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Sleeping in The Storm

Benjamin Ng



  • July 11, 2008
    7:00 PM
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ungracious loving father Lord was so thankful that you brought us safely through another week in lawn as the sun sets into the Sabbath this evening I pray the sun of righteousness would rise in our hearts Lord as we opened the Bible to study as we seek wisdom from my words in the message that you have for us this evening I pray that you send the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth and to convict us in kind for converts us as well most of all Lord I pray that our hearts would be open to this message this evening we pray in Jesus name amen the title my message this evening is entitled sleeping in the small unelected invited a ton of meeting of Bibles to the book of Jonah Jonah chapter one John a chapter to the more famous capital cost to many of us Jonah gets all of my big fish and he spit out three days later and then he goes and does his mission in Nineveh but a Jonah chapter one a very interesting story and I believe a great prophetic application that we can learn from this chapter to the with us this evening and the story begins starting a bus one the Bible says now the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the son of advertise saying arise go to Nineveh that great city and right against its for their wickedness is come up before me Jonah a profitable law and God comes directly to John and says Jonah I want you to cry against that the Nineveh I don't want to give a very specific message and he tells them cry against them because their wickedness is come up against me and influence Chapter three we also see Chapter three and we see the message and bus all that join up at the van police University potted meat is otherwise go to Nineveh God gives Jonah that same message that great city and preached unto the preaching nine fifty and a message that he gave us on a bus or and Jonah began to enter into the city a day 's journey and he cried and said yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown so God gave Jonah this message is a Jonah I want to go to Nineveh I want to tell this wicked city and all the wicked inhabitants they have forty days and even over the fence I'm going to destroy the city simply puts Jonah was given a judgment our message Joan was given on message that dependent upon life and death the circumstances Jonah could I say in our day and age he was given a present truth message so Giotto was a present to speak and keep this in mind as we go through the rest of Jonah chapter one lettuce goats of us free Jonah chapter one verse three the Bible says but Jonah rose up Jonah obeyed like many of us got said it was to arise Jonah and Jonah rose up you may but like many of us we'll may partially we arise that God says go East and Jonah fled west that I have a message for you Jonah and Jonah runs opposite direction he obeyed partially but it says that Jonah rose up to flee onto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord and went down to Joppa and he found a ship going to Tarshish so he paid the fare there are and went down into its the go with them on to toss fish from the presence of the Lord so Jonah flees from God 's express Jonah flees from the presence of God and plus for it says but the Lord sent out a great wind now what does the wind represented in the Bible friends was a represent strife and destruction and turmoil and in Proverbs chapter one of us twenty seven that is where we find the direct and civilization it were to put on a prophetic glasses for a moment we see that when God sent out a wind prophetically was seeing and took the point of the Bible and its interpretation God set out instruction who was a defend itself runs it was the Lord it was gone himself and keep this in mind it says the Lord blissful sent out a great window into the sea and there was a mighty tempest and the sea so that the ship was like to be broken plus five then the Mariners were afraid and cried every man unto his God and costs whereas that were in the ship into the sea so lights and it's of them and this is a situation that we see in a will today friends China a quick tsunamis destruction that happens everywhere around us and there I say even in the United States tornadoes flooding and all these sorts of things that we see destruction on every side I'm not saying that God is the author of every single one of these disasters but yet I know a cause of us for it said that the Lord sent out a great win the bow window of strife and destruction and despair it came from the Lord himself and notice how the Mariners those heathens those people on the ship how the reacting it says they were afraid and quite every man unto his God and this is the exact situation Alicea doubled today friends we see Buddha the ballistic crying out to the people we see the Muslims are try out the other we see that when destruction happens in every slide all the pagans all the heathens all those that have knowledge on their own God big tryouts but more than that it says in verse five that they cost for the winners that were in the ship into the sea sunlight and it often somehow these heathens somehow these patients some of these people that don't know the true God the throwing out the possession destroying out their worldly things this throwing out the things that weigh them down to the spoil even though they don't know the true God they're trying to liken themselves from this logo they have on the world because they realize that something stupendous is about to take place on the thoughts it says in verse five but Jonah was going down into the sides of the ship anyway and was once Foss 's somehow this prophet of God somehow this present truth speaker so while this cousin that was given a judgment our message when you ran from the Lord not only did he run he ran down at the questions and when everyone else around them was crying for the Allah elevator news everybody crying to their own God throwing out the Realty possessions this present through speaker is false asleep interesting let's fix so the ship must retain the NSAID and to him what meanest thou O sleeper rise call upon thy God is so be that God will think about us that we perish not notice it's the healers that came to Jonah Jonah wakes up a cup called upon your people I'd help us what are you doing sleeping in this time it's interesting as an that this man of God had to be woken up by the ship muster in the Mariners must have it and they said everyone to his fellow lettuce costs lots that we may know of whose clause this evil is upon us so they cost lots and the lot fell on June the first eighth then said they unto him tell us we pray the will fulfill his cause is this evil upon us what is thine occupation and whence comes now