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Playing it Safe or Accepting the Adventure

Naren James


Naren James

Family Physician in Kentucky



  • October 30, 2008
    7:15 PM

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the bottom heaven and almonds have been wrestling with this message at present conference in the morning when I feel least able is when I know that you listed and work through this evening so I might as lastly as to limit your words spoken to the chart will receive individual message is intended for each soul thank you for hearing and answering us in Jesus name and solely for service outsourcing is the error message if you have your Bibles I like to turn with me to look chapter eighteen have to did you have read many times when one of those that you may probably not like developed and what can I be out of the blog Luke chapter eighteen verse eighteen to twenty three a very short passage but follow the lesson lessons for all of us our question and saying good teacher what shall I do to inherit eternal life and Jesus said to them why do you call me good no one is good except God alone you know the commandments cannot commit adultery do not murder not steal do not bear false witness on your father and mother and he said all these things I have kept from my youth when Jesus heard this he sent them one thing you still lack sell all that you possess and distribute it to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven and following but when you heard these things he became very sad for he was extremely rich and this is obviously unimportant but the Scriptures because you forgot the writers Matt you also recorded in Matthew six feet my nineteen sixteen hundred and nine pencils marked to market and seventeen to thirty so the real God all writers felt it was important enough to fill for this jewelry be difficult those observed in well we have is Jesus calling disciples and prompt obedience of that this is that it is this is an is an exception what areas the column is meant to Ford nineteen when Jesus called the first disciple Simon Peter and Andrew his brother the Bible says they left their nets and followed him and Matthew nine euros ninety we did call the call to select in his tax office and follow Jesus and John one forty nine we find it of Jesus going to Galilee where he found Philip and once again extend an invitation to follow me and fill it in the gospel commission in Matthew twenty eight nine twenty is about all of us to extend that invitation to the world followed Jesus and become his disciples so-called original rule was not now before us as I do not sense it in an extended many times before and in all of the other columns that have been accepted unique asset of this cause it was initiated by the individual rather like Jesus that my Jesus as noted because it comes this man saw Jesus on his own with the woman obligation upon him the tape calls to the jungle represents many of us who think we have it all only to come in contact with the Savior in the past impossible bracket with man without a complete surrender the masterly allotting complete missing something the original ruler was no exception he had everything is fuzzy what was concerned but still felt an lacking the most important total surrender of the master Seo reseller represents a spiritual condition of many in the world today outside the church and sadly to say also within the present assessment today I consider it out for myself for us than for you my colleagues allowing them to the world around us I'll tell the story is that when I was first athletic programming committee to present methods is immediately into my mind behind the fences prevent present forgive months ago and I've been this working out of a sense and rest limited because I have talked with the following message has a message for me personally for us but every day you and I meet people in our daily lives also news and Public Coulter reminds us of the many original rumors out there people would see the hobbit all but I still lacking the most important on important relationship with God it seems like almost everything the news you hear all the celebrity or someone you thought should be at the pinnacle of his or her life maybe someone where you would like to be in that later usually you read or hear of your brokenness Limited withdraws autonomous effects of broken relationship the church and we remain are not exempt okay this also serves our church shall aspect of this column I find intriguing is that this gentleman was a commandment heating apparatus he was his life of the Savior in all of the Magnificat was as if he was still young could it be that he was born individuals like many of us so anyways is a call in the Scripture states that each one of us directly well as so was this rich young ruler and is a call to family relevant to us post a prostate of bizarre pages is entire chapter chapter fifty seven deals with you that it is mentioned a few things one of them is that he was legitimate law it occupied a position of influence and leadership yet great enormous ahead of him for promotion and a life of greater security and influence press away Jesus blessed the children wanted to say the reader to find and is followed right after Jesus bless the children and is impressive that anyone was saying goes as far as he thought but similarly when many of us today one just would rather disregard to give our and sadly most wonderful of all relationship of intimacy with God himself as a laugh follow us how will in a manner in many ways we have identified is richer and more many of us are within