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Faith and Prayer

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 31, 2008
    7:00 AM
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you have your Bibles this morning I'm going to turn to Luke chapter eleven Luke chapter eleven while I've been here I've had of course the question-and-answer panel yesterday you heard people ask questions about what you do in your church when things are going down the road and I didn't get into that particular answer I believe that our scheme gave a marvelous answer that I've had people talk to me about difficulties and obstacles of their facing was in school or whether it said I'm talking about with apostasy that's going on with in how you deal with it if some people just think and we've had certainly plenty of those who are history I just cut and run in and they shoot and then of course some we look down through history we see the sorrows that apostasy brings not only very clear as I'm preaching I have not said the seventh data searches and apostasy I do not believe that I do believe that we are fools though foolish to stick our head in the sand and say that there is that the devil is not challenging us from within okay and as I read the prophets of the Old Testament most of the time they they didn't have a lot of good things to say most of the time they they shocked God 's people with God 's concerns now there are a lot of beautiful things beautiful promises nothing got for that I don't know if any of you run across this is as a is a wonderful little tool menu wanted running it with your on your iPods and so forth that's great but I like this this is Christ object lessons in the five page a series becoming a condensed form in one book so you can take with you places it just a very powerful tool on the sex the apostle something it's time for you to begin to read the acts the apostles the axiom apostles is not finished it's not finished in Scripture because we are finishing the last parts of the accident apostles will actually be written in the kingdom of heaven were not arriving here over to finish the story and you're in that story I will say this about God 's job is to listen this is the purpose first church was the purpose driven Church but you better read God 's purpose frustration I say everything I want to see if they morning out of time but the idols are being set up in the Christian church and in the evening at some Adventist churches is a humanistic human centered worship that's an idol you make man centered worship that is I but I want to read this because I want you to be encouraged this morning the church is God 's fortress is city of refuge which he holds in a revolted world any betrayal of the church 's treachery to him who has brought mankind bought mankind with the blood of his only begotten son that you have unfaithful ministers and unfaithful teachers God regards those positions of Russ when they are betraying as treachery but let God take care will speak we need to speak of God is able to take care and we give you the answer this morning and when enlarged what over ski said I'm skipping down just a little bit through the centuries of persecution conflict in darkness God has sustained his church not one cloud has fallen upon it that he has not prepared for what so if you funding for rail in the classroom God already saw a already has an answer if you have betrayal in the pulp got already saw and he has an answer for it you doesn't see it got has solutions a man he has solutions not one opposing force has risen to counter worked his work that he has not foreseen all that is taken place as he predicted he is not left his church for Satan but is traced in prophetic declarations what would occur that was the Holy Spirit inspired the profits to foretell has been brought about all his purposes will be fulfilled his law is linked with a strong and no power of evil can destroy it truth is inspired and guided by God and it will try and it will triumph over all opposition that should encourage our hearts I think I may apologize landing in the direct thing and because as I was putting this together I than praise what would you want me to say this morning so this is coming among memory but it's pretty the memory I think is pretty accurate there's a there's a section in testimonies of things volume eight and it describes a very interesting thing there is says that it pictures all churches all denominations being weighed in the balances of the sanctuary that God is a God of fairness and justice is he not so he's got away the Baptist and the Catholics and Episcopalians and is little way all of them and the balance is a sanctuary do you think he's not also gone away Seventh-day Adventists is not no way our church any doubts in the vision we don't come up to get in fact it says it comes in the place that Orwell matters you working on getting my method is not mine what that argument you can find it for me okay I'm getting what they have wanted me know about sealers and yet we don't know what okay the deal wonderful little so good and it says we get to the place that we even abhor ourselves but when that's what apostasy always does it it it gets to the place it's just you just can't stand yourself when you look at the apostasy 's in Israel they were all not you could say that will result on the right as all as a people if we are weighed in the balance and sanctuary other people hanging around the edges of the Adventist church the registrar shall say absolutely you guys are finished etc. etc. the Tony of leading