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Knowing and Following the Lord's Will

Allen Lloyd



  • October 31, 2008
    10:00 AM

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the ultimate authority in the universe how ongoing a lot of detail we can preach all message us on this but the ultimate authority in the universe is actually true it's one of the reasons why the Trinity continues to get along I many times we think that how can two people get along all the time because those of us in marriage relationships recognize there are times when there may be some disunity here and there but whenever there is a third it's always disunity but it seems but it doesn't need to be that way if the Trinity is not based on authority figure that it just sets the rules and then everyone else follows the reason why the Trinity gets along is because they make their decisions totally based on truth and they come together and say what is the truth and half hours mostly making our decisions when we get into a court of law even in this nation the reason wire court system is as good as it is is because that decision is to be based solely and completely untrue not on who we want to come out on top who we want to win one our emotional desires are who we might have affections are what is to be based on truth and that's why witnesses are called to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth however there can be corruption even in the court system when the truth is tampered with Oregon deceptions I come in and in the courtroom is particularly worrisome when the people asking the questions have not taken the same of the witnesses have and and so on the questions are sometimes there can be the elements of of deception it comes in but truth is to be the Alterman authority whenever making decisions there are opportunities for deceptions to come in I gone the father is the God of truth Jesus I offend him I am the way the truth and the life in the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of truth and that's how he actually comforts our emotions New Testament Old Testament both state that there is something God cannot do and that is towline of visa free moral agent just like we are even if he wanted to many puts truth about himself that's one of the reasons one of the foundational reasons for truth being the ultimate authority and it's also the reason why Christ came to this world when the crown of thorns was upon him and he was there in front of the individual that had the power over his life or death and that individual was asking him why he was there he said to this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth every one that is of the truth hears my voice and that's the ultimate reason why you came yes he came to this to save us as well start at number four then it turns out to be the fourth cognitive distortion and so we want to be sure they were not distorting truth and I one of the things one of the ways in which we admit it affects our motivation more so than any other is when we start disqualifying the positive and there are ways in which this this can be done in the mental health arena in but it does result in lack of motivation and drive interesting were having seminars here to try to help us see the motivation to do certain things in the motivation particularly to win souls etc. but got a laugh the Monday we finished that the mental performance program in Ardmore Oklahoma and among those coming in from afar in a map Monday night we finished the banquet for the and outpatient depression recovery program that we are doing there in Ardmore and one of the participants out it was coming was a pastor from another district and he saw the tremendous results in fact where you have out of that group of twenty two individuals on fifteen and is growing are going to be coming to a Bible study there were holding Monday night at our house on Daniel and so many of these individuals who weren't even interested in spiritual things are awakened from that in fact it's kind of interesting to see the transitions taken place there but in disqualifying the positive it sounds rewarding I know there is only struggling coming those in try to put our depression recovery program I'll be absolutely overwhelmed that's what he stated and I and so you can see the positive results but you thought he would be overwhelmed and in regards to that was I talked to him here I realize that many of his thoughts of being overwhelmed were totally based on things they just weren't true and were distorted once he realized the truth that all of a sudden the motivation came in and he was not attempted to disqualify the positive solve this problem but disqualified the positive repeatedly in regards to David enabled it as well there many scriptural examples of those who disqualify the positive but here are some of the solutions to it obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal so building on the costs for those of you who were here this morning the car should be a very motivating costs but when we take our eyes off the goal them the obstacle seem much bigger Henry Ford says think you can think you can't either way you'll be right Thomas Fuller said he does not believe who does not live according to his beliefs if we truly believe we won't disqualify the positive Anne Frank says I don't think of all the misery but in the beauty that still remains Lee Salk when it gets dark enough you can see the stars David Schwartz we can turn setbacks in the victories find the lesson applying to move on them back on defeat and smile determined that the thing Canon shall be done and then we shall find the way Abraham Lincoln so if we are truly determined that the cause should go forward then we won't disqualify the positive and that brings me to the Zürich axiom optimism means expecting the best want to be optimistic but not just optimistic confidence means knowing how to handle the workers and the axiom says never make a move if you're merely optimistic and so we need always weigh benefits versus risks as well just like we do in medicine and many ways another obstacle to making the right decision is another cognitive distortion called jumping to conclusions exactly the type of exercise that most Americans get and it's not physical exercise it's a mental exercise but often there is a desire losing the air to just take things at their face value and what we can see very obviously cannot