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Becoming a Godly Woman Part 2

Janice Watson




  • September 20, 2008
    3:00 PM
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him him him him him or him and you who created us for your glory and who will have that creation sounded good you who redeems us in your mercy by the blood so that William Rice you can look at us find a way we thank you and we ask that you spent with items speak for less speak to us all that we say giving glory and may we be changed by you where we started off our session tonight talking about our identity we are in Christ and we start their because as one man perhaps one of them most say their attacks on our possibilities and godly woman is mistaken identity not understanding who we are and I will not go back through that session but we concluded these are my conclusion was that as God 's children and his daughters we can all write with confidence we can be princesses with the attitude the attitude that all who are as determined not only by who God is but whom God says we are by the fact that he made us to be deemed us we are born and adopted into a family in our inheritance is in him and we argued that there were five different issues that women struggle with on the way to be more in the process of being godly women identity with one of the the relationship and role as a number for another two and we also talked about appearance and success in the session we want to talk about relationships and roles in the last session will talk about appearance and success of a little of you who came to hear about holding the next session but that's okay first somehow they tend to get high when I done this anyway what does it mean to say that God created us in his image and he created us for relationship what does Genesis about the relationship between minimum from the beginning was not good for man to be alone what does that mean new ones on data dots that what they wanted to make a man because God wanted somebody is going to be in relationship with man was created to be in relationship with God are designed to manage the relationship with another human communities and relationship goals also reminds the picture of the three of them in the garden and it is such an excellent excellent job on Friday night I hope you didn't miss it but talking about the ways in which he reflected part of heaven in the ways in which he was happen literally on earth and in the heaven on earth was he how did the human relate to each other I remember that anything they do now about Jennifer about how Adam needs related to each other before the fall what you know they weren't separated very often they end like being in each other 's company is little seasonal she was made a help meet for him and he had the job of watching over everything taking care of the garden manganese one thousand nine that meeting with them can you make that connection all this suggests that was put in the garden is in the beginning Adam was put in the garden and I noticed that that was a problem because it feminism of your struggling remember when attention is that there was a way that we can outline the first thing that happened this season when God comes the garden was a call for myself and he sat and then add MSI right behind the enables one which was reasonable and sublime golf I is and what about inside you is that what you said okay Lisa Adam C five to enjoy the woman for the one at and already people are pointing fingers and the system stopped working I want to see the decision of the system is working in all originals since the mean time the fact that I may enjoy the fact that within Johnson got called out of the problem about them later and why that was not a problem and wife in a problem at Versace is beginning it was what does God say to send about the man and woman of the generative field looking at me like you did in three days coverage and if this is eloquently in your life one of will go back to live in what I read is this being says Adam makes light up I think you know put on the clothes in a you know all about them and what happens what does God say about but not limited in regards and you are in Asian economies unless it was on a per desire was to be under my husband would be well interesting thing about it is same word desire is used elsewhere in Scripture talking about a him not simply that your hardest to you but also the struggle and because we don't use desiring the same way we don't get it what if one has already been speaking on is what has already happened and now we have a problem what you were able to do Adam before relatively painlessly will no longer be like this is an excellent meal what will you get a complimentary fashion in the struggle to make it work and it was we got struggled ever since we have struggled with each other we have struggled with what our position ought to be but before we talk more about the struggle I want to talk a little bit about what being a princess I thought God means when you start thinking about men and you know we started young so muted haven't thought yet and most of you are in college I bet on college campuses long enough to know we said earlier that being a princess being a child of God men among other things that because we have works because we were made in his image we think we reason we make choices and we bear responsibility for those choices for all that God got away if you take it from the woman there is no indication that any boy you are no longer made in my image as always I think you feeling individuals with heart for relationship where we tell you some of the consequences of walking in God confidence when you think about man the verse in the Bible is the place on the Lord way I say on the Lord I on the Lord he is going on and on always everything else in the father will give them what they need and ways joyfully in the important negative ways so I only fully great to have all that enough law and nothing shall offend thousands of his peace that passes understanding is what I wanted out Moreno now will not damage the man forth and processes in ways joyfully useful in the knowledge that God will provide what we need which may or may not be good to get God when I was viewing the whole batch you need may not be on the way the wind was awaiting joyfully and peacefully you're doing what God gave you him him I seem nowhere in Scripture where God gave me the job of looking format if you have a verse quoted out so I can record it for the next Senate but I'm looking to play something it is not clear many of our struggles with men begin because we did not know how to wait for me but here is freshman you only been here five weeks I think it is an patient already the reason at all and will others the one hundred and uniform you use something to do do we saw Thomas would not have time to be selling patients if we were doing what God gave us the way when not feel the burden that we feel it when you start