consultant prophecies of Revelation that we've will prophesy given that prophecy will be successful they do not consult Revelation chapter eighteen and that in the chapter on this way in the balance as the sanctuary being found wanting in with saying that there's not be a great revival printed in godliness and minute hands by saying that the spirit of prayer permeates every believer solid to tell you that there's no obstacle that you're facing in either lukewarm churches are on fire churches are churches that are fooling with apostasy that God does not already have an answer to and I will speak to that this morning with Luke chapter eleven now it came to pass as he was praying in certain places when he ceased that one of his disciples said to him Lord teach us to pray teach us to pray never before has the church needed to understand prayer and I know I'm on preaching in a sense to the choir here this morning I don't think you understand clearly what we got what were up against and what we got to what we've got to accomplish you are wonderful young people and I praise God for you found to you what you can really beat up by Sega six thousand years of degeneracy from sin on your genes our Italian but no generations been hit with the garbage that you can hit you watch more murders and more adultery and more fornication you have seen more shock than all the previous generations put together your mind 's been bombarded with the paralysis of sin it's a new living and we are in a fall in our churches a roomful you set the understanding of been hit with everything the Devil can figure out an order that you will not be ready Borges brings the big one and if you are reading you ought to go and read one outline says when she sat in and saw the devil 's planning array that really careful he's planning to do a big one and when he doesn't reach brings his final great section on the world he wants Seventh-day Adventists to be in some kind of hazy fall he has already stolen the marks on us now there's only one solution to this and I'll tell you when you are no receipts the other night that we have to have divine power but there's only one way you get that divine power and that is in intercessory prevailing persistent fervor you need to know how to solve the heavens and you need to know how to get answers why are there so many unanswered prayers if you got more unanswered prayers in your life need that answered prayer is something one wrong to pray a lot as Paul Rhett sorrow says President Southern Indian Ocean African vision pieces and that in the New Testament they usually got planned the invasion got their prayers answered it was very seldom got said no here we got so used to not saying now that we just figure that maybe the first dance is coming from the throng but that God is ready to work but we have to be willing to fulfill the conditions of answered prayer what what is meant here let's go let's listen to the teachings of Jesus but like Jesus a greater authority the apostle Paul a man is a greater authority to the apostle John is a greater for the profits when you have the teachings of Jesus you have been very curious up fewer strings so let's ask ourselves and listen to Jesus 's response he gives again the precious prayer our father who art in heaven I pray that prayer a lot and wants a cheap rate in case you forgot something I think that's beautiful she also says that in this prayer Jesus opens up to us the privilege you think about assigning the suite we're so far from the creation would work if we saw ourselves in comparison to the creation we would cut would say ourselves how can God even minister to such port and aggregated beings like us while the world of strut their stuff Scott Stevens got to realize that we're in great need our father you can calling her father and she says that he loves you don't like for us to address him as our father then Jesus gave repairable and he said to them verse five which of you shall have a friend and go to him at midnight on cellular we're facing the midnight of the world Isaiah says arise and shine my father used to my father used to quote that to two boys there we were those bunkbeds in the little house one bathroom a father would get up to shave in the morning and he would come to wake us up and I can still reinvent headed ringing in my ears arise and shine for your life is come for darkness cover the earth and gross darkness the people God calls people to rise and shine ethic we need to get up in his early hours in the morning and people and begin to wrestle with God I wish you and sometimes urgent for your group you on your go to Africa and get Reginald Salonga in bringing here the mutated room quickly can not heard is driven me just tell you very quickly here's a young African eighteen -year-old young man who was a was making blocks and earning lots of money even in American terms he was earning lots of money they became converted and became a Seventh-day Adventist and he's just on fire to win souls so spending all this money to hire evangelistic teams of his friends to send them out he'd spend his evenings going out sharing his faith find a brother and recognized in the ransom of success they said we want to become a pastor in the conference committee turn the president downsizes will want to come and be the janitor he said engenders unease a Zulu suburban janitor my life following be the janitor they said I can't begin to pray the Lord says to me that I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God to so Cal take it forty dollars a month or whatever it was