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Becoming a Godly Woman Part 1

Janice Watson




  • September 20, 2008
    2:00 PM
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him will him have one session this afternoon I'm excited to be here my name is Dennis Watson as most of you know because just a little bit about myself so you have some sense of who you are spending the next couple of hours with I currently as he did for the last five weeks of teach at Oakwood University of brand-new my first time in the South so I'm adjusting to the weather and the mountains and all kinds of other interesting things I may tell you my mountain story a little later in the presentation prior to that I spent twentysomething years at open at Andrews University teaching them and doing educational administration and God has allowed the privilege and I Township both a privilege and a responsibility to travel and speak so I've had the privilege to speak with women on several continents in small groups and in large groups and so some of the things that were to be talking about today will reflect what I've been hearing from women around the world on some of the issues that we deal with and whether to be addressing today so I'm excited to be here in some ways this is been one of the more difficult presentations that I have prepared and done and my interpretation of that is a problem because what we have to say is important and celebrate with me as we share them talk and as we work together showing on the clock we thank you for your press we thank you for seven dollars and for the ways in which you have already ministered to us we thank you for the gifts that you give themselves lavishly throughout the several thanks we ask that your spirit what Homer here in a special way you know why means you know each woman here in their individual needs speak to our hearts but we know me clumsily cleanse my heart and kidney of anything that would block your message getting to your people and when all has been said and done we promise to give you all the owner and all the glory speak to us we promise to listen and we promise to obey when they actually before everything I need to make a personal service announcement you know how sometimes a church or before the service somebody will get up and say you know the that the car in the parking lot with its lights on car license number X X X X and if that's not your call he'll paid any attention but if it is your car you respond to it well I have one of those kinds of announcements if it's for you received it if it's not yours that's okay here's will come again typically women preparing for the presentation somewhere in that process I'll get a song and I don't think so when something comes to leave to music it's unusual for me because I'm more aware person in a music person and I believe it was Monday morning at six something in the morning I was driving into work and I'm still trying to find stations in Huntsville because I knew when I don't know what they are sometimes religious stations just at random out of funk a month I spoke to my heart that day and I took it as a message for me and ran on Thursday and Friday came back and I heard about a different radio station him for the lighthearted authority by family okay what I'm getting the message and avoid it with gas and somebody else needs it so if this is your message this is your public service announcement the song that I almost let go I felt like I just couldn't take life anymore my problems have any balance depression weighed me down God help me close so I wouldn't let go God 's mercy check to me so I wouldn't let go I almost gave up I was right at the edge of the breakthrough but I couldn't see the devil really had me Jesus came and grabbed me he held me close so I wouldn't like God 's mercy me so I wouldn't let go and he concludes I'm here today because I kept me I'm alive today only because of his grace if you're holding on by your fingernails the something somewhere off topic and if you're holding and you're not quite sure how you can make it the message for US gods holding on to you and is holding on to you so you don't like when one I've been praying for you since Thursday if that's your message to us even when they called me and asked to come to this conference I've never been this family and I got a little file is everyone down here for sure and then she said and we would like you to talk about being a godly woman please deeply and I have decided to become I thought about it anything immediately all kinds of exotic coming to my mind for why they are asking me not married not a mother while asking me because you know when they ask about the godly woman is not able to come and talk about how much thirty one when I was growing out when they had woman's day they had this message and they talked about the godly woman she was always Proverbs thirty one and was a very clear image that I had in mind on that of what a godly woman and you are you growing up to do these kinds of images stereotype that you hear that you see what a godly woman is like and this is an directed by the way so I will ask questions that my students will tell you and then I wake only until he gets it painfully clear we are very good and bad superwoman when we problem thirty one official business of the one to get up early in the morning she stays up late at night husband thinks he's also liberals about her all the time our children say that things are not honestly those of you who have husbands and children sometimes they say good things about you and you know anybody was transmitted children pay for all that I can see spending sayings of Jesus court in flames and she is managing other people as she so they will in a little bit of honey why that was solid to me and I thought one concept that we have is that the godly woman is Superwoman she does everything and she does everything will you also know the stereotype is leaving another one out there was the voice of a godly woman sound like Jesus Sweeney and she is quiet and she's soft-spoken voice is sometimes very high in it when you listen to the godly woman on a Christian radio station from the most eminently timely and sweet memories of my economic and when I turn a face and even if I don't know who it has taken often say with a few exceptions of this question on an quiet voice to submit this which means that people get to walk over she speaks words of wisdom everything that comes out of her mouth is okay what else she dresses modestly and when I was a child that meant to me that she dressed like this is why I appear down here down there in eight hours preferably with a human the blonde your child's and hopefully when we grew up we put away childish things we were children we can generate a long list probably that need quiet cottonwood dance now in the garden is the godly woman successful woman him horrified when the successful woman in according to mercy successful according to God 's successful in cream and laying stereotype of a successful woman anyone with funny stereotypes aggressive