look deeper and loss we can make the wrong decisions jumping to conclusions is easier than gathering all the facts and one author stated Stephen write a conclusion is what you come to when you're tired of thinking about something another distortion of fortune teller error this is where we often presume that if we do this than that will happen how good are human beings are telling the future very poor even those who are paid lots of money to tell the future very poor and you realize out of the fifteen hundred mutual funds only one of them has made money this past year and these are fifteen hundred people that were trained at Harvard JL and some are most prestigious business centers and are in the charge of billions of dollars the one individual it made money he had a very small fun he was on managing three hundred million dollars and everyone ridicule them and how he was doing his mutual fund because in two thousand and six he got rid of every bank stocked he got rid of every financial anything that have to do with finances as he saw it coming and you know after two thousand and six those things started to go out and he was deeply ridiculed by the majority of the experts out there really all the experts this year he's made his mutual fund is made eleven percent and is no longer being ridiculed in fact he's been worshiped and hands so it is when we do what is right because it is right and leave the consequences to God often what is predicted by the many experts out there that will happen doesn't happen in the opposite can occur can't move the Weimar won't be able to fund my kids education will lose our family 's health insurance another fortuneteller error I will never be able to overcome this problem many people have this and thus it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy here I'm done Abraham had the fortune teller closes fortune teller and you remember that he thought that if the king of Egypt knew the full truth that he would be killed and so he decided not to tell the whole truth and was he right about that would even go absolutely not that he caused dishonor to God 's name absolutely and so many times we sit there and finagle in those type of things in regards to fortune teller errors and not leave the consequences with God another inhibiting point is emotional reasoning this may be the most common distortion that comes in when people make decisions emotional reasoning in the psychological sense goes like this I feel like a duck therefore I am done I feel overwhelmed and helpless thus my problems are impossible to solve I'm angry at you and that proves a human cruel and insensitive to me because I'm angry here and so we end up enjoying lots of things just based on emotions I know Samson did that in regards to his marriage partners she pleases me well and other words she was beautiful attractive personality made him feel good all over and so what could be wrong with that I wanted that mirrors lastly said that things the week and so I emotional reasoning can get us into a log of trouble James one says no one should say God tempts because God doesn't tempt anyone each one is tempted when he is dragged away and enticed by his own evil feelings from only our feelings can lie and so we have to elevate our feelings of the level of our consciousness our front alone Lord wants us to analyze those feelings one of my big decisions in life had to do with marriage this is counsel from Ellen White and in fact she says this is the area that tends to be the strongest area for emotional reasoning and for those who have that positive chemistry matters been studies I met I give talks about marriage we have a school on a small school that we conduct there in Ardmore Oklahoma are help conduct the school of health integrating natural remedies we mantle is called shine and the people who come to that as students are single individuals and so I'm always asked to give the talk in regards to preparation for a happy marriage but I got through some of the physiology now some of the law the chemicals that now been shown to be out there you know how long those log chemicals last when you have that chemistry interrelationship average length of time eighteen months longest length of time I've ever lasted his four years and a lot of times it's only six months now I that doesn't mean that your you can't on a lot of your mate beyond the time when those transient love chemicals are manifesting themselves PCP is one of them laughable I mean is another but it is it is either the strong tendency for emotional reason marriage is something that will influence affect your life both in this world and the world a sincere Christian will not advance his plans in this direction without the knowledge that God approves his course I would not be understood to mean that anyone is to marry one whom he does not while this would be so the fancy him emotional nature must not be allowed to lead on the ruins of God requires the wholehearted the supreme affections and so God comes first even in regard to decisions such as this Jonathan Martinson said feelings are much like ways we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to serve speaking of emotional reasoning on why said that he would know the mystery of godliness you must follow the plane word of truth feeling or no feeling a motion or no emotion obedience must be rendered from a sense of what principle on the right must be pursued under all circumstances as she goes on to explain that but the point is that whether there is a feeling or not we must follow the truth that in regards to giving she also states something many people are emotional givers to know that the giver to labor when our sympathies are moved and withhold our gifts or service when emotions are not stirred is an unwise and dangerous course for your control my impulse are mere human sympathy than a few instances where efforts for others are repaid with him gratitude for our guests or abusers squandered will be sufficient to freeze up the springs of beneficiaries Christians should act from fixed principle of following the Savior 's example of self-denial and self sacrifice and so this is why giving patterns tend to go up and then go down I often due to emotional reasoning one of the biggest areas of emotional reasoning is confusing needs with one when emotional reasoning we can't convince ourselves that we need something such as health insurance or whatever I and what