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What Is Possible For Us?

Dennis Priebe




  • August 31, 2008
    9:15 AM
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we come to the last part of my part of this weekend series this weekend meetings this is the final presentation I will make out this presentation is based on the two presentations yesterday afternoon that we had together so if what I'm what I'm saying is that this presentation will make clear sense if you understand what we talked about about the nature of sin the nature of sin is critical to our understanding of what were going to say today and so those this is a part of a complete the package I if you do have you're not studied the nature of sin thoroughly I encourage you to do that without further delay all right I think we have the handouts for the well out there keep your hand up if you haven't got one and then make sure that you get one before they're finished on an acid we bow our heads quietly and Ascot to be with us father in heaven please on this day in which we study the final movements of your great plan on this earth please help us to understand in a new way who we are and why we are here and what God is waiting for I ask in Jesus name amen all right you have a handout that you see that word in the top of a as a pretty scary word is in it you feel perfect today and so we avoid that word like the play Beltway we don't want talk about that you know what sometimes scary words need to be looked straight in the eye to see if there is scary as they sell because sometimes they're not quite that way so her to try that this morning let's look at it straight in the eye and see we are definitions are some definitions may help sin to possible definitions of sin that's we covered yesterday afternoon sin has nature in other words sin as equipment sin as a state of being that we are sinners by birth and we remain sinning by nature until Jesus or number two sin has charts that we are sinners because with our own free wills we have chosen the say no to God and gone our own way two different meanings of sin and that will change everything depending on what you understand sin to be in righteousness by faith based on your understanding of what sin is your understandings of sinlessness and perfection will be completely different all right yesterday afternoon I said that I believe that sin is about character not about nature that it is the way we develop our choices not about the equipment we are born if you have made a decision about sin then you also automatically made a decision about sending less mass and when it will occur if you believe that sin is definition number one that it is the nature we are born with then we will retain that nature until Jesus comes and we will be sending until Jesus comes by nature even if not in thought word or action and therefore sinlessness can only refer to a sinless nature we will have when Jesus comes however if you believe that sin is the character we developed by our choices then we will believe also that sin less mess is the character developed by God 's power and can take place before Jesus those are the two choices so once you divided once decided what sin is you have decided when sin will stop happening in this world and in your life now perfection you see there are four different meanings for perfection then you guess why there is confusion on the subject for meanings for one word that's not unusual absolute perfection who qualifies for absolute perfection and let's stop right there because no one else does not even angels my friends not even angels because angels in their sin less mess held wrong views of the character of Satan on till Jesus died on the cross and their views had to be corrected on that day at that time wrong decisions are not always sin they refer to a lack of understanding with a finite mind and even Angels have that finite mind they are not infinite the only absolute perfection that there is in this universe is in three beings the father the son and the Holy Spirit there is no absolute perfection even for those who will be in heaven for all eternity because we will be growing in our understanding and I have a hunch that in the first few months of the millennial experience will be changing a lot of opinions we thought we had it all figured out Don on this earth you'll find out how stupid we really were so absolute perfection is not a word that need apply to anything better like that that has to do with human beings number two nature perfection that's the same as a sinless nature when the equipment is working right in the computer operates correctly nature perfection will not happen until Jesus comes don't expect that it's not been a happen the equipment will remain defective and the glitches will continue to occur in the system nature perfection at the second coming only that doesn't apply to us today that is a gift of God definition three character surrender how much of our lives do we give the Jesus Christ when we come to him is ninety percent ready to ninety five zero Jesus Christ it is all or nothing that needs all that we are aware of and God has revealed to us up to that time all know a little secret compartments in which we hold back a few things because we want that for ourselves everything goes to him our whole lives one hundred percent you can't give more than one hundred percent that's a perfect surrender that is a complete surrender of everything to Jesus Christ and listen very carefully now that is the only requirement for salvation there is no other requirement for salvation and a total surrender of the heart God is not asking how old you are a many classes you take and how many degrees you have or how mature you are is asking only one question do you love me with all your heart that's the only thing God wants to know and that can vary by a person 's experience background and culture in terms of how much we know about ourselves and how much we know about God and God judges each one individually where they are do you love me with all your heart if you can honestly say yes to that question and say I know of nothing that I'm holding back from you I know of nothing that I'm resisting you want deliberately if you can say I truly love you with all my heart than today right now you have the assurance of salvation you have everlasting life that's definition three definition for it definition three is working right if it's working correctly their hearts are surrendered today guess what will be doing every day of our lives growing throwaway because God will reveal a little more of himself in a little more of us every day every week every month and every year as we keep that surrender intact it grows from a small circle to the larger circle the larger circle as God keeps revealing more material to us and we accept and follow in light of that material and God says now let me grow you into majority the fruit is being perfected the harvest is becoming right that's definition number four so of the four definitions of perfection how many apply to us today today right now many you dry to absolute perfection never nature perfection after the second coming today its characters surrender leading to character majority now that's pretty scary isn't it we'll talk about