and so the meeting single hold evangelistic meetings precision I found out is very dependable disseminating the system or so should treasure the conference because you know he was responsible taking cash around we don't do that we descended people 's bank accounts nowadays but in this economy that economies different lives in Zimbabwe by the way the economy is you know anything about that's what's happening there's just absolutely coming apart at the seams and modeling this only happened once how he was only about three or four years always current going online the moment as I speak this is not ancient history we brought them into our ministers meeting in Michigan are ministers loved my love Becky he's he's at forgive me as I don't mean to but it eases the really thin African Cutshall Slim and I was worried about them I wonder that he muffled him to buy EE runs the anyway this to quickly get the story so finally they listen look when I give you district is not married aces with any of your district that whenever any Harley souls down here for years and years scores of years we had two hundred and fifty or seventy people down here we got general companies and you know it's I don't know it's three hundred kilometers long and hundred and fifty kilometers why don't Holy Ghost exactly it's a big territory this is what when you want me to go I said tomorrow he has no car he has no bicycle he just finds a ride down there takes whatever is God 's Bible and he goes to work after a separate muscle conference present calls in incisional had about seven baptisms was going on here is his just be patient the next three months he had eight hundred and not yet a reason there's a method because begin to plead with God these of these are hard people he is a hard hard hard people visiting being in the pleadings God beginning this evening the key to the hearts give me the key immediate access to treatment and tell you what would happen if you begin to pride Ascot in your sphere when you leave here how to create a GUI see around you you hearing me out I want you to create it out would you create the kingdom of God around you how to begin to ask out where were the keys that my friends were the case the people I work with Latisse of people I haven't in my neighborhood where the keys even if you begin to plead with God they had a product yet process of what saw what he would do is eat and went to his elders and the elders as was wonderful but you want us to do evangelism is less at the Church manual says you're supposed to do but so what this is the deal with the losing your talk got been hired and were volunteers and so you you do this that's fine the one-on-one help pieces now that's not for you to help me because the Bible says I mean picture frames as your mama you're my help they said no you don't understand the short plenary conference president about it what even visited the church member ceases why did you let these people and they said pieces did you like these people to do this job may suggest we did succumb business me any sincere and here's these elders insist you want to do with this would set you are supposed to help me that one elders downspout you don't yet understand were volunteers and the people said the people said no you either help him or will let somebody else so they elected a few different ones and sons and will get on board and his elders got on board nice as you have to help me as a first of all they would get than they would have three months of Bible studies than they would have three weeks of meetings are reaping meetings and then everybody that was baptized had to participate in another evangelistic meeting space at item three top and then they baptize if I got quite right anywhere they got a yes process very simple very direct and guide begin to work God begin to work because even eight you can send all this is Africa are you can say these deep reports of gotten work in poor places but can't work in sophisticated California can work and enrich open County Michigan are what everyone is saying involving stupid what horrible excuses you want to give that God can work on telling you that I've never heard of anything any tougher than this one and then we found out the secret of success is on his knees at two o'clock in the morning is praying for him to the six in the morning he said he told me personally uses uses a hat I have had as many as eight hundred prayer request on my prayer list and got answered every one of and he is absolutely passionate also we need to read that book actually policy in the early the early disciples were absolutely passionate about two things reflecting the image of Jesus and enlarging his keen eye with a reduced passion about that signing you see a lot of stuff all around you but I would tell you that nothing keeps you from getting on your knees at two o'clock in the morning nothing keeps you from getting on your knees at five o'clock in the morning nothing keeps you from wrestling with God for souls nothing keeps you from doing nobody to stop you from doing some of us need essay that timely turn off the television at night and go to bed so you can get up the lap of the last prayers I pray at night is Lord you've got to get me up to pray do not fail in order to get me up to pray do not fail and Jesus never fails to do for this young man unmarried and and all the sun got to get him in three years he's got twenty one thousand Seventh-day Adventists he has he has been three years he has two hundred and seventy churches and it's a miracle at the America numerical he is constantly