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Personal Discipleship

Dan Vis



  • August 2, 2008
    4:00 PM
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good afternoon everyone and hopefully you did need to much at lunch in your mind is thinking in your learn and computer about energy ready to go I hope we got a lot to cover this afternoon when you think about how to condense this whole concept of training down into one or two presentations may think that it took Jesus three and a half years of twenty four seven interaction with his disciples and us the Master teacher three half years to be a Chinese twelve meant to be real effective disciples and workers how we can cover much of anything in just an hour to this afternoon 's little beyond me but we can at least introduced the subject and maybe share your foundational principles and I can also point you to some resources that might be valuable to I haven't really said much about our ministry of before now but maybe just a couple quick words before we get started as are still people are coming in I been involved the Defense Ministry for little over ten years now and the reason we named our ministry fast this was because we believe that God was calling the people to hold fast to the word of God me that the blessing was fast and for the sunken acronym and initial whole story behind that but the root of the burden behind what were wanting to do with our fast ministries help people at a holdfast to the word of God and that means more than just memorization memorization is part of that as we saw this morning we got only one stored in our mind but we also want to build an interlocking holdfast due to network and we want to be able to share faithfully with others and so this sort of this threefold process will be taking the word of God live it out passing on to others and we've been developing training tools to help Christians do that interesting quote I should have I soon got over forty members and great controversy and page five ninety nine I believe the quote me but you can look it up this is the first and highest duty of every rational being that I like these things start out that way family hanging at the first and highest duty of every rational being is to know what is truth from the Scriptures to walk in its light and to encourage others to do the same basically so it's the notice truth delivered out and to encourage others to also practice God 's word is understood with the folks my ministry is we have a website you can go to to get some of our resources the web address is just www. fast ST like street fast ST and I would have an actual little online school were developing or putting more resources up all the time you can check that out there is a free course on how to memorize you can take in some other resources available for purchase as well and I will seventy hundred number of disputes you you can jot it down it's one eight hundred five zero one four zero two four and so they like to call us and learn more about our work you can do that I also have a few little brochures they look like this I have looked in the front maybe stomach and put them on the table in the back and you can grab one on your way out but has little information about our ministry okay so much for that I would like to do this afternoon the next hour forty five minutes thirty minutes is that talk about this whole process of training and discipling and go over to some basic principles how to do it is one thing to talk about it there's nothing to actually accomplish it in our most typically in our educational system in the world today we do a lot of teaching but not always a lot of training and there's a big difference between teaching and train teaching involves the transmission of information from one person to the other side of then apparent if they Sacramento is the capital California or something like that as long as you can remember that information I thought you are giving you that information there's been a transmission of information but if I wanted to say Kiki to be a master cabinetmaker and I get up and get your lecture about how to use all the tools and the different kinds of wood in and how you assemble the pieces together you think you could just go from here having her lecture Q on how to make a cabinet and have your first piece of woodwork come out looking beautiful while most of it it just doesn't work that way because it's not just the transmission of information is the transmission of the scale and discipleship is more than information it's a way of life it's the lifestyle there skills that are involved in so all we can really do this afternoon is just begin to look at some of the skills we need to dig out and acquired building childlike it's more than just information it skills transmission of skills and the process by which we can learn the skills and teach others the skills also somebody give you I've had an outline I'd like to share with you three or four main keys to training others and being a disciple are self and in the recent subpoints under those but maybe we can begin we just were to try and bite you to buyer heads and I will as the Lord be with us as we study but in heaven we recognize that time is short not just this our butts in this hour of her sister that you wanted to do something special you need a special caliber of worker in these last days we know that the answers are in your words and we pray that you would bless our understanding is we seek to dig some of these principles out that we might be more effective are so of them might be useful to you in training others I think you pretty things in Jesus name payment and I'm getting the first key to the cycling believers member the great commission there's two parts to this explosion formula evangelism plus training equals explosion go therefore and make disciples baptizing and teaching them to observe warning every man teaching every man always in this two-part combination or focusing on the training part right now the first she believe to having an effective discipling ministry in a church or for an individual is to have a clear conception of what our goal is noted what is a disciple of his disciples looked like in the book education on page two sixty two there's a great little statement you may have read it before the success in any line demand for noumena a death in a matter to them and say that success in any line demands a definite aim so to be successful in fulfilling the great commission of making disciples we have to have an idea in our mind of what a disciple is what is it look like what kind of things you have to impart to the person so that they can be successful in a life of discipleship and I like to draw little illustration