that character surrender today leading the character matured as frightening as or is it just as normal as a little plant growing up in the ground to majority saw scary at all it's not frightening is not something we need to say when all I want to think about that God says if you just love me and allow yourself to be you would be molded by me I'll grow you out at incentives Gary does that sounds like yeah I want that I want to be part of that program show me how it's done so those are the only two meetings a perfection that matter for me and you today character surrender leading to character majority now what were going to do is to try to go through some Bible texts I'm going to be asking one question now this afternoon to does the Bible teach character surrender leading to character maturity or Kerry perfection or sinless character does the Bible teach it arrive let's open the word of God let's see what we find Jude verse twenty four point number one every checks we're going to read this morning is a text of prominence there are a lot of commands in the Bible were not going to read any of those texts every text we will read is a promise here's the first one now want to him that is able to keep you from from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy is that a promise that is the demand is that it says he is able to keep you from falling all I like that that sounds good to me go to second Peter chapter two verse nine with me second Peter chapter two verse nine the Lord notice it starts the Lord know what's how to deliver the godly out of temptations if you've been delivered out of the temptation what haven't you just got to have an fall that Ingres got revealed until it and who does the delivering the Lord knows how we don't my friends God does and we had to ask him for the way how it works the Lord knows and now my favorite of all first Corinthians chapter ten verse thirteen there have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man in other words were all the same boat together every one of us faces the same issues just in different ways and styles with the same but God is faithful who will not suffer you allow you to be tempted above that ye are able promise number two there with that one in the back Satan would love to do all kinds of things to every professing child of God but sometimes Satan is restrained by the power of God because it is patently unfair not right and God will not allow that to happen he will not allow you to be tempted above your ability and with his help to deal with that temptation but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear is there really really really a way of escape for every temptation that ever comes to our minds and our thoughts while if we took the way of escape what if we dad what would happen if we took the way of escape are right so what is that magical way of escape when to share a few thoughts I find that it is a very difficult thing for me to do to sin against God when I'm on my knees talking to him it may be possible but is difficult and I found one other thing about myself that I like so well I have found that when there is a very attractive enticing temptation coming to my mind I don't feel like praying just there all I get to it Lord all all audiences in prayer Aaron ten minutes fifteen minutes okay give me a little time I would think this one through strange thing is we know what would happen if we got attorneys and we don't want that to happen would rather spend a little time working through this enticing temptation another thing about prayer ambulance prayer is the best praying to do Lord I'm in big trouble and going down get me out just like in medicine which is better to have an ambulance pick you up from a car accident or not have a car accident prevention is always better than restorative and preventive prayer is God 's way of praying my friends let's be specific here is a tool here is a way to understand how the way of escape really works when there is a specific problem in your life that you know you sink under the waves more often than you would like and that problem keeps coming back and you keeping being frustrated by that problem in your life first of all identify identify the honest don't just play around Lord deliver me from sending say Lord I have this problem with an name it before the Lord if you have to write it down get serious get specific I have this problem with I can't overcome it it takes me down every time I know the temptation is going to come next day next week three weeks from now is to become again because it always comes back and I know that when it comes I'm no match for the Lord I'm going to turn this one over to you because I don't have the power to deal with I'm going to give this and name it I'm going to give this to you right now I'm going to ask for your power to come into my life and I'm going to ask that you do what I cannot do in resisting this temptation that's prevented prayer and then folks don't read just one if you have to pray five times a day because you know what Satan is waiting for when you forget to pray when you forget to put them before the Lord this is all there there even put up for the Lord now automatic order so to two principles on preventive prayer be specific and be persistent these specific name the sin that is dragging you down and peace at the end be persistent and praying it regularly before putting it regularly before the Lord and you know what while later you will realize a that is dragging me down like it used to something is different than it was before it does happen I guarantee it I've experienced that it works as a little bit of yet you have to apply little bit of careful persistence and careful thought to it but it works and then when you're all done having victory over that cementing the start of sin number two in your life and I can go to number three I thought is very patient he doesn't expect us with our very very bad background and heredity and all the rest do it all at once dusty and he allows us to grow in him and so prevented prayer is an outstanding way now I'm going to share some things that I have found it a very fascinating place in the spirit of prophecy is not in your outline that are ways of escape were looking for ways of escape from the temptations that Satan presents to us listen carefully what are due to the reference later if Satan seeks to divert the mind to all and sensual things is not what is all about and there are a lot of low in sensual things of all kinds just gossiping is a lowland sensual thing isn't it Satan is pulling the mind down his way if Satan is doing that bringing it to the mind back again and place it on eternal flame now watch her carefully there is one thing that God will not do for you in the battle against sin he will not choose what you think about you have free choice he will not violate that you will not send it to make you think about my things you have the total freedom at all times every minute of every day to think about what ever you want to think about and he is looking to source up for us to bring the mind back again and place it on eternal thing all right now how do we do that I talked about one thing and that's prayer there couple of other ways that we can place our minds on eternal things