like this man at midnight why was this man to wake his friend at the midnight because he's he's not asking for himself he is a is a travelers whose hungry and he goes to his friends to ask for something to give there is a basic this will one pray you pray to the God will give you something to give to somebody else that is the way Jesus operates this was the parade he was always trying to give me something that I can see it and God was working miracles it was working miracle after miracle after miracle and I have comes when you tell you on the McGuckin I can pick up one or two just really clicking it can get his elders to get my Glock homemade zone back the truck that carried diesel fuel and that he gets he gets to eat gets to his to the place of the Cunningham and I say listen have bad news for you calling hereinafter the next three days is also the diesel fuel so he goes detailed the Elder scrolls and days as well hepatitis we are having the next three days running money to buy any book that comes like confirming up insisting all of these is no diesel fuel and food is what you mean as they pick up the baskets it was dripping with diesel fuel but God sent his angel and his wife got over these was educating smell that there's no smell of these appeals make depth of the next three days BC had thousands of people hundreds of people coming in for bags and will camp there next to River where they baptized people he has his elder spring from all over that territory people coming to baptize beside having later trains are running pieces I go into the goddess in charge of the train is as I walked in the office that God was in charge the trains looked at him and says Peter Lamm is no surf is I don't know who you are by says I know who you are is is what is it that you like is it sir he's as I have these elders coming and they're bringing hundreds of people from this end of my field left in them I feel that I have no way to get them there and he says these are my baptismal date this is when I need them running the trains to run on that day and into three days later running the trains run back to take them back home the RAM at Denny's is the trains of the run that day turned to his assistance he says Sega diesel fuel most that they may brawl in baptism we took him home I'd say our God is able to do anything other then they went to a hospital baptized everybody all the leadership of that thousand physicians about thousand nurses about everybody except the persons in charge the person charges angry really angry and determined to undo the work within a week she's dead and we tell you we don't have any understanding of the fear of God we have no fear of God in this country and we had no fear of God in the church very little of it you read acts the apostles this is the fear of God comes back so when he goes like this read acts of the time read on for his New Testament talks about the fear of God and you get hung up on envelope there is you want but the bottom line is that God is going to require at our hand what he has given us we need to be about our father 's business in our father 's passion about winning souls and he will remove any obstacle he needs to win so there was no solo can be overcome but right now he needs agents and you cannot be that agent and Monsieur connected the only unit of divine power is in the attitude repaired the damage on counterfeit credit analyst big thing it's on everywhere we go I is is coming into Christianity to the new age of them Brett prayerfully Lambert prayers may have all the Middle Eastern nominees during the Eastern religion Hinduism masquerading under the influx of Christianity have the emerging church today is nothing but a new age deal on how I'll have time to spin on it just go to the Bible learn how to pray from Christ does about the terrible parables would Jesus uses to teach us how to pray would you shop a friend and go to him at midnight following thank you like waiting at his friend at midnight I like waking up his friend the night we had somebody give bread to his against his friend at midnight he pleads with him and says look for six crucial part of the parable for friend of mine has come to me on this journey and I have nothing to set before him on your friends need be cleaning with God every morning Lord my friends are here midnight is almost here the world is coming to it in I have nothing to give them all Lord God of heaven and earth to get me up this morning so that when I go to work today when I go to school today the honeycomb like reimbursable water of life rolling around and attracting people to a glorious Savior Lord you've got to give me some bread so I can get it to somebody else do not think that you have read within yourself you must have bread from heaven you may know the truth but you still must have it empowered and in order for them the better the lives of people around you look I am suited to get do not trouble all excuses my kids around him awake at the kids on a light at the Whitehall I does not meet China upset with me in the morning what are you doing out here I went anyway at midnight I'm sorry about your friend why didn't you have prepared for our money while you what the daily I have eaten is anything each I really don't get you to help you just must not stay in the wooden view and uses his punchline uses unique move giving the bread because he's his friend is his rent but because he won't go away you give it verse nine so I say to you ask the word there is a keep on asking you keep asking the rest of your life it will be given to seek and you