that has been helpful for me I've shared this letter places some of you may see him before but it helps to sort of keep on target with our objective is as disciple makers well it is an owner draw circle to represent our daily life and not much in the circle but use imagination a little bit as I get to be a spirit filled daily life where everything that this person says other actions or choices their words everything is good to be filled by the Holy Spirit so they're able to live their life in a way that's pleasing to God spirit filled daily life no I think most of us probably realize that the key to live Burnsville daily life is not something that happens on the outside though people will see it on the outside but if something happens on the inside and longer draw heart here to represent the innermost part of who we are that hard men who are being and the power source for living the spiritual daily life is something that takes place in the heart is not something happens on the outside you can't just wash it down citing change outside activities unless there's a change in the hearted and enough information in the life and what a Christian wants to see happen is for Christ's to fill the life of housing that Christ comes into the heart while you know in Revelation three twenty fifth of all the dented or not many men hear my voice of God will come in him and how is it that Christ comes in you may remember we've read this morning and versatile onions one six says that they became followers of all and of the Lord having received the word in the act seventeen elevenths is a more noble nose in Thessalonica in that they received the word with all readiness of mind and so on and many other verses we can look at the way Christ comes into the life is by receiving the Scriptures as we receive the truth of God 's word and is mixed with faith and produces a conversion at the heart level something happened inside Christ comes in through the word of God but he also probably realize that there are many Christians people that have made a decision for Christ they may even baptize they may be attended church for several years and yet it seems like there is a disconnect between the power source that inside and the life on the outside of your missing a question like that they they they seem to be seeking God they seem to be coming to church they seem to be sincere and yet there are some serious major problems in their daily life on the outside and you wonder why is there no connection between the power on the inside and what's happening on the outside while the reason many times is that there are various folks on this wheel in one or more of those votes may be deficient it's not working properly there's not a smooth flow of current from the heart into the rim I think a bicycle for example when you're pedaling a bicycle in the chain of courses hooked up to the back where does the power come from the back will the rim are the worst I come from comes from the hub right that's where the power sources it's the larger minutes turning but the power comes from the heart how does the target from the hub to rim its do this folks ride it if there's no spokes on the weather days I hope can be running almost with outside looked like an adult anywhere and it's the same with the Christian life we can ask Christ into our heart but if these folks are not in place then there's been a be no change in net in the daily life in outside part that people see what are these four spokes while other actually probably more than these four spokesmen these are the main was the most important ones in the Christian life and I know this is this is basic I want to build on this a little bit I like to think of this as representing our relationship with God and there's two key parts to this one is prayer and the other is the word of God and actually these two spokes are very closely related to find many verses in the Bible were the two go hand-in-hand for example John fifteen seven says that your body may and my words abide in you you shall ask what ye will not shall be good to see that there's a connection between having Edward in the heart and having power and prayer another example is Romans four twenty he staggered not out that promise of God was strong in faith giving glory glory to God is conducting the word of God the promises and the word of God by faith any acting eyes gleaming this prompts and many other verses open them ionize behold wondrous things out of online and and you can think of other persons while in others the more we grow in our spiritual life the more we'll see that prayer and Bible study actually closely connected when the opener Scriptures were having a morning devotion were in a constant state of prayer Monroe pray what I just bring her own thoughts like I'm a little Christmas lifting medium investment is not marital but rather over to Russia pray not to make promises of God were praying for the things they don't told us to pray for the word of God that the word of God is inspired in and asked the source of our faith that you are not disconnected is one spoke prayer and what is how we connect without this horizontal spoke represents good to see ways that we connect with the world around us and one is a life of obedience and the other is a life of witnessing you can think of this is what we do when and what we say while you might think of it as our our message out we given the message that we know practices of the two things go together it's not two separate spokes but the rate closely connected you may remember inversus loadings also be lifted up this morning verse five that our gospel came not into you in word only but also empowering the Holy Ghost and in much insurance as you know what manner of men we were among you for your sexy thing it were not only preach the gospel boy also live the gospel and yet it just to see the gospel lived out in our own personal example and so when the Thessalonians her pulse message and they saw house like they put the two together is a rather something here remember in the sermon on the Mount in Matthew five nineteen Jesus said whosoever therefore shall break one of the least of these my commandments and shall teach men so we shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven but here's whoever shall do and teach them shall be called great in the kingdom event so God wants us as Christians to not only do the right thing to say the right things not only does the right thing but also to do the right things is to need to go together in a disciples experience by this number versus where you can not find off for these folks just myself I concentrated nutshell and my favorite is Ezra seven ten system or Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord and to do it and to teach in Israel statutes and gentlemen this is a picture of a disciple they spent that time in prayer preparing a heart searching our hearts they go into the word of God to try and understand what God 's will is once they find out God 's will as then they do it they practice it they put in action and then they share that light with others and pass it on to other individuals this is a process by which God helps us to be overgrown or spiritual life now I suggested this is kind of like a bicycle tire but I know we have a lot of medical people here Loma Linda you can also think of the sort of biologically right we have our physical body and we have our heart that's in the middle that's pumping this life-giving blood draw the different cells of our body and we have but two different kinds of blood vessels we have the arteries and veins and arteries are the ones that go to negative that I was on the can out of the heart of the things we want to go into the heart so these are kind of like the veins were the grace of God is flowing into our life and these are like the arteries where goes out is coming in and going out coming in going out and there's a statement in the spirit of prophecy worse is that perfect health requires perfect circulation right as soon as spiritual spiritual realm the way we experience spiritual health is when there's free flow of the grace of God is coming into our lives and going right back down coming and going up just freely know what happens physically speaking when someone has one of their arteries begins to plug Opera close the redraw that whatever a heart attack writer they have a stroke or some other major health problem this is exactly what happens in a Christian 's experience when some area of sin creeps in or we may a compromise or Christian witness in Samaria they can have serious consequences in their daily lives and what we want to do it as Christians is make sure that we have a well balanced free-flowing spiritual circulation with the grace of God is coming in and going out in flooding every part of our luck user for key critical skills there is a lot that we could say about each one of these for example we talked about the word of you can take a new Christian and teach them how to memorize Scripture the importance of setting up a regular Bible reading program how to study the Bible how they can find principles and convert those principles in the practical applications how to use concordance at user computer whatever to use the spirit of prophecy had a there's many different specific practical skills that go into knowing how to really internalize the word of God what about prayer while there's lots that you can talk about how to set up a prayer journal had a claim promises the importance of fasting at times how to discern God 's will infer and how to near you you can just go on think about all the things praise and confession in all of these areas or skills that the Christian needs to develop in their personal discipleship what about the area about obedience are the some practical skills they can learn to help us grow in obedience while sometimes and immigration doesn't have any idea how to deal with temptation effectively they don't know how to manage your time how to set priorities how to develop character all of these are critical everything about it if we don't know how to do some of these basic skills how are we getting dealt to live a life of hope you forgot under article training that every Christian needs is fundamental things in the witnessing how to give a Bible study how to share your testimony to present the gospel how to make an appeal understanding the whole cycle of evangelism at a knock on Dortmund it is just all kinds of skills and and we need to be training institutions every church should be a training school for Christian workers within the Christian service they could get every church view training school not just information but still that you memorize talked about that earlier not just information but skills we can tell people what to do but it's a whole another process by which we impart those skills to an individual it takes time you'll just learned by listening to lectures after work out in practice and and set some goals and little by little we acquired the skill this doesn't happen overnight it's a whole different way of training it's training teaching interestingly enough as we developed in these different areas these skills each develop into specific kinds of ministry for example as a person becomes more and more fervent in prayer and more able to lay hold on the promises of God 's word it develops into ministry of intercession and God wants every one of us to be intercession intercessors as a person spends more and more time in God 's word it may start with something simple but answering questions is out of school or whatever it's as while this person really since another Bible when we let them teach their own class the development administrative teaching or around getting Bible studies and pretty standard churches want universal ministry leaders if you can organize no whole team a Bible workers are wanting event is six years or something it develops into ministry of evangelism resettlement has been growing an area of obedience maybe they had very struggles in their life and him overcome this and overcome this and they know how to gain begin their life someone else is struggling in the church as a can help you with that I can show you exactly what to do but I felt Ministry of oil at the cognitive exultation we can encourage and motivate inspire the people and that we all know people that this their lives are just so fragrant that when you're around with this inspires you to live a more consecrated life we need more people like this and say I believe that God 's plan for each of us is to grow she newly needs of these four areas never the illustration of put under this morning will redraw the whole whole thing but before difference they determine that those of you are here when we first become a Christian that's like when we very first by Kathy that we may first invite Christ into the heart that's the spiritual day the disciple is one that has not only invited Christ and the like but they're building those specific disciplines into their database manager taking responsibility I need my time in the word I need some time in prayer I need to grow in this area of obedience and need some weekly goals that whatever I need to be sharing my faith in you doing something they take responsibility for their own and is it begin to grow spiritually become more and more connected with Christ each of those areas to begin reaching out to others impacting others by their prayer by their example