independent educated someone said smart anything else is financially secure I anything out and out to those crossover because I don't remember any of these over the order of the gas I can see it on your face he had so would you say that your superwoman Proverbs thirty one woman is useless if you would like something from you I know I wanted to razor handle the one tempted how many of you see the stereotype that you can look at me already and how often do very well in life it will not go into a bun bulimia tries my voice will never be high I haven't I will follow at and get out I haven't quite made it to the missiles wiping now Eileen not that version on the unsolved here like many of you I didn't have them tell people that well okay how many I can I be a little bit of everything I can call the house I commit my husband happy and eight I looked in the summa woman and I thought about how the checklist rises up and know she cooks another as conical but compared to my mother and my sister and all these wonderful woman in my life who are nominal hulks thing to write think and when they were busy doing all of that I was in the corner reading a book and studying math so after a while I go down the checklist and may not widen at running post would be younger academics said that will not and he wanted out of this model for how that model doesn't work for me so when you go and what is and what does it look like and what difference does it make in your life that way addressing this first session I suggest to you that the place where we have often been gone to talk about gardening women is to talk about what she does in the province thirty one woman the way we have traditionally heard it if you grow up in the same are you was all about Washington she does this she does this she does this she done this I suggest to you that our model the way it has often been prevented notice I didn't say what the Bible with the wind I said the way it has often been prevented begins in the wrong over the last old invade out loud probably twenty five years of self and I traveled and spoke to women and so forth and so on and that in corners and listen to women there are five areas that we struggle with in some form or fashion all of the questions from all of these women of all of this I think into five different areas and one of the areas that we struggle with trying to figure out how and what God 's model is and how to conform to it okay I actually never thought that as a subcategory of roles the question of roles and submission one other area relationships I know that I could never go anywhere to speak and leave without at least one discussion about relationships outside you think a feminine one even when two seconds heartless and I'm done about that along with success in the definitions of success biggest to the degree that we see ourselves as successful in whatever system that is we see ourselves as content will you are doing really well on my list anyway without about relationships we talked about Rove we talk about success spirituality and I'm going to try and act swap first category this is interesting that in this category as well fantasy identity and the last one is ugly the one of the first questions come to me about somewhere in there somebody wants to talk about the evidence what should we win what should we not where is that wrong I was always wearing that okay inevitably the question of the parents will come let me suggest to you that in God 's system the question of identity as the fundamental question not the question of what to do not a question of what to wear your although those questions are important but in God 's system when he starts to talk to you about being his woman the first issue is identity and I'm also going to suggest that in our society today the question of identity is a clinical question that separating women around the world Jeff missed last week him if you are able never had table before I got table because we again from table where I live and I got cable and it's turning out to be a very interesting thing I'm not sure how long is the limit my house is my in-laws there was a documentary child channel documentary woman's news on BBC I saw a documentary that was entitled I have two moms who used to be that's the story of a twelve -year-old girl who actually writes this documentary a twelve -year-old girl living whose father and mother got divorced the mother and the father had a sex change and is now living with a man who had a sex change so this little girl has two mothers both of whom used to be meant as a very interesting documentary he doesn't know why she says she did it was so that people would understand that they were normal family she wanted us to know that this was a healthy normal family the question of identity the question of sexual identities the question of what it means to be female what it means to be a woman is set to society when God began to establish the identity of women right from the very beginning and she establishes the first facet of our identities by saying but in the beginning well doesn't help me in the volume that can help me what you know about humans okay is not good for man to be alone early in its human issue not a male-female issue a human issue humans what are you an image of God God help me before you'll get to the image of God in our primary identity is not help me as I wasn't part of our identity is not help meet because he is male and female created he them is without meaning but you were created in the image of God which I don't want to be like him in fact we were created like him and it's important for us to make the distinction between before the fall and after the fall because our identity was established before the phone it was marred by the fall but identity is established before the fall and one of the things that is the one says that the true education is to do what we store the image of God in the to bring him back to actual identity what does it mean that you were created in the image of God what about God if you create enough during his image in what way I like it when he could him in what ways did he create us life the desire to be logged and Laos what distinguishes us from animals choice freewheel what else is the ability to make decisions all human beings are created in the image of God with the ability to reason for themselves and make decisions one hundred more in one talk about identity while pushing that is not a obvious you're an Internet after lunch mouth I can tell it's not obvious thing for exactly that reason is identity that suggests that we do not have the ability one of my reason and make decisions is not the typical icing that the fact that God established identities they are to establish our identity to allow us to be in relationship with him and in relationship with each other fundamental not what the upholding identity outfit is in each of these areas what I'm suggesting is we live in the middle of a clash and part of the challenges that we have to do him the idea that we have a concept but there's another concept out there