is it that human beings truly need what is it that we true when you want to get down to it we need error we need water at least after a day or two or three eight sufficient food and we also need sufficient warmth as far as needs are concerned there may be a few other things you'd like to put up there but there may be some things were we need to analyze that coming often we say we need sufficient shelter amended Christ have that in your roof to go to every night I know that was a need than not I mean obviously wasn't a need I am so out of it so I one-week me when we start realizing what is truly in need and what is truly a want it can really help us with decisions many people have a quotes need to have a certain appearance that's not a need into one have things go our way is not a need that someone have an outstanding job want it's not a need to be liked by everybody certainly is not indeed it's a want to have a beautiful home is also aligned and so we really need to analyze things in regards to needs versus wants another aspect that tends to be a distortion this one really falls under the category of magnification where we tend to get things out of proportion but confusing relying with the pending here's the definition of relying to rely on someone is to trust they will do something that you could do yourself or you could find other means of doing and often we believe that were depending on others and it were a dependence and reality it's more a reliance to depend on summer 's account a person could do something that you cannot do yourself or find other means of having it done and the big priority here is to recognize that we deem hand on God we are dependent on God for every breath that we take we rely on others and that's why Christ made it so very clear that the ones that were worthy of hammer ones who recognize that fact even our own median household and we tend to think that were dependent men in reality its reliance in comparison with the ultimate dependence which is on God God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference is a good thing to keep in mind when were making decisions I've chosen the way of truth on judgments have I laid before me Psalms one nineteen thirty and so getting back to truth and of course some other things make it easy decision John heard people say after being introduced to the Sabbath truth you know I really need to go home and pray about this to see whether the Lord wants me to keep the Sabbath what would be your advice of someone said that to you I've heard people respond right back and saying well that's that's a good thing to do you really need to pray about that but you know if you have any if you start to develop an emotional attachment I went inside with someone in the hospital setting is a member of an opposite sex what would it sound like to have someone saying I really need to go home and pray about this to see if the Lord wants me to dump my wife and marry this one behind me the subject is to prayer I eat you now in reality it's clear the Lords the weather when the Lord has spoken in clear terms will need to contemplate we don't even need to pray about we just need to follow and well more and when Lord sends to keep the Sabbath holy IMF and eternal life there should be no prayer needed to the printer should be the only prayer should be to give me the power and strength the following no matter what comes in so I some decisions are fairly easy there based on truth but then sometimes it's hard to actually find the truth and that's where it comes to emotional intelligence can be improved Christ said he shall know the truth and that means an intimate association when it not just a knowledge that's the word that's being utilized there is like Adam knew Eve and Eve conceived and say intimate association shall know the truth the truth shall make you free and so truth needs to be paramount in making decisions and another thing that needs to be paramount is also love the Bible says therefore love the truth I does look this morning to see which techs have both of them in their Zechariah eight nineteen and sellers many aspects of love Ephesians says speak the truth out in love may grow up into him at all Christ which is the head second Thessalonians tells us what will happen when we don't have the truth there with all BC voluminous of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the what the love of the truth that they might be say for this cause God shall send the strong delusion they should believe a lie and so if you don't love the truth eventually you are going to believe a line be led astray first Peter chapter one tells us how to get at the ultimate love which is agape love I went sorry first Peter two tells us that when we go to first Peter one first seeing you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned one brother and see the love one another with a pure heart fervently in that longest being exemplified is on top a love which is that self-sacrificing love you know you are in the last year there was an eye thing about two years ago now the Canadian study that took a look at those who exemplify a golf bag now agape they don't talk about dropping the medical literature want to talk about our acts of altruism and so that's determined you would need to look up altruism those who have significant acts of altruism in this case it was more than seven per week compared with those who had less acts of altruism per week which group do you think was happier the group that was self-sacrificing for the group that was not self-sacrificing actually those undergoing at least seven acts of altruism a week or sing definitely happier and more satisfied with their life then those who are living for themselves primarily and so it doesn't you know some of these things are paradoxical we think that deliver ourselves was going to benefit itself but in reality when we do that we end up not benefiting self and so by the question is how can we get to that top rung of the latter is far as love is concern by the way Doctor Prochaska I'll look at love agape love another way he called empathy and he found out that that was the greatest change agent if your physician or dentist in your wanting to help change the lifestyle of the individual in front of you the attribute that's most likely attributed to lifestyle change after they have the knowledge they need to change the I'm coming for you once people recognize their