are rough parents and maybe our grandparents more accurately do something that we in our brilliant sophisticated technological generation of almost totally forgotten we today we have many Bibles and many versions and we happen right at hand and are wherever we are we have one with those we have in our homes we have in our rooms and then when were on the on the road we even can get a little gadget in our hands and wings are punching things and there's a Bible text while who needs to memorize Scripture anymore why that's old-fashioned we just punch it up in their dance no need to memorize Scripture is there or have we forgotten something that our grandparents knew very well that this is one of the walls powerful weapons against temptation ever devised by God it really doesn't matter what you memorize either because all of the Bible is the word of God with power so memorize whatever is easiest for you at the beginning memorize whatever flows memorize whatever your mind can get around memorize if you memorize five versus just five versus that's two minutes of time on eternal things member state is going to mind down in your mind one seeing you make the decision I want my mind on eternal things on this if you can immediately start repeating allow the words of Scripture if you got five versus best two minutes of time three minutes of time on eternal things if you can manage one chapter that's ten minutes of time on eternal things to chapters twenty minutes of time on eternal thing you know what after ten minutes of time repeating Scripture but what was that that Satan was pulling me down with what was I thinking about war receipt of white the mind shifts its direction and you begin to focus on something other than what yet Satan is pulling you toward there is another way even easier than memorizing Scripture and that is singing it works the songs are even easier to memorize the Scripture does they flow with music and if you can just break out in song when I thought it's you all of a sudden you got several minutes of time away from battle doesn't work too well in the middle of church but other places it works very well whatever you are three ways three methods of getting your mind on eternal thing prayer preventive prayer that is Scripture memorization and saw three ways to get your mind on eternal things now remember so far we haven't had any victory over sin all we've done up to this point is get our mind off of one thing and onto another thing no victory at but we gotten ourselves into a place where victory is possible now listen carefully when the Lord sees the determined effort made to retain only pure thought you know let's only wants to know are you serious what do you really want to think about that's what he's asking you want to think about this early want to think about that which is your choice are you serious when the Lord sees the determined effort made to retain only pure thoughts he will attract the mind why the money all right what is going on here here is Satan pulling this mind of ours down to his level and view by your permission have given and granted Christ the opportunity to grab hold on the other side and he's got to pull the mind to his level who is going to win that little tug-of-war are you sure are you absolutely sure Christ is going to win the tug-of-war in your mind market down if you just let them have a handle to your mind you just let them have permission then notice what happens he will purify the thoughts don't think you're doing don't think you're done with your intimate take a miracle of God to get this mind purified everything up to this point has been moving your mind toward the place where a miracle can happen because it can't happen over here it has to have when God can work on that mind you have given got permission you use the steps to move your mind into harmony with his mind and now he begins the miracle working process you know I have talked to people who have smoked cigarettes all their life and decided there maybe other doctor scared them and they decided that said I'm done with cigarettes a throwback pack of cigarettes in the garbage and never touch it again yeah you just tried out with an impatient spirit and see how it works I never got to be impatient again I'll never lose my temper again I'll never say anything like that again well you but never again last two days you generally you are never going to be able to purify your thoughts by any self-help method or willpower or grit or determination that there is available in the human rights sin is too deeply rooted in our sinful nature and our habits of sin and we don't have the power to deal with it it will take a miracle of God now how does God do it I don't know but scientists are telling us that there are interesting things happening in our brains all the time when an input sensory input from the outside comes into our brain it begins to pass through certain pathways in the brain that connect with others by little synopses the crop electrical impulses across those and they form what they called photons or little buttons or enlargements on the ends of nerve fibers so that the message can travel rapidly and quickly down most pathways why is it for instance that when some someone says something to you that is very kind and maybe belligerent and angry the first thing that happens is your face starts to turn color well read maybe because some pathways have been formed in your brain input is command pathways form and smooth your skin is an article body and it reacts then God change brain pathways yes see cat and there is the miracle of victory over sin because instead of those same sensory inputs going down those same pathways by God by your permission God is able to redirect brain pathways and shrink protons and groaned at one so that when that person says that very same thing that same cutting thing that same hurtful thing to you begin immediate spontaneous reaction is a smile on your face I get to do the miracle the miracle of purifying the thoughts the miracle of purifying the thoughts and then she concludes and he will enable them to cleanse themselves from every secret sin there's the promise the method getting your mind on eternal things putting yourself in the place where God can work and then asking God for a miracle of purifying thoughts now she doesn't end there the first work of those who would reform the first work is to purify the imagination on our getting right down to it the imagination I've been with you about twenty four hours now little more at good fellowship spend some time and eating together talking together praying together people of government prayed with me before meetings that's really nice I don't get that in churches around the country thank you for that as far as I can tell all of you are ready for translation just about now I haven't heard anyone lose their temper I haven't heard anyone gossip I've heard no one kind words everyone has been a model of Christian perfection ready for translation we look good insured for meetings like this only went where our good close and we wear our best smiles because we don't want to be thought badly of in church not there that were really the church or where does the real you and the real meat really live right here right between our ears