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What Is Sin?

Dennis Priebe




  • August 30, 2008
    3:00 PM
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father in heaven I pray that as we discuss these subjects that are very important to an understanding of the gospel I pray that your Holy Spirit will enlighten our minds help us to understand and may we see clearly for ourselves what the Bible says on the subjects I prayed in Jesus name amen I'm going to suggest to you that the subject we are considering this meeting may be the most important subject you will ever think about in your Christian experience and that sounds strange because were addressing the question what is sin how can that be the most important Western the reason it is is because once you have decided what sin is if urological and if you're consistent you will have every other aspect of the gospel defined automatically once you have defined what sin has justification is decided sanctification is decided perfection is decided whether it is possible or not on how it can happen once you've decided what sin is you're locked into a certain way of thinking about righteousness by faith and salvation that's why I believe this is the most important subject you will make a decision about your entire religious experience because my friends no matter how much we know about the doctrines and about prophecy and all the other things that relate to end time events if we don't have a genuine saving relationship with Jesus Christ were not to be in heaven we are not going to be there there will be a lot of people in heaven will be in kindergarten class learning things they never knew about Doctor Emily but there will not be one person there who has a bitter spirit or non- Christlike spirit not one and so that's why I believe this is one of the most important subjects we will address all right you have the outlines in front of you the key question is simple what is the nature of that sin what I will read them then lost for all eternity that's all I want to know I don't want to know about definitions of sin as the Bible might have been for this or that or the other about the extended effects and things like this one the one question what is the nature of that sin what is the kind of sin that I will be lost for for all eternity if it's found in me because I don't want that sin in the one idea that sin out of me what is the nature of that symbol you have two different definitions there is you see them definition a is original sin that's the classical theological term I thought it made the subheadings soon as nature and as I said this morning soon as nature means that we are condemned and lost not because of what we do or say or think but we are condemned and lost because we inherited bad equipment from our parents we are condemned because of our nature the nature that is within us and we all think honestly about our nature it's not so good as it are nature is a nature that pulls us the wrong way and we know that and that nature it is said by those that believe in definition a that nature is what condemns us here's the way it is stated by one and remember all the statements I read this morning and the ones I will read today are all Seventh-day Adventists this is not an issue of Adventist versus Baptist this is an issue of Adventism this is an issue that you will face in your churches this is a visual facing your schools in your families this is an issue which is very muddy throughout the Adventist world here is what is said by one of Billy 's definition a sinful man is not lost because he has committed sins but because he is born of Adam and therefore stands condemned in him even before he commits sins of his own that is definition they were lost because Adam 's sin we are still paying the penalty for Adam 's sin another persons of this way we make sinful choices because we are already sinners by nature why do you lose your temper because you're already a law center because he got within you that proclivity that tendency that inclination that's why you lose your temper is just a natural result of being a sinner and that's where the very familiar phrase comes from we are born sinners here's the way I think maybe we can illustrate what were talking about we all know how volcanoes operate that volcanoes have within them a magma chamber and in this magma chamber pressures build up and suddenly there is no longer in the ability to withhold withstand of the block comes off whatever it is and the eruption occurs all right visualize that magma chamber which is down here deep down in the volcano that is what is termed that as sin and I put it in capital letters because that's the way it is referred to sin the real sin the sin for which we are condemned and lost the sin for which we stand responsible from the moment of our birth from the moment of our birth now when the pressures get to grade this magma chamber may find its way up to the surface and may you rot into various eruptions of the of various kinds and this is what would be termed sin sins that's when you lose your temper that's when you overeat that's when you say something unkind about someone else that's when you are selfish and show that selfishness these are the sins you commit so the sandwiches in you deep down in your nature erupts and for Eminem produces various acts of sin and the bottom line is that this is the real problem the magma chamber of sin is when we are guilty and condemned before and we then sometimes the run-up theoretically let's just say theoretically that the scab off and you no longer erupt in fact and in temper tantrums that you no longer are proud and selfish and that you no longer are doing the things and saying the things you should have you still got that still how long until Jesus comes is not going away so you got this which means you are still in an four-year nature even when you are not exercising that nature anymore you are not yielding to that nature those things are coming out anymore theoretically if that could happen you would still be guilty of sin so that means if that's the real truth and that's definition a were referring to definition a which is the standard definition of sin throughout the Christian world that means