by their ministry by the teaching gives me an influence on people that around and this is God 's plan for each of us is to be able to have this kind of impact on those around us so this is kind of like our our target is lower aiming for its own like a bicycle or a heart but it also reminds me of a rightful side of nothing you've ever shot a rifle you have a little slow on the proper side to codify what you see when you look through that little circle LSI crosshairs writing and low cross and what you use that for what I have to know what your target is what you're aiming at what it what are we handing out what's right in the process Christ is nominating and is how we keep Christ at the center my life as we spend time in prayer and study the word faithful obedience and sharing our faith with others the more faithfully build these skills into the morbidity priced right the cinema experience and we need to help every Christian that comes into our church to understand these basic sonatas they need to do this but how do you how you can make them back into that world as we go along so the first key to being an effective discipling ministries to know what your goal is to have a clear objective in mind what is a disciple I can you make a disciple if you have an idea on what looks like and these are some basic skills that we would want to build and each one's life is the second key in my experience as I worked with a lot of different people over the years the thing that has had perhaps the greatest impact on our success as a ministry is when we begin to realize that God trains disciples through teams through teams or small groups for example when Jesus wanted to train workers for his kingdom when you do the marks reporting that he ordained twelve that they should be within a humorous in the fourth retreat he picked a handful of guys that he could spend a lot of time with intensive and in that small group that small community that team that ministry team Christ was able to train and transform their lives when Paul was training workers how did he do it memorized disbursements on acts twenty fax twenty first for interesting processes and their company name and Asia 's opener Maria and the Thessalonians Aristarchus was a kindness and days of I'm very anti- Judaism trophy was coming in as a team of seven guys that were traveling around upon analysis the Tina went with them and there's another team that I got on at Sobol had a team of workers they would travel around from citizens they want to condone or team what you can do it and in that the Fellowship of that team lives begin began to be transform no this shouldn't surprise us this is actually over what we were told to do in the Scriptures for example in the Hebrews chapter three verse thirteen it says that exhort one another daily while his call today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin form a perfect surprise the beginning of a confidence steadfast to get how is it that we hold a comment steadfast in the end will become particular price low enough to exhort one another out on about you but I know in my own personal experience and can be very deceitful you can become very careless very casual begin negligently resulting than if you are not getting extrication from someone else that really knows you and also you go again your life is very easy to become negligent a spiritual life the solution to that problem is to exhort one another and Ecclesiastes chapter four hope you're jotting down some these references is Jesse 's chapter four verse nine and ten is this what you are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor for a father one will lift up his fellow that was my first will in him that is alone when he files from another hell so if you're trying to do this by yourself then you're setting yourself up for the consequences of the Bible clearly says will come if you're not in close fellowship with other Christians are praying for you and studying with you and holding you accountable and working with you when you stumbled there is no one around us and even though Mark is become the church redress that we put on a smile and no one even those that were struggling spiritually when you get involved in a close tightknit team where everyone knows that going on allies were praying for each other and working you can tell something 's not writing you can pray for the sick what's going on you the already meeting to share I am really struggling this in your group can come around you and and help you we we need that accountability we need that the power of the team back we need them more and more as we get closer to the end some of you got to survival to medium dense about anything this one to the other feuding deaths have a pickup of Hebrews ten verse twenty four and twenty five hundred verses in that set of lessons as they go that us consider one another to provoke in the love and good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as men or some is not exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching others the closer we get you and you need this kind of accountability and intense fellowship more than ever before you might notice I found this interesting statement I don't know if this is what Paul wrote that the is sort of my hunch anywhere from the statement in volume three of the testimonies on page four eighty eight was the statement when I revisit this kind of blows my mind is the necessity for the men of this generation of this was written in the late eighteen hundreds so well over a hundred years ago under twenty hundred thirty years ago something like that she says the necessity for the men of this generation way back then to call to their aid the power that will strengthen by the grace of God where within the temptations of Satan is twice as great as it was several generations ago Washington a bartender at back in the leg is really getting bad temptations are getting terrible what would you say today not twice she's a ten times greater twenty times a day Wednesday but you know what the next incest but the present generation has less power of self-control than those who lived there so not only are temptations getting worse but we're getting weaker and weaker morally by the generation and if we think that would be automated to be in on her own without hot taking advantage of the revision that God is made within the great Church of current for our own strength grown protection from safety no we are putting ourselves in a dangerous invulnerable situation we need money and so I challenge you if you're not part of a team that is focused on training focused on training reduce accountability with his goals were people will be checking up on you and praying for you and encouraging you and