the top five percent of US income bracket unit one highest rated profession and on the respective prestige this is actually influence of our patients and within our church and community we are also keeping commandments and seeking eternal life yes like the original ruler many of us in a bar on this journey and medical evangelism because we still feel something like resolute agents raided Jesus in response to his inquiry reiterated the last six commandments outlining our responsibility to our fellow man you little commandments he said that adultery is not murder steel false witness audio father and mother and his written response in nineteen twenty is why it is very insightful the young man said him all these things I have kept from my youth what do I still lack of this is amazing you would think that he was wonderfully rejoicing after all Jesus reiterated command as they began and he forgot is that they opt apologies for my youth but is it that brings all the crops of the spiritual discussion all is engaged in severe all incomplete without a right relationship with master him he is passing by and you are engage in this serious original discussion the great physician how without help what is reaffirmed the never changing requirements of salvation absolute obedience to this Commandments are you keeping the commandments well continue doing so Jesus good about Conrad related links origin but he did not instead he asked for more engaging transducers so when Jesus heard these things he said to him you still lack one thing sale I'll let you have in this report and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me while it is a bombshell to raise visibility of the leaders in the secular world there into a little proposal that was not going to busily covering one of us must list the original learning this is really mean this from riches to rags from leadership and influence the be despised for bright and promising future the bleak .com was across is asking the same that he asked Izzy at the same from us as he asked the rich alert surrender of material possessions surrender anything or anyone that stands in a window complete surrender of the master and the surrender of life itself this is the essence of eternal life a connection to the eternal one the current state of Christianity in our nation and the world around us is very similar to the mindset original look we live in an age where people seek gospel is suited for the return of the dual desire in your charming it is a prosperity gospel and the essence of it is that God wants you have it all in the habit now when you entitled to it him when they saw some of his proponents reflect this one on as a certain bridge about a name there just to run all recently a U.S. Senate investigation into the was was lost until looking at a lot of these modern-day ministries and uncovered some very shameless abuses of ministerial privileges in the day even summoned a fellow like new art type bestseller Jane is the abnormal one that some a long time one of our famous preachers and in the evangelical world it is a dull moment in the jungles the castle on the largest Christian congregations reaching over two hundred million households in the US alone and in and in many cases is not necessarily theologically wrong is just a matter of emphasis Satan ensures potential exists for us to want to have a greater influence on wider ministry but for wrong reasons in the missing call as original reminiscent these are pages and each region five ten it states you his claim that he is the law God was a deception they show that riches were his idol equipment he could not keep the commandments of God while the world was first in his affections he loved the gifts of God more than the love we give our price offered young man fellowship with himself couldn't be sure own personal experience our own journey we are experiencing the same quality original ruler to are you going for financial downturn the practice recently do struggling and reimburse the services performed in practice you struggle to keep a consistent cohesive staff ministry when the staff in your office would experience turmoil in current life situation as a physician or dentist are you having difficulty engaging administrative environment herein I believe it true that journey and through in analyzing call for a more complete surrender and acknowledgment that indeed is only to him and you achieve this purpose and if it's a complete surrender and I want to punch out on the champions of faith the book of Hebrews menstruation Canada necessary ingredients for for this self surrender it was eleven when she was says no faith in the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen after getting a call on all these champions of faith the half that all Negroes in Hebrews eleven sixteen says now they desire that all babies are in a country that is a heavenly country I submitted a rich young ruler had difficulty making the right decision because he did not have a conviction as to the reality of that heavenly comfort could it be that whatever difficulties trials you are experiencing right now is only a reminder under transient nature of our current situation it is an essential world and our need to focus on loving and caring as the apostle Paul and joins in second in the butt I prepared a message was long before all this for modern financial markets come upon us but it will be reinforcing as I looked at them as two weeks of the change the cable and so rapidly how much we are in need of a divine perspective well Mark ten twenty one required that Jesus looking at him love them not us I