for this sand down here we need a constant covering of justification because you are constantly condemned you need to be constantly forgiven justification is forgiveness and so constant justification must cover this magma chamber of sin sometimes is called the umbrella covering because you must have the umbrella of justification over your head for your entire life and that is the way it has to be even though you are no longer sending any more but you really what it boils down to is because you have this magma chamber of sin it's just inevitable that some Iraq now and then I maybe you just can't help that so I gave you the theoretical possibility that is but in their real understanding it's not really going to stop and that is still in Iraq now and then and so the justification covering will be up here as well and justification will cover this as well throughout your lifetime even after the close of probation and that's crucial for this understanding you need forgiveness him close a probation as much as you need it today that's what this theology teaches which means and this is one of what happens throughout the misunderstandings of what Jesus and the most holy place if Jesus stepped out of the most holy place puts down the be the incidence of the covers are sensible the forgiveness incense and no longer forgives our sins but hurrying us they justify once he is out the most holy place so a new theory comes in the blanks and that is that justification covers the future if you're justified now it will cover you down the future until Jesus comes the umbrella covering remains in place because you are justified on January twenty five nineteen ninety four and so it then covers the rest of your life until Jesus comes as long as you continue to believe in Jesus even though the sins are continuing to Iraq now and then so that's the understanding of original sin as is believed by most of the Christian world type best definition and by the way I'm in a try I'm in a try to hold a few minutes questions at the end of this presentation so if you have questions along the way remember with those questions are all right definition the now definitional by the way I want to say one other thing it is well understood that this is the dividing line in our understanding of salvation by faith for instance by Roy Adams who believes in this area and has written a number of books on the subject he said this the tension between these two understandings of sin lies at the heart of the perennial debate over sanctification perfection and Christ's nature and the Adventist church there is straight up this is the heart of the debate right here in this could be solved every issue of righteousness by faith could be solved in the Adventist church within months and this is resolve we can come to agreement on it in the Seventh-day Adventist church here's another one this comes from my C Norman Dolly these two conflicting views on the nature of Christ springs from two differing understandings of what constitutes sin have it again this one from Zürich share without question the first step toward a solution on the nature of Christ lies in the biblical definition of the concept of sin so there we have it again from many perspectives this is agreed that this is what it is by the way just by the way Augustine was the first one clearly to define and espouse this doctrine back in the third for centuries is the one that first gave voice to this particular theory listen to what he said just listen our first parents fell into a hole and disobedience because already they were secretly corrupted for the evil act had never been done had not an evil will preceded it the wicked leads and that is to say the transgression of eating the forbidden fruit was committed by persons who were already wicked that evil fruit could be brought forth only by a corrupt tree is not interesting that they send because they were already centers how did that happen at what moment did they become center and you know what I seen something close to that expressed even Adventist taking on the subject that he'd send before she took the fruit of your that because she separated from Adam remember and the Lord had worn through the Angels don't separate from your husband don't be on your own it's too risky to do battle with Satan remember what Raskin said last night you don't do battle with Satan the larvae was a and so someone said well Suzanne when she separated from Adam folks the key point is you made a mistake which is separated from Adam she made a mistake Gina Licinius when God commands something and you know his command and you willfully transgress that demand he didn't come and don't separate from the father that was an angel 's warning bells and angels caution that was a safeguard but it was not God 's command what was God 's command it wasn't even don't touch was at Satan turned out around it was dull heat of the fruits and when they transgress that command they sin known command rebellion against known command of God that sin but now we're hearing Augustine said it first in the Adventist church was very well eat sin because she had already become a center somehow in the sight of God and so this is the same thing were already sinners therefore we commit various in my definition the definition to because it is being it as soon as choice says Joyce is everything the definition a says that we are born with bad equipment that because of this bad equipment it leads us naturally did things that are not in harmony with God 's will but it is one thing different and that's the key difference we are not automatically going to hell because I haven't sent we are not automatically going to hell because we got bad equipment inside we are not automatically lost because we had an accident of birth and happened to be born as I like to phrase it on the wrong side of Evans railroad tracks and that's where we are no angel would like to live in the slums of this earth I guarantee you the matter what high-rise you live in so right here the only difference is we are not condemned because of nature that's what definition B says another person has put it this way Sandy is not so much biological as it is theological it does not originate in the genes but in the