your making progress in your spiritual life just coming out that hope on Sabbath morning and hearing a sermon however great the server might be will not do what you need when you be part of a small group that is helping us to grow spirituality challenge you to be part of the team sought to illustrate his workers help altering his work at what the Bible says we need to do and if plaintiff counsel Mister to property about bands of workers and companies of workers that we need to press together if been agreeable to grow successfully so first of all we need to know what our goal this second while we need to understand the importance of team in the process of spiritual leader to foundational principles is the third one third one is that we need to make sure that we build commitments and those that were working with commitment is vital interest in discipleship if or not committed were not in be spending that time in the word of anything that time in forever anything that time growing in obedience and witnessing it's all about commitment that's the bottom line commitment and commitment is not easy to cultivate in a person 's life if you're a church leader and you're trying to find people to help with this project to get involved in this ministry this hour to know that many of our church members are just not committed and this is this is a pervasive problem all through the church it's ever not here to everyone commitment is a problem how do you build commitment to give you very quickly I only have a few minutes left for this session when you view a number of suggestions for how to build commitment in a team is over genre policies the deadline for small groups for teens and the first thing that I would recommend that a lot of this is their leader 's manual you can get that and look over it if you're interested in starting a team but what I like to be reversing us have an orientation session were all say that this is what we can be doing for the next five weeks of weeks or whatever it was but the requirements immunity is what our goals again in the and and if this is something you would like to do then we encourage you to be a part but there has to be a commitment to compass is golden in the fourteen twentieth visit with you and you intending to build a tower syndrome not down first and counted the cost of insufficient efficient so the first anyone is a necessity to be the cost established times in a day or do you mean so many weeks so many days and this is what it would be involved if you want to be a part of the team we'd love to have you but this is the cost may not cost a penny but it's in a cost time and across effort right and so make sure they know exactly what's involved it will happen you have someone in your teens they well I'd like to join your group but I really don't have a good memory in and I just like the Cummington Bible studies can I just memory times say no this group is for those that that want to be able to fulfill all the objectives in the course way and define another group is not memorizing Scripture or find another time when you're ready to memorize or whatever but this group is for those among Pentecost where they may say well you know my schedule ominous on the split schedules are holding it would come every other week and I come every other week and the other weeks optimistically working single which he do is wait until we can have a group started that meets every other week or you have a different schedule when you can come we week you want to be committed to Jesus Dell excuses you can read this in Luke nine semiconductor may set up by my file in the first let me go back and verify the system of the dead that it you come follow me some of that I volume a method on an engine the ideas of excuse after excuse after he's never going to look at either all or nothing is either commitment and saw that we want to be part so hard-nosed about this but if you don't enlist their commitment at the very beginning you can get it later you just say it later well I really think you should do this while I never planned on doing from the beginning you can't do young to get a commitment from the beginning so as a person you have a good orientation session for you let them know exactly what's to be involved and don't delay excuses the way Jesus did say wait till another time when you can when you can do it during the orientation sessions number to the point number two explain the team concept now this will be foreign to some of the people that join your group on the way were trained in our educational system is we all shut the class we listen to the lecture we take our test and it doesn't matter what anyone else does in the group as long as we pass our test and we get the grade were looking for we then find the class that the class this is not a classroom talking about a team a team means that we have decided to commit together as a group to help one another to be successful so my gnome I versus learned on this you Scripture memory is an example if I get all my memory assignments done and you don't get your memories I miss that I have not succeeded because your part of the team in and my goal is to see you've be successful in your both seemingly successful I knows when we realize that every person in the teams that have an influence on the other members of the group and were all working together were praying for one another helping one another were challenging one another that that mindset has to be in our head when we start that work team this is not class it's not and is a social thing were here to publish an objective and the objective is that each member of the team grow in their spiritual walk so someone is struggling with their memory verses again and just use that as an example of say something like Outlook did anyone else have this from either having trouble memory references or maybe just can't seem to find time for the daily review and I've been consistent whatever the problem is the same as at the same problem itself is a guy thing from it this is what I did to solve or if you use the resources of seeking the answers are there when God will assemble the right of the people to help that team be successful so makes he explained the team concept right up from the front runner for an beginning his third thing high standards maintain height high standards in your team I have a couple rules in my groups all say usually something like this I go over this in the orientation session and remind them as we go along also something like our goal is for each person have their Bible study completely filled out before they conduct a meeting and if you don't have your Bibles that he filled out than when we get to that part of the program were just skip over now that