like about my bookmark it was unique about his call is anyone among the three gospel writers actually put that statement is that Jesus looking at him alone as part of another human love and send them one thing you lack going away sell whatever you have and give the poor and you will have treasure in heaven come take up the cross follow me out of this room is a group inches of the law was not outlined then why would he make him for less secure from upon a position that despite television of following the Rabbi from Galilee once again I submit to you it's also up in one word eternity is all eternity secular trees for the perspective this is indeed a difficult and on impossible thing when you take on my perspective when you take on HIV mindset it all comes together it all makes sense the rich who unfortunately was concerned that your well-being and possession here with Jesus and the people who offer him was concerned about this internal salvation that is as it comes each one of us know why this happened a hard requirement from a secular standpoint these outages and page five nineteen and that it puts puts it true it says it should she said that he is cleaned up to below the reception riches of his idols he was keeping the form but not the spirit risen Jesus was seeking his best internal good is not the first time someone is called from a life of comfort and ease the service Moses recorded in Hebrews eleven is one who may not twice and many others a cardinal chapter of faith who made a deliberate choice for eternity is a condition of our hearts the condition of our church and I say the condition of a man is not aware of apostate or apostate it is not is it that we are in the legitimate wavering and they between living like a secular humanist who believe in this life is all there is to the believe in eternity and some coming of the King of Kings win in the state method is a lie shall deliver to the Israel among Carmel when he said how long are you are you going to waver between two opinions in the Lord his God follow him but believe me it was a lot of follow him I thought I was in siphon of competent things and when the voices recorded a live says the Lord of Moore's indifference and this loyalty in a time of crisis in his work the whole universe is watching the inexpressible interest the closing scenes of the great controversy between good and evil the Google .net immortal eternal world what could be more important a lot more importance of them than they feel loyal to God have all three is not as moral zeros and he has been now those who like Joseph and Elisha and Daniel are not ashamed to acknowledge themselves as peculiarly especial blessing accompanies the labors of man of action men will not be swirled from this trendline of Judy but we divine energy link while I was on the Lord 's side man will not solidarity with inquiry but who will demand that those who choose to identify themselves of the people of God shall step following and revealed unmistakably their allegiance to the King of kings and Lord of lords such men make their wills and plan subordinates the law of God for love of him they call not their lives in fear of themselves their work is the cats alike from the word and let it shine for the world and clear a steady raise fidelity to God is the model so that I was necessary retro roller I couldn't help but reflect on that passage as well he lies among Carmel so like our spiritual forefathers of faith regarding Hebrews eleven we need to challenge ourselves as a man members of physicians dentists we do challenge ourselves to a life of faith in the twenty first century making his in support of high talent and treasure than reflexively by myself and eternity perspective should I say really start making those positions now the Lord will have to confront us in love the rich young ruler but it's hard to reflect one of things that Jesus Saddam and his when he when he was talking what is coming is that is his life in the days of Noah shows solid base of the covenants automatically and we are in the living room alas there is something events over the past few months only weeks and events ongoing reflect also clearly and like there the picture on the longest suspension before the flood we are also called to make medical decisions reflecting or belief in the second coming like no a bit prior to the flow doesn't matter here is a .com statement says I want to belittle our newsletter to fly the time when it was never any rain there never been a flawed one came from on their network that lack of Nixon's Watergate Karen I was absolutely beautiful he was never any such thing and here he is often below are unsolvable he goes on our orange videos gilding is our most secular world around him comes around asking what you doing some photos of your flood but you know what God told me as I have to ask myself ask Allah say what should we be doing at this late hour before his return and reflect on building we must redefine a successful medical and dental practices in terms of its effectiveness for reaching Haitians for the master rather than a traditional basis of homeless patients received for the financial margin is on many of those on the second of myself becoming a practice success so that's wanting to think about as we think of reflecting the days of Noah the Hollywood live like you know what it did in his business students and residents looking to practice opportunities must ask the question in different question where can I be most effective in ministry rhino will be most convenient for me or for my family solids level currently in practice situations of many