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How Christ Teaches His Righteousness

Daniel Calaguas


Daniel Calaguas

Student at Loma Linda University



  • September 13, 2008
    10:00 AM
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my son and I am very eager to share with you what I have been learning because I believe that one hundred percent of the people in this room can relate ranking it doesn't not how long you been the truth or if you are not interested all of us have serious questions about the topic government to be discussing this morning serious questions and depending on how we understand what we discuss here is an indication of why we do the things that we and Sunnyside showed you this morning my only bachelor for diff we think you this morning for these few moments with you and we pray that you would give us your mind for without it we would not be able to understand these topics on the spiritual level of training at a special way that the Holy Spirit would accompany us as we search to the Scriptures that would be poured out in such a way that we would receive an even greater blessing than we had first expected when you come the doors I pray especially for each individual here but even those that come in later we assess you or your presence would be here in such a way that they had known that they are in the presence of God and so asked in a special way once again you with us and that we would see the voice of the unseen this morning for SOP sings a forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus amen the Chapter fifteen many of you have unsure for this story this morning in Luke chapter fifteen they say the most famous parable and were starting in verse eleven but as we lay a foundation if we don't understand what we lay now it will be very difficult for us to grasp how Christ teaches us his righteousness Luke chapter fifteen or starting verse eleven the Bible says this and says he said a certain man had two sons and the younger of them said to his father father give me the portion of the goods at all assuming he divided unto them his living and not many days after the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country and there wasted his substance with righteous living and when he had spent all there arose a mighty famine that landed and began to be in want and you went and joined himself to a citizen of that country and he sent him into his fields to feed slot verse sixteen and he was saying have filled his belly with the house that swine did eat and no man gave unto its overview of the story is we see that there is young young man who asks inheritance from his father gets misinterpreted his father 's loving care and he asks look at I went to get out of here in my inheritance New Mexico and so you know the story he receives inheritance he squanders his youth he squanders the money that he's received that's not even his despondency talents his ambition and he ends up feeding slot in this story is about the one who has fallen away from the love of God was misinterpreted his loving care but I want you to notice in verse seventeen the one hundred minutes member seventeen is a miracle it says here and when he came to himself he said how many hired servants of my father 's have bread enough to spare and I perish with hunger is you the Bible says in Romans that apart from Christ the best we can do is remain evil the best we can do is disagree every time with God and a lot of times when we follow away from God or when we don't see his love clearly we think that we have to do some type of mountain climbing or to get done I want out you know the Texan John chapter six verse forty four when I saw the second John chapter six as very surprised because you'll notice what you said is very John chapter six verse forty four you're holding it a finger in the chapter fifteen but notice what it says here Jesus is speaking the words unread it says no man can come to me yesterday that no man can come to me and Jesus is speaking the same Jesus who said come on to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden is here saying how many men can come to him no man is impossible for us to have any type of interest in spiritual things at all so if you have ever felt that you know that the Bible is boring if you have ever felt that doing religious things with the task that's how you're supposed to feel because no man can come to Christ because we don't want to accept what the diversity you know can come to me except the father which hath sent me what John him and I will raise him up at the last day known important question to consider is what is the first step in salvation what is the first step in salvation a lot of people would say confession knowing it's your knee meets repent we need to we need to do something but according to this tax the first step in salvation is not student set again the first step and salvation is not your heart but it's God 's duty to join as you have no ability to consequence on your own now and back in Luke chapter fifteen I noticed Lissette Kissel verse verse seventeen Luke chapter fifteen is a miracle because he's the son will never come to himself and if the father would not join the sun even though the sun were not satisfied with feeding swine he would continue to feed swine until he got verse seventeen and when he came to himself he said how many hired servants of my father 's have bread enough and to spare and I perish with whom notices I will arise and go to my father and will send him knows what he says father I have sinned against heaven and before the enemy no more worthy to be called thy son notice is that you would make me as one of thy hired what you see a lot of times when we realized our spiritual declension and the Spirit 's Jonathan we decide to go back to God we feel as though we have to do a servant 's work we feel as though we have to okay God I see that you join me to you if only I could just treat my brother and more nice selling to the devil makes us believe that in order to come to God we must do a type of work for him to accept the subconsciously that if only I could just drive better I could only get this health being right maybe not look at me that maybe God looks at me again because of that site too much but the bad associate goes on to say and heal those in verse twenty and came to his father but when he was yet a great