mind whereby a deliberate choice we place ourselves opposite God 's will such a choice precedes the act of sale I think that's a fair understanding of definition be it is a deliberate choice to place ourselves in opposition to God 's will well folks definition be as a minority position I'll tell you what there are many Christians believe in definition be and it had been a scholarly circles there are very few of them believe in definition the so Juergen have to make a hard choice right here as you study the subject are you going to go against the grain of Christian thinking and an even much of abstinence thinking and are you going to make a decision about a subject that will turn everything around on righteousness by faith as to how you believe in and how you live it I would offer the suggestion though it is not always bad to be in the minority know someone said entered the ark as a minority but when he stepped off it was the vast majority of him all right section two I said I said there is a difference between evil and guilt now what exactly do I mean by that evil is pervasive in our world and in our natures guilt is a different issue let me illustrate some of you have heard this before because this is the first time I presented the subject so you'll tolerate my favorite illustration if you have a little animal in your house you might wonder why that little animal was ever chosen to be a pet in your family because it's schizophrenic it has been widely split personality I mean there's one side of that little animal that is loving and peaceful and loves to curl up on your lap or rub up against your legs or enjoy your company when it wants to attend then there's another side of his personality that he only really see clearly when you open the door to the great outdoors and your little cat goes out into the real world from which his ancestors came way before you ever get the domesticated as account house pet I was your little cap going out into your backyard to do to admire the beautiful sunset that's taking place spend an hour or two watching the sunset smelling the roses on your Bush that what is out there for senior housing to brain gets all cluttered up with rules and regulations and I can't remember where you were not to eat half the time but outdoors the rules are very simple and they are very easy to understand there only to the matter number one you run from anything that's bigger than you as very important and number two you get anything smaller than you life is very simple as right now the basics and your cat is going out there to do what is nature programs it to do because you see it has a fallen nature to it wasn't the same nature God put in that cat in the it was another nature now that took over because now there's a predator prey relationship that was not there in the garden so it's nature was changed to him and it's going out there in your backyard and take care of business and to enjoy doing its job it is now just do it and have to you like to go to an eight hour workday and select your way through it now it's going out there to enjoy its work and when it catches that little mouse doesn't never have fun I made it lays with that mouse it'll throw it over its shoulder even sometimes as in that mouse can run away again so I can catch it all over again and it'll do it as often as the mouse and Ron have you noticed it has fun torturing another of God 's creatures to death bit by bit because you no mouse has a nerve endings two thousand and analysis and suffer pain and your cat has not the slightest compassion in the world for the pain of that other creature that is also a creation of God not the slightest ill you can say well sure the predator prey relationship needs to exist but creditors should have a conscience that they could kill quickly mercifully inhumanely that they don't any watch lions eating zebras Weller still alive wow I mean that is not the way compassion works I would say and so here we have a little relationship between a sweet loving little pat and an animal that is in the strong is your sweet loving OPEC it's the strength of the mighty versus the weakness of the week and you watch it all from your backyard what you do when your precious little pet comes marching up to your backdoor feathers sticking out of all sides of its mouth waiting to be phrased for the good job is done in your backyard garden one more those nasty little songbirds cleaned out your yard when you do do you have a little trial right on your back porch to get a jury together to decide guilt or innocence if you have a little jail cell prepared in case the verdict comes down guilty and your cat is off for three years of imprisonment we don't do any of those things you look at your cat you scold your cat decided to bail on you and you welcome that will killer back in your house to do it often watch what you are just done is to make a distinction between evil and guilt right on the spot in your backyard what your cat did was evil is part of an evil world it's part of Satan 's way of doing thing as part of killing without mercy is part of violence is not God 's way is an evil way only because Satan is in charge of this world but you decided that your cat deserve no sentence no guilt no condemnation why because you also decided that in that little brain it's a pretty small brain there is apparently no room for something you and I call conscience the ability to differentiate between right and wrong good and evil on the basis of moral values what is right and what is wrong your cat is simply exercising and following its fallen nature that's all its nature controls what it does we call it instinct is just nature fallen nature and your cat is doing what is nature has programmed it to do something you make that decision every day of your life as you observe things as you see news reports of people dying in tornadoes or whatever the situation may be to the site you don't say why they're a bunch of centers aren't that missing cross your mind disabled truck that's the tragedy of living in an evil world so here we make distinctions all the time between evil and Galvin now would we want to know remember what I said this morning don't believe what I say because I said now we want to know what