that's where the real you and me reading me really let us and you know what we can do all kinds of things right here that we would never do out there because of certain penalties involved if we carry these thoughts and actions are we all clear on that there are some things we would do if there were not penalties attached to them in our world today why is it better for driving fifty miles an hour down a city street which has a clearly marked thirty five mile an hour speed limits because we want to get where we want to get quicker than the speed limit will allow just because we want to do it why is it that the most interesting thing on our automobile is the rearview mirror to see we're not interested in obeying the law we are interested in not getting a traffic fine the citation a record that puts our insurance as the only World Bank law the law we hate but we don't want to get a ticket for breaking but now when you go home when you go home and parked the car in the garage and you can go into your own personal private room and in your mind you can get into the hottest for Ari there is a drive to Leonard miles an hour down every street in town just like the video games you know and you can avoid all of the cops and they can't touch you and you can have the greatest time breaking every law in town of year see that's where the real you the real me do we think thoughts that are correct because we have been transformed or because we or or do we just said IAI to want what what I want avoid the penalties while distinctive appeared to resume out there why do we think the way we do Ellen White's is full remember this ninety nine percent at least of all sin takes place in the imagination that's for Senator 's and the ship and the thoughts we choose to dwell on the first work is to purify the imagination when tempted to yield to a corrupt imagination then notice the next word for me to the throne of grace and ask for strength from Heaven Lee is the correct word just like you would be doing from a robber flee to the throne of grace and pray for strength from Heaven and then she says in the strength of God the imagination can be disciplined to dwell upon things which are pure and holy in the strength of God never in our own strength never in our own capabilities that's first Corinthians ten thirteen my friends and other words the references mind character and personality that compilation MCP volume two page five ninety five volume two page five ninety five first Corinthians ten thirteen says there is a way of escape for every temptation that comes to us let us be serious about the way of escape was not the largest help me to stop sending that's no way of escape at all let's find the way that God has designed for us to escape these temptations that beset us please turn to second Corinthians chapter ten verse five second Corinthians chapter ten verse five now watch carefully folks if your faith level is pretty weak this morning I would encourage you to close your Bibles for the next three texts because you will not survive your faith is good have to be mighty strong to believe Woodward and read is what what were going to raid sounds absolutely ridiculous and impossible right fair warning if you look it up second Corinthians chapter ten verse five casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalt itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity most every thought to the obedience of Christ I gave you the reasonable understanding of this verse didn't die how in the world is it possible for a human being like you and me with our minds all messed up by heredity and our choices to sin to have every single thought one hundred percent of the time every day of the year in captivity to Jesus Christ now how many sins would be committing if that were true zero so this is a Texan can't possibly mean what it says this is one of most impossible to believe text there are few of those in Scripture got a write them off to set aside because God doesn't mean what he said bringing into captivity he asked the simple question was ever thought of Jesus Christ in captivity was heavenly father jellies it was answer and if Jesus had the same heredity in the same temptations and the same problems that you and I have to face and if this line could be in captivity to the heavenly father then why should we be so afraid of letting this text apply to us today because this is about us it's not about Christ's and what I said yesterday was the only way I know about how to talk about righteousness by faith is to talk about the one who was righteous by faith and how he lived that life and then maybe I'll have a clue as to what the experience can be for me today without that I'm floundering in an and in the sea all rights try another impossible text Galatians Chapter five Galatians Chapter five let's reverse seventeen first for the flesh now we talked about yesterday was every time you read the word flesh in the King James version of the Bible it means not what is on your bones it has nothing to do with that it means everything about us mind and body as a result of the fall that's the word flesh every time you read it in the New Testament it means our fallen nature mind and body for the flesh this fallen nature lost against the spirit and the Spirit against the flesh and these are contrary the one to the other you figured that out already the spirit and the flesh are at opposite poles the spirit of the fallen nature are opposite to each other and pull in different directions knowledge reverse sixty this I say then walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh I was break that down for those of you who were in my seminar yesterday afternoon James one fourteen what is the lust of the flesh to be a one-word substitute for the phrase the lust of the flesh temptation thank you the Christian world would say sin the Christian world defines sin is anything that pulls us even if we don't yield to it that means we simply constantly and can't do much about it it is all about the nature of sin that defines the stacks know James one fourteen says the lust of the flesh is temptation it is the poles of nature now give me a one-word substitute for the phrase fulfill the lust of the flesh of sin now let's read the text again walk in the Spirit and you shall not sin at Sprint business I've been walking in the spirit now long time and still sending can't mean what it says walk in the spirit and you shall not send turn it around if we are sending we are not walking in the spirit all know that can't be right that can't be literal let's got to be some symbolic allegorical meaning that we have to let some scholar figure out for us can't mean what it sounds like because it hasn't been true in my experience or anyone I know my friends are we basing our understanding of the word of God and righteousness by faith on our or anyone else's past experience and the answer is yes we are that is what is defining righteousness by faith in the Christian world and in the Adventist church today what I have experienced or not experience becomes the norm for what the Bible must mean let us give that up let us decide to base our understandings on the word of God even when it is totally contrary to reason and experience it's called faith righteousness by