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Thou Shalt Be a Blessing

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 12, 2005
    7:00 PM
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following becomes your presence because you have kept us alive today if it was a life of our proposal for yours as we listen zero words I pray in the name of Jesus that you would grant me the right words to say articles missing the heart to listen understand and what's when we leave the service of all that is neither the desire to get close to you visit us up now into your presence we pray in Jesus name amen in Genesis chapter twelve reading verse one one of my favorite passages in all of Scripture Genesis chapter twelve reading from purse one thousand more friends coming in August to come right up we have a lot of seats available Genesis twelve reading from verse one Marvel says the Lord had said of April get me out of my country and from my kindred and from my father 's house on the other hand but I was shouldering I will make of the origination and I will bless thee and make thy name great of thou shalt be a blessing I will bless them that bless the and curse him that curses the ad in me shall all families of the earth be blessed the little statements involve made for still I want to notice a one horse two one adversely this is the first tool I will make of the recognition on I will bless thee and make my name great and thou shalt you want a blessing not a curse when all called I called him to be a blessing to all the people of verse three and is my say and do the job all families of the earth be blessed and families of the earth simply means you will assume is severely as the entire one to be less little and have how many of whom are children of Abraham DiMaggio that's what why are you a child of Abraham why are you Jules are you physical jewels how are you a child of the by faith in Jesus Christ deliciously fun and I is the antichrist then are ye Abraham 's one C and heirs according to the promise we are the children of Abraham and what bought promise to Abraham 's promise to us what is expected of Abraham he expects of us allegedly going to Abraham thou shalt be a blessing or three rooms and in the shop all families of the earth be blessed we must be blessings of the people normally the must be a blessing the state of California and I have wanted them on you must be a blessing where you work I must be a blessing rifle that is one of the reason is that Gore holds people to Christ can be questions this is the first that we might then go and bless others throughout December Abraham but I want us to look at the life of the great grandson of Abraham 's great grandsons and see how he was a blessing at every level of his life because some Christians are not blessings where they are they are curses the Bible says in Matthew five thirteen in our assault of the what the push for saving the want that such of the world the blessings of Genesis there look at the life of Abraham 's great grandson Genesis I hope all your cell phones a terrible like us to throw them off the ring mold of the vibration void of all kinds of molds that the destruction vibration more than only distract you but that's all it may take upset the Holy Spirit and of all that would be just fine Genesis thirty nine rating from verse one religion of the life of Abraham 's great-grandson who was in a very spectacular way of blessing to others why was this on Joseph was brought down to Egypt and Potiphar an officer of Pharaoh Captain of the guard at Egyptian head of the hands of the additional life which had brought him down for the success of the Lord was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian and his last assault was written about them for all that he did as I leave all this in this site preservative this is also and he made him overseer over his house that he had he put into his verse five and it gave the class from the time that he made him overseer 's house and over all that he had knuckle Lord blessed the Egyptian 's house with Joseph C of the blessing of the Lord was about all that he had in the house under the field on the left all of you have angels attend and heating you will have saved the bread was seated in a Joseph was a good person and welfare but let's look at the positive Genesis thirty nine one to six is sold into slavery by whom his province it is quite Egyptian called Potiphar 's office of Federal capital affair the highly position that if the rules administration possibly part of federal 's personal bodyguard tells us all that was with Joseph if you were sold into slavery it was ludicrous I can hear you when you go to finish the Christian yes is there any circumstance under which it feels these conditions often difficult for me to be a child of yours though the low was I we shall see that this is the Lord was with Joseph is the freezing of Joseph 's life and what was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian one the Lord is with you someone has to notice all the motors one hundred or visit out again as you can understand if you notice that you have faith in them that let me tell you again and all is truly with me someone will notice I will need someone in the church I need someone outside the church is in the church we all know what were supposed to do we all know how to play the game of the press offices helpful of each of it if your instincts we know all we know how can we started out by the parcel in the middle of no sort of person in the one who recognizes that bonus when you then that is testimony to the fact that bodies with you now firstly and his last install of the Lord was with him was part of our Hebrew know what was an Egyptian Egyptians worshiped all kinds of goals wrote about was about the capsules are gone the whole was about the hyena was a gone before populace was a gone this was everything that moved