is the Bible say forget your Bible Roger now you have sex in front of you Genesis chapter two verse seventeen God 's first command to his first created beings and watch it the word didn't happen like you said it was but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shall not eat of it for the day that thou eat us thereof the Hebrew says Diane you die I told that going out of existence this offers this link for a while be resurrected in the day that you eat thereof you and your existence I forgot to say that Adam and Eve and their existence that day that they even end their existence nine hundred years down the line all day went to the grave for a while what in the world happened here does God 's promise and promise fail in this case turned revelation revelation chapter thirteen and verse eight and I give you a little caution here if you're using a different translation than the King James you'll see this regal little differently I'm using the King James and I'm focusing on the last half of this verse it speaks of the book of life of the Lamb in all the land has and what is the Lamb is slain from the foundation of the world well now that can't be right in there because he was killed four thousand years after the earth was found that so what does this mean that he was slain from the foundation of the world how does that help us understand Genesis two seventeen right now you got some statements in the spirit of prophecy and were going to go back and forth a little bit the spirit of prophecy statements now because isn't that what the spirit of prophecy is for to help simplify and enlighten the Scriptures don't bring it in ahead of the Bible bring it in after you've done your Bible study why was not the death penalty at once enforced in this case is not the question God said you died and I because our ransom was found God 's only begotten son volunteered to take the sin of men upon himself and make an atonement for the fallen race out of that happen watch carefully the instance of the instant man accepted the temptations of the him when Adam and Eve come crawling back to guns and we sure made a mess of things were looking pretty bad right now when Gonzales mess is that what happened no the instant before they know how serious the problem was and the very things Goddard said he should not do Christ the son of God stood between the living and the dead was that not one animal not wanting anyone has died in the universe not one leave us all and from any trade Adam and Eve are as good as dead because when God says you're dead you're dead they are as good as dead and Jesus Christ steps in between the living the rest of the universe and the dead ones saying let the punishment fall on me I will stand in man's place the mankind shall have another chance there we are my friends that's what you and I are sitting here today that's why we're here because of what we just ran DOS promises never ever ever ever fail friends when God saved in the day you eat you will die it came to pass because on that day Jesus Christ to the death penalty upon himself and remember an omniscient mind is a little different than ours I don't know what'll happen to be tomorrow therefore I can't worry about tomorrow right I might die tomorrow but I certainly can't worry about that today because that's totally unknown to me does God know if he will does Jesus know he will die four thousand years down the line the moment he steps in any experiences this is omniscient mind he experiences everything that will happen on Calvary for four thousand years before it happens over and over in his mind knowing what he is going to experience did he die was he slain from the foundation of the world France in a very real sense and here he stands in man's place and he takes the punishment that they and he becomes the sin bearer that day not in Gethsemane that was justified the signing moment when things the sin of minimum cell on that day and that's why you and I are sitting here with a chance for eternal life and more than that that's why any human being today who lives on the Earth whether or not they've ever heard the name of Jesus Christ or even if they take the name of Jesus Christ they are alive today because of that act of the garden this is for the whole world and this is what Jesus died to protect the right of every human being to have eternal life if they want and even if they wanted to reject it you die to protect that right of free choice notice the next one says as soon as there was sin there was a savior keep that in mind people sometimes want to divide up and say were not working send and will find out what sin is in that over here were to find out what justification is and what Jesus did for us and what braces my friend you can do that you can't define what happened in the garden of Eden without also realizing that Jesus stepped in and do something in that original arrangement it says as soon as Adam sin the son of God presented himself as surety for the human race with just as much power to avert the doom pronounced upon the guilty as when he died upon the cross of Calvary that's why able to be saved he hadn't died yet Christ had died that's why everyone in the Old Testament to be saved is because the death of Jesus Christ was decided at that moment and all could experience that by faith in a nutshell that's why don't believe in definition a dozen definition a sinless nature says that all I am still under condemnation paying a penalty because Adam Sandler and I inherit his nature I ask you a simple question when Christ phase for something is paid for laugh a little extra make sure but the Christian world says were still paying for items in your that means them maybe Christ didn't really pay for Adam 's sin somehow I'm paying for it to that doesn't sound to write to me friends when Christ pays for something it's paid for now could add many more anyone else still be lost after he paid for Adam sent to the Wii have a perfect example of that don't wait what's his name came why was Kane lost what was the basic problem with Kane did he really believed he needed a Savior the Keynes said that some of us that some eyeball my parents they were the ones that messed things up for me they got me into this mess they