convenient and comfortable for us maybe moving to but if you are constrained in terms of your ability the share price had been upset and you need to change that situation I'll look for a different practice you can be effective in it where you can be effective in ministry that would be modern they are building what was on our building a man organization look like no treatment referral moment I see effective ministry oriented practices across the nation overseas as a result of this organization that holiday ladies ministry oriented practices and organizational structure to provide spiritual support and pools resources for all reach initiatives at home and abroad all of us all of this would require us to shift the part-time at how we look at all practices as tools in the master 's hands the finishes work run businesses where he earned a living so I urge you to meditate and pray about this and your financial planner and tell that you are building based on your priorities are followed recently those your tax return reflect our building this year 's questions all of us need to contemplate funding is a lot like the rich young ruler even willing to accept the call the master from the massive than our brightest and greatest days are ahead of us who knows resources the Lord is your leave we put our disposal the finishes were what an adventure as he has in store for us taking adventure rather than playing it safe by the existence of a man himself is a reflection of what you want to do each one of us back in the two thousand and three it must be Michael I remember after the divorce of experience also reflecting on how much the Lord of transforming personally my one practice life and a new wonderful turn of events of shifting the focus away from the practice the phase right will work on living I can need to administer to them the same practice at all the time doesn't like them in prayer and prayer it occurred to me that only a few months ago Michael Nayan admits to get inside and we had remotest idea of how we can position the dentist together till the more effective in ministry and looking at practices differently and so there it is I remember getting up to my knees and community top Michael Knight McLaughlin similarly updated the ASI meeting is to be in Cincinnati this year holiday digital luncheon and we can bring these Israeli physicians and Dennis together and in addition there I hate somehow out into ministry their practice and inspire others and that was my thought about it is the model out of the luncheon and lunch is over I think Great Britain it allowed as how this is inextricably good thing to do for the Lord had bigger plans and I just have graciously most of all was the ministry oriented people writing this organization many of whom are still in the same important beyond that of an embrace of the ligaments and labels will serve as advisor to the board and saw beyond that as well to a the Foreign Ministry announced to come amen click on Ljubljana just doing a luncheon every year and that in there we are already in this organization and part of each one of you individually is to be measured only eternity really tell just as I was thinking of comparison SS at myself just the same way as will some little way Lord is our business but this on the author is a simple thing of the final luncheon resulting in something way beyond wanting anything or imagine actually an organization such a vessel for the annual conference and the impact is making not only pay our individual practices from across the world but I thought eleven years ago it was nothing special my goals aspirations knowingly or absolutely self-centered and sexuality the good I was withstanding my local church elder and actually first ministry leader I've been the practice is one thing and George is another but six months without a lawyer the graduate doesn't experience that reminded me of my positions short out of his ownership of all that I have and am is less automated savings decisions into my finances my time my talent and it was such a liberating experience in the is the a certain degree of the N/A or the my finances my wife and I made decisions to increase the percentage of gross income and the ministry is like a man a SI was written amazing facts of course our local church another ministries locally as the reciprocally reorient decided to live unless a list of percentage or gross income with you not amazing thing that a lot anything more rewarding our faith every time so whatever you are we may have divested LLC related is more than made up by our increased faith in our commission as to his existence and his once clear over us last year my life changed when at forty five years of age I had a colonoscopy nonhostile accounts presented quite early but I had a major procedure at number been also been five days I wrote that was inspiring read an article in Journal I encourage you to look about us the full story entitled at outside hospital data but it took been my practice for the approximately eight weeks while I took it as a whole year rate was my patient base to return to where they were before as a result of experience but my wife and I cannot wait your commitments to the Lord and the ministry of the Lord of sawdust to every time they has to be more than half the board has been more than a coincidence the experience of writing a check for fifteen thousand dollars the ministry and a few days later you could get something in the mail you get a letter in the mail from IRS and Anita Allison Otto was actually a check for fifteen thousand saying exactly that my taxes they definitely something more to