layoff notices his father saw him and had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him and the sunset into the father father I have sinned against heaven and in thy sight and am no more worthy to be called thy son unless you question to get to finish his statement in verse twenty two but the father said to his servants bring forth the best robe and put it on and put a ring on his hand shoes on his feet to the prodigal son didn't even get to finish the statement he was planning on saying making more than five servings but before he was able to do that if I do so much compassion receiving him that he wasn't even how do anyone a chance and and the father does something a lot of times when we do this parable we forget this point near when the sun came back in the father was was waiting for day after day after this unless when the sun came back and he was all dirty from the kids my whatever was the corn laws in using smelly in the father just have compassion on the sign and say but had just track your garden in the house just go and leave your clothes not just going to slap all the lines remains into the house without even inversely to its says that the father sent his servants bring forth what this room you see when we come to Christ which is the Holy Spirit because we could never do that the first when we come to Christ we don't have to feel like we have to do a certain work but when we get him we can expect that he changes us immediately he doesn't leave us as we are noticed in the two books before the math and you'll hit the book of Zechariah as we continue to status as foundation upon which to talk about how Christ teaches his righteousness Zechariah chapter three looking at verse one through three the bottle says and he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist and the Lord said to Satan the Lord rebuke you Satan in the Lord that has chosen Jerusalem rebuke is not visible brand plucked out of the fire not jostle with was clothed with what that environments is clothed with filthy garments store like the prodigal son right and stood before the angel and he answered and firstborn spake unto the unit city form saying take away the filthy garments from him and he said and onto him he said behold I have caused time what a neat way to Pasadena and I will clothe you with a change of raiment when we come to Christ he doesn't leave the filthy garments off and just cover us with this robe of righteousness he takes the filthy garments which easier represent our iniquity he takes a completely off and then he covers us with this robe of righteousness you see this because a lot of times how review forgiveness is how we get his transactions like this we ask forgiveness and we believe that we've been forgiven but the belief is like this like okay father know you for giving him a sense and the Lord is coming looks over the sins that we had committed and just as like you're just do better next time and you the Bible says he takes that sin completely away so now we have some terms to consider here let's turn our Bibles to Ephesians Chapter two verse and her so we had just consider this robe of righteousness and this is what it takes for us to be saved as a comeback the father he take away anybody's replace it with his robe of righteousness now Ephesians chapter two percent in other texts it says for by what grace are you he saved through faith the point is Bible text how we say braising is a funny thing about this word and maybe some of your related because when I first saw this weather when I was being this work was like I knew I had it had positive connotation but he was a good word was a good thing to have those living to talk about with you asked me to define it I don't know if I would be able to would you how just we all know this is a good word strong Christian word was anti- essays to me into the to the book of Romans chapter five we looking at verse ten is the realized something here Romans chapter five living the godfather of righteousness and would allow Grannis wrote righteousness by looking at a few more about text me know if they migrate through a separate fiber stenosis for if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled we shall be what saved by his death is always says we are being we are saved by his life or his character now either in in these aptitudes that were saved by grace in Romans chapter five is the same by highflying either we are saved by two separate things or grace in Christ life are seen and she agrees in price of the questions page two seventy one Grayson Chrysler three what was underneath me was that needless today it means that when Christ was on this earth for thirty three and a half years his perfect prayer is perfect Bible study the way he associated with people the victory over the tent all the temptations that come to us he lived that life so that one day he could apply it to you so now when you exchange because I selected the same in Israel whose righteousness to think is not an argument of the rollbacks is Christ so does Christ life is the same as the Moabites this means that the same is greatest all through this term all to these terms are one of the things now when we received grace of my flight was about righteousness we received everything that I said on his life guess how I'm using is one we received everything that he did in his life this program is accredited to you and all you did was accepted as an individual and for those of you to my right you might get a disadvantage because according to describe a specific given individual and he decides to give his heart to God and he receives this role righteousness so he is covered by Chrysler notes are losing a vital second printing chapter five as we get into the message segment is chapter five verse seventeen is my favorite text says therefore if any man be where in Christ in the role righteousness he will be a new creature he says he is a new creature right now he's a new creature all things will be passed without a sense they are passed away all things are become new Matthew question let's is individual struggling with lots when in Christ's life he already had the victory overlaps give a video rating work that out so now when I'm come with the role righteousness I received that victory in my life since the Bible says all things are become new and I have a new creature do I struggle with lust anymore no