were hard on me that he is saying it that's not my fault that I'm this way I'm a product of my environment we do it to gainsay that as well not my problem it was Adam 's problem and really God didn't treat Adam very fairly anyway and kicking them out of the garbage and again a second chance or something he didn't do it right so is really going on on at and that's why he would not bring the offering that God commanded to bring it would bring anything else but that is we decided well just bring fuel raw vegetables I want on my guard help and so that was his offering the reason Cain was lost was because he rejected the remedy the remedy was Jesus Christ the Lamb of God and King says I don't want that's the reason King was lost and that's why anyone can be lost then or now the only reason I know what that anyone can be lost today it by rejecting walking away traveling over the cross and turning away from the remedy that's the only reason I know that anyone can be lost not because Adam sin not because I'm a fallen nature but because I want to do it my way on and listen to God 's way is to reject his wife don't want do it my own way and then we can be lost through I believe that's how Jane was lost and that's how we can be lost is by rejecting the remedy not by inheriting some bad equipment that we unfortunately were born with the right to see what else we learned back to the outline I'm going to read some of these texts are given as a user you can read them all at your own leisure Jordan John chapter nine verses one to three Jesus is walking along the road with his disciples one day and they find a man who was blind from his birth and the disciples say what a great opportunity to ask a question that's been bothering us for a long time whatever question in chapter nine verse two master who did sin this man nor his parents that he was born blind notice their question is not is this Madison are not obvious how do they tell this man was a center is why wild of course is a center what we want to know is because he was born that way this bothers us that his parents do something that he is being punished for or did he sin when that baby was born that way and his mother 's will can you send before you're born that's the question while they do their getting the darn thing and theology and what did Jesus answer disappoints them Jesus answered mostly disappoints I do notice that the faster the right way heard him neither hath this man sin nor his parents Jesus hasn't gone all wrong from the stars this is not a question of this man being a sinner at all blindness has nothing to do with Zen personal sin blindness is able not kill that's what Jesus is trying to tell his disciples this man is not a sinner because he is blind those two don't be going to gather but that the works of God should be made manifest in him to see right now the works of Satan will be made manifest in the poor man is Satan would have his way with us my friends every one of us would be born blind the works of Satan how did Jesus negate the works of Satan 's bidding a lot of the blind man and hold out his hand and say your blindness is for given that I dealt with the problem I forgive your blindness didn't say that all living for the story he heal the re-created those eyes so they can see that's what evil deeds evil does not need forgiveness able needs re- creation of evil needs healing your cat doesn't need to be forgiven it needs a new brain a new programming a new nature and forgiveness is not the issue that's the dilemma that's the problem because sin and evil are all squashed together in people 's minds that's why there is a mistaken understanding here so that's what let's see what else we can learn here after to John chapter five four Jesus seems to contradict himself into versus right next to each other John five versus twenty four and twenty five verily verily truthfully I say to you dated here is my word and believe on him that sent me hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation but is from death to life according to the words of Jesus when did you have everlasting life at what moment can you everlasting life today's visit here this meeting are I've been noticing lecturers verily I say leave the hour is coming and now is when the dad shall hear the voice of the son of God and they that hear shall live what then are these are going to hear the voice of the son of God and live again while those who accepted Jesus as their Savior they will be resurrected body is just said they have everlasting life and how he says those same people are doesn't Jesus contradict himself RI here is what happened in the garden of Eden when Jesus stepped in and dealt with the sin of Adam 's sin that Adam brought into the world of sand that was the beginning of everything that we know it today was divided into two parts at that moment with two different results the first was evil which I mean all of the results of Adam 's sin bad nature bad world bad animals whatever the evil that is in our world the other aspect was guilt which is a totally different part of the sin problem but Adam brought into the world we will never be lost and damned for evil unless you delete definition a but in libel as far as I can tell we will never never be lost for an evil world and an evil nature and an evil inheritance now evil leads to death but what death is what is Jesus call this death sleep that's right so now death was divided into two parts death as sleep would come to all men because of the evil results of Adam 's sin but what is guilt lead to what recall well which is the final death final separation no sleep here there is no coming back from this that so right here in evil leads to the result of the first death and that's why Jesus says in verse twenty five that some will be that bought those righteous ones who have their guilt forgiven they will have everlasting life even though they sleep for a little bit because you see when guilt is gone there is no hell and your future and you have everlasting life at that moment sleep is just the blink of an eye to God and to you it is really meaningless in the great scheme of things and this is what leads to that first day so I don't think Jesus really contradicted himself in these verses