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Change Your Plans

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • August 30, 2008
    3:00 PM
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him him home on the web in all the sake of Abraham say what is on all the Midwest we even got a statement that is the twelfth rate is the same statement one eight now Paul says school blood Prince nope you give the additional information now these about essential feature of a free shuttle service of your progress with over twenty six on the first one happened than what rest of his son Jesus sent him to do what bless you if you want that away every one of you from what is meant with his is not the gospel medicines and yes no your word of the preview earlier today on this are either individually or passingly familiar with Revelation fourteen sixty I saw another angel flying this of heaven having the everlasting gospel to present within the problem there of every nation kindred tongue and people say that a lot of horse are going to give glory to him for the harvest of this I worship in the new heaven and earth mischief out of the water the ever lasting possible to us without both will never have this treasure are giving to you and you must do what was it a result of his upper Midwest and give it to you and you wonder what the settlers can anyone be saved outside the gospel boss was not the sponsored by Simpson force in the world of the universe the sacrifice of Christ is not just was working insecure heavenly inhabitants could see through all the other worlds it was facts sweeping just this world what I'm stressing to is that way back bought told I will follow why does it I will pop up with my referring to Abraham Bishop Friedman I is antichrist then i.e. Abraham seen an error according to be off the descendents of Abraham so that statement in Genesis twelve applies to loss and a man finds seed shall all families of their big mess my brothers and sister there is something the world needs desperately and it can only be filed in the search I've also deserves the Mister Montessori to the Pine Springs Ranch church the seven after the search in less events over the last movements after five sweepers thirteen Matthew chapter five reading verse thirteen what does that per se yet the one to whom is Jesus speaking business cycles reformers want and seeing the multitudes he went up into a mountain when he was sent to him his disciples he wove his mouth Paul Mal clearly a large multitude but Christ remarks were directed to the site ye are the salt of the earth then again it applies directly to join the salt of the goods needed was the first twenty rated with it I want the life of the yes again there's a lot like the truth is how was it involves people there's rest of the world in what documents meeting walk a reservoir is not I don't believe we have the people understand that life-and-death example in how we handle the secret responsible maybe it would be lost on the block would require our Bible says in John one ten he was in the world and what was meant by him of the world you have not personally if it was a result of his own received him not not the world that won't even know when Jesus came except a few shepherds as Wiseman houses of miles on supplies why wasn't he didn't know because Israel affecting it not counting up its function to prepare the world to receive Christ 's first is the second coming is worthy to be repaired who has the responsibility we do now is the last events page forty five autographed Seventh-day Adventists of the chosen by God as a peculiar people separate world separate from what was revision press suburban one of eating habits our lifestyles separate from the world our appraisal activities separate from the world of romantic behavior separate from the world of educational proceedings separate from the and is only when we are separate from the world that would give the world something in fact but when well on the world the world is wrong of an opportunity to see a different lifestyle seven advocates have been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world misinterpreted words by the great leave options my e-mail middle identified by the great leave a throat he has caught them out from the watering of the world and the interconnections between cells yesterday 's representatives has called for the ambassadors prohibited in the last work of salvation the greatest well optional Apple and trust that the bottles the most solemn and fair for warnings that was sent by God to man have been committed the men were to be given the world of living over that again since you ready to get the import the most sacred the greatest both of truth FO and trusted one is the historic span of more goals helpful out of the greatest wealth of truth about entrusted why does you choose the word entrusted about this give when you entrust something if you find a Bible on the galore will panic when your guest vision of the under get a penny to a new and budget problems alluvial to come to the White House leadership have you won't know it will distribute open so the lunch of a trust the pendulum is with you but for spreading the United States but it can entrust with two thousand and entrusted with forty million now four inch trust using any tells about the thing that's it is what is the greatest both functional Athlon entrusted for mortals which made from Adam this day no one else has such solvent from the Berkeley as we have not Isaiah wrote Ezekiel audio multiple of John the Baptist greatest wrote the we understand that is your goal one eleven what would you music director of the one you want to conduct it wasn't like some of the church because they make more when you understand how special and peculiar in that sense you are then you will want accountability but we are playing with his desire to be like because we won't this will set the captives and the uniqueness of all estimate