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I Am a Jealous God

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 30, 2008
    11:00 AM
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it's nice knowing you will see you need to tell you the fulfillment of Bible prophecy we've been preaching the last hundred and sixty years is coming to pass and from our virions unfortunately in North America and I have three fingers pointed at myself and not pointing fingers were pretty much asleep while the storm gathers I don't want to tell you that neither of these political parties is going to say anybody beware how much energy you put into the famine 's time is of the politics of divide and conquer we are in restoration and redemption and saving people for an average young people need to have a hash for the loss how many people went to Christ was raised last year in your town may put another one how many people when two graves as Baptist and Catholic and Methodist who could have had they been reached given their entire life to the advancement of the third Angels message when using PowerPoint this morning my apologies to my preacher is I love his preaching I will like it has the word about is a master the word of God and not knowing something I shouldn't do God is raising to us as a gift for her Scott and you will need your miles this morning become us tonight I need your Bibles I must talk about what type two times to take bipartisan relations put into website of the Galatians because okay today I will talk about a lot of talk about this morning but this up here I entitled this I can like jealous God you have your Bibles turn Exodus chapter twenty you know well the new taxon got it up perhaps we can use this to quote together and this is the new American Standard I am not using my preaching Bibles in Eugene James study Bible 's numeric and standard and Outlook just for reading international but we're blessed we need good solid translations Exodus twenty versus for success quit recording together you shall not make model you can do you shall not make for yourself and I or any likeness of what is in heaven above are the only earth beneath or in the water under the years you shall not that worship them nor serve them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children on the third and fourth generations of those who hate me but showing lovingkindness for thousands to those who love me and keep my commandments the heart of this commandment God says I can jealous God in our society today we sometimes we don't think about that being such a good they think about any jealousy there's a bad jealousy Bob also like to suggest you that there is also a good jealousy not get into that little bit on established suspect that the Bible talks about our God being jealous God and his book in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and that you have your Bibles turned that you would to Exodus chapter thirty four and you need your Bibles and around this because I got just excerpts on the screen from Exodus before this is the seeing of course is the golden calf Moses is back in the mountain he's come face-to-face with God he seen it for himself and I says God I'm going to need some help we need some assurance got a sent Moses I'm not going with you all soon my Angel Moses comes back and argues with God what I cannot go lower if you send only your angel in essence says the God I must have you but to have gone himself to lead his people is a dangerous thing so I want to look if you don't mind starting with verse five Exodus sorry yes Exodus thirty four this is that great moment that no human being that I know has ever experience with Moses pled with God in the midst of all this arguing and wrestling and praying interceding saying Lord show me your glory thoughts as you can see my face because you do you'll die but he said that I like to see my back in there and back left of the rock perhaps too great rock smacked left of the rock God takes Moses and the consumer air the closest human beings ever promising the glory of God God withdraws his hand takes away the veil and passes before Moses declaring these words from the back verse six twenty in the name of the Lord and the Lord passed before him proclaim the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious and long-suffering and abounding in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving and it would deed and transgression and sin 's by no means clearing the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation so Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth and worship the Gospels contained in those verses is that great paradox that we will study all to the ceaseless ages of eternity of how God can not spare the guilty and yet spare them not whole process is focused in his only begotten son even spare the guilty because guilty had a substitute step in to our below I can go there right now in verse nine the picture then he said if I have found grace in your site oh Lord let my lord I pray go among us there is there there is the request the Lord himself who among us even when it might be to have the Lord himself did leave you the personal God actually reach it was God himself the next while and even though we are stiffnecked people I pray go among us even though even though we are stiffnecked people and pardon our iniquity and our sin now here's God 's answer in verse ten behold I will make a covenant before all your people I will be marbles it is not seen before in any nation the last part of it says and I like the new American Standard here from the King James and using the new King James for I for one I am about to do cigar got it right but I had it right there is a fearful thing is a fearful thing to says an awesome thing want and then if you will go on with me looking at verse verse eleven is observed when I told you first twelve take heed to yourself unless you make a covenant with the inhabitants they become a snare to you in verse fourteen you will worship no other god for the Lord whose name is jealous is a jealous God Miller's recently