competing with the concept that we already have your identity is established by the fact that you were created by God by the fact that you were we being my the fall so our identity is not fat enough fall in that one but in the redemption so the question of who are my is answered by daughter of God and God is not a role it's not something you do something you want as part of your identity and his daughter built into when a certain sorts of things that we must not take for granted are built into the fact that you are a daughter of God is also the idea that you have worked and that work is built on Windows you were come from who got and the work that God has attached to one the concept of self-esteem is a concept that is relatively recent I need to develop my self-esteem I need to build my self-esteem on my head experience the other day that was a little shocking to me that will just be a years old and I've spoken her about something and in my opinion she was very very rude and how she responded and I said to the mother is not I will also say mother said while I encourage her to speak her mind because you need to develop self-esteem she needs to know that she has more and the way that she knows she has more is in her ability to speak in that way because our work is going to be based on her ability to be independent ability to articulate what she wants in her ability to push for what she want that reflecting you understand when I go to find myself endlessly to determine what I mean what I want and how I can get what I need and what I want the Bible says our density is not based on that if you go to first Peter may quickly know cause I knew the different Bible we don't speed up starting first two when he says that he's speaking to the elect who are elected according to the foreknowledge of God the father through the sanctification of the Spirit adversely assessed to an inheritance incorruptible computers like the layout your identity and what your identity is based on research based on these things you should see yourself as a princess my first sentiment on the envelope that I am not that I'm not as a little Janice is the woman I think about it wrong to waste to become a princess one is a newborn insulin marriage is only two ways to become Princess if you're born into it it's yours it's not based on anything you did you're a Princess you want that you were born I understand that about the rebirth that you are a princess at the momentous of human born with all the privilege privileges and rights that I hear the question is not whether or not we are the buses we know what to do with it because you know something about being a princess a carries with it a level of confidence unmatched when you walk into a room and you know what my daddy and obvious in why should that not be our attitude my daddy is to be I'm a slow view I really do for you my buddies looking in on and you can change that if you know how we completely that you are is an experience that he has chosen you may have called you that a level of confidence that you have is amazing you do not need to worry about self estate because you are God confidence and are confident that I know that God can and will do whatever he wants to do so whoever he wants to do it through will e-mail you can use you to do whatever he wants my daddy has been seeing and I'm here continues to to know all kinds of things that we think we can know one of the last south into that some event you recommended mailings that it only said that I just missed it how the knowledge that I didn't make sense princesses with attitude allows you to what confidence do anything that God calls you to do it is unnecessary for godly women have to go to assertiveness training and so forth and so want to develop the right to be we had the right to speak we have to be careful of what you say we had the right to speak because my daddy and mommy is not so see you next week for me and we say I'm too young to say anything they want to listen to me in all old now to young people don't listen that all people I don't like people will list on the wrong color on the wrong page like you didn't give me enough education when I get my degree I will see as you say I ask you to speak because you want my child already chosen I have given you what you need so those of you who are warming or you can do whether or not you said do understand that one of the consequences of being a princess is that your end Power Mac is built in win-win feminism came out feminism came out in response to a very real situation in a single country in the world in every single generation women have been subjugated that have always been someone who leave have always been women who have been subjugated and dominated on this and I said okay woman are disempowered woman and are undervalued women are being mistreated we have announced and the answer was empowerment training the answer was to teach them to understand that every charge the answer was to have them understand that they were equal to man and allow them to operate in the work some of it is richer and more educated and subjugate God 's answer to the facts 's answer to that was you don't have to go and look for it because you already haven't gone does not support or condone ember nickel flyer or allow domination and subjugation so whenever it occurs whether it occurs within religious systems or with outside of religious systems outside of God 's will and God sent out at least four -year-olds because you are very fast my dad is gone and you're here and you have the rights to be your responsibilities will talk about this is lovely but you have to fight to be him understanding what identity is the primary question Glenn mine now let me ask you another question how would your life change if you operated in total got confidence what was different in your life it usually believe that God can do anything and you can do anything to you what was really worried about how you look much bodies like whether God compensated that your identity has nothing to do with how you you are elected you are creating you will call you a chosen for my humble so put on whatever you need to put on hold is set up and walk in my body that you have your princess who matter what size you way when I was little I was afraid for now I will I was when I go back to being little and you will still be in a you hearing me in a live exercisable U-shaped window Holy Ghost Seo anything to do with who you want actually read that we are loudly to define who we are we make on the line when God created one look at what he had made and he said he was going in with some things fundamental legal and when you are reborn into him he looks at you I'm the one of Scott Santa something that will work on the second set of analysis and try and fix but do not want to leave good to me you don't not believe self-esteem training godless secularists are he does not say that all that what we do is going on than what we think and what do you guys not say that we are God that we can mark that God has created in his image and my job is that what