may sound harsh you know but with a lot of people comes out I've even looked at the coronet is jabbered in general and Faucette whatever they might give it up I know this is what will we already studied and we come to just share what we've already learned when I have time just to think about a new study in our group is something we've already got happens when you make a rule like that the first time they come in another Bible study undergone around the circle you just get them every time I guarantee the next time and have ballasted identity or if you encourage them to memorize the versus WordPerfect Hyatt high quality dumb if they get almost right always been great nothing the masterwork that you were striving for excellence I went in Colossians three twenty three whatever you do do it heartily as to the Lord and not an amendment just getting into to please our team leader to please our ability partner whatever what were trying to strive for excellence in everything we do so set high standards in your team and you'll when you have a high challenge for your team members the rise to the challenge if you have a low challenge the rise the locale people will rise to what you expected so set high expectations for your team the fourth one use effective training method is an effective training methodology I wish I had more time to go into this but I'll share with you a simple little recipe that we use in our ministry twelve words you can remember it really is okay tell them why show them how get them started keep them going he said that with me tell them why show them how get them started keeping going overtime on impressive than human repetition my show them how get them started keep them going up this is really simple but it works this is how we teach but it's how you train if I wanted to teach or train someone to memorize Scripture here's how I would do I would say essay I was sitting with Paul always interested in any member script so be happy to go over with you is what I did is I think I will call some afternoon in his dorm room or an apartment or whatever and the first thing I do though tell them why we should memorize Scripture and I would go through simple little Bible study say this is what God 's word says in a building so that he knows that the reason for this is something that God has set we tell them lie from the Scriptures and the next day notice at all now this is how I do it I would return my pocket and pull out my verse back and I'd say not here's how I write out my verses and here's how you members back in here's how you might get an order to show them for my own life how I memorize Scripture to telemarketing Bible show now from your life visit all want to get started with this young is the first person like you to memorize clippings for thirteen or some merciless and easy birth it was easy to memorize that between now and the next time we get together soon getting it started and then the next time we meet together want to keep them going by deepening that commitment may have to meet with him week after week for six months or year until this becomes his own personal this is a personal modify every week and given in verse is reminding about the methods and in the principles and important summit until it begins to sink in upon my knowledge this conviction and no longer my can't do that in just assortment you can't get an answer and you can motivate some and they may even be inspired enough to go home actually memorize the first but to see a real change in a person 's lifestyle usually have to work with them week after week after week after week until it finally begins to stick fell to my show them how get them started keep them going by the way you can find all of those in Hebrews five the last three or four versus talks about the how they need milk that's the word of God their unskillful that's how to do it they by reason of using exercise that's the doing of the proximity and full age at the time sticking with it over the process that was going to interrupt and ask so here's another principle is a good training methodology about it this is what we do in all of our past lessons and Bible study and practical training some suggestions on how to actually do it maybe the Bible stays on track practice suggestions or has that Roberto know we give them a weekly assignment and sign is gone actually do the things that that wasn't talked about in the week after week you're constantly referring back to their prior journal encouraging at this request that request by repetition the conviction deepens and builds very simple strategy because you train people if training is different from teaching I don't to emphasize that enough I was raised to be a dangerous IBT genetic understand that training is different from teaching okay number five I think get them share if you want to train disciples then encourage them to share everything that they learn with someone else I second Timothy two to the things of the I heard me among many witnesses the same commit thou to faithful men he shall be able to teach others also so Paul told Timothy through the top implement implement thought of as a is a is a progression and there's a reason for this when I'm listening to teacher and on hearing what he says I'm sort of registering information and taking down my notes and hopefully acquiring some of that information I can even review it study it maybe take a test regurgitated MBO to pass the class but if you ask me to do a class on that topic myself that means after a whole different level of competence mastery of the content me that I really need to understand what interesting but I need to be able so internalized I can put in my own words I need my own illustrations any my own practical experiences that I can draw on my own personal testimonies out I did it or what worked for me what is a whole different level of competence to be a visit to teach someone you have to thoroughly internalized material and so whenever you're training somehow to have a devotional time or how to manage your time or whatever the skill associated testimony encourage them to go and find someone else they can share the same skills with after you've gone through the whole basic training program and survival kit or with whatever you're doing a judge and deleted team of their own though get a certain amount doing it themselves for the first time but when they actually lead a group and try pastoral skills on this amount so get a whole different level of mastery of the content so get them sharing the things that they like this is vitally important as and when number six self-assessment self-assessment of what I now is that we more we had a number of teams are going to really bless our teams were scattering all over