saying this you going to the land and you are not when you wipe out those inhabitants and you see their gods in their idols and let me tell you idol worship has been designed by the devil to have a particular appeal to the human heart and I'll tell you that it's coming roaring back into America today is coming in ways that you don't understand women get into somebody for an done today because I am a jealous Bob if you move around with those I you fool around you are going to follow my jealous and want to you don't vote what does God mean when he says Anna Jones jealous ex-wife since means that God is demanding a complete one hundred percent devotion not ninety nine percent not ninety eight percent he demands a hundred percent why Scott Jonas why is busy just arbitrary is a guess I like the beach I just like to be jealous I just want to offer myself I don't want to share that what is going everything God does is built on the truth and here's the truth know therefore Deuteronomy four thirty nine know therefore today and take it to your heart that the Lord he is God in heaven above and on the earth below and here is and there is no other another words God is jealous for you to relate to him and he's not willing to share as Elvis he said the so-called God 's because there aren't any including lists as powerful as he may be he is not God and he will God will not share any else apostle Paul has something very interesting to say about idols and I find it very interesting the Roman nodes that I have notes around screen means you can see everything I don't lose someone also Paul says on idols this is New Testament I wish you could read the whole check on the executive first Corinthians they are taking the whole compound as well as do that they goes on to say talk about the Gentiles unless big appeal to Christians Julie Brisbane all idols as a matter unbecoming an historic matter with an off-line hunger twenty big issue the Christian church is indeed the issue day now that I think of the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to lot they sacrificed the demon not God and I do not want to become shares in Dean you cannot drink the cup of the Lord in the cup of demons you cannot protect the table in the table of demons or do we provoke the Lord to jealous this is the apostle Paul taught righteousness by faith 's designated syncopation I think it is he right that this whole idea that we steal have to ask questions and jealous sing or do we provoke the Lord to journalists we are not stronger than he are what is jealousy according to the dictionary the dictionary says is intolerant of rivalry or unfaithful is hostile toward arrival of one who believes enjoy an advantage is vigilant in guarding the possession that is a bad counseling talk about bad jealousy for just the second the elder brother in the prodigal son when his father comes in the once home younger brother 's home in the sense is that you never did any of that for me he was jealous of his younger brother is that the jealousy or bad bad jealousy based on selfish mode there is the jealousy is a good thing to guard the nation 's freedom on talking more about philosophical are we glad to have the First Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion is a good thing to be jealous for one's health how about regarding the faith the Bible says the New Testament content of the faith that was once delivered to the same data regarding marriage the good thing Americans remember woman there is a heaven and that a miracle love and I'm not talking simply about the physical talk about the emotional everything goes in that cabin that numerical love belongs only in that it cannot be given and if it was offered it should not be taken and it should not be spelled some of you may write some of your asking young women were not married how would you feel about a husband how do the love Mary husband he said you know sweetheart I really love you and I don't be selfish so you know whatever you want to do theirs others boyfriends brain will know that there is a free under standing there is exclusive this but they just got married a man you that they just got married and you come home the honeymoon is setting up behind the new setting up your pictures and your wife comes along Jesus coming years each of our marriage our wedding this is the big picture not have a lot of fun at three other boyfriends have a lot of fun with I got just a little pictures of them and I understand one forgets him on setting the right he will ask you were in trouble I'm telling you where in series is not a laughing matter that I know that's kind of facetious thing that you get the point and the point is that it's something like that is going all there is one serious problem after only would you really want to marry a man the man of your dreams it wasn't jealous over you tell me what you really want to marry a man who says I don't mind sharing you I'll tell you if he's got that kind of attitude he does I would like to tell you that he is jealous love is jealous in the right since as patties that you know where she walked by one are you wanting to taste Donna reels the degree of his jealousy shows you the degree of his love and vice versa God relates to his church is a husband or wife and then we may have a hard time understanding this but we think battle that we can get it think about it from God standpoint the ladies can think about it from the woman's standpoint God has a holy jealousy and I know this is not popular in some circles but God also has a holy anger if it's violated you violate his holy jealousy and there's going to be a holy anger God has exclusive rights to his church he has exclusive rights to us individually but he also has exclusive rights to his church and he will not be a good talk with a fine that's what is a great concert I think God likes war and every day 's heart is weeping at the cash I don't think we have any idea of the penny is going in the father 's heart the only reason he is drawn his divine sword which is unlike him to do the only reason he is unseat the wetlands of heaven is calls to