that image to build on that image because where what we talk about relationships when we talk about all of those kinds of things it only works if you have confidence in him talk about submission without nonconfidence are not willing to talk to you about men until you understand the confidence because when we're not talking about manual needed and you will need it another thing that got confidence us his allows you to be countercultural the identity of a godly woman is countercultural beautiful we were taken out we were special people we are chosen but you cannot be countercultural if you worried about it when everybody and some of us are struggling to be godly women what other people think you know you try to live that long address and a last tenacity what was a white to go to the closet but on the other one anyway were willing to go they are except everybody else was going there and nobody else and you don't want to be the only one I teach freshman values to teach freshman questions things to ask you what point do try off the TV if you're watching something and was too graphic or non-Christian whatever you going to get out and walk out if there's a movie what do you say and I thought it had been the schools and eighty something percent of my students say never never question my best and before that is is there a point when it's too much too much whatever it is and you realize you should not be watching it not the person said that I may hear and see what's going on my question added to them with what you do it if you are alone in the number of people who would do it if they were alone turn it off or walk away increase dramatically that tells me we don't have enough confidence princesses with attitudes princesses who walked a dog confidence do not have to worry about what other people think and other people say we have to worry about are the mothers in our behavior are thinking our self-concept and self worth I'm not determined by what other people think how would your life change will be good enough to worry about what other people might say how to change your life I am positive I want to start last night and some very interesting things about what I plan to wear today and solve after the Lord light on it for a while against him allege you know because stated that it is not the world won't help staying with friends met a little girl and she looked at me and she said why understanding that you are yesterday and children very honest and also probably thinking the same thing they didn't say it am I hot turn the clock to be thinking that what is anything that I would estimate on the underside to do that you are now my head is all about what I'm wearing and what people will be taking and the light went on in every now and then what have to give you in your face examples went as a weather that means walking are confident in the digital of the law tells you to do no matter what you wearing that no matter what you say someone's got to say about what you want me it's a little example of unwanted attention because so often we live our lives outside of our identity our identity only comes out when we come to church we think everything was little what does the Bible say is unsafe and delivered on love but we won't name like that is the only thing you ever heard me say today godly women walk in God 's when talking about their relationships whether they're talking about their parents whether they talking about their moles is fundamentally underlying all what you do is you law and whose you are and how thin the self-esteem movement you get up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and you say the wonderful person I'm a good person high booklet I like the way I walk my takes a little of what you don't tell you what Pentecost twenty five your wonderful person you're a good person always getting up in the morning and having I am God 's child on the Princess my daddy is gone and I'm here and I will be here all day long how often do you tell yourself how often do you remind yourself of who you are what are decisions we difference in time I had a decision to make I thought I'd ask myself why and then made my decision in the confidence of who I am amenities and Steve talking about someone with no because if it is a way you live if it doesn't affect where you live decision-making becomes difficult most of us make decisions on a paramedic at the bottom of that Paramount is whatever the foundation is in for many of us we're trying to make godly decisions on among godly foundation we bought into the world says we are on one extreme or the other I want to train the world however not worth anything we don't have what it takes we can do and on the other extreme the wild tells us wonderful new model is that if you think it will happen they are told that in identities and to the degree that can function one of mistaken identity you cannot establish a copy you cannot be the kind of service you need to be if you don't understand we want to get out of you have the humility to know who your sense of self when you serve others if you don't know who you are and how is our mother the interest of special but everybody ought to serve you the lowdown about men that come up again as the two extremes exist when we talk about men when God looks at you and he ceases that he has created that he has bought with his blood that he has indeed moved with a fraction of his intelligence percentage of his heart and that he loves unendingly and unceasingly he sees someone of unlimited war other than limited intelligence that is a unlimited unlimited what an him means deeply at times when he sees what I've done with Wednesday is wrong this is telling everybody about this child and approval of the present is always the smartest and brightest the most wonderful that Chalabi messes up all of them in their child is one busy at the moment about the job and it's always welcome Amadeus because they cannot see themselves away in the next session to realize now these get more and more complex than some way and on the excessive to take that and move it to relationships and roles what does it mean that you're a Princess when we talk about men and other relationships I thought about those other relationships and you know what if I know you would you really want to talk about a man to do that in the next session to talk about being princesses when it comes to relating to men without a little bit about roles and I will bring up the S word we willing to talk about the and in the last session we will talk a little bit about appearance and we'll talk about success yesterday somebody said to me a university is coming to talk about what we should wear I also know how hot is so even when we are in who you are as effect which would amend saying what you think of the missing I been someone known for by the collective couple minutes to talk about men and how we relate to men and how they relate to us and then we'll go from there about identity and roles in the case for the five minute break in between


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