of one five three four fifty five paragraph golf has called his church in this day Asif ancient Israel was the legal backer overvoltage reflect robust lives in the sense that evolution within documents was a bit we shall provide reasonable biblical evidence to support that conclusion God has called the search in this they asked all the same way he gone into this while this can also like in their beds uses that term I used to produce more vision by the Mikey you eat us up with him from the charges that want to be like he has separated them from the charges from the world to bring them into our sacred noon this precondition for a truly intimate relationship with goal based on that statement is a separation from other churches and from the women on water the other service worship we bring this time in order complaints very legitimate complaints of ago moment this morning with using whatever else lights fix curses you understand what needs this no one irritates me more than seven let me finish the statements was not as sweeping as it sounds cool enough to be like someone outwardly resemble that is unchristian over visiting Christian Longo it will not approve the minutes of the circuit was interested person was given by unbelievers and admitted that you are not against question but some think the worker since there's very little other than hypocrisy was my understanding was that I like the price I don't like the Christian NSF Christians followed what is this at all the word ludicrous as anything is a problem with Christian as a compliment that I can't say I'm a Christian I was shown that the this is nonsense when she was shot I was Sean says otherwise in regard to the remnant people of God second unnamed I was shown to classes were presented before me one class was composed of the grid bodies of professional Christian Phillips revocable and optional on the bilingual pet market situation there were keeping the first of the week of the Sabbath of the Lord the other class one wood fuel is number one mile into the written log of cheese that's the world of the child tax once she was Sean Miller class or with viewing the well I will always really want to talk about keeping the fall the peculiar prominent leaders of the faith were the observance of the Sabbath day and waiting for the return of our Lord from heaven says she was swollen why the news enthralls a line of this is one for developers to twenty four the name of several Baptist exists you Christian all Christians financed Seventh-day Adventist is also found in the review the Protestant world there is a line of distinction between the worship of the bottom of those who worship the beast and received a ransom that was coming from features of our faith from and with complete the inquiry by just the main courses upon the sports lack of our role from the quibble of golf it will wound the transgressor of Baltimore and will you need for repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that's what he is black or white sex the very name someone tell me any rubbish but do not assume that was your question is because you don't understand what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist is a high privilege search has been committed to the war one else's house of the something else with privilege comes responsibility let me wipe the smiles of the few places that there's a principle by which both functions it is this much is not a professional memory the greatest wealth of truth at what enforceable you combine up second Peter three nine one is not slack concerning his promise has some mental status is long-suffering to us and were not willing that while ammunition that is not that all should come to repentance it is not well thought why not in your community that positive those whether they are come to repent is a chance that convicts on the phone markets in each one is the understanding is baptism by immersion is a one-room incident in which a single signal to the world music yes what is the one who prevent the world from in the future that this is not your fault this service has been given to get back to whom much is given much is required come back our unfaithfulness of this will be taken into account when God punishes the unfaithful among the fires of hell and understand that clumsy six Tour de France latency is the people screaming the loudest info the evidence of fallen down this responsible since they more than all of the more him as well as long as the disposable yes what was the most of it will be beaten with what was I serving office where the faithful come on somebody say if the reader that the presence of whether the revolution for a visit six two four Revelation twelve is reversible verse one yes my inquiry from his essay not working I think of it myself well not hearing me raise an arm or somebody else's arm I will identify all right revelation twelve remembers one of the great ones been heavily a woman will pop at the moment of Iraq when I had a problem let's stop right was it would but it is of this woman of which the Bible says in verse seventeen of the subject of the Dragon was role of the woman but don't just be needed since his anger with every church is not because there's another woman Revelation resume Satan is not I love acting supports and personal version found ravages everything is not idea River their offerings that drinking buddies level comfortable business of reform it is an abomination the friends but he hates woman in Revelation twelve about her intimate walk with you see so we have the woman we have to see them have to this business for the which keep us eventually fortified out of F1 lawn has made us he hath committed was sacred on eternal truth which is to be given to others in secret warnings reproves a big coach we are the depositories of thoughts the devil hates the charts that has thoughts all at so we go back to this woman clothed with the sun the moon under her feet but when I had a crown of