oh some questions because you might say well Daniel you I give my heart to Christ but after that I still struggle with loss we talking you one more direct and complete the here we have a graph and the x-axis we have time on the y-axis we have righteousness in them the highest value righteousness is the same one percent a lot of times them well actually the majority the House majority of Christians with you claim to be liberal or conservative or in the middle of whatever you say the vast majority of conservatives believe in this type of religion here so when actually July the seventy Robert Sadat were not writes that also reports that we start here and wasn't happening we think as a devout hearts to God is like we slowly handled it better it's like okay I am unsigned to be my Bible more and pray and know I'm not cussing as much and then you know we idea logo better but then he also has a backside and eventually go down as time goes on much this goes down this chatting on being more nice to my parents you know I quit whatever it is and not playing as much video games or whatever it is and we hope one day that we will get to the point where a hundred percent righteousness we now have we get to the point where we are now like Christ or have this character while hoping this one is working this is the joy of focus is believed as the reason why the monitor to so successful because they play into the genetics that we already have because we like to work for things we like to work for righteousness ever since Adam you put those leaves around we received those genetics in and how we learned today I would be doing school work over pork integrate overboard to get a job and I think that if we applied that mentality to spiritual life is a loaded end up with and many are living under the delusion that we over time get more righteous but according to but according to the Bible and what we just read the graph should look like this when we give our hearts to God were right here but right as we received that will blow the righteousness of Christ life boom will already hundred percent if we decide to leave we start with light back down near to zero again but if we continue to stay in Christ all hundred percent so right now if we give our hearts to God you have complete victory you look as though you are this graph about the question wiser than even when I give my heart to know because as of the new series person does not develop me first begin why is it when we I give my heart to God it's not I still struggle with things because of Jeremiah chapter seventeen was that the Germans of the seventeen first because when you give your heart to God like Joe the devil has a right challenge your conviction Jeremias at the seventeen verse nine it says here a reader can you see clearly here on this the board is working to move down this Jeremiah Chapter seventeen verse nine the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it even when we give our hearts to God we don't know everything that were giving to him these young thing because we don't know our own hearts but what God wants to do it he wants to show us what we have already given to him at wife says in the next verse I know Lord not you but I have a lot of sex the heart I tried the rain even to give every man according to his ways and according to the food is doing so in other words when we give him occupied we don't know will be given to him and Philip God wants to do is when as Satan is saying I don't believe your son is convinced that he is in you so that God 's Christ allow Satan to apply temptation you know before the patient can hit us you know what it has a price first we are told that when application Christ evaluates the temptation any see the looks are circumstances as if the temptations unfair if he knows he cannot handle it then guess what the temptation bounces we don't even see the temptation evaluated every time but there often the temptation will come through and Satan will try him us that we still like doing the things that we had given up because when we receive Christ life we receive his DNA we received is mine all of his victories we received immediately and so now we have we had new aspirations immediately we had no desire immediately at all the bells job is to try to do is to try to convince you that you but as the authentication is applied the Holy Spirit is the question when minutes show you this question the asset will you accept the victory that Christ already had you in your life will you accept Christ life right now he's already won the victory over last all you have to do is accept it because often times that we do is we try to fight the devil were fighting and fighting and fighting temptation and we don't realize that the Devils already disputed the struggle is not the devil she says the greatest the greatest battle is against who sell this jungle isn't fighting temptation and fighting the devil the struggle is believing that you've already have the victim that the struggle and a lot of times we apply or fighting the wrong that the devils are a few all you have to do is believe that you accepted Christ life and you know what even more than that listed in the book of Galatians because a lot of times we believe will be but we have to believe in our own oversight of speculations that when I first looked at Alice so surprised Galatians chapter two verse sixteen are we that the Bible says knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith of who Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of who Christ and not by the works of the law by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified conversely so we see the faith of Christ I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by my own faith is Alice says even in the book of Revelation the last great people it says here are they that keep the commands of God and the faith of who Jesus so appointed as text Charlie operating on all we have to do is choose a lot of times we believe that if I could just generate enough faith if I could just have enough faith and if I could just when you receive Christ life here it gives you the faith he had in his life not operating on your thing price of years if you've ever believe the text in your life you nonaccredited venue had to be Christ faith operating in you because we don't have an interest for Christ and the best start they can do is doubt