let's see what else we can find our notice get down the section C guilt because of choice thirty John chapter nine verse forty one John nine forty one Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees and he says to them if you were blind not your blindness means ignorance not knowing ye should have no sin but now you say we are seeing we know what's right and wrong our eyes are open therefore your sin remain what is Jesus times into in this verse knowledge absolutely right it is knowledge it is what we call license light that comes to us and when does that like impact us in terms of us individually because light shines on the whole world you know everything that's right and wrong from the moment of your birth or do you gradually can come to understand things and make choices based on that life that's what turns evil into guilt when why Tom was choices are made that are not in harmony with God 's will and that evil turns into guilt the Pharisees had guilt for attendance or to James four seventeen if there were one text in the Bible and only one text on the subject of sin and this were the only one without enough this one is as clear as it can possibly be James four seventeen if you want a Bible study simple one text Bible studies on the subject this is your verse therefore to him that no one is to do good and it wasn't not to heaven is set is amazing simple doesn't maybe know to do the a two -month-old baby doesn't know how and yet we are told that a two -month-old baby stands condemned and subject to the second that I read that this morning but no to him that knows and does not always follow to him it is sin seems to me that Original Sin so does nature cannot survive this text you decide for yourself started James chapter one the clearest definition of temptation I have found in the Bible and watching carefully right here watch yourself right now do you know the difference between temptation and sin most Christians do not do you know the difference between temptation and sin James one fourteen but every man is tempted at every one of us when he is drawn away of his own lost and in times another word lost means a desire for anything that is out of harmony with the will of God and comes right out of our fallen nature with the lust food will last for pride we have a lust for gossip all lots of all something pulling us toward the wrong thing and it says when we are drawn of our own nature our own fallen nature and in times in this world of sin temptation and sin the two things two things not just one when you watch the evening news are you personally interested just you yourself been trying everything you hear on the evening news at least wants to see how it will feel are you why not articles all polls to some sort of sin are another that you're watching the people are doing whether they're robbing a bank or hitting a person running whatever it is articles all things there pulls towards an woman why are you pulled to do all those things because they're all pools toward our evil natures well I guess each one of us is constructed little differently right and what pulls me doesn't pull you what goals you doesn't pull me I can stand back and say while you're attracted to that for you Canadians and laugh at me when I post something just as crazy on the other side thinking that no interested right so that what that's why there are a thousand stimuli to send out there in the world Satan is designed to stimulus for everything but you know when the temptation happens is not the stimulus out there you were tempted you are drawn to do what you saw on the evening news there was no temptation for you in that it takes something a stimulus out there and a responsive pulled from inside your nature and when the two come together James one fourteen you're drawn of your own loss and in times when the two come together there is assume we were convinced that his face says that definition means this temptation yes definition base as being that he am sorry definition and is as even if you never carry that out let's just say you are a great ice cream lover and I'm not talking about just eating a little ice cream when you get it you loaded now migrated a gallon of the time okay and when you are drawn to that and you walk by that Baskin-Robbins counter whatever it is or develop a whole work when you want my and your nature just pulling you over there like a magnet and you say and you say no my higher nature will control my lower nature my reasonable control my appetite and I'm in a walk right on pass that you still have sinned according to definition a you are still just as guilty as it down the whole gallon that's right definition a says it is not the act it is not even the choice it is the pool that is the sin and because you are cold you have sinned against God just as much as if you carried it out that's that the missionary expense the standard definition of sin throughout the Christian world and many Adventists believe that today that sin is the temptation process but is averaging one fourteen says it says that the drawing is the temptation when the senator in verse fifteen then when lost this poll has conceived to bring up for sale that's wait out the end of the line is in the NATO force that's their big on drawing and you got enticing and you got conceiving like the birth process and you don't send where to send take place definite you says in step one definition these as in step three conceiving that seemed on a major difference of opinion on what's MS going to add what you need a remedy for because here's the problem if sand is temptation how often are we sending all the time now work full Georgia this report or that were pulled or the other loopholes are constant so how often do we do justification constantly even after the closing probation because folks will still be drawn at least I know the one thing after the closing probation will be drawn to discouragement and out very strongly much more than we are today when everything is going against us it does look like the promises are to be fulfilled were out there all alone on an island somewhere where the cave or in jail and there is no hope apparently of this thing turning outright the greatest temptation the greatest pool from