twelve stars we have the sun we have been organizations for consideration of your reflection when we first encountered in some of the sauce Christmas one forty Genesis one fourteen from one end of the Bible the next premises one fourteen to have that now God said let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night eleven before signs and seasons for days and years unleavened for lights in the form of the heaven to give light on the one of the primary functions of those heavenly bodies was to give light think where is the sun there is rather sauce one megabytes over the worse light comes where a minister are you sure process comes from where and when it is once lost I have one sources of life and earth are located under the watch sources of light that both said that the Brighton the world that he settled on the world none all the sources of light are located where you have outside of the unfolding so that they are is with them about you for a slide it is the hardware now is that it is woman again she has a son she has been just the stars how many sources of light is given over for three all resources of light bulbs and for their right then the other than as a woman have one of icing all present needed to prepare the world to receive Christ is found in this whole BR rent when the satellites this is an enjoyment of I would like the world they told the disciples in Matthew five forty life world I've got it advertisement and life they are to reflect the lack of antichrist the light of Christ is me are to be the world nimble helped walk over the world to help all excuses removed I am trying to stress my beloved brothers and sister that withholding this life constitutes you must constitute surely crime against what occupies our time professional weapons my career now please will be dressing up against careers I'm against anyone reversing when Matthew six thirty three CT one and now you can put whatever else you like the episode or something it is only when that is the order of everything else for this problem but if the kingdom of God is not first something is out of whack and it endangers one's eternal destiny bottles where is seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness I wonder what plans you have always asked me approve of the educational pursuits is okay and let the bread without values worked like a how not only for your educational all I wanted to Masters and bachelors and the will of the bachelors Masters than a PhD in the nipples better than don't think I could watch as the black market meal plan used to glorify God I will is little hope not going to be good lab to build yourself a plan to build a capable but eulogies everybody loves Jesus I'm a Christian at all one weekly with documents in the form why do you always about the stupid for putting the sent five is in the office killed people for planning and it is better the Bible says not to hum along the way of righteousness found the answer of what to come out of commission until a second in chapter two verse twenty one level of known something called the seven great at and so when I sang at all this ranting and raving I have been doing this several they Adventist church is golf 's modem the easily and we have a responsibility to prepare the world for the second coming of Christ as in a series of Israel for I have a responsibility to prepare the world for the first coming of Christ avid and I think it was a surprise the man Christ would come as a surprise to any of a lot of Israel why would busy writing exams you becoming and I'm really being very serious investment if you buy tonight remote will a funeral you would run what would Jesus would you this mail to you or I die I be in the help message before the help message one hundred and seventy one film which you get to meet at the meeting you'll distance of repeated by you being stung by a snake and walkable month if you will my guy what happens my processes I have nothing against making plans for this world I don't buy the risk of misinterpreting the occupied lack of the Senate I have ruled nothing against your children because available for but I have a problem that is more like monitoring principles as well I says review Harold gentry twenty four eight eighty eight is your faults your class your purposes are all directed toward the accumulation of the please will you society your spouting noise this will all be centered all the while the heavenly beauties where the rules of the abstraction the glories of the infidel world will cease to have the force of reality to you is that what you say when I will focus isn't this world heavily things becomes well if your faults let's examine the plans you have been extending what they have to do is if you die how much of the money of your left for you how much of it accountable to awesome visited Papua are you thinking of goals work we already have your house with someone and have grown thousands of you already have position you want the summary of years instead of this level were unique to you available to you in some what plan do you have for golf skiing the muscle and masculine as you realism affected which Muslim brethren important secret of the presidency but even with a divine person this will jump forty forceful while Switzerland's I remove my hand upon my mouth I have nothing to you that's all I can see the youth I'm not speaking of the interview but I want to burden on what ever I go the first concern as a general statement among God 's people is not golf 's work it is not God 's work but okay how much you tell me about Jesus there's another principle by which malfunctions it is not what you say it's what you do remember is that people are biblical Genesis twenty six she is my sister Bible says of those imprisoned for summative as a member this asked him of his life but he says she is my system twenty three position as my wife last Saturday the men of the patient can be going back up because she was fair