will find not keep knocking it will be active in the verse gives the promise for everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it shall be open on talk a few moments about faith and prayer while the weather like two wheels on a bicycle one chain moves them both Bible says that the God rewards those that diligently seek him to see when you pray in faith you believe that God can answer your prayer ought I'm going to view this envelope is of this is up here I don't know what much of the next thing you see when I got up there wife's doing that unwelcome I give you something that is focused on ready for that yet just hang out give you this when you do this is powerful it is part of God 's plan is one this is coming from great controversy five twenty five is part of these guys part of God 's plan to grant us in answer to the prayer of faith that which he would not be still did we not thus ask the let me make that real clear that means that you not got a lot of stuff in your life and I would've been happy to give you if you ask for there's a lot of souls that you could have seen baptized that are not baptized because you didn't ask or if you ask you ask blazing prayer is hard work and tell you that you cannot fail your mind with all this garbage it's on the media and economically among all the politics you cannot fill your mind about how I was say something I mean I can get into politics I can read all this stuff and I do nothing to check nature with little drunkenly come to town we got saturate our minds with our real mission in life I what I wanted to sleep with you I used a broad law and the right and in the car I flip on the IMO the new station whatever it was you I told Lord about a year or so ago I said Lord I became convicted I'm just just cannot waste another moment and I said and stood listening to in PR whatever it is I am on display turn it off and spend that time in the car pray how much time you spend in the car were you doing in the car I hope you pray if you're not crazy listening to the word but me doing something profitable while your in the car is a lot what what what what people think of me facing the right what do they get all kinds of junk around you I'm in a car going like this like this don't pay attention to try I am serious I'm not trying to be funny it is time to press his times that time in prayer and wrestling with God the past was the apostle Paul says to one group increases in the past person is wrestling with you wrestling for you and primitive need to wrestle with God and prayer the first one you got to believe you got to have faith that God is able to do the impossible you've got to believe that he is the rewarder of those that diligently seek him you've got to believe that he loves to hear and answer prayer and you got to believe that he will not answer prayer I must deprive and if you don't you got any good condition to worsen the conditions for Ptolemy tell you how do we pray and this is some know that's good I fear he describes off if you are really a gringo go to this Christ object lessons asking to give over parts are brought this to my attention not too long ago he is full of compassion and he longs to grant the request of those that come to him in faith he gives to us that we may minister to others and thus become like himself don't miss that last sentence he gives to us that we may want minister so if you're praying selfish prayers you know I think of Stephenson 's earlier note we pray for this we pray that week we have needs yes their job and live all that come in on your brothers and sisters we need the passion about what Jesus is missing Jesus can take care of you creates you can take care of everything is not being the world Jesus can't take care up for what he needs right now is assaults from from the Earth to his flown over the salvation of souls backswing it's that we want this one with the cross so that you can minister to sunlight and then we become like Jesus Christ says is regarded prayerfully carefully considered theirs the divine science and prayer in his illustration brings you the principles that all need to understand he shows what is the true spirit of prayer he teaches the necessity of press appearance in presenting our request to God and assures us of his willingness to hear and answer prayer our prayers goes on a quest object lessons our prayers are not to be selfish asking out the apostle James says the we ask amiss ask yourself for our prayers like why am I asking what I want my children to be saying to glorify mere glorified in your people pray all kinds of prayer for the children not merely for own benefit we are to ask that we may give there is the presence of weird asset we may get when you begin your prayer you need to be saying Lord teach me what to ask for so that I might be able to do the principle of Christ's life must be the principle of our lives our mission to the world is not the server please ourselves we are to glorify God by cooperating with and to save sinners but I don't have on the lookout on the fund but it is actually possible book by a white these are my words but close that said that the early church begin to lose their passion for souls when they got the arguing among themselves about the theory of salvation we basic truth but they are commonplace in my life that I'm just one example the Bible says there are paradoxes I cannot figure out how have time to talk about this morning but I can tell you that I accepted my fate I cannot explain why God is one and three he explained that under all kinds illustrations and they