faith faith in what God has promised walk in the Spirit and you shall not sin my friends easy question does the spirit the Holy Spirit sin will does these that sin in you and me that okay so what happens when I send I say not in words but actual eye I said Holy Spirit would you just step over there a couple of minutes I meant to be about something over here and I'll get back to you in a few minutes and then you can send NSE only way you can send because the Holy Spirit will not sin and you the teacher of mine put it so simply so many years ago Christ in sin now sin and price that there are now two masters here either we serve Christ or were serving sin and that a sake one or the other and so right here my friends it says that if we are truly walking in the spirit which is supposed to be what we have are when were born again then we will not be sinning against God one of those impossible tax one more impossible to ask first John chapter three the toughest of them all will just pick out a few verses first John chapter three look at verse six whosoever abided in him sin is not whatever site you commit a sin is unavailable verse nine whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin for his seed remained of intimacy not see the remain within him and he cannot sin because he is born of God notice the word he cannot sin not should not must not cannot sin why not just blows it right away that's got a be the ultimate meaningless text show me one person who has ever lived that sex and so we come up with solutions this text we are told it is true these first these verbs are in the present tense so here's the way we need to understand the go back to verse six whosoever is abiding in him is not sending continually verse eight he that is continually sinning is of the devil while there got my answer if I'm sitting continually just over and over and over and over and over then I'm of the devil but if my sand is just occasional than on contracts occasional sins okay continual sins no good solve our problem heaven or created a monster problem because now you see I got to know the difference between occasional and continuous or habitual that's another word habit you will sin out of my know the difference between a vocational sin and the habitual sin because in one eye and say in the other I am of the devil I got a noble difference so how many losses of temper per week will push me from the occasional to be habitual is it free for two or seven please come up with an answer because one way unsaved in one way or the walls are many times do I have to cheat on my income tax before it becomes habit to all of those are good questions aren't they Catholic Church figured this out centuries before were here there are two kinds of sand they say one is mortal and one is venial mortal ones are the ones which will cause you to lose your salvation the menial venial you just take yours and the priest and give you a few indulgences are Hail Marys is fine big sins little sins major since not so major sands occasional eruptions no problem just don't keep Iraq all the time no my friends it is in the Greek present tense which is the same as the English present tense there is no difference in the concepts there it means present action not fast enough future just what is going on right now let's read it again in the actual way of says first John chapter three verse six whosoever is presently abiding in him is presently not sending small talk about the past or future right now if you're abiding in Christ you are not sending her safety that is presently committing sin is presently on the devil I solicit present sin means present controlled by Satan it adopts and that's the plot that's the part of righteousness by faith which is totally denied by the Christian world and in the Adventist church is coming in sweeping into our churches it's okay just as long as you don't sin a lot a little sin God tolerates it's okay you know these three texts we have read are so impossible so unreasonable that people come up with solutions I want to share with you a scholarly solution to this problem it comes from a gentleman not many miles from here does perfection represent a destination that the believer will actually reach at some point in time or is it instead an ideal which like the navigators keeps the Christian traveler on the right course throughout his journey is perfection a destination or an ideal but you'll never reach you never get to a star on this earth but you can keep that star in mind and you can keep on moving toward it you'll never get there of course but you can move that direction we see then that statements affirming the possibility of perfection serve the purpose of encouragement rather than prediction they referred to an ideal that gives direction and motivation to the Christians experience rather than to a specific level of achievement that will actually be reached at some point during the slot so what is perfection with the goal is an ideal is not a destination not never reach it but at least you'll get up and try to get a shot you know you'll make it know never come in harder time in that the ship will never come into the harbor but at least you'll be some where well maybe is that when God 's promises are all about does God promise things that he knows are impossible just so will get up off our duff and try I don't believe God treats us that way I believe God treats us as intelligent beings created his own image in what he says something he means what he says because he will do what is the one will take care of he will do what he promises well let's take a look at some of the spirit of prophecy statements that you have here on how to read very many of them I heard you to read what I said yesterday don't believe what I say because I said it deleted because you have studied it for yourself and you are convicted in your own heart that's why DVDs outlines are not to go over everything with you third paragraph in the Ellen White's statements desire of ages three eleven on sorry desire of ages one twenty three the fourth paragraph one twenty three not even by a thought that he Christ yielded temptation so it may be with us one of those impossible promises again two thirds down the page IHP in heavenly places page one forty six the last sentence in that long paragraph everyone noticed the words every one who by faith obeys God 's commandments will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression while people are very scared about the word sinlessness apparently Ellen White was not in the only way that makes any sense is Stan is all about character not about nature the only way that makes any sense turn to page two second paragraph on page to review and Herald April one nineteen oh two Christ is made every provision for the sanctification of his church one is that taking place right now in this world now go down to the and follow after that the Christ came to this world and lived a sinless life that in his power his people might live lives of their this again that dreaded word he came to this world not just to die for us but to show us the way of holiness and victory halfway down the page GH is anybody know what that means God 's amazing grace our Savior does not require impossibility of any soul he expects nothing of