within our nation will be discouragement and out and so if that's a sin that will be sending after the closing probation and will need forgiveness after the close probation and you can kiss Adventism and by five hundred forty four thousand is gone close of probation were the only church that teaches a close of probation no other church can handle that with the other gospel and all the ceiling of a hundred forty four thousand and all the vindication of God is done it's done if you believe in definition a Adventism is dying that's how serious this problem is my friends this is not a minor little issue a theological issue to be decided this is an issue of whether Adventism will or will not fulfill its mission as God 's remnant church so back it into this verse I believe that sin takes place in step three not in step one it's temptation and step one temptation instead to send in step three and will see exactly what that means in a few minutes all right I think I'll leave the rest of the sticks to be read on you're always telling seems is the son will live for his father or the father for the sun but each for his own and there are a number of statements that you can read on your own so now go to the spirit of prophecy statements with first page of Ellen White statements halfway down the page pager are some Prophets page three oh six it is inevitable that children should suffer from the consequences that's evil consequences of parental wrongdoing but they are not punished for the parents guilt except as they participate in their sins very clear I think you decide last paragraph on the page gospel workers one sixty two why makes manifest and reproves the errors that were concealed in darkness and as the light comes the life and character of man must change correspondingly to be in harmony with it sins that were one's sins of ignorance my friends it is a problem when you commit a sin of ignorance because God is never vindicated by sin of ignorance is not vindicated when on a Sunday Kimberly Sunday but he is not a singer either because the person has had no light on the subject so there's no standard even fast until the light comes it is a sin of ignorance to be breaking the fourth commandment until the light comes and then it's a sin of rebellion that changes in from a sin of ignorance which is evil to a sin of rebellion which is guilt so here again a sin of ignorance does no good for God but God is merciful he realizes our ignorance and he takes that into account he does not hold the skills are I page two second paragraph on page two second paragraph page to remember not giving much materials so you can study this on your own not because you hear me say it the sin of evil speaking begins with the cherishing of evil thoughts Iowa includes impurity in all its forms now the key sentence him to our law tolerated and unholy desire generations and the soul is contaminated now let me reread that sentence according to definition a definition a and him fewer thoughts and tolerated and unholy desire on Sherry 's and the soul was still contaminated that his definition a Yemeni signal not going to buy the grace of God you are still condemned and sending because you had the thought come to your mind is a good or evil have impure thoughts cross your mind that should be really honest with ourselves what how do you feel when that impure thought crosses your mind and it does to all of us in one way or another what you have what is what is going on when the evil thought the impure thought crosses your mind it's evil folks start of an evil nature and I was so glad in the day comes when that will be gone forever but that is not happen until Jesus comes the impure thoughts will come and they feel contaminating Domesday you feel rotten inside because of that you feel like your hypocrite but watch it carefully friends never never never face your theology on your feeling and don't wait to feel safe to say God save me any further information when you accept Jesus as your Savior and confess your sins you are for given no matter what your feelings tell you and right here don't feel contaminated until God says or contaminated don't go by your feelings be in your thought must be tolerated held onto cherished made a part of you the thought comes to your mind out of your nature what do you do with it next by gods grace to say I surrender that thought to your cell when I think about that for a while I will spend little time with advice that's the issue right there do we tolerate do we cherish and so step three James one fourteen step three conceiving is tolerating step three is cherishing that turns temptation into sin halfway down the same paragraph go after the second set of ellipses there halfway down the paragraph no man can be forced to transgress his own consent must be first gained the soulless purpose of sinful act before ten passion can dominate over reason or iniquity triumph over conscience temptation however strong is never an excuse for San is not clear but huge difference between temptation and sin and since you folks are good scholars I want to share a couple of other statements that are not in the outline that I think you'd enjoy no man can plead his circumstances his education or his temperament as an excuse for living in rebellion against God the center is such by his own deliberate choice you can't lead your birth you can't lead your nature to E data and old world is pleading those things the center as such by his own deliberate choice signs of the Times March nine eighteen eighty two listen to this one before Santa exists in the hearts the consent of the will must be given and as soon as it is given Sanders triumphant inhale rejoices is not clear before San exists in the heart statement I began with today by one author says we make sinful choices because we are already sinners by nature we got sand in our nature that was saying and so that's why the sinful choices come out in other words we are sinful and hard before we consent to San this is just the opposite doesn't be for sin exists in the hearts the consent of the will must be given yes there as you state of Assam but it comes after the choices in knobby for signs of the Times December eighteenth eighteen ninety three and another