and what is I country and what people have thou Jordan tell us to offer you put it come from when we know that this is Austin come because of you and notice how Jonah replies in bus nine and he said unto them I am a lot so they also join what is that if he was alive in our daily how do I know notice how you says this I am a Hebrew and I feel the Lord the God of heaven which made the sea and the dry land now heaven help the client to the Bible what does it mean to fear God I can't give you what you need to view okay let's go to lunch with a few things really quickly Exodus twenty twenty Exodus chapter twenty twenty now Jonathan I'm a Hebrew and I fear God the Lord made heaven and the seasoned Vineland and so Jonah was a God-fearing person into Egypt Exodus twenty twenty it says and Moses said and some people fear not for God is come to prove you that his fear may be before your faces that you want thin not so if you fear God that means you don't sin and sinner comes the Bible is what transgression of the law first John three full so that means Jonah was a come monument keeping person to get ten monuments but not just that if you go back to the book of Jonah and plus nine and you looked at how Jonah responded he said on the Hebrew I fear the Lord the God of heaven which made the sea and the dry land so he just called gauntlet creates a and there's only one commodity in all of the ten that points to God 's creation which is what Sabbath and so when when Jonah told the Mariners when Jonah told Bishop must I am one Hebrew really key thing in our day and age of modern language using on the seventh day at the Whitney and that of the says in verse ten then would amend exceedingly afraid and sent it to him notice what they say to him why you need on this line have you done this for the men knew that she had Len on the presence of the Lord Shelby feelings the thing Jonah your prophet of God God spoke to you why did you flee from God climbing of unfounded I I mostly in an Ivory four times a day on Hindu end once a year for all monthly billing needs budgetary but you God speaks to you directly what you want from him and asking him this question it's almost the same Jonah we know you believe in your plot but did you not obeying him and we as humans we wait on that will really we all have a creator God but yet we do more so they can under the things that we believe in then you do when a God that speaks directly to you and yet you want I is going to stone why less eleven send then said they unto him what shall we do unto the other C maybe unto us for the sea rolls and was sent for students in the Austin John what should we do bus twelve any sense of them take me up and cost me forth into the seat so shall the CB up to you for I know that from my site join us at this I know that for my sake this rates in place is upon you nevertheless the men rode upon to bring into the land but they could not for the sea roar and was tempestuous against them and was fourteenth wherefore they cried unto the Lord and said we beseech you Lord we beseech the lead us not average for this man's life anyway not upon us innocent blood for thou alone has done as it leaves and be in all of a sudden these even people know how to pray the true God and have all of a sudden they know how to cry and beseech and drag and seek alone plus fifteen so they can soak up the Jonah and custom fall into the sea and the cc from the raging then the men feared the Lord exceedingly and offer a sacrifice of the Lord and made files in a short space of time from when the time that Jonah go on the boat and the storm was blowing blowing up on this evening to bring about a pot they wake up Jonah they find out the cause of the problem and all of a sudden now they're sacrificing to the true God is the interesting and want to see the clear picture your friends especially about this man according to what we looks of five who was doing again prophet of God what else Hebrew which is equal to seven they happen them also what sort of message they join of their adjustment to our message which made him preach what the truth present truth and so here is a present to speaker and he's told by God expressly to give him a shoot a direct message to Nineveh judgments our message Jonah flees from God a goes into the ship and if the Mariners are the ones that are more faithful to Christ and of God than Jonah is the history go of friends I want to give you a little simple remedy this evening interview does anybody to get insomnia anybody when you can't sleep a night gets awesome time one little simple remedy that I lent is to give people a not not super hot enough supercold box nests so you live in a box up that's about the temperature of your blood which is about thirty seven degrees Celsius sorry I don't know it in Fahrenheit effort from Australia and adjusted the Fahrenheit yet but it's about thirty seven degrees Celsius until you put a person that cannot sleep that has insomnia into the public that they're able to eventually go to sleep it's cold lukewarm and this is the sort of situation embassy he would join he is Luke Walton but keep in mind he has adjustment armistice to give and he also is not to be at present to speak and God speaks directly to buy the thing is what made him lukewarm it was running from the presence but what was he running from Boise money from friends he was running from his responsibility suggests that direct message submit and that was what made him walk and today friends received the winds all strife and destruction and despair blowing all around us blowing possibly here and even Loma Linda blowing in our own close allies and things like like family tragedies take place in our life and we don't know why but yet somehow if you look to the book of Jonah we see that the reason why this destruction came upon the one Jonah followed up I had become richly drawn was because he failed to give the message be sentenced was because he failed to give the message that God had given up to give a depth that the point in time and as a result law was the author of the destruction and despair the strife that was to take place in other people 's life application to us as I look around today as I saw this synonymy in two thousand four is a see the China earthquake but people still suffering from the side effects I somehow look at us a long could it be that just sending these disasters because of us because all the people that know the message that know what they give this trumpet a certain style but yet were running from IDT and responsibility and so God in his mercy he said his fault the great win not to teach the Mariners on the shipmaster lesson not to come to the piece even people but still wake his profit that need a message to wait that man off that meal in the message yet to give the Nineveh why because you that direct the monologue and