and they go around the world I would love to have fifty thousand sixty dollars and seventy thousand people out right now so when I'm sleeping as always as possible six I am a missionary in Africa was working for the resident 's Islamist Levi have a I have a missionary in China working for me I like as though they turned the world upside down in one generation the same was truly early nineteen hundreds of nepotism the and in this church should've died with all peers with the historian said in this book loans reliabilism mantles with all complex organizations have a commitment to institutions have asserted once again been confirmed as an evangelistic movement with public demands and reestablished as a prime function truly a remarkable reversal of the history of what was already a highly institutionalized nomination I got back from swinging reason I was in Sweden I was out everything to the young friends of my not so young anymore but they were younger the first of November and then come to my church in Kansas and then try to recruit me to go to Sweden as the Nokia goes with it and realize why but I guess it was because of the amazing facts so they went to Sweden and they went with nothing José helps in a visit to reach Sweden and the pin swing the population of madness is very low in the population of young people interested in the lower less than three hundred people that are under thirty and most of them were not attending so they went over there and they started to do just basic things basic evangelism that they coupled with an immediate ministry for they would tape it fell and they would show what was happening in the local church a tiny little church and I thought it was pretty funny when I got there they had about thirty or forty one first got there why was that at about a hundred people this is a pretty small church but then I heard that the Cathedral down the route at a budget of six million dollars a year the staff of forty people and and services they usually have about thirty seven people and about thirty of them are the staff and then I learned that really money doesn't really matter that much you can throw money at things but if you have no message and no vision is in swing their concerned because they had this whole idea that tolerance was the biggest truth and that worked okay until everybody came from the Islamic countries and they drove a truck through the door of tolerance but became intolerant of others and so the government the government itself that in two thousand we have to read read published a book and get another burglary so they can know they are definitely published the Bible so all the billboards were present with books of the Bible all this in two thousand and they started saying that a reading campaign to try get people read the Bible they put pictures of the Bible people with little to no clothes dry get their attention not a marketing technique I think we could probably emulate what they were doing anything to try to get their way and I get them to read the Bible now that's a million these young people will rent but then what they did they just put on the air cooking schools Bible studies depression recovery programs all the surveys of earlier this would happen that depression laden society the blood lost his way in understanding who was aware was going the people that community those communities as they flipped and channel surf through all this the channels they saw this one syllable was giving something worthwhile and they looked at it and they said wow that's something and this is let's send those and searches in the growth and Sweden had gone down for eighteen years but in the last two years and eighty baptism I got to see a number of the time when I was there it was amazing you will select a fine big things are happening in Sweden I believe that's can be a place of growth and I believe people are going to many more people to come in with features below I know that I was preaching that we pray for a good long time before the services begin in morning and there were these people that were in their forties and the fifties and sixties it were saying this evangelism stuff doesn't work you young kids is not ignore there are several people translated what this woman was site as though it is one phrase and more we pray that I was printed I made the appeal left of my sermon when I was there was a you normal and I made this appeal and now my sermon and for people arose and remember people never respond to a man in Sweden that's what the kids were being felt in my quip was that's truly down you don't do it so I is that is the appeal we were prey and four people came forward to the front I wanted to know about those four people was that they had never been in an Adventist church before and they had walked off the street that day in and they had heard the message and they came forward and and since that time they studied not been a number most and now they've been baptized in answer design like it so Sweden has done the loop flickering I believe the I want to do big things can it happen again I believe it will this is God ordained it will be God sustained and that it is happening Paul rockstar president of the South African Indian ocean the visitor was a desk that CYC set is a business targeting jaundice for South Africa with a population of three two million for evangelism the focus is trained lay members become swollen and why do you suppose he was invited you I see because this is what is involved and they begin to pray following his presentation Mark Finley added that in one south southern African and indivisible capital District two hundred and seventy three members scattered of his vultures were in power for a basil into prayer