one we are told over and over that we are born separated from God give her that I'm sure were born separated by choosing to sin man separate themselves from God that's I get separated not by birth but you can set you get separated by choosing to sin selected messages volume one page two thirty five so those are a few thoughts that might be of some help all right let's finish up this last statement or to hear said the angel the light comes and that life is set aside or rejected then comes condemnation and the frown of God but before the light comes there is no sense for there is no wine for them to reject talk about a clear whether the least to me before the light comes there is knows and I love the next one there are thoughts and feelings suggested in rows by Satan but annoying even the best of men but if they are not cherished of their repulsive table the soul is not contaminated with guilt and no others defiled by their influence the old saying is you can't stop the birds from flying over your head that you can stop them from nesting in your hair and you can't stop the temptations from coming within your nature and these thoughts and feelings annoy the best of us but if they are not cherished the soul is not contentment will those are my reasons for believing a very small minority position on the nature of sin and remembering again it's not just about sin it's about all of the other results on that tree we talked about it he believes it is your nature in Christ can have our natures than its justification only then there is no perfection in Adventism ceases to be a weapon system however as soon as Joyce Christ chose not to send justification and sanctification can both forgive and heal and restore and often perfect as people and Adventism is alive that's what it's all about my friends and this is one of the most muddy areas in all Adventist thinking today it really is on this is the desire is is is probably the most misunderstood subject in the administers we think of the nature of Christ but this is even more misunderstood all right it is now five minutes before I promised a few minutes is there a question or two that I didn't make clear that you would like to ask because yes go ahead no just as you are all right in this view in definition a in the view that we are sinners because we have this magma chamber of sin in us that means we must have forgiveness after the close of probation just as much as forgiveness before the close of probation that is what the Christian world believes and that is what many Adventist beliefs and I'm saying that is a deadly error and will destroy Adventism to believe that that's once a yes I alright alright and that is okay and that that is confusing but if you're willing to try to remember your question and hold it I will deal exactly with that issue tomorrow in the subject of perfection that is present you can be here all I see you have to cut that's always the way it is all try to deal with it very briefly I won't be able to do justice to an one as well so the best thing you can do on that is not the messages over audio verse or whatever and were more my book or whatever and see with what is face-to-face with real gospel all right and so what I'm going to say there is that we will come to the place remember it says here that end let's look at that statement once again here on the second page the very lot next to the last one thoughts and feelings suggested and aroused by Satan but if they are not cherished if there repulses hateful the solos can not contaminated with guilt I believe that by God 's power and God 's grace God 's children with fallen natures will so surrender their fallen natures and their past life listen to him but they will come to the place as Christ did for thirty three years that they would die rather than the sin against God they will say would doesn't matter either I will never again dishonor my God by rebelling against them in thought word or action and at that moment they will no longer need forgiveness or sins they still need grades they still need to adopt empowering care they still need overcoming of grace but they do not need forgiving grace and Jesus can step out of the sanctuary which means no more forgiveness offered but always empowerment always Holy Spirit always strings from God the only thing the closes of the closing probation is forgiveness for sin and that's what ends of the goal of probation this front all right all right all right and so what we have right here are two dimensions to that beginning your thoughts that we have tolerated those our sin we held onto them and made them a part of ourselves and those things are are at RRR since and we must overcome that cherishing that tolerating because sin takes place right here my folks not out there not enough what not and are handed in her minds and that must be overcome now when those thoughts come to us that's the point of decision why hold onto it or will I surrender that thought the Jesus Christ and that is the overcoming that has to take place whenever the thought comes to us I give that to you Jesus precisely that's right and so there is a whole thing of whether it's a temptation or whether it is a cherished sin one more question the minimum close allies on the hand first way in the back so that's the one I'll take it yes the standards and that's in the first gospel that's in the first gospel make sure you differentiate between what I said was a false gospel and the true gospel in the false gospel standards have nothing to do with salvation because your say by believing in Jesus and that's only a result of salvation in the second gospel standards are shutting the door to Satan 's voice is to the soul so that God has a voice to our soul and his ability to speak to us and therefore can save us so standards are very crucial to our salvation in the second gospel they do not bring us salvation they do not cause salvation but they close the door to Satan so that Jesus can bring us salvation therefore there crucially important prevents presumption so it is in the first gospel only that standards are irrelevant to salvation all right women have to dig a little break because now it's four o'clock


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