all fall short but accepted by faith and I rejoice in his benefits I don't have to explain our mission to the world is not the server please ourselves we are to glorify God by cooperating with in the say sinners we are to ask blessings from God that we may communicate to others the capacity for receiving is preserved by imparting to get that if you want to receive the office rain that is constantly sending out to the world around I would tell you that we have a lot of lazy praying going on I will talk for a moment about this whole concept of persistent we we all like sermons on prayer and we all like to pray but we don't have this since that we got to wrestle with God in prayer what does it mean to wrestle with God prayer was it mean to be persistent were not like this were not like the Buddhists the blood flags and noble prayer flags Jesus spoke against them it was it mean to be persistent does that mean I have to get rotate over no it means that I think I give here's your promise you prompts in God I mean greatly I mean how can I win my sister friend of mine coming there so the Monticello got all this new age stuff for their mind is all this without I was a something else all this postmodern all you need to understand is that I would tell you that centers have always been reached in the same way the carnal heart has changed it is latest news ways to express itself what we have to have is the power of God to break through these obstacles in people 's mind I was I was once our eyes might I do not associate you can't move away from the African pride and plead with God for him and also got a want you have him to ask me to study the book of Galatians within a sunrise house one day on the way home as is sitting there talking staying there and all of a sudden out of his mouth he says unlike state book of Galatians the retail you God is writing the miracle after miracle after miracle that you God and being willing to wrestle with God you got to be willing to wrestle whistles God is able to move the obstacles and clear the mind Satan listened in the rules of war Satan cannot see another mind clouded interception and darkness when God 's people pray in their behalf a great wonderful mentor prayer I think of John Welch son-in-law John Knox is to get up in the middle the night he kept little blanket plaid blanket his wife finding on the floor weeping and she don't use the daughter of John not to say when you get to your hell and he said what don't you know I have three thousand souls to say this is a US based towns where people stand up and do it out of the stories was in the Westerns in Scotland when the border towns anyway to that place any take when two people start a fight it out and take a table to sit down and say you sit here and use it there he sat there and solve the problem only change the town that we change our communities and we can do it by the grace of God I think of the sorrows of nation woman the hardest move every time I think about it I mean there's there that there's been in England you cut the response of Jesus it's tough it uses pagan woman but she knows that Jesus has the power to cure daughter of the devil possession and and she wants this badly how badly you want the salvation of the souls around you how badly do you want those souls you know what Jesus said to her you know how I ignored her she kept pressing and finally turns to her and he says woman is not why to give the children to bring to the little dull you must submit how they are like I mean it ain't just the ignoring is okay that's what you don't know cannot I will tell you the difference between that woman and most of us that one knew what she wanted to you know what you want listen listen history is littered with political issues the only reason were not in the kingdom now is because we haven't wanted it bad enough how badly do I want to seek out wrestle with God as O'Connell are obsolete without it you didn't give me a passion for the loss you guided me the same heart God that you have a want to start public to know the mind is its way to be pleading with God to inspire a higher rating bottler have a quote somewhere on that awards that you'll find it there getting price on our biggest Christ object lesson parts are brought it to me and I've never seen that before the Bible says the Holy Spirit with groanings that cannot be uttered and then I've never seen nevermind is next on often pray Lord and you know the Holy Spirit is wrong and cannot be outer here his intercession in my behalf but the Ellen White makes his application of that text the word about the screen was in the knee this is the application that she makes that the Holy Spirit moves through our cronies through our rustling through our tears and that's the way the Holy Spirit intercedes with groanings that cannot be uttered his on the flight management regarding God give even flag mags of passion for the lost familiar condition the laugh employment serious business use morning American audiences been conditioned to laugh because the television we don't have a week we understood what it meant for one's soul be lost we might begin to know how to pray finally SRO Phoenician woman since Lord of the dog just she just feel like daughter the Lord looks at her old woman Hayden Tsai wrote the nation woman who had little knowledge of the Savior but what she had she was willing to extend that faith and trust in Jesus is all one great is your faith how badly do you want to see Jesus come combating you want souls doing as badly as SRO Phoenician woman wanted her daughter healed I