we see it also in Revelation chapter seven neither Revelation chapter seven and buses one through three Revelation chapter seven in verses one through three the Bible says and also these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the holding the four winds on the us that the wind should not blow on the us know on the scene nor in any three I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the living God required with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given that the us than the sea saying with a loud voice saying but not be neither the scene on the trees so we have sealed the servants of our God into four heads revelations of the seven verses one through three six on the future when the four winds of destruction and strife are going to be let loose on this coming that's fine and already withholding information that already even now the full wins are beginning to be let loose but as yet unknown Angel from the East comes and says hold hold hold hold let the wings goalie at why because my people are not sealed because my people they're not ready yet hold and we see that as destruction is coming around us even here in United States even in our own personal life tragedies take place to bring us one needs helpless before God was a long while I mean I somehow may be gone is using these wins God is using these disasters not to destroy us but the waitress had never prayed trancelike wallet do what ever it takes to save a certain person whatever it takes we don't realize what we're asking for some but sometimes God may bring a sudden tragedy into our life to wake us up out of our own slumber and later to see instead fragile when you do if you knew feature for example you are home one day and your brother all mother or sister or father women maybe was home and review but he or she would like to go out the door and because you need a future unit is not plausible out the door they would perish all you did would you pay don't bungle outspoken that all you think and then all of the Gulf you crazy with nothing that happens is so so your father continues to walk out I think that don't allowed to sit down and hope for me but he needs to get someone would you do any suggestions sorry okay so what your lady and you know that's strong what about this all is a shoot them on the lag okay you would do whatever it would take to save them right but not till but you would do what ever you could to keep them from walking through that door if you had to regularly it has a tie them up you have to train them off whenever it is not them unconscious you would do what ever you could just save and this is the exact situation that we see in the book of Job not that God is on purpose sending out his office I'm not that God is the author of all the sauces that we see around us we get some now we know well the story of Jonah that God sends out means he sends out disparate strife and destruction why because these people are sleeping that they may give the message of sets and salad for more than just that that he may save them from intending instruction and so God is blessing sends out the wind and I don't know what you made to be going through in your life today maybe if I remember possibly maybe someone close to you what's touch with implement maybe you became disabled at work golf something happened and yet you don't know why maybe God 's blessing is trying to save you from something bigger and tonight as you sit here as you question maybe Lord for high maybe the story of Jonah will give you lots but especially to younger people here and also the old folks as well but this is my appeal to you friends this evening do not wait for God to send destruction do not wait for God to send despair and tragedy into your life before you say God okay a sermon don't wait for God to take one of the Hague from you before you say Lord okay I'll give you my whole don't wait for that destruction the blows for your life before you willing to say Lord now I will follow you all the way will guard take out repentance as we lie there in the deathbed with cancer maybe only it's human yes he would know but in the strength of our youth and manhood and womanhood we can do much for God it we learned to obey now for now today you hear his voice hot another hot as Israelites did in the wilderness we saw the history of what happened to them for why God says it is better to what obey them to sacrifice my message is simple friends let us not wait for God to disable us to bring despair up on to bring this a Hofstetter in all lines before will give a whole talk to him I pray that we would learn to do it today while we have yet to hands to fix while yet the winds of strife are not blowing but even then systolic tells us what we have not led to do in times of peace and prosperity were going to have to learn the to do it in the most one forbidding circumstances and today friends we have the doors wide open for the gospel to go out for evangelism to take place share Monroe Melinda a San Bernardino and as recently as a few days ago I was looking at the area said Loma Linda is one of the best phones and islets of San Bernardino and the crime rate death rate gunshots everything great and everything double of what the standard of what California is meant to be friends we have work to do while it is yet whites or let's also give the trumpet sets and found a little hot letters to the our energy into saving the world and this is our emphasis from Iona this weekend will going to talk about evangelism will go to be talking what integrated evangelism will be talking about working together in teams to work to finish the gospel you'll be part of that scene friends go to be part of that army of youth to take the gospel to the whole world let us not wait for God to blow the wind and swallowing the full band together and give the message assistance our loving father a loving God Lord we are not working of your tender mercies toward us Lord we are not worthy of your patients and your long-suffering towards our sinful deeds but yet we are so thankful or that you send Jesus Christ to give us his righteousness and to give us a message for our time Lord I pray you in this room and all those that will listen to this message the Lord you will store our hearts today with us all from the slumber and give us holy boldness to go forward and to proclaim the gospel to the whole world and father give us the strength and love to obey you all the way to be with my brothers and sisters you this evening be it myself also Lord that you would put a word in all mouth to speak in time of prosperity peace and times today what people need to hear the message bless us alone this weekend bless us as we talk about evangelism may you be with us and send the Holy Spirit to guide us we pray in Jesus name amen


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