the best our faith can do is doubt every single time bulimia majority another diagram here as we continue this message because let's say here is our peers are atheist friends and answer the same needs one of you and you give him a Bible study and the Holy Spirit convicts in such a way that it is a toxic and according to what we have studied his covered by grace the robe of righteousness not enough honestly I think given his heart for God he boasts he really drives home and get in a car accident he dies will you be safe I sure is anomalous seven is a know about how to eat will he be safe because let's face it Christ life now this will be more tricky because here is a diagram or schematic of Seventh-day Adventist he has been covered also he is given his heart to God he's been injured for long-term and she said there are enough learning that in this day let's say this is one of those he knows not so he keeps it he dresses in each like he's at like someone who knows about health and justify key ill what else do we do it right given that the question what would he so eager other obvious things that he has under his automobile in according to the annual devastated then the second coming all these things and peace and as a result of the things they had made him among the most loving considerate most patient person you could ever meet a man that is a new believer that had died now aside from the fact that the seven and does the beef things if you save a different reason the new believer now so the question now is no question that we all thought we have to ask ourselves then what's the difference is like how did you thought life would be easier if you didn't know about the Sabbath and you know about the things that had just leads in an light at the last moment you give your godly diet when she still be saved because that's the question we have to consider why do we do the things we do it's the same thing that's a question website story scenario said bike you over to my tomorrow for dinner at six and so you agree to come over to my house at six and we sit down and have a nice dinner and a nice conversation you comments on food any say in a great meal to cook the essay you know my mom to cook dinner so thankful and after while yet the leaders we say goodbye to really think about the new scenario one scenario two is I invite you to dinner the dishonest and inviting six on my trip for you come over to my house at four and and I take you a nice echo you know there's not starting it eventually something I think to the backyard and in the backyard hot day outside Ashley Mumma she's cultivating soil she's looking for the right right foods and vegetables and we experienced a CNBC heard your few minutes outside significance of the school and after while she brings in inside the kitchen and I showed that no indication she's talking whose eventual season because life is just right and abroad and whatever it is just writing between the juice just right and CRTs work the enemy we go over to the dining table where I receiver set the China just right and put the time to the fort in the right area the napkins folded correctly and then we sit down at six o'clock dinner and answer question in which scenario would you be more thankful why because you know the first scenario use appreciative in the when the second one you know what it took to make it the Seventh-day Adventists assigned the book of Romans chapter two other you see that's how Christ teaches us his righteousness we already have everything he just wants to let us know what we are ready I'm reading from the fifth volume of the testimonies page two fifteen notices in this life we must meet fiery trial and a copy sacrifices but the piece of prices the rewards that has been so little self-denial so little suffering for Christ sake but the cross is always entirely forgotten we must be partakers of Christ of his suffering if we would sit down and try with him on this don't so long as we choose the easy path of self-indulgent and often liken at self-denial our faith will never become for notices and we cannot know the peace of Jesus know the joy that comes through conscious during the difference between the two is so important on that right now because you see where the new believer he had all the big piece of ice already the differences even though some damages sustained by the same he knows what he has Romans chapter two verse twenty eight he's consequently has for he is not a Jew or Seventh-day Adventist which is one outwardly neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh but he is a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the Spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not a man but of God chapter three verse twenty two what advantage than half the Seventh-day Adventist or what profit is there inside circumcision much every way chiefly because that part of them were committed to what the oracles or the truth of God so in other words as we as we learn about the Sabbath or as we learn about the very things that we know these issues are not just things that we do the crime of this spiritual corporate ladder these things are true that that circumcised pointer moments to the heart that's why the something out this is to be the nicest most patient most loving person why because when we come when we experience when we learned that they were relentless and will be we work on Sunday and the devil says look anywhere outside of an elephant look into the workings of your blood hasn't change again it hasn't changed and we feel like at that point a struggle because I get paid on some we feel a struggle and struggle is not just the virus the struggle price is not just allowing that to happen just because when we feel that struggle he wants to let us know see now I assembled what he did note in his life so when we come to that several recent iPod should be well used struggle to a much greater extent for me this nanosecond Peter does make it more clear in first Peter chapter two four because the Angels can't experience that struggle first Peter chapter four verse twelve and thirteen the buzz of the love they think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened to you but rejoice inasmuch as he with the next word partakers of Christ's sufferings that when his glory shall be revealed in a glad also with exceeding joy the Angels you know the only people