was a dog this was the environment in which Potiphar grew up if I was not of anyone in the Creator of heaven for the fall so the little one was Joseph a manipulative nonsense without the school 's image of an zone video friends at your schools see when more than password world no one professes the question doing homework colleagues see of the Lord is it is off on the mental outcome of a relationship with broad that the nonbeliever notices I say the nonbeliever if the Mullally law does not always relationship with thought that I need to re-examine my relationship with father fought as Saul 's single on how to find a way to make himself known of the most effective way out of the Jesus Christ is his working through our lives undergone was effectively through our lives people will nothing about what is somehow controlled goal is with this man brought this with Islamic law that either worshiping salt of the Lord was with Joseph is also bills of the Lord made all that he did the prospect is you should be the best employee on usual if your child got used to be the one your boss frosts the books because you operate on the basis of principles that perhaps are not part of your coworkers part of floss all the mortals and another one at all that he prospered his hand of cards and jewels of fund raising this site and he served there and all that he had alleviated overseer will this house will show you a pastor in the life of the great grandson of Abraham as he is a blessing the Potiphar 's house Potiphar made this seems grossly overseer over his house couldn't Potiphar find an Egyptian yes but Potiphar could will find an Egyptian with the principles of Joseph Potiphar I will find it Egyptian with the integrity of Joseph and Potiphar made him overseer over his hours were spent by saying all that need at the unsolicited oversupply in the glass for the time that he made him overseer in his house and all that he had overloaded what blessed the Egyptian 's house for Joseph's lexical I spoke with Richard somewhere indirect questions Potiphar was blessed for no reason of his own feelings on Wednesday and I love Madonna Potiphar and admire his talent the unprecedented look out of the house and saw Joseph on this wonderful foul shall be a blessing if you are Christian doctrine network of the most believing call me when you leave as you should know before you because you were there with Jesus Christ Potiphar did not know how blessing was by having Joseph in his house the Lord blessed the Egyptian 's house for Joseph's sake what it boasted if I have how shall be a blessing of the Bible say about Potiphar became the Hebrew was the first six and he left all that he had a Joseph had noticed the extent to which Potiphar trusted Joseph and he will go off he had saved the brain which he will follow the weatherman yet possessions yet sadly got everything the only thing he knew he was with the form that will serve the entity receiving else is just his possessions in the Pats will attend upon process yeah I say us Joseph because I don't know about there as long as Joseph is in charge is not how you trust about your job or department know what you all he knew is that Joseph knew about was good enough at this when we are in conformity with Baldwin what was the Joseph horse slipped along Joseph thirty nine the ones who don't believe real lies I can trust that man bonus is one of White House Lance change the scenario it also reported by Zweifel ally Joseph ends of the prisoners would verse twenty of chapter thirty nine of the book of Genesis verse twenty one SAS and Josephs hospital applicant into the prison a place where McCain is President Obama and he was there in the present verse twenty one stop by for certainly what the Lord was with whom Joseph and shall have mercy and gave him favor in the sight of the people of the present now let's mistrust something else but will do for you verse twenty one ago but the Lord was with Joseph and shouldered his mercy under what gave him the fall in the sign of the keeper of the prison this is what Goldman confers many times we want people to make decisions and I will favor when you get your performance evaluation of sure you want to raise perhaps you want your boss to let you what real fight is suited to the south although some of the family are trying to get some of the centerpiece of the Latin or you also learn one of the house budgeting access to someone else's land he wants someone to do something for you and the person is being stubborn possible to do for you what to do for Joseph in Genesis thirty nine twenty one the Lord gave you able in the site of the keeper of the prison the words because of Joseph's faithfulness of God go all deliberately and directly touched the heart of the people of the present and all things in this college is that members will benefit Joseph Potiphar 's well it works for sales and Joseph found what grace it is safely go out and touched point of ours are not part of four much rituals of drums of soup with notice of the book golds ability to towards people 's wives suit your desires where the Israelites left Egypt they left a lot of money revealed how do slaves escaping this slave masters leave with money going touch the Egyptians hearts of the Egyptians not even knowing what you were doing begun in the women Exodus three twenty one throw them out the Bible says on I will give this people the Israelites have in the sight of the Egyptians and it shall come to pass that when you go out to shallow water he bought sat on the couch the heart of Egypt is available just give the money going to touch the heart of your boss to give you the reasons want to touch the heart of some city councilmember was blocking the church 's plan to extend the parking lot and give you permission to do that Proverbs twenty one verse twenty one the king 's heart Lord has the rivers of water he too lifted with the soever he will