the campus and I had a team of guys that were leading all the different small groups on campus and so we would meet each Tuesday morning at five a.m. learn early-morning time there was great because it required commitment writing I committed it on and get out of the rumblings together really get out of bed and they come in after us whatever it half awake younger I love value but they then made their committee but anyways of them were leading a team a second a week at five a.m. so there applies that one day their meeting Monday there with me and what I would do is I would ask the other teams were going and we began to look for certain patterns in strengths and weaknesses can experiment with what worked best in the different groups and meet about the little worksheet and I encourage you to my team leaders ask themselves these seven questions and Ottomans these exact same question but their something like this are number one was the training practical I was a something they can actually take home and use it wasn't practical then reflect that part did God speak to us in the Bible study did we just go through the question-and-answer something we really says that God was saying something to tell the difference in Bible studies were his went through the motions or there's time for you sense that God was speaking to was our prayer earnestly to sort of a formal prayer or was it a real earnest prayer were we really sense the heart warned and we're leading the gut here these are the kinds of questions you ask yourself if sums not writing if you need something different the next week and to get better and better and better always striving for excellence was a transparent that I come across like all the answers and organize see myself as part of the team and were all in this together all working to reduce yet I guess I was a guest rooms will learning together coming across in a transparent way not just exposing all regards bit but just being real about who we are where we are spirits of that's important anything you want your team members to be transparent about them the shareware thereat inward struggles are so that you can pray for them and encourage them to be less together this may sound like it had a funny question that night you mean the team is so serious and somber Lorient in this mumble mumble minute out that hasn't sounded like that but it needs to be a fellowship where your you careful and having enjoyed being together really like coming here team and if your team doesn't crack a smile for all our sums wrong with your groups I was wrong as they got to be lasting we really haven't a great time together if so then that's a good sign if not you need to do something disorder lighten up a little bit discipleship can be done overbearing if you're not careful to maintain a human element to it we sense the spirit presence in our meeting we sense that God was very moving and impressing upon our hearts what to do and and I that we were motivated to grow interpersonal at the example and question the last one I had done this did our commitments to ministry deepen as a result of our time where we more motivated share our faith more motivated to be involved in the Lords work as a result of our time together or not and we would ask ourselves these questions week after week and we would find that the weak areas of our of our leadership style and we would set a goal for the next week to do something different something better and so every week or becoming more and more skilled as leader you have to be perfectly start out but we need to be constantly evaluating ourselves constantly finding ways to improve and a checklist like the simple questions like that and if the exact same question but something like that can be a real asset a really useful tool in the process here's another standings number seven last lab on my list of this probably more so I sent a couple more one is that technology accomplishments it is number seven mature number one technology published but we broke our training program that into different parts may have a five-week introductory course in a nonrecourse memoir we course by legal right along with this survival kit is designed for spiritual base basic training is designed for disciples team he is our evangelistic training program is designed for workers and but we broken that little parts and what I would do my groups usually is that when he finishes about it in the notes only five weeks minimum the five versus the mean not really that sounding but it is a big thing for some people actually learn the first time wrestling a five person that I'm not exciting as I would send out a little certificate right the name and I would sign in making nice and arguments and someplace oxybutynin church service Yahoo especially knowledge meant of completion a certificate of completion Limited is a Canadian another certificate when you can talk to him another significant argument this is the certificate for doing the whole discipleship track some groups out the get-together not have a dinner together to soar like a party with us and the celebration that they've accomplished think they've achieved their objectives the team Ridgewood is aiming for or am I why she is leading a team in Michigan several years back and I see that the whole team and they may want up to bed-and-breakfast it is a metaphor weekend and just a bunch of ladies in her group and yet is something like naturally spiritual giants anything when they start but they worked at the name wanted to grow spiritually and they work together and it was hard for some of them so I'm really struggle but they kept plugging away and plugging away and they accomplish your objective they went on they just had a wonderful time laughing and crying in October of the laser and it was that it was important it is important to knowledge accomplishment because when you realize that I've learned my first five verses not been successful what is it motivates you to do nothing to the and so you wanted this continually knowledge that a competent success is important build on success is the last one and this may be the most important is almost worth the whole number point number four first one was know your goals and was using team and there was build commitment but the fourth one I just want to talk about the secret to motivation all of these are techniques and important and Amir and a practical skill that will help you the team leader but if you really want to build motivation I just ran over my time in a few minutes ago actually if you really want to build motivation you know the Bible gives us the key to building motivation and commitment that you will find you one of those words in the mega fine commitment but you won't find that