ban amounts is losing all of us know when the time that even God himself must own she is holding a view from examples in both the Old Testament and New Testament you can find a larger with a hand and Jezebel the dogs licked up the blog of a hat and the dogs ate Jezebel you can find Sharon 's bloody hands to the life of James and went taken the life of Peter the apostle 's the Bible says an angel of the Lord it doesn't say games of the devil this is the Angel Boris Rocklin and he was eaten worms you can go to the New Testament the book of Revelation you can hear Jesus talk to his church and he warns Ephesus and all of us that if you persist in your ways I will remove your candlestick you know what that means you can hear his words saying to the church of my attire either you get rid of that woman Jezebel or I'll step in and throw her and her children into the bed of death suffering arguing if you don't like the servant if you don't like those illustrations argue with Jesus and argue with me this and there's nobody that loves the grace of God more than I do I hope not anyway I'm so grateful for his love am so grateful for raisins are grateful for his mercy of my dear friends will never understand the mercy of God as we understand look over the cliff how awful sins and why God has a holy reaction against the so why is God jealous look at my notes here if you would you will not share his church with nothing nothing cannot create or give life you will not share his church with demons who masquerade as God if he shared his church from this justly with demons he would be giving up his church under a miserable destruction he could no longer be called compassionate gracious abounding lovingkindness and give the one he claims to love over to demons they would revive you would no longer be telling the truth to his bride all relationships are built on trust appreciate the point this morning but justification is building in trust sanctification is the one you trust so huge simple understanding of both new and Old Testament of our relationship with the trust and are not or if SSL is somebody out God is trustworthy he's telling us the truth he's not to share us with nothing six he will not spoil you will not spoil his spiritual offspring by allowing demons to share in their spiritual conception and he did so he would no longer be true to himself there's just no way to assure his bride with demons hallelujah you do not want to arouse his judicial anger or his jealous love the greater the love the greater the anger when violated all of this flows from God 's holy law when I was a boy I I sweet southern grandmother and that we lost a few years ago looking forward to seeing on the morning of the resurrection so my mother side grandmas always just me she was a sweetheart always was wondering how about an hour playing on the sandy driveway the old farm there out of Sunday's landmark comes towards us and screaming and in two boys just looked up to her and went we couldn't believe this could be grandma I just don't want to spray we were just down eldest son grandma can find on the size and she Texas hold 'em she starts to the ground and I looked over there and she was cutting a copperhead snake into about a thousand pieces I want to ask a question I was grandma so angry that snake needs you haven't figured out the anger demonstrated for that snake was representative of her love for her Grendel understanding the holy jealousy when he brings like you're the sequence love gives birth to God 's holy jealousy God 's holy jealousy gives birth to his holy anger is holy anger gives birth to his mercy which is the result of his love Oprah Winfrey you know about her don't you she's a big new eighties and the religion they come now she's in the new age of somebody said one going how can you reconcile this thing this new age stuff with your Christian upbringing and she stuck wellness thing about how she was sitting in the Baptist this congregation sure the preacher talk about that God is a jealous God and that turned her off and since then she decided she would she would do something about that and so she got into this new age residents that will left her the real truth is that she refused at that moment to except the word of God as the authority in her life as one of my personal friends said you know we don't sit in judgment of God 's word it sits in judgment about leader except his authority now I can explain everything in the Bible and you so you can use another problem causes divine there are mysteries there that we cannot fathom and I get some of those once a while sometimes there paradoxes off I do send back in my little storehouse a gotten you when you're ready show me that but I'll throw the whole Bible I alter the whole Gospel honestly am going on in Christianity today and sometimes we haven't going on with some brothers and sisters among us in a city knows what you do not get every jealousy can ever have angry to never having a bank and and that so they throw that out I just I do so except the Bible I think that's the safest thing to do this is not inhabit his pastor he responded to do her he's responded to Oprah Winfrey about her diatribe that God cannot have jealousy and this is what he had to say Pastor Larry Burns author of the church on the lines why am not a purpose driven pastor in the real world people even in Hollywood celebrities can't personally cope with infidelity of their lives in our marriage partners first they become jealous except right then if Mary Behar hire lawyers and file legal agreements for their share of the estate and finally they are to hope they go zones is this is how the Hollywood set places on earth how can any of us be so hypocritical to suggest that for all the right reasons our faith will God has no right to be jealous over spiritual adultery committed by his covenant Bible is very clear it says you are not to make yourself and I will talk with idle business for just a minute what is an idol and islands of faults and image worship is a God it's a false God 's an object of passionate devotion Ezekiel 's a visible model