his disciples that he is not willing to give them grace and strength to perform now the sentence he would not call upon them to be perfect if he had not at his command every perfection of grace to be snow on the ones upon whom he would confer so high and holy a privilege that I read any commands there what I just read promise again that's all talks about a perfection of grace which is bestowed and conferred as a privilege see God works like this you have two fifths and God says we just take that this and open it up and let the poor in my forgiving grace I will take care of all the guilt of the past and all the things you messed up in your life and you'll be clean and you say yes Lord and he pours in his forgiving grace and we are clean and then God says I see you have another hand another fist and would you just please open that other handouts and lobbied for in my overcoming grace is all grace it just doesn't do different things and then we look at these two gifts present that one means lifestyle changes doesn't it that when means that IE yield certain things that I don't want to year old I like to stay with us Lord is good and that's the Christian gospel right there in one sentence I love this gift I'm a little edgy about this as not so much which of the two gifts that God gives to us is the better gift which is the better gift is not this one you are much better this gift is than this one there is coming a time maybe not far off in our own experience and our lifetime when God is going to remove for all eternity this beautiful gift of forgiving grace and it will be remove from every human being on the planet and only the other gift of overcoming grace will be in play for the rest of eternity nowise got to do that because he rips away things we need Scott ever do that to take away things that are necessary for our survival and our salvation the only takes away and things that have no meaning anymore no relevance no purpose because you see it's God 's plan that he will fill so full of overcoming grades that this other gift will no longer be necessary and he says why I can step out of the heavenly sanctuary put on different clothes do a different job and were on the new business were getting ready for eternity and will just dispense with what is no longer needed for giving grades is a forgiving grace is like a halfway house out of jail it helps you to kind of get in the way of the world but not completely yet you can adapt a little bit is a halfway house the end of the destination God wants to take us to the real world the real experience praise God for forgiving grace it's the steppingstone to real grades which is restoring grace and overcoming grace that God 's plan and best wishes read right here overcoming any talk about perfection any talk about sinlessness is a gift of God 's grace a gift of God 's grace thirty page three third paragraph review and Herald March ten nineteen oh four he was not sufficient faith in Christ to believe that he can keep them from sending has not the faith that will give them an entrance into the kingdom of God see what were talking about right here my friends is a it is righteous is my faith in faith means believing the promises of God as they stand no matter what my experience in the past is bent or people around me that's great that's they believing what God says as he says it even it seems unreasonable to 's and that's why it says that we do not have that faith to believe that he can keep us from sinning we do not have the faith it gets is that all because it's all about faith and that she talks about the two paragraphs and then two thirds down the page that wonderful sentence and there are UNIX and the Sergeant Internet ready people ready for translation in this our day away what you show me who they are who are you ready you are you perfect yet all mine the questions we had us I know virtually nothing about myself much less about you the only one who knows that there are units in this our day is the only one who needs to know and that is our heavenly father because it is about him not about us can heat producing a GSE canon he knows who they are that's all we need to know and on the other side we can ask the questions were asking today to ask today is ridiculous in their units in the Saarland in the next three paragraphs warn us that we will not going around saying hey I'm Anita I haven't sent for three years because what we just done right then we just sent so be warned don't claim what only God can claim for us well there you have some of the spirit of prophecy statements I will encourage you to read them all now we are having a very as I mentioned earlier a very devastating teaching coming into the Seventh-day Adventist church that says that God will overlook sins because that's just the reality of life and he will just write them off and ignore them because our hearts are right and we love Jesus and therefore it's okay if we sent occasionally it'll be all right because he does because he loves us so much of one little statement that perhaps needs to be brought to our attention every transgression brings the soul into condemnation and provokes the divine displeasure every transgression brings a solid combination were not being talked that today where being taught that we can remain in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ even while committing known sin before repentance of that sin David were being told was saved for that full year after his sin with Bathsheba because he still love the Lord yes I asked that question and that's the answer I get in many cases so God will overlook the sins we commit but Ellen White says every transgression brings the soul and combination do we retain justification while in known sin that's the question let's hear it again no one who truly loves and fears God will continue to transgress the law in any particular what ever his profession may be he is not justified which means part those two references are testimonies volume four page six twenty three and my life today page two fifty and then if that wasn't enough try this one the willful commission of unknowns and a known sin separates silences the witnessing voice of the Spirit and separates the soul from God whatever may be the ecstasies of religious feeling Jesus cannot abide in the heart the disregard for divine law we cannot for one moment separate ourselves from Christ with safety messages to young people one fourteen that is not popular today in Christianity or in Adventism those are very very on politically correct statements and Ellen White made the principle is simple when our hand is connected with the hand of Jesus Christ we are righteous because he is righteous when our hand is slipping out of the hands of Jesus Christ we have no righteousness we have no reservoir no gas tank to fill up with righteousness no battery to store of righteousness connection is righteousness disconnection is unrighteousness so are we all now for only discourage that we are not hopeless because we are separated from God because we know we send you know what the most important thing maybe what happens if we slip and fall what happens if we make a mistake what happens if we don't carry out our best dental opposes and we make a slip gain real-time of premeditation now were