need to change and the desire to change the greatest attribute of the caregiver in helping to produce that changes empathy or agape and so I amphitheater is an important change agent as well in the psychological literature talks about Opera Jesse talks about six days a change it's really boiled down before we take a look at the psychological literature the first stage is to be unconsciously incompetent that means you don't realize your need of change and you think you're living a pretty good life a lot of people on stage one are living a at the appearance of a happy life because ignorance is bliss the problem is it's only blissful for so long and eventually catches up with the individual and they end up suffering in many ways that they have no control over stage two is to become consciously incompetent what do you need to go from stage one to stage two knowledge in the Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge so we need knowledge has to be good knowledge to move is that way number three is to become consciously competent and that's when we actually put in the practice and the Michael a clinical psychologist we use a lot in depression recovery Kelly Dulac tells her own story when she got rid of when she felt her need first of all she had to get educated and she was a great Pepsi drinker and she was having irritability reflux other issues and she happened to read some material on caffeine recognize what was happening and that it was probably adversely affecting her and she decided that she was going to change as a result of going to stage three now whenever she got thirsty what you think she thought she didn't think of water she thought of testing she was consciously competent and mentioned saying no not Pepsi I'm in your water next time she got thirsty when you thank you Donna fancies as a note not Pepsi water now eventually after she did that many times took about several weeks in her instance I think three or four weeks she went to stage four and now when she was Thursday when even she thought water she was benefiting from it her irritability one way or reflux Y and that's where the Bible says at thy right hand are pleasures for evermore a lot of people they keep going back and forth between stage two and three and I never realized there is a beautiful stage for out there Peter talks about those same stages in regards to getting to a agape love but he expands on before we get to his expansion I want you to understand first of all that he wasn't thereafter he became converted Peter was converted after Christ gave an outlook after he had denied his Lord and he went back to Gethsemane his heart was broken and he was totally converted and after that point by Christ had the opportunity to meet up with him and Peter Christ asked him some questions when they dine Mrs. John the last chapter John when they die Jesus saith to Simon Peter Simon son of Jonas agape thou me more than these he sent them to him yay Lord thou knowest that iPhone layout of the he sent them to him feed my lambs he said and the second time Simon son of Jonas agape not me he saith unto him yet Lord thou knowest iPhone layout the full layout of course is another word for love translated love both places and it's it's a word that also meant love send send greetings but the layout is a brotherly love it's a there are feelings associated with the with Vallejo as well I agape is a is is a total self-sacrificing love more people do ask for others with no potential benefit to themselves whatsoever are not even thinking about that I but he said thou knowest I filet of the same time am feed my sheep he's a pen and the third time and now Christ changes the word and mercy to hear Simon son of Jonas the way about me Peter was grieved because these are the third time Lois Amini sentiment Lord thou knowest I know is now known us all things thou knowest that I filet of the Jesus I in him feed my sheep why wouldn't the air use the word agape back to Christ he knew he wasn't the area and he also later on he talks about how he got paid in second Peter so he eventually reach the top rung of the ladder it wasn't that he was trying to find just say them out itself he couldn't do it all that would've been partial when true but he knew he wasn't very happy he didn't have that agape and then later on he tells us how to get turned off by any tells us the steps giving all diligence add to your state the first rung of a ladder to get there his face and how many people have faith the Bible says every man has given a measure of faith all of us have a frontal lobe in fact there are some people that say I'm not a spiritual being you know if you have a frontal love your spiritual meaning the question is who are you worshiping when you worship and anyone with a frontal lobe worships human beings are creatures of worship and the question is who are they worshiping one of a worship and we all have that first run that ladder of faith but then add to your faith virtue virtue is a willingness to do what is better what is right then and by the life you don't have a willingness there's no use giving people knowledge you have to have that willingness first man fears as after the willingness then add to that knowledge and so that means you're now I consciously incompetent but dammit either that knowledge temperance temperance is actually putting it into action that is abstaining from things that are harmful and using moderation the things are helpful in your temperance patience that means indoor in stage three is going to require some endurance and patience and manual finally get the stage for which is what the world talks about and to patience godliness which is stage four so Peter understood the psychological stages of change very clearly but then he said there's two more runs after godliness brotherly kindness and then after brotherly kindness charity or love or the actual word to be used as agape a lot of people saying while Christians need to love each other we don't need to worry about all the rest but nobody gets for a first run the latter the top of the latter without going through all the steps and that's why agape is not consistently exemplified is because people haven't gone through the steps that are there to get to a agape love and so whenever we make a decision we need to base it on truth and we also need to base it on love for others as well as loving the Lord with all of our heart and soul are mine now my