doubting God confidence to do what he gave us to do but we were busy I do not know what I can do that I felt that I don't have that and I don't look right a lot of them about what certain amount of that is not doing homework but you know what you seems that nothing comes free that I was in my house for myself and the other end of the three ungodly woman can wait joyfully and in peace a godly woman recognizes heart prints when he comes our friends friends to marry princes Prince that is Natalie Frances saw a something you on dating me on lusting after some men were not princes are you hearing me there is no play by Princess within the conference and I don't mean something discharge Catholic of the unwanted talk about Menelaus and when the Bible says do not be on a unequally yoked together with unbelievers and when people do not only what you thought about what people do it's about what they believe is this is life of the shadows never be lifted over the homes of people who are held together with unbelievers so I will worry about submission but not limited to be worried about submission to marry princes and their people crying out it's too late to fix and I sit with them in the office and we pray God 's grace and God 's goodness for what they going but why would you want to start someone that will actually don't get it it doesn't matter how long you've been waiting for how long you think you're going to weddings him with his often when they choose to do otherwise you end up advocating a position that he was going and that is probably one of the most CVN mistakes that you can make any point in your life is to check the woman that God created the woman that God unless and when craving anyway with someone who doesn't know that's one service I came across a passage in a book that was not talking about this but I love it it's sad do not go here sorry I deal with all weblogs that is what you are leading allows you to fill in the market I see there is very other wonderful things in the fun again the fairytale is not biblical the average for all is going to remain from state when the princes but you know what it needs to be your the one God gave you not the one you way to get an later on when I explain to you how problems with submission start with finding people who want princes and all the people you were not given is you have the belief that God can do whatever he needs do you know what he needs to do it also met Abraham and the problem is we don't really believe we can't believe we want to believe we believe not time about some of the things I was going to know I can trust God for my job and I can trust God for this and I and all of us have different areas and some that we have to do ourselves because it was not written on it you don't really understand me if he could get a kind guy is not what I need to know that I mean really good-looking and I know we've got labor law I mean really good and sinful less the Lord allow today what he didn't give you because I is warning us about them I have to keep giving the method over and over because anything I say it with arthritis but we've value not smother happen to me as you know there was this woman twenty years ago and she married this guy he became a Christian you think Reynolds they will never happen and how long most of us in the plane with a bomb on the chance that this one will explode some possibilities but when my son but would you might want to hold it hoping that this would be a country view intelligence and reason his wisdom things once I will lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men and women is really an upgrade is not without me asking and why when we asked him and he says no no we can help you pass what what I'm not exactly is not the one that you don't have to did not address this out and Lebron on the Lord is better at revealing hearts than anybody sometimes he will not tell you why that if he says no believe everyone is an invalid fuel and wonderful God we know that you are online and you would come to fuss but what if as no he's not allowing a wonderful guy other coming from is it possible that his know if him being the wonderful God coming through for us that we can be on the back of the women in my life Lord knows but I feel very blessed I have dated I think some of the most wonderful man I can like them all letters of recommendation but I feel him to fix also evaluate him him and I feel that I look at my life now and I look at their life now and I couldn't have seen it under any circumstances in any way that was and all indications and when God said no I honestly did not get its way except that it only on faith that he knew something that I didn't know that he was brighter than I was that he was both God and the sometimes you will sell us what he's doing I tell you why we don't bake anyway princesses know that brings us with our friends is still a princess immediately a princess without a plan 's development is she doesn't need to lower her standards she doesn't need to change our commitment in God does not send you a prince with your head up my daddy isn't seeing an application some of us will not supplement will not have France's fourth season and some woman had printed at all I now had him a job in the final tally who you like and see that we are all because you feel that you have a praise and get a little better than something almost fifty years old good you know the line something interesting the things that we thought we could not live with not live without thought of someone some of us who was so sure if we didn't have a man we didn't have children we would not survive me say something we provide and rise some of the Godhead him were that requires that we not have a husband the children and we can finalize being bitter about it we can commit to the privilege that we have been given and get on with the business of doing what God gave us to do and for every moment that you sit whining about it a blessing is passing by their things I would not have been able to and been true to my calling if I had a husband and children is very clear about taking three take care to children sometimes I think when God calls you to understand what your primary calling it is my calling is to be a wife and mother there's some things that you will not be able to do understand because that's only but not all of you are going back quality you leave in place the quality within the print reference without princes are you printing you can reflect that the daughters of the King Jill God says differently it is differently when you're twenty okay when you start and when you fix each when you're eighty summer musical beat up on the law doesn't come yelled right now and understand that your life will still be fulfilled that's the thing they didn't tell me you wouldn't be single and reservoir following that I was one of the five hundred million feet and I was on a basal cells that would be going to my life when I was a choice to make to trust