remain even replicating the most powerful level of the organism and that was with the bonuses I get to the heart and mind of the most powerful man on earth and turned back hands heart or Mike your teacher will not move at your people a second time because you think it is irrevocable marks points whatever this prayer Lord touched the heart professes heart and turn his heart in my face but that's a prayer for those people love opportunists have sold the Lord gave him favor verse twenty one and Genesis unlike in the sight of the people the Brazil now we learn in Genesis but in my before and not for the flaw may behave overseas over his house although he hadn't been for the resourceful because more than personal and all the more residuals of verse twenty one is the first twenty two and the people of the prison committed to Joseph and most of the prisoners that were the prison were like oral or how much they qualify potential hostility but all the longer jaws of a qualified house is in yes I checked on the is reversed with me the people of the Brazilian real not anything that was on his and Potiphar said look I don't care a small is Joseph is in charge what did you say seven also well Joseph is in charge I don't double check what a tremendous privilege of Israel Baltimore publisher to work what a privilege the people of the present of Genesis photo by twenty three -year-old anything that was all that is why because the Lord was with him three times which is the Lord made it possible he prospered upon plus house in trust you prosper and present Joseph is a blessing the one household of ourselves Joseph is a blessing for a larger household Google prison that a larger population he proved himself in Potiphar 's house that God raised him by putting the present he ruled himself to the prison of Gore both taken high of the same thing Potiphar did the same thing the people who presented is a safe and fair will do as much forty one hours forty Mrs. Farrell speaking after Joseph has explained the dreams failsafe follow shelving over my house according unto thy word shall most of my people be ruled all over forty one and Pharaoh said to Joseph the whole I have sent me as well in order one oh five seven forty one Bible says over all of the land of Egypt was famished people cry to Pharaoh for bread and Pharaoh said unto him Egyptians will wear of the Joseph Easter to you now what was the one who wants me there it means whatsoever give me a small board for whatsoever we've been saying it all when Elizabeth says no Muslim questions and I will bless them I will need to be a great nation and I would mistake a big find a rate of all shalt be a blessing editing the actual old families of the orthopedist let me tell you this very soon this is been being a blessing to people is at the very heart of the gospel but we show you what I knew I wanted to fight versus keep one finger on Genesis twelve firstly the other thing on relationship with reverse the one finger on Genesis twelve firstly the other finger on the initial three verse eight I read Genesis the first three assist with the last part added in the shower all have ways of the birth be blushed a little division three eight Paul is supporting this first because I said being a blessing to others is the very heart of all cares and will like to publish is as the Scripture for saying that blog would justify the heathen faith preached beforehand the gospel of the Abraham said in the shower or in less it is the gospel because the greatest blessing because these offers is to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ the three Angels messages this was revolutionary to allow cry because if you look at Galatians three verse eight this rid of it in the scriptural foreseeing that God would do what justify the heathen through faith and grace before the gospel of Abraham Saint of a visual of all nations of the earth be blessed justify this other significant adverse our greatest blessing of the world is to tell them all to be the billboards that advertise the saving grace of Jesus Christ is is very very predictable out-of-the-way functions is again out in the Bible if we will search and scan the goal is fixed freely predictable that's not a slight against his omnipotence yes this something is wrong those are going on the staff but in the context of his relationship with me on his review all gone is very later that you want I understand he is predictable because if he's not predictable we don't trust you understand templates but his predictability is one of the reasons the contestants because me know if he says this even though it is a list of conditions it is as if you know about how do we know this is what he will do functions to me one of the things God does when we are with you he blesses us where ever we are when we are with him and he with us our lives become blessings to all the people waited all this with us and we with him all the people see that of the treatment of us changes we got was given yes I'm not denying that but gone is what you get the graph assumes the persecution arguably not to put Christ on a cross that we might want to across human interest yes this will soon pass away we understand the world is not like that I don't want people in this instant world both as I is the best because of all involved it was so what was wrong one man quickly and see a single thing in his life then is not about L6 remembers one what I was up I thought that it was a three one Bible says it plans various facets over the kingdom on a pretty princes which should give over the whole kingdom and all of these three presence of God it was first thought the Princess might give accounts of the van of the King should have known the rich the downhill as a slave of a country yes just like Joseph and we always have excuses why we can't get ahead well I am from their own ethnic group I am glad why white on pinstripe