that are partakers the own in the whole universe we consider the billions and billions of unfallen worlds the only beings that can participate or can be partakers in Christ's sufferings are human beings that's why when you read in Revelation chapter four we see that when we have the stone of God it's not the angels that are closest to it it's not a unfallen beings I have never seen before no life at the end of the thousand thousands of years that are closest to it you know what being the closest to it human beings why not because they're trying to push and shove the way to get the Christ beta Museum got an angel it's because that's just naturally how it is it's because they are partakers of Christ suffering they know a sample of what it was like for Christ to go through that no all you of the meal were asked the angel can only read about database seen it but they have not experienced it the one with parking and suffering the wife elected temptations even though you're completely new to give your heart to the celestial recap we look in Luke chapter fifteen we saw that the story of the prodigal son I see that although when the spirit had drawn him because he couldn't do it for himself although he felt as though you have a certain work to come back to God it wasn't required of him and by when he received at Rome righteous which is the same thing as Grace which is the same thing as Christ's life and when that was applied to him he did eat what you like now he did what he could read the Bible to look at what good things he could do he was already a hundred percent and only reason why we would receive the bot would read the Bible or the spirit of prophecy is to know all what he had already received so now as we come into Christ we don't know what we have given up to him says that Jeremiah we don't know our own hearts so what crisis try to do is when you allow Satan to tempt us what he's saying is I believe Daniel Dexter in I believe that you're going to take my victory I believe that you believe that I've already given you this picture you already have and so when I can when you and I are tempted all we have to do is not like the devil it is believed that questions the readiness of victory often times we think that when were in temptation were praying to God to give us power I is not in heaven devising new ways of how we can help us get out of trials all the victories have already been performed and when we receive when we continue to learn about these truths the issues just show us the surrender that Christ had to surrender his life and so we now know how it took this much for me to be paid and that partaking of Christ's sufferings is what identifies us with Christ because remember Christ is no longer KB on the present for the rest of eternity he gave up his omnipresent so for the rest of eternity you could identify with you this closes Revelation chapter four because I want to show you the depth from the Bible I'll initially the depth of the righteousness that we received right now some of us are struggling to believe it because it not because of not trying hard enough just because not choosing to have the faith of Christ Revelation chapter five verse eleven it says here and I beheld and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beast and the elders and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands so we see here there are billions and billions and billions of Angels billions in verse twelve it says saying with a loud voice in these ankylosing with a loud voice word he is who him who represent Christ for his life that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing in other words assisting one of those billions of Angels and not one angel who was been alive for well over six thousand years all he has been doing is he has just been in the will of God never sitting what is Angel never sinned once the thousands and thousands and thousands of the and he looks at the life of Christ any note he says I can't believe there is this much righteousness and thirty three and a half years I couldn't never amounted out much righteousness and not only is one angel saying was never sent for thousands and thousands and thousands of years with admiring the life of Christ you can believe it all the billions of Angels I can agree so billions and billions of angels but never send a look at the life of question while I can't believe that some of the righteousnesses and that they and guess what you'll get the righteousness you non- unfallen being on Angel you get that righteousness why wouldn't we give our hearts to why would we allow the devil to make us hesitant to come into Christ to accept his grace when we receive a righteousness that angels can even billions of until that's overlooked that's how Christ teaches us his righteousness Moses is is is is a spiritual thing that we want to me to look at because you know what seven six the latter arena we pray for my kind of vague ideas about the laddering is a message the messages will talk about right now would you give your hearts to God when he too wouldn't you want to be around the throne the closest to Christ because of crowding away in the because you identify with him more than any other being while we give that up today prices offering you this morning as is often your grace that will put you out a hundred percent you receive all of Christ fifty so that you design the clothes if you want to give your heart to God to receive all of his victories washstand organize the Lord to give us the faith to believe that we received this subtle working towards getting better is about believing that we already have the victory at is about as a close assembler for our dear father in heaven the science of redemption so simple the reason why we see it so complicated is that sin has separated us from you in such a way that we had misgivings about your caring and love we we don't understand how good you are we don't understand your willingness to give an too often were taking upon ourselves the work of salvation when all of that belongs to you so we asked Lord that he would give us your faith and that you would make conscious to us the victories that we already have right now dear father we pray we thank you for communion with us this morning we thank you for the forgiveness of sins be with us now for the song Jesus name


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