of abominations you are read something very interesting one understand why God is so upset with ancient Israelite 's been reading through the old had all the party about the teams versus second same and so forth the receipt of chapter five and eight in chapter fourteen just with a quick here to study to show you what God saw this in his holy text this is an sanctuary this is where the Ark of the covenant was this is where the tables showbread was Mrs. Wood candlestick sucks this is in the courtyard with October and often do this where this is going on so Solomon declares the Lord surely because you defiled my sanctuary with all your detestable idol please enlighten that they so yes it don't be surprised if people bring this I stopped into God 's church in these days than them to the general idol of jealousy numbers these are the things provoke and even jealousy at the North gate and any mentions two other people by what God does call some people find that Jeff Van Nile seventh shakedown and with the seventy elders these are the leadership of Israel worshiping car image in the Temple how service on the brazen altar that depicted the sacrifice of Christ these guys seventy elders of Israel birth Lavinia saw women making cakes and weeping for time news I have found out for that women were being times only make a almanac and teach your know when when Adam Saul E without food in his hand he was put in a very difficult position you need to know that the Bible holes out of responsible for the fallen bodies at that moment though seed was deceived by the serpent that moment he thought he had to choose between Eve and a life without our at that moment he felt the trust that God might have some solutions and so you know he was the crowning act of God 's creation for this earth choose a home just physically beauty beautiful she was emotional and every others you can imagine what she was like a fresh craters man and God he created a desire for all of that and animal loved her he should love the Lord more kill people I just got has a couple young people the other day I think you know I would you know that love you need to love your love Lord Jesus when you love your mother should mother was sitting there if you need to love you I love love the Lord will not love my wife I love the Lord more than I love my own mother I love month or more than I love my children got tell you what a great security in my love is because I love him most here's my sidetrack you ladies have a lot of in its be careful how you use it somebody should acidity men and in the near that number five in the inner court twenty five men with their backs to the Temple worshiping assignment got ahead Ezekiel twenty three percent months get down under the apostle John is a Soviet temptation of New Testament Christians as if you bought the book Revelation apostle John talking about the Christian church said the rest of mankind were not killed by these plagues they did not repent of the works of their hands so as not to worship demons and the idols of gold and silver brass installing wood which can neither see nor walk our ask a question has idol worship slept in the Christian church is only just a few short maybe a hundred years later that idol worship two hundred years later begins a sweep in the Christian church it comes in both in Roman Catholic and Byzantine and on what users morning what we are surrounded with witches Western Catholicism this bottle feeds Mary in regular worship now I know that in the crowd you know the answer to this but I need to spend just a moment unit came about listen to this is Jesus was Jesus teaching a large crowd people think about it in the line of Mary worship today and came about when he said that the symbolic people worshiping Mary facing images on the rock store placing images on the overpass before and another house I saw a picture of a woman wants to have some kind of image of Marriott executive obeying the other suggested on listen to Jesus we said these things at one of the women in the crowd raised her voice and said to him Blessed is the womb for you and the rest that went at which you nursed what she said is what was the model that gave birth to you and Jesus didn't hesitate a second that you are not able to set all thank you so much I do have such a sweet wonderful mother who did not issue good woman absolute in waste a moment continue where this is a good see where this would take pretty set on the contrary blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it well I'll tell you what the different second talk about the Council of Trent what it says about you one thing later I can say the contrast between Mary said about herself and with the papacy says about her how she says she needs a Savior I can tell you is I'm losing on Catholic radio in Lansing Michigan is ever telling about how the these images were weeping and crying and bleeding and there's all kinds of stories by the hundreds and thousands around the world about these images Satoru but I want to go to the Hindus for a moment I set aside one on the plane coming over here this is very interesting event called the Hindu milk miracle some of you may remember some Thursday September twenty one nineteen ninety five venues swept around the world of an extraordinary miracles of milk drinking Hindu statue never before in history as a simultaneous miracle occur on such a global state and television radio and newspapers eagerly cover this unique phenomenon and even skeptical journalist Helder milk spilled spoons to the gods and watch the skeptical guys called old as the milk this he then ask you how much defense of the skeptical journals going to happy for the wonderworking powers of the enemy so don't depend on the newspapers to give truth or the Internet now start about what goes one man India had a big impression that the idle needs some milk and sleep when got some milk this is miracles you can explain nobody could explain that they tried explaining it but nobody really had a good answer to suggest because you see Virgin Mary 's and images in Roman Catholicism doing these miracle