it than just mere coincidence I served on the type of ministry are not believing for a mission trip in video two thousand six is right after I joined up on membership we need to get on overseas administrative account in order to lead by example and believing that mission trip and that in that year in February with a farming team they make a lot of the end of it in the same team there are times when every circumstance in our practice day for me to stay what was individual is because we were not practiced over and talk to major retailers Medicare Medicaid all holding our plan for most while awaiting new billing number is assigned this new clinic so we must on a sled of credit the meteorological models and that's when I is now having this conversation I wanted to this interesting byline I is is that it is my beloved advice the butt though I will address the goals and as I left the mission trip crucial jumper conjuncture and have like I mentioned rather than attributing much Macs on the line of credit because I haven't got it back when extended anymore when I went anyway and here I am in New Delhi the evening before returning from his mission trip and I decided to check my my e-mail from my office manager and I remember reading that e-mail and it said that we adjust received a commitment from the Kentucky Medicaid program the release lost in one lump sum alternate OS all these months until our six thousand dollars that it will only needless to say we were able to liquidate our credit line and get back to positive cash flow you find yourself wondering we here you will find the time for overseas mission trip I encourage you to leave it to the Lord and his goal just this past year I took my family would run play gospel outreach fund went on a mission trip to China for three weeks when we came back I noticed that our total billing for that one was exactly the same as the one before but I was they are the individual lessons about all I can say is the Lord made up until the providers work in practice and out of the Navy didn't observe that so it is a good amazing what the Lord to give our players when we launched out into the on his priority wasn't morally Jerusalem experience life even in striking but each one of these experiences and that is something it's hard to measure but she really values calling us all individually as well as an organization a man to morphine these positions subtract original ruler his response was that a three when he heard this he became very sorrowful or he was very rich see the latest phase loss was one thing eternal life look around you and see you will see examples of loss of unwillingness to take this most successful companies are learned to reinvent and take risks in the nation such as ours exists because a group of Windows decided that it would take risks risk-taking is an integral part of the whole experience of falling the master and his something original rule is not willing to do set the name of the group and bathe it will mean the only thing no one of the rich young ruler the only thing I have to have is this rich young ruler contrast this to what his legacy contribution if he could accept the call from the master you can be one of those disciples in joint venture with the him James and John when the massive mother also the temple and said it was the innocence of our goalie out on what advantages of asset price of the law the new law that all his journeys become part of that it could mean instrument of his power seed agrees table beside the master all of us are called the decision like the ridge on who the communication of Jesus I surrender obedience of measure with him the leaves of the young no one who was no one final result the total life of the master well LOI puts it well living in this last paragraph about chapter on on this subject is its ability a really young ruler are in high positions of trust and have repossessions it may seem too great a sacrifice to give all nor to follow Christ but this is a rule of conduct for all who would become his disciples nothing short of obedience and accept that self surrender is a substance of the teachings of Christ often it is presented in enjoying the language it seems authoritative because there is no one the way to save man awaiting those things which you can entertain will demoralize the whole 's original ruler was a great loser the contents of eternity in our communication context of eternity he did not recognize you want to dig a hole and it was extending invitation out of the context of eternity this was indeed the worst business decision ever the apostle call about an perspective and second ringtones for six and eight when he saith therefore we do not lose heart even though our own order this person yet is inward man is renewed day by for our light affliction which is not for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory while we do not look at the things which are seen but it things which are not for the things which are seen are temporary but the hazards are Nazi are eternal so in conclusion can we return as we reached when we finish every turn for the statement conference or place of service I saw it on you the lessons to be learned from this is a call to commit to spending more time reflecting and that which is eternal the Sentinel the one master himself who is eternal and we would like to spend eternity at all I like the rich young ruler who gladly accept that invitation is in addition to leave whatever is holding you back from total surrender to him and embark on a wonderful and eventually I got best


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