know it's hard to get up and it's hard to stay at it I know there's lots of interference for our prayer life and there's nothing the devil work more than interrupt your prayer life I told us back in Michigan I'm not sure no I'm not sure we understand what means to wrestle like Jacob wrestle persistence things got I'm not letting you go public there is a quote here somewhere or must unknowingly uses quotes is one in my lifetime anyway I want to talk just a little bit more about fervency and prayer God tolerates a lot of things but he has two things that are intolerable insincerity and lack of heart away heaven is a poor market for ice nearly get up the trail Lord good morning I know you love the Lord thank you for taking good care of me this day so nice to know you Mortensen M Christiansen whether Jesus visits nice things for me but there's no passion you will learn how to pray with passion fervency violates the fervent prayer varieties man that avails much and read the book of Psalms is thank you for your falling we want to the book of Psalms and start the readers prayers it seems a sound seat they sound lacking passion I'm just opening up one here my cell on some fifty one verse fourteen can you imagine David saying this this way deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed O God not of myself I think they priced that way but he must've writes of the old deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed and understand all got on you alone can do that when we need to know what it is to put fervency in our prayers and practice another quote out like that says that when we pray with fervent see that that in itself is the indication that God is about cancer pray don't separate the Bible from your parenchymal and have the Bible and praying I'm often claim the promises of God mouth and saying Lord Lord teach me through your word how to ask for the promises by the way to go back to if you go back to the book education the chapter on faith and prayer she says there's a divine science and prayer and if you've ever run into Glenn Koons he's dead now but never get his little book the ABCs of prayer don't do that because he encapsulates that paragraph is a very simple illustration outline uses Jesus is the divine science and that she says just as the tree is in the apron if you ever down rivers worldwide open seats in my bid would point out to me the little plant that was already in the scene so in every acre and is already the tree so in every promise of God the answer is already there the reality is already there you have to ask me that the believe in your claim and you never ask outside the will of God I don't want anything out of the will I want to ask God to give me something it's not within his will I will always end up pricing Lord not my will be done but nine be done but but we do not get because we do not ask if you have the promise the promise assure and God will give the promised you got a claim that you don't believe it if not ask for and you cannot be you cannot be lazy circle about what happened in your life if you spent two hours every morning in prayer wrestling with God what would happen in your life if you sit for a BJ the great people and move God 's church to the centuries have been great in whimper every great revival every movement print that the return to primitive godliness will come on the wings of prey it will come on the intercessory prayer so we must be persistent in prayer like us I wrote that Asian woman we must not let know God 's arm alights on Angel and me she asked the question the angel Jesus why is there so little power in Israel and the angel answered this because you let go of the arm of the Lord to use got has raises it won't last I wanted us to be persistent in prayer while there are many there many answers maybe I will tell this motor was five years old twenty six you know that was a long time ago here she is she comes me she's a sweetie both my children adopted makes an extra special at the time to understand something about me I never really wanted little animals in the house at nothing instead what the historians okay for those of you have animals but I thought I didn't want little animals my house model daughter country she's a little animal person she's as they convert my birthday well I went to the list not heavily father does the same thing is going cost to this note clean the cage in your list and I and she says okay daddy and I'm up early my home and I got went up early and I'm in my study upstairs I hear little foot steps coming upstairs nobody else up and presenters will face in the crack of the door saying that he cannot come in and I said sure sweetie so she comes in she crawls up on my lap not your limits mild I would tell you something is a serious issue here she covers my face and kisses and then she looks at me and she gets down to a donor heart she's a steady cam of burnt rubber and him and Ptolemy tell you this is not how old you are how young you are unique falling and you have one father 's lap and he loves to have you covers facing kisses not to hear you telling the love he likes to hear you pour out your heart to him in adoration and praise spotlight is not enough Thanksgiving is not enough adoration is not enough praise maybe starting our prayer is also in God thank you for this and think the problem is we get discouraged poor memory that such poor members because we don't praise the Lord she kept that up a month hunting this new listen to this your heavenly father understands is unique in the season is one of drawing the PS3 beer