God for what he had chosen to do my life princesses married for the right reasons what are some of the wrong reasons resulting in yellow good and you will find that I write onomatopoeia children we got them here family and parents insecurity and temptation of the change in an LA license back to the pressure in what way to build your identity in that person security bio clock so you won't learn and what the theologians a lot getting married so I won't learn if your sexuality is a discipline that you have to marry someone God has given you so that you won't learn to pray for deliverance from sexual addiction live outside of being celibate so I am sorry folks who are found in Italian to be celibate a lot longer than you think God 's grace is sufficient he gave us our sexuality he gave us hearts for the people and he gave us the ability by his grace to control how unfunny things unsaid and we continue to hear it obviously I was in my office and the student came to see me as couple years ago in the home without this prayerful crying session Doctor Watson your iPhone will forgive talk about it either but it was contrite to three weeks later back in my office fourth and I didn't intend to it wasn't my plan is that we pray for some time she came to my office my question what I see what you're trying to does not happen some of us are not intentional enough about purity it is not going to happen by accident or by osmosis you fall into sin by accident you don't will interview and on the puny moment as it would let anyone specific summary of the early about what about when you're in relationships point number one be careful who you choose point number two one around all over the place making your choices what is wrong with him if he's not friends what you I was in grad school because I don't they are the most wonderful man I've met you I will update on Dennis you cannot be my friends I elevate people a questionable way in hell this article are I wanted all over the place allow the Lord to send you what you need and when he sends you that person the raffle about how you want because all about way you go and make some plans I was visiting with my was going to a conference and I share a taxi with a woman everyone a most fascinating women I've ever met she was in another denomination she was Minister of something like Minister of music or something like that I said in our denomination we have for our leaders the role of three is that a woman cannot be alone with a man who is not her husband without someone out there will stringently I tried to do this just simple not a single of the politically to have any idea how often there along with us I suspect a lot more often than you think do you have any idea how often your along with guys and situations that could be compromising I'm even thinking about it now that I'm saying to you everybody should have a rule of three but I am saying to you you need to be intentional is intentional about us and incidents also be intentional about our obedience to him only as we all up in your business got been fatal with an apartment in developing appointment on times a day and euros of the eleven what where I says when was not the deciding factor him to the field and help make logical sense what is your plan now if you love somebody suitable later you want to be close enough what is your plan of hearing from God 's women finish what is your plan on talking to one of the other things that young woman told me about the move reset when she started dating someone and she was in her thirties she says she had an accountability partner and every time she went out this person she got the call and report when we don't what can we do and how we kept our commitments he had one to your dating life change if you had an accountability partner with you all and you know and explain before God where you live in what you have done and what you would say I let the Holy Spirit leads you into how you can be intentional within relationships about to obedience to Jesus you know what you're supposed to do but that's not usually the problem is an issue you if you don't cook him a meal what does he have to be the only one in I wanted that this romantic dinner will you and I really do because I'm alone we all programmed partially by our society which programs dating the place if you don't need to go praise that they are countercultural in how they say what they believe and how they live I think what and on tape or to go with the flow that takes work but that is not married for wrong reasons for this is before right reasons and they are strong enough and confident enough to not confuse them role and their identity they are strong enough to not confuse them well in their identity your will is the part you play your identity is who you are rolled and identity are not the thing is that even if you don't marry because Weiss is a low monarch is the role businesswoman is a will you can have multiple roles the roles can change the try any should notch and the Bible says in marriage your role as a wife is different from his role as a husband I have no problem with that that was not a legitimate there was not enough of letting and I downloaded visiting in a hurry I remember being a mammoth event twenty nineteen and twenty and I was dating somebody who felt it was very important to explain to me that the Bible says that wives submit to their husbands I will not recount in conversation for not writing I say anything you have spoken I probably wouldn't say the same thing could because I sent something that window that's the system resets the system 's because they were when God says do it this way is because he understands how meanwhile I can't even tell you what I did with the Brinkley one hit but it even got set up a system of authority and set it up to subjugate women we know that they both were created in the likeness and visuals of the authority was set before them arguing that obviously because I was not the dominated Sunday because we were talking about the little people have been on this one is not set up a system of authority in the very beginning if we can both be the tiebreaker example being the tiebreaker as you have two people who have equal ability to think equal ability to make choices and discussing going back and forth about a choice and they all agree how do you decide which will do the brink of announcers you know our relationship I sat this tiebreaker was nominated as vibrant that is another reason was the only God gives the setting authority tenant is about a little more much of that was the authority of God in heaven of his church exactly as I want you to model something that will help you understand me and in that model excess the authority is authority because they were able to the authority of how the authorities because they are able to live in the text that is real why I love the challenge wives respect submit to your husbands respect is the attitude submission is the struggling with the