like kinds of things doesn't mean that they pagan ones don't do it as well here's a hint of teaching is not that Hindu worship their idols inveighing the island is just a symbol of form which the mind which with my be connected and concentrate on the ultimate reality is be on the senses Roman Catholic teaching that honor which is given to them talk Donald is referred to as an obvious which they represent so that through the images which we if any for which we uncover our heads and new we adore Christ and then write the saints whose likenesses they are saying teaching undervalue this that allow Roman Catholic bishops and in bringing how to worship back into America with a vengeance Protestant and evangelical Christianity and bringing another I moved into the church David Paulson not a Seventh-day Adventist Westminster theological seminary call this new Western gospel the therapeutic gospel he notes five elements the need for love the need for significant the need for self-esteem and self-confidence and self-assertion the need for pleasure the need for excitement and adventure and one simply saying is that there has been some authors have noted not having his father is been a huge shift in American thinking religious Protestant evangelical thinking we had now shifted from a God centered worship to a man centered worship so the focus is when I go to worship what's in it for me what can I get out of and we don't know they are to worship God I will say this kind worship is not about you and me it's about him and he decides how he will be worse if you do not has the creature nor do I have the prerogative to tell God how will worship in the minute we do that we have switched into a man sooner Francis Schaeffer calls of the great evangelical disaster because the time I'm not going to go into all that hereby otherwise the declaration of the Cambridge declaration these are not Seventh-day Adventist but that this is worth going to just want today the light of the Reformation is the significantly DNA as the Bible biblical authority biblical authorities been abandoning practices is true that they from Christian consciousness the church is increasingly in give its integrity moral authority and direction as evangelical faith becomes centralized its interest have been bored with those of the culture question answer is that having any impact on us to Seventh-day Adventists is adding any impact on our thinking the result is a loss of absolute values permissive individualism and a substitution of wholeness for holding this recovery for repentance intuition for truth feeling for belief chance for prominence and immediate rapid drug ratification for enduring hope the alliance of confession confessing Evangelicals also ask all Christians to give consideration to implementing this declaration the church 's worship ministry policies and evangelism for Christ's sake amen let me tell you there are some voices in evangelical Christianity was not still has many many children out there in other churches Sunday's going to the mall together you know well you know they say that goods are mentioned mad Doctor Holmes that makes you sad and makes you glad some documents and people mad new glory be to God I can't talk about everything is going in the worships today let me talk about music for second this is this is now to love anyone down if you don't it really doesn't matter I is not because I'm going back to Michigan it doesn't matter because no one are really given answer to is the Lord Jesus now I want to eat obviously I want to be your friend your preaching is dangerous business this is not a Seventh-day Adventists this is than Carney 's book why left contemporary Christian use the music movement when you say this girl on you so I don't think the greatest gospel Christian music has been written yet I'll think the greatest sermons on people who preached you and I'll think we see the greatest movements of Christianity moved yet this allows us of his ideas in there we're talking one of our ministers meeting I said to him the future of the church is not in worldliness the future of the church is in a return to primitive godliness that we say something about liberal and conservative handle the cinematography and I know my work on all echo stuff on this site as well going in all the rest of the trouble while I'm at it but today something about this conservative liberal business is a red herring when Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery neither do I condemn you all the conservatives sell their hands and the Liberals jumped up and sheared off it what he said don't do it again and all the conservatives jump make here to blog liberals so many you people think it will use the church 's liberal here to circle your ladybug it just you know if I could have keep sabbaths I could get it right unless your right thumb on the new logo run for the mid-level let me tell you what the real issue is not considered conservative and split hell why don't need and the same is doable on lip but what we got to have is not just truth over here and loving kindness over there what we got to have his truth and loving kindness together and we don't give up one or the other the issue is not what your conservative outlet to your liberal the real issue is are you faithful you've think the Lord Jesus that's all he could ask what he sees you he's not been asked when conservatives wield liberal the issue is where you faithful faithful to his word we are thankful to them and being obedient to get them to trust in him we faithful by the way we husband that's why saying among brothers lost your voice why the faith about it ladies and husbands to be faithful your longer this is the heating is on the docket this is the music the first lady says I can no longer visit he has a Miami is right to first economics at the premise under which was guarding the contemporary music philosophy our key premises were the music is a moral God except on music styles and no ones to judge another's preference or case your dental as I dug into the Bible to prove them right instead of us all that they