and training to begin holding evangelistic meetings with three thousand and three thousand people were baptized by the end of the first series to have you later the district members of the ground to win the one thousand member is all that's in South Africa I could never happen here well it is happily a road places in India Rajasthan and his wife over there working with amazing facts are founding orphanages and their training ministers like I missed the meeting earlier presentation they can preach anybody over there he's disallowed entries in these Hindu villages and always available it contains at least teaching over three hundred and fifty ministers and results of teaching about the ladies in these ladies can go one of the men can go there going into these for bitten Hindu places and they're going and they go in and they go out and they're reaching out and people are responding all across India and the respondent of the message I think it is happening it is happening the way McKee who was the president of Verizon for this is invited to speak at him he now is that the in a level not in that a union he had a little highlight the transformation is taking place in the Arizona Cardinals of the last four years they went from a conference that was having a laugh pastors that having a forty seven percent five injuries I have pretty good forty seven percent five increased date invested in evangelism and it appears to be paying off in some amazing ways the conference itself some nine hundred demands a listing meeting seven hundred in Arizona and to what it oversees and the results are in what happened there does it again is most likely been one percent in the Arizona conference during that same time had grown by seventeen percent doesn't happen around the world doesn't happen in America I was in Arizona I do believe his numbers but I was as then I talked him people out of this half of what was going on the type of small in-house groups the veil is nothing amazing mazes is like a meeting in the hole as I got those big numbers and it is invite someone down the street is a study with Tennessee's initiative Virginia that it could be the established goals yeah that the people you're in school with other people you should reach out to there the ones that you minister to write I had swollen dust Bible studies when I was in school seems that when you're more busy you get more done so like I said earlier I love working amazing facts that the collection of former felons cavemen serial centers and bad apples to add myself to the mix but God is wonderfully changing and he wants to see more amazing facts so what about you but about us we've talked about restoration refers to what about you when health will you and your own life we talked about education ministry we so now Sutherland began explicitly whereby live by every word of God and they change the world in the generation and there were institutions and there were things that went around the world and we style away said that what that would make it happen again what about adoration you don't want to go the way of the emergent church will go the way of the detergent surface and what about proclamation I may think that God is some message for you to share mastery images support but for you to share not by proxy when Eliza Daisy Daniels on the General conference as president is converted what personally is God calling you to do and what is he calling me to do the students from Apco just got back they went to the form of Corson the number of the woods of Columbia some of them were in my preaching class I got outside I was concerned when they went down there but I said no valuable us in every single one of them have baptisms people to make decisions they came back and I think even more exciting than that is the fact that the union presidents how can we get a school like this down here they want not just go deeper they want to know why they want people to be training them for the world and I think that's good news so what about you and what about now you might be saying a life I really haven't really alter like I should but I like this quote from Christ object lessons grades three thirty two if you make mistakes you certainly gain a victory if you see these mistakes and regard the this is wanting us to turn defeat into victory disappointing the enemy and honoring your revision we remember the story of John new growth that wonderful song amazing Grace he was a slave trader and he had been responsible for Ms. Rita untold thousands of people God go home and start to completely change in his disappointment is disappointing it got turned into an appointment and the rest is history I can just start with a changed heart if any man be in Christ he is a new creation hold things are passed away behold all things are become new assays can begin in your heart on the heart someone that's listening so requesting this where are you on the graph wherever you live your life work you can hear me speaking God can help you do the loop and you can go turn the world upside down with and through the help of Jesus father in heaven today were thankful that we could just develop over these brief four hours a year ministry in your methods restoration education adoration and proclamation helplessness is a stock but now to do helplessness it is said that stand up so does this come to go in our own lives this make it clear as to what you would have the next step before us Phyllis Wooley boldness thank you for the encouraging reminders of how you have worked are working and will work it was the confidence of an eighty one -year-old doing evangelistic means and we thank you and we come in Christ name on


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