heavenly father loves you as much as I love my girl I see love you more because you think he's most to train you to step you should leave the bird long ago but I wanted that persistence because it's building relationships it was also inculcating them on it I gave her the gift that she would take good care of it and appreciate God gives you souls you really appreciate you don't become like some gunslinger got not go your life of prayer God is waiting for your line footprint I know you're all people prayer that USENET understanding on pleading with you to go to another level I am pleading with you to set aside time to wrestle with God in prayer with your Bible on your knees I am pleading with you to do that you want to go home Jesus a Justin through Jericho Brown was within the blind man in the name bar to Mayo 's he's sitting on the road it's a money told in Mark Timaeus Jesus is coming down the road with a crowd and immediately barked Emmaus junk they started to shout Jesus the son of David how do you want me in the very fringes that probably led him there that it seemed there day after day is begging it seems and Mrs. Reagan blindness and brought into his life the very ones who probably told him that Jesus was along the road they were embarrassed as we turned a blind bar Timaeus and they say to him I should bother with understood something you understand that this was his only chance to see they would require and he kept shouting Jesus the son of God thou son of David have mercy on me I can hear them in my minds eye Jesus thou son of David have mercy on me either here is on repeating it we built a little embarrassed to be one be quiet and just wanted to have a lower ceiling it wouldn't be quietly when the stock where is silent because even though his only hope of ever saying I do wasn't doing that one divine man was walking along the road to suddenly master stops the crowds Jesus says bringing to me now the same friends it is said by demand chakras and there are many so-called friends your television your Internet your your cell phone your own whatever that's trying to keep your cries from going out to God Almighty who alone can answer those prayers and friends will say don't be fanatical when God delivers the fanaticism of May God help us to understand what it means to petition the Almighty listen we're up against two forces that we don't understand do we not understand it's almost midnight we not understand that Rome has just about got it locked up but we understand that Babylon is already formed that she's just waiting for the right moments to make her know you already know that America's mindset has already been pretty great condition and sex and when this thing and it's going to come with a swiftness do you not know that our wife says that the last message of God 's remnant people will do like lightning in the earth it will have to go like lightning and the only way it will go like lightning is because it will dull the wings our prayers and one North Nancy knows what he wants but he asking anyway what do you want me to do there stands the Almighty there stands the God the Creator of heaven and earth there sends the Savior sitting at his right hand rested his priestly robes there they stand the Holy Spirit moving in they look at the remnant church they look at you as young people they look at use the beginning of the movement and they ask you what do you want you want the outpouring of the Holy Spirit you want the baptism of the Holy Spirit you want this message to go like lightning and hear your become a mighty powerful the Lord Jesus wherever your plaintiff you would be used by God to win souls all around you unbelievable you will watch God work miracles like you've never seen before you will see the heavens come down to the earth what is it that you want you want the outpouring of the Spirit of God how badly do you want the outpouring of the Spirit of God how badly do you want to you may have if you want to does badly this blind bard Timaeus wanted to see our heavenly father whom Lord how many mornings and we spent sleeping in how many days we can pass listening to this that of the other and many moments of eternity of slip by and how many economic crisis graves Henry loved ones we have yet unsaved how many people are still in darkness Lord never even heard the name of Christ assess the third Angels message and any Catholic friends and Protestant friends how long shall we see abominations within our own churches at times how long O Lord do we just keep going down this road without wrestling with you until the unseen forces of heaven come down God may you forgive our negligence oh God our heavenly father actually eight disease young people with the crew genuine spirit of prayer make them the most mighty petitioners the world has ever seen that can have a double portion of the spirit of the early church but the petitioning of the apostles all on then both men and women may they pray heavenly father until no longer can the dams of heaven hold back all the prayers of the saints through the centuries plan for the culmination of your work in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit within the song heaven until they become the generation that finishes this work and we all go home together do not turn this year to hustle you may deserve you to turn a deaf ear that do not do it have pity upon us restore heavenly father truth and mercy to your people and cast the sins of the remnant to the depths of the sea have pity upon us in Jesus name amen


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