cinnamon struggling with the things you know me I got now flawless and somebody said to me you know whether there is its first among equals that the phrase and Latin Primus into harness that says you can not equal in identity the woman works one who has authority over the dislike that equality it doesn't take away from my density is one of the things that the feminist struggle with was for the submission changed any and you need somebody else is Dawson you don't come less than what is not so submission makes a full glass from having recently analyzed off in my head as I told on output my boss at Oakwood is a former student of mine and the ship 's letter read the school years ago I have an apartment many many years longer than she has I'm older than she is I've had my degree longer than she had system positioning isn't that where is funny to me when she links this is if you are not I think it was going to be in it isn't no I respect I truly respect his right I think she's capable I think you've got a not having a problem with the decisions she makes in the things and she asks me to do always agree it is not bothering me that I work for hire some of us have a problem with the action because the problem with the attitude we can submit because we don't respect in more cases than I can tell you when I said that with a woman with dealing with submitting to her husband and holiday e-mail issue with she doesn't trust them she doesn't respect so how does you submitted a definitive that he's making should have respected so went back to square one princesses marry princes princesses that will make animal writing with men who was already gone so he was not likely that you can at least believe that even asked about it and following the princesses married Princess that one of the best format got no problem following somebody who wants the best and is working hard to get it for me my limited vision it hurts me that what we say about price I will not left enough that even when we don't understand money accessibility we believe is not a harness in looking for a man like Christ as most of you in a really good position in American yet him and him and you can submit to already and it is not exactly the negative shall for family on the Lord knows you and I reminded what time father you know me you know exactly how I have he knows you when you think about your role there are some things that God has asked you to do that have nothing to do with whether you're married or single I want to talk just for a moment for those of us who are career women some of us don't have husbands and children doesn't excuse us from anything that God has asked us to the in the lot of you to take care of for the lady came over to me ha ha I will and him and only for the people with the children I can't believe a woman like what I know I do domestic when you have a domestic you have to be hospitable if you need to do it on paper plates and things that are long conversation with a couple of woman the other day we were eating lunch somewhere and the woman had done and helical like me China and it's hard jurors and all the stuff that I will know what you call it was a beautiful table don't know how many dishes and those of us who are challenged in those areas that the table and jewels I saw this on sorry okay talk to launch a wonderful but with all the talking and woman sin when one of them is enough I don't have people over because I can't do this for commissions in Scripture to obedience and not have to do with the strength and affinities we are all called to be obedient so once you have people over the axis of evil that never occurred to me because we bought late into the people 's standards of obedience if you are just in the ability to call into wonderful place and tables of better gift if the best you can do some folding chairs in place and family dinners do that your identity is not in your ability to add princesses by definition are hospitable they also get greenhouses and/or most you will find that one of houses I him and said they were now the new benefit London all I can say is what you're willing to tell me about your obedience and I have to admit that I sat on my own so that we say that the Lord is working with a heavy heart I meant what I was delivered to children in a fight ahead of that amendment does not give you an excuse not to denounce understand that who we are of God 's children and that is reflected in the order of Allah that is reflected in all that we do because it is all in the wall on all little things will be able to see the things I want to look at that Jean Plato in the little things in which we live you cannot marry somebody that you only buried in my dwelling place and that you can listen the economic decisions he makes you will personally and as I get home and you will respect that you had a brother can clean anything other than one work is now I know this is not the point of the session criticism works in if he can lead now you are not want to follow him and him and some of us want to leave during the relationship it was then we strategize and that doesn't happen on the campus of him will strategize how to manage manipulate and they working no one has a meeting here I like it was accidental and then another will I paid you that after you have done all the work to get him when you don't understand what is not leaving in the Army what following crimes who you can lose submission will be and how we issue you will not be so busy trying to figure out how to submit at the Addison will already be there from Xilinx and that a sermon about submission and he said something unopposed the section with that decision out the problem with women is we don't understand men downward is something that I've been talking about with my brother for years but it never registered that way is that what one recall more paper lost them when they lost and eventually login on a trip you wake up all beautiful in the morning and more beautiful already you will you handle things you never imagine doing this and then blossom and grow when they are respected when we give them our trust when we believed in them the mouse to allow them to me that they go out and become more vigilant says that we want to will will not have enough of life I don't know what and so we step up and he becomes less I am not advocating allowing people to stand on you and right on you and beat you what the government has to the choices we make choose carefully I am sending we know what we mean and God has set up a system that we can get what we need and they can get one thing and some of us have been fighting really hard against the system that got set up to one and you know you're in the stomach thing when you stop them more than I can say on this topic but we do not sell in the next session will talk a little bit about apparent and success and I will give you my confident circle my walking on cognitive circle


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