pulled it off so I can get ahead I don't have social contacts once also contacted Joseph Haviland on one system one social contact me until half conversely Daniel six very first scenario doesn't work for all the presidents and princes he was before because an excellent spirit was in a advocate for this set in or booked most of the realm is at one hundred euros for the presence of the Princess all five okay John I guess I feel concerning the kingdom of five nonvocational fault is not to see was faithful by the one for any ever awful how do they know this is a walkable course when the presidents there were three of them that it was one of the other two on the one hundred and twenty princes last hundred and twenty two people against one man will help please with the rules the country so that access to all the classified files may have search engines known of so they began to make some new Daniels background looking for one of the youngest child is working on his personnel files a human resources how do you know how this source says they couldn't find fault with his wife and they could not find fault with his first goal how would you like to have the people 's search light was coming and speak without anyone that we have to do a background search on ice out of the panic mode I'm not perfect with you August have found nothing will it become a boy is the longest there I have these and we have to do a background check I sent my goodness what kind of people like him to speak to this is that what happened to me before the unchecked liberalism outcomes of bridges out of this and in fact for Danielle along with the conclusion or five men these men said we shall not find one an invocation against the home would you like to be professionally and personally without fault never Lord be with you there was no fault of Joseph I bought a talk with him imprisoned well if a man's wife is accused the husband has to the personal use software social workers it was awful Joseph in his person or in his work that's because the Lord was with Joseph and the mold was that what Jesus say which of you conclusively of what says we should not will fault with his personal life no-fault with his work as a son of God this is something we must long for women that it was put in prison in the lives them down to skateboarding the morning got a letter okay that insidious areas were shocked that innocent look gold sent his Angels shut the lives of all because I was without fault before you and before you that's what Daniel said that's not stopping for the Bible says a little vaudeville house on there I went out one phone review I would love for the foregoing you are without fault before man woman what is of the Lord must be with us with your life you or the principle is the same when the goal is with us directs and controls the use of our enemies removes obstacles allow some just for the development of all gone is responsible for all goals will come against us when we are with God how many of you can say the more discreet because you some of you must give the same is the safest way to live your life the Lord is with as it was with Joseph and Daniel met with others don't qualify for broken my word for it gone is no respect of persons meaning he does not play favorites what he did for Joseph he was an overview because is to his advantage watching different Daniel he wants to do for you it has long been awarded in a single but do you trust them as much as that of the early of his life got in the van is why I am not dismissing talk about whether one of its own things and whatever else that he'll than what he proposed in his heart you say he promised that his work he lay on your reversible decision in April Isaiah forty five essential for the seventh the Lord holds a purpose of whom service of how to satisfy out of a toilet that was when sales have no one to change at any time you must not even affect change his decision the wind that is the way you feed about our ongoing jumps right in Angola will do everything for you otherwise said goal is written to send how many angels in heaven all if that's what it takes to defend you other charges were seventy five and I should say hell yes folks RSS what the soul is high he saw Charlie at all details what was I will say John Saint in first John greater is he that is what it is I believe with you out of view as your brother in Christ next the theme of Joseph lives yours Genesis thirty nine two of the mold was Joseph Genesis twenty one of the Lord was rituals Genesis on a diverse twenty three because the Lord was choose already who was there with me Lord have been to walk with you will see day by day but resealing the best ever have a very close our father we come to you in the name of Jesus we have no other means which the car recall more because your process but if we come over to the phone of grace we shall find mercy and grace to help in time of need on now is a time you are a golf what is described as the same yesterday today of wrap up the remarkable with you later Joseph you desired delete us an even higher as reported in her sister of the problem w it is us about what partial surrender to you I will halfhearted commitment to you I was also very aware approach this video father we ask his forgiveness for our in difference of that would place upon our hearts God the consciousness that we need you in our lives and that our lives may be safe on the side but we may be safe when Jesus comes to destroy this every man every one of reversal to the sound of your manservant twice at fault we pray that whenever we go in the classroom on hospital wards of the chill on the playground on their plate we may be a blessing the goals around us and when you come there save us that we may enjoy the blessing of your presence for real for this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake and


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