to look upon he said she's my sister doesn't bother with it in the past when you've been there long time that Abimelech looked out of the window and saw end of all kinds that was sporting with Rebekah 's life not a benevolent dictator in his head what I subside this is my sin stop button always see his putting this woman in a way on land does not want to abilities with intelligent magnets right conclusion based on what I sent copies on Jesus but let's let one overnight but when you at what he's speaking the quality said that all of us Dorothy she is one by one of them as I listen to what shortenings sure if this is the Western guidance refer verily verily not at this woman is your wife why because of what the bootleg soul he now wears live by faith reputable individual in December there is no there was a lot I said I believe what he meant was not blessed widely ugly graduate thesis was that you love Jesus of the resident it already have to think such request what what how what you live us neurologist is a mess people referred to you from identity how ill is but the UW of Jesus that is a limitless energy Jesus answered the record estate but a pretty light of these is love it is what you asked why received by faith over just how by works of ostensible a you said you loved me all right let's not argue you need to ask you to let me ask you is that you bought me the answer filter question and the kingdom of our Fourth of July for yes on all exactly on behavior examined expenditures examine uplands that reflect the force visibility argument is either yes or no for this arm is sending to let me know I wanted to but it is necessary of the what all first and you just recorded I said that to you August thirty two thousand eight Spring branch uniform rules that is recorded books gone force you will therefore start changing the plans you have for your life if it does not matter change your plan to have six to have maybe to because the more children you have domestic and difficult work of the scissors was people decide on how the children never thinking the motives might have been a second regardless of the industry if we would think of going first on the decisions we would like we are peculiar people that repeat once it relevant past events before the five paragraph two seven evidence of the chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great clean little truth must not identify the Bible I'd let you icy by the great acclaim from he has cut them out from the Oregon and the interconnection with itself he has made them his representatives has called to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation the greatest both looked at what entrusted the more the most solemn and fearful warnings ever sent by God to man has been convicted to them to be given to the world and the world still waits why we build more churches one of the colors for the universal memory identifies vehicle every high school five and the work still hearts and open the request specially called the truth entrusted loss of the kingdom of golf is not first best mother judgment that the statement based on grid but there's hope for us that can start the day you can change your life to reflect the preeminent position of the kingdom of you can change the financial decisions you make you can change the convert all relationships but also that it is not a one because now you understand your difference and bring it all and you should is movements separated from the church 's misinterpreted what I'm appealing for some careful reports that father was a big dispute to be the right words the goal of my words are weak and strong rightward consult with our art student Jesus right a thing of the plan to bid for your life right now to believe those people you in the light of this message duty to make any changes if the kingdom of God is not clearly identified as first place by next definition of your plans they need to change all stop signal to hundreds of you if you think you need to make some changes in your life in the kingdom first annual rate so now make the changes for this I need to make them make the changes for Christ sake make the changes you have ask all potential sponsors heart map of asphalt that your parents are the first responsibility if you're an adult have spewed going right and wrong have made a change in plans that reflects primacy of the kingdom of God make actions will go up pleasure the global despised Moses Moses recalls advice on new Samuel Martha Martha also Simon Simon O Jerusalem Jerusalem stood to say that's what government by reason of the answer faulted include me in schools need to make any changes so that an examination of these renewed plans will come to show that the kingdom of God is fresh as it was in the life of Jesus Christ of those early disciples and apostles hold because the king was forced to turn the world upside down without iPods cell phones and downlink and uplink and cause of the waves and belts out whatever else they found the wine upside down he calls me how we should all have for a while 's notice so will you go really obviously sincerely appreciate this list of this trust does have a Baptist Church the uniqueness of its quality the perfected rules that ball the way bigger the revelation than what you want let us put your kingdom first because when a man or woman puts enforcement blog you raised that person on imaginable heights in the name of Jesus warns us eight exchanges people 's lands the frisket of both of your friends will see an astounding Psalm fifty six three what's I am I'm afraid I'm trusting both father bestial sons above I believe in my heart every single person of the Salvador Mansur was once spirit is willing which is sold weeks and I've give us the battery-powered Jesus continually since gold to communicate that special white mule it is publicly sweet Jesus therefore we offer to Jesus people say a prayer and


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