talking about a slip you know what the most important thing to do what is your next step after the select your two options the human option was my fault I would've said that she had said that to me when she says she's sorry I'll say I'm sorry as the human reaction we take this hand it was in the hand of Christ we clench and behind our back and we stand there defiant because of our rights were violated that's a human reaction and my friends in that spirit of mind we have no righteousness there is no justification there is only condemnation as long as that spirit controls our lives what should we do the moment that had begins to slip out of the hand of our Savior we say wait a minute that's dangerous I don't want that even for one minute and we say Lord I'm sorry I have dishonored your name please take my hand back this essay will all wait and see if you really need it he takes it back he takes it back and God does not count milliseconds while you were lost for three there this is not yo-yo religionists on categorizing God takes that hand back and you remain in the saving relationship with you as long as the hand is in his hand my communion with him so my friends let us be sure of what we understand about the gospel about righteousness by faith your decision now does the Bible teach that we will have character perfection character maturity and even that dreaded word sinlessness you have to decide for yourself and now one last thing and I'm going to impinge a little more of my friends inside while I spent all my time talking about definitions for character maturity when I told you earlier that the only part that was relevant for salvation was definition three character surrender I spent all this time talking about something else then surrendered by talking about majority overcoming sinlessness well go down as outlined out the bottom of page on the left-hand side of the page it says close the probation I'll let you read those text and study them for yourself there is a close of probation were the only Churchill teaches that because we have the only gospel that allows that the only gospel that allows that if we lose this gospel we lose Adventism if we lose this understanding of righteousness by faith we close the doors on the great experiment of the Seventh-day Adventist church because we lose a hundred forty four thousand we loosened listen as we lose the ceiling and we lose the close of probation that's how important this gospel lists all right to the right hand side of that page would you turn with me to two more Texan will close with those two texts in Revelation seven and Revelation fourteen Revelation seven one describes our time with the four angels struggling to hold the wins of strife holding them back solicitor is not destroyed and verse two describes an angel coming from the east with a seal the seal of God in verse three he says Kurt not the earth neither the trees need neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our our God and therefore heads and I heard the number of them which were sealed and there were sealed on hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel market down there will not be an end to this world 's pain struggle and misery until God 's people are sealed and therefore hence it is not about how many people we witness to it is not even how many people we baptized it is not even about how many in the ten forty window are brought to Jesus Christ it is about God 's people ready for the seal of God when that happens there will be a latter rain there will be a loud cry and the gospel will go to the world overnight God is waiting not for the Pope in Rome to do something he is waiting for you and me now what does that mean we received the seal of God and therefore had started Revelation fourteen and I look and Lola lands to the Mount Zion and with him an hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written in therefore heads can you guess what the seal of God is the father 's name written in our minds and our characters and the way we think in our attitudes and a look at verse five in the application of this and in their mouth was found no old guy all that means hypocrisy or deceit none of that for they are without fault before the throne of God if you would like to do a little study the word without fault in the original languages used in the next two verses that I've listed their referring to Jesus Christ without fault before the Roland God you know the fiberglass of visor I would've advised him not to put these two decks in the Bible you just be very glad I'm not God 's advisor is your Bible will be a little thinner why why are these two texts of dangerous what God is saying is before the end of time before things come to their final conclusion I will have a people so totally loyal to me so totally surrendered to me so totally in my way of doing things that I will put my seal on them and I promise that they will never sin again notice the word is not I guarantee but I promise in other words God is not to push a button in our brains so that we can send God is promising that when his seal goes on singles out forever that's God 's promise you how serious this is one more time to the Ellen White statements on page one the first phase of the back of your outline page one half way down the first page halfway down the first page desire of ages six seventy one the very image of God is to be reproduced in humanity the honor of God the honor of Christ is involved in the perfection of the character of his people whose honor is at stake here not mine I got no honor here I got nothing that in August that stands and say it is whether Bob can carry out his promise that's what's at stake and what is this promise is promises he that is faithful will be faithful cell and holy still and he that is unjust will stay that way there will be no shifting camps and Satan said Wayne Wade a minute I don't really agree well I know the places in his life that I been very successful in before were the mainland that seal goes on with your to step out of the heavenly sanctuary forgiving grace will be removed and it will be all or nothing from that point on and if I get down fifty one percent of the sealed ones to sin I win is that it many how many of God sealed ones that Satan have to commit debt to break their vows to prove that God is a liar one person one time and God 's great plan is gone because his honor is gone his credibility is gone his promises have been fulfilled and he is proved to be a liar Saints is bringing all unready I thought I got defeated back there the cross it would pretty bad but then I was able to hold Christian church down with me and then there was a Reformation in the dividend looks so good but I got into and then there was a last day church and it looks of it for a while but then they started down the same road to I think Satan says I'm still that was one of our it's the last of the ninth with two out in two strikes but I got one more chance to get the because it is in Christ I have to deal with anymore his breathing and he's is a pushover I'm getting and Satan says let's bring in a close probation just go ahead on close probation and that I'm an attorney who's the greatest deceptions the greatest good temptations that I have ever brought to this world