motivation the Bible but the principle is found in Matthew chapter thirteen as well as other places I was praying about this one something learn how to how to build motivation how do you build commitment in the team and he directed my thoughts are dispersed I read it was like wow that's the answer right there Matthew chapter thirteen beginning with verse forty four Julia parables and you've heard them before you read of the domain as these guys in these parables don't sound motivated also committed Matthew thirteen versus forty four and on again thinking of them is like unto treasure hid in the field the which when a man has found he hives and for joy thereof notice the joy rejoined them go and sell all that he has and buys that field again verse forty five the King event is like at your merchant man seeking goodly pearls and when he had found one pearl of great price went and saw all that he had and bought it would you say these guys are committed to the city 's individuals are motivated the other motivated they sell everything at that they sell the house they sell their land is not everything that they cash in all their savings retirement everything they have to get the object of their desire why were they so motivating the one guy that he was happy to give everything you have just copied you was the reason about it was the value of the object they both saw the value of the object we got a solid treasury and because his discharges with more than everything I have put together and then some a man at the great exchange for me to give all of this for them as I said that I the American engine never seen a pro like this it was the one probably been looking for his entire life most beautiful thing you've ever seen the this is more precious than all my liberals to my class saw happily take everything I have just to get that for you see if you want your team members be motivated enough to constantly hold out the vision of the value of the training definition worth setting was going towards not just to learn a few versus artistic and learn a few skills are good to get my certificate salmon is a fine young that's right there were the real motivation should be the value of being a disciple of Jesus Christ the really experienced that one misstep connection with crisis possible to have that spiritual experience I don't want everyone similarly with we can somehow paint that picture in the beauty that it deserves to be painted the members of your team and be motivated to member Hebrews twelve verses one and two let us lay aside every weight in the cinemas that so easily beset us and run with patience the race that is set before us out looking unto Jesus who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross of Jesus is looking at the July as good a time as a result he's keeping his eyes focus on the rewards resulted the blessing that he got to come from his choices and N-word step ideas looking to him as a this is why I'm doing it this is what we're working towards Hamas office ever get so excited him but and if we could somehow see the value of what Christ is holding up to my argument that life of Paul you know when Paul was going to use I really should stop although a few more minutes when Paul was in the prison romance second Timothy and he knows his life is about to come to an end is that in another departures and I thought if I have finished my course course ahead for the latest neocon in your and thought Paul was ready to go to scrape but you know if you read the rest of second Timothy chapter four in turn never just a quick second this this just inspires second Timothy chapter four and I hope it inspires you especially those of you that are interested in meeting team and discipling of luck immediately after he says his verse eight finishes this course is a crowd laid out from the righteous judges on an index humorous all within the chapter starts them mentioning specific individuals in verse ten he talks about Crescent city is the leader there in Galatia Titus was when the guy think tank he was an domination Luke was there with the Monroe Mark was somewhere with Timothy type to just was an ethicist a carcass was extra OS you can skip on down note that verse nineteen fifths Gaelic well and now sold on this if rest and harassed this was according to drunkenness was in my leave them and he got a whole new team of leaders and wrong UV lens and Judith Giddens in an line is inclined the act team and that he had poured out his lackeys scattered all over the ancient world that I can go to my grave I know that his workers cheered workers shared workers care workers in the Gospels do continue to go forward even after I'm gone I finished my course but I've invested my life and something that counts made a difference in way to go those designated as good a spring know when I come to an end my life and in your life when you want to like to be of a look back and say my life made a difference as a result of my efforts are people all over the world that are our siblings were behind it and maybe at a deeper level of commitment and they would've been otherwise there described don't you want your life to count I know I know we all do with my life to mean something to do something for God is an amino acid that intrigues and speak to large crowds aren't you just find one person forever life fun one person we can make a difference if we can see the value of and if we get past that that vision onto those overtraining so that they recognize how important it is just to give our lives to people will be motivated my challenge is that the as Christians that we recognize what God wants to do with our life that we don't just recognize that we see the value of wasting the blessing that an Anaconda Isaiah for this pursue God 's plan for our life and I believe that the end of the road when the Lord comes or if I win first will get a look back in our life except I don't regret one sacrifice I made to the Lord because I see the value of it now available to help us to be motivated help us to motivate of us and then not gone over just a little bit I hope I go a little past the five abilities they get a ten minute break seventy get a drinking and the rest of the McCulloch talk about evangelism in the last section October that evangelism so let's have a quick prayer and then we'll meet together at about twenty after five in heaven I pray that you would just inspire us that our life can make a difference it may be small ways maybe no one around will notice that we can impact the lives of those around help us understand how to train how to make disciples and give us someone that we can write elected we thank you for these things in Jesus name amen


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