were made in standard geological and misrepresentations a basic biblical principle secondly when I saw what the Bible teaches about true worship and what it really means to be in the presence of God I became sickened at the way my generation so cleverly used profane and vulgar music accompanied by balder dress all corrupt worship and praise to a holy God can know one and balls seemed to notice what we were doing goes on acceptance doctrine is so pervasive in some fellowships that Christians are no longer allowed to question another Christians be a you confront another in love you will be accused of judging them if you dare quote chapter and verse in the Bible you will be called a Pharisee if a church has any practices that step on the toes of anyone's personal preference then it is to consider to be a legalistic church in this new church of acceptance showing tolerance for worldly affections of behaviors is far more important than exercising biblical discernment he's not finished when we brought rock music in all its musical cousins into the church service we find along with the spirit of him more growling executives on the things I had to get out of it is to cite my marriage at and listen there's sobriety music Don likes variety my right but there's a good ride Ashley music like some of it's like unclean food it should never be touched in some of us probably not the best that you can need it for SMI was just plain old normal food and then there's the there we all keep working toward God 's ideal of music and I'd say that was Opera bodily governments deposit conditions that to thought I'd add a little balance because I can just year the critics I think their principles of godly music and I think we can figure that out I'll think that is in ignorance all right let's go this got worship is not looking up and feeling good it is bowing down feeling lonely it is certainly biblical to fill happy in Jesus but now I realize that a good personal feeling is not part of the object of biblical worship when we try to feel and experience of affirmation from worship we are not worshiping God we are worshiping our own ego 's we have set up an idol in God 's church when you do that and we will provoke in the unhappiness I'm now convinced that God will not accept our worship when it is offered with music styles that are also used by the pagans for their immoral practices if I am wrong why was he so harsh and the newsroom of a sacrifice to him using the pagan high places and ritual he finishes by saying he is a jealous God if you grasp this principle alone it will change forever the way you lead a worship service the true heart of worship is the heart that vows before God and submits to his word no more no less well I finished by saying and returning to that our God is a jealous God we cannot take that lightly I was a the whole scenario of the book of Revelation begins with jealous Jesus coming for his faithful bride there are two women in Revelation one of them by the name of balance as I am really the product Christ and he really loves me any hate you and all the way to go to be all kinds of demons per parading themselves in the end of time telling that the faithful bride is really the harlot and that where the real faithful dog because we have the stamp of approval from God himself can you see the operation did you see the demonstrations the new year Jesus over there in Israel or wherever the only two things I get time and rough I'll think we know what's about this it costs the is utterly destroyed by the hand of God God Jesus does two things in his jealousy he shows up and spins to chapter spotlight in the book Revelation on the destruction of Babylon he utterly destroyed this woman who stands up and says I have really yours sleeping around with all the kings of Europe and you don't really mind because her subletting so kind as a nice is known about loving I'm not that nice and the other one is that while this wicked woman that one is trying to destroy the real faithful bride and a few months he comes destroys the wicked one and saves his view I want to tell you that before all of this is finished that Christchurch the Seventh-day Adventist church I love this church is God 's church and warts and all staunch church bodily gushers down the pages is never been perfect but we're going to see you know what I mean by because of what we are or we come from but before Jesus comes Christchurch is fine going to put on her wedding 's now know brothers is a little hard sometimes but remember God is trying to speak to us and help us to understand his relationship just how precious it is the most precious relationship he has to illustrate owner is a relationship between a husband and her watch and his wife and his bride would you must not real ones are white standing there that moment that they in her wedding dress under marry my daughter not all that long ago I guess I member how beautiful she looked at say that what a lot of work when that wedding be sure this issue are will say it again be sure of this there is going to be a mighty revival of primitive godliness such as the world has never seen an question is will you not be part of it God 's people will move in to lie I don't care what your eyes see in your ears hear the prophets ever been wrong and she said it then then countless millions countless hundreds of millions of seven billion people on the earth that I seventh fifteen the second explosion likely would never ever seen since Pentecost a hundred million would be little tiny speck about countless millions will find the real meaning of the real Jesus the difficulties the sick and the simple will hear his voice and experiences healing the whole earth will be there by the presence of Jesus in the person of his compassion broad yes his broad window successfully prepare her for her wedding field and move with unspeakable love for her growing she feels the earth with her righteous acts these acts of faith becomes her wedding garment Jesus is coming on a white horse gives broad and wall shelves and


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