upon your chosen remnant people and we will see who's can win this one we will see this my friends you don't get in a steel box in the closing probation that's not what protects you it is faith in the promises of God that protects human loan and the only thing you got going for you is this word the word of God we've been reading and those impossible promises that's all you've got and the only way you will stand up against Satan 's determined final ditch attempt I mean he is like a animal that is cornered with no chance to get out except straight at you and you come in straight outs and he is going to use every temptation and persecution and ability that he has in his hands did one of us to slip one time and God says the most impossible thing he has ever said in six thousand years of human history I will take the weakest of the week I will take those that are been sending all of their lives and I will turn them into sinless victorious marching armies I'm glad I'm not God 's visor about you not put the text in the Bible because he means what he says not talking about Satan do you believe that God is going to win this battle that carries one simple price tag with because God will never put his seal upon someone that isn't ready or willing to receive Wendy Fairweather to God or to us God was ready to do a ceiling work a hundred years ago but his people weren't sealable so God said in mercy I'll let you come back on the Job of your grades that will save a good number of you because you'll repent of your sins so you'll be in the kingdom for all eternity is God 's mercy pulling back pieces I'll try again another generation so my friends we have the same option right now if we are a little bit nano robot ceiling that doesn't sound like what I want God in mercy will pull back again he will do it because he is going to win this great controversy my friends and he will not win it with half Christians and so you'll pull back again if he has to and you and I will go to war graves wondering why ours longings and desires and hopes were thwarted again and God will find the generation that will be revelation fourteen and seven he will find a generation that's the price tag God will win but through whom and when so you know my next question don't was you and I be that generation that's all it's not a matter of what God is said and what God can do it all the rest it's about whether you and I will be that generation and the only way you and I can be that generation my friends and here's my final appeal my last word of this weekend together the only way you and I can be that generation is it with all our hearts and minds and souls and bodies we want more than anything else in this life to be the final generation sealed by God we have to want it folks we can't just sit back there well I'll wait for the ceiling we have to want it we have to make sure that what we will repeat the same mistakes of the above previous generations if we don't learn from them we have to learn why it didn't happen a hundred years ago and why that beautiful message was set aside and buried and is now coming back to life it's not a coincidence 's providence the same message that would translate God 's people a hundred years ago will translate off people today and were deathly afraid of that message in many cases because we don't like the implications and so my friends my appealed he was very simple this morning if you want to be the generation that will see Jesus Christ if you want to be the ones who are sealed by God then go home after this meeting don't do it now because were all just kind of listening to the meetings we don't have much time to think we're just got it going to dinner and coming back and listening to another meeting when you go home and you have some down time some alone time with God in your private place of prayer were you and God talk together do some wrestling with God do some agonizing with him very few of us know what it is to wrestle with God and agonize and poor on our hearts to him for the sins in our lives that I've been thwarting God 's purpose and keeping Satan alive and running this planet and killing babies on let us get serious about who God calls this generation to be and what must happen and when those sins in our lives that we know are thwarting God 's plans let us say Lord I'm going to lay them all before you take every one of them out remove them from my life let Jesus Christ come into my life and I will be walking in the spirit and then these mystic mysterious promises will be real let's be sealable Seventh-day Adventists my friend but all that evidence as it is about if we are Adventism succeeds if we aren't Adventism goes into failure mode that's all that Adventism is about is whether we will be a sealed generation that's what remnants me it's a final seal holy generation that proves that Satan is the biggest liar in the race at he has no power not when it counts that's what will take Satan down and find him for a thousand years that's the only ways now a fit man must take the scapegoat into the wilderness about that man I believe is God 's last generation under God 's power but take the scapegoat away and find him for a thousand years as all on-site books must be the generation and must be a hundred forty four thousand V Seventh-day Adventist apply this is a unique message a unique people and a unique experience let me get a stoplight on the edges of Christianity anymore let's be that generation that will see Jesus Christ come in the clouds of them would you get on your knees as far as possible with me and let's ask off about that father right here in this meeting hall today I want there to be at least five hundred of the hundred forty four thousand I want there to be this group that will be the signal lights for everyone that they come in contact with for everyone that they are talking to that something big is happening in the Seventh-day Adventist church that there is something beyond the imagination of anyone just on the horizon of our experience and I want this generation that we are alive today in to be the on the last one that will see Satan 's rulership of this planet and his angry activities let us stop the mouth of a lion by your power so father take us week sending hardly able to resist anything that comes our way and turn us into the miracle of all miracles a generation of victorious Christians who have stopped sending in their lives because they would rather die than to dishonor your name O Lord take us take us and make us the impossible dream of the whole universe the ones that will take this witness to the entire universe and tell the rest of the unfallen worlds how powerful God really is so that sin can never arise a second time Lord may receive the beauty and the glory and the Andy and the wonder of being the possible last generation no other generation not even Abraham 's time and not Paul's time is even close to this time this is the generation above all others that have ever lived on the face of this earth let us be that generation Lord let us commit ourselves to you Lord so that you can do the impossible in us and we thank you because the victory has been gained in Jesus Christ and we claim that victory today in his name amen


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