personal decisions my first big one after conversion I was converted the ages of fifteen high in my own bedroom enjoying a a course on course ongoing a lot of my former first fifteen years other than to say that although I was raised in a Christian home and have a lot of respect for my parents and for the truth they were giving me I was upholding another way emotionally and otherwise and and so by the age of fifteen I was kind of the young the agent of chaos in our local church school and many individuals would get booted out of that school and I was wise enough to avoid the boot out but I remember the principle bringing me into the office and saying the only reason why you're not suspended like all these others as I can't prove it all the year involved but I know that you're the head of all of them and if it wasn't for you not of them would be suspended I and I thought well he's a little more insightful than I thought but I kept my mouth shut and say anything more but I had a school was fine and that regards you know for me and but I also had an interesting and academic things I guess I was part of the thing you know when you're in a school and you get your work done and you can get still good grades then you need to spend time doing other things and so I was spending time and orchestrating the disruption of a lot of fun fun and my regards early so I thought so but die in my academics I decided that I wanted to graduate from high school year early so I needed to take three courses my correspondence and one of them was Bible doctrines we ordered it from my the homestudy international any on-site internationals will suffer than the regular school and so when I started to take this home study course you know it wasn't as simple and I realize I was again after really learn the Bible doctrines to get a nag my first test site in Yellowknife I think I got on the audit and I thought I'd studied pretty hard and so I realize I need to learn these liable doctrines well and so I had to learn the Bible well I had to learn the teachings of the spirit of prophecy and in so doing my heart was broken and I will became totally converted there in my bedroom reading the Bible and after that time I entered my senior year in Academy and because I was side had a tendency to have good grades and in the drive-in and sciences people would say no meal you really ought to consider being a doctor and I would say well I don't know what I meant to me but I'm not my enemy Doctor and I would tell them you're not my families and the medicine I really don't have any interest in it etc. so I was interested in other things prior to my conversion I was interested in baseball and I was kind of my big the lot was good in school I love playing baseball I always thought I would be a shortstop for some major-league team but after my conversion I realized that wasn't not going to be possible and so I started looking at other opportunities in when I finished high school the big ones I was looking at was being a pastor or an attorney are three physicians for my local church to try church in error and in the Detroit area I asked me to go to Detroit Renaissance Center and they fed me a meal up there where you could get a beautiful view of the Detroit River and they asked me to seriously consider being a physician and after they had done that and spend that much time with me I decided I would put it on the list and so I started developing a weighted pro- con list for all three of these professions and I would interview people in all three were Christians in some not really it's an oxymoron to be a Christian attorney and so I wanted to interview a true Christian attorneys to see if it truly was an oxymoron alone in the challenges of being a true Christian and not necessarily completely that way and so are I also of course interview pastors interviewed physicians and then how to talk about the cons to these Christian physicians are never open women I said at least several significant aspects that are going to affect possibly threaten your soul and I talked about how the opportunity opportunities with the female gender and of the opposite sex are going to be there throughout a career and it is going to be that's going to be something that you're going to have to overcome and be completely in the Lords well because they those opportunities will abound and you'll get close to when you'll be able to see a lot of of unpeeled full personality women as well as other women and so they were upfront about that they also mentioned the the temptation in regards to position is going to be a significant threat to the soul the temptation in regards to money I could be a potential threat you know the Lord did state that it's easy it's actually more difficult for a personal finances to make it into the kingdom that is a person who doesn't have finances and so we wait out all those things and I started away out all the pros and cons of the career choice and of course if you why it out in all of these areas a lot of some of them are much weighted higher happier here than there and you don't know how it's going to come out until you actually go through the entire lesson takes a while to develop a list and then takes the time to scoring when you want to do it to the best of your ability and being objective without the emotional reasoning component there and I did that and I did the final tally all three were exactly the same score and I realized this in fact I was a little upset about that because I spent quite a bit time going through this before my first year of college one of the reasons why I didn't want to change careers you know halfway through I see a lot of people waste their time in educational institutions for many years I didn't want to be in that group and so I really wanted to know what I was going to do so I could go again to the Lords work as quickly as possible and so I I recognize my need at that point of prayer and the Lords intervention and so I asked for our entire family was set aside a week of prayer I then asked them to fast with me on the Sabbath and in the evening time when we were praying in our family worship the Lord impressed me in a strong way that I was to be a physician never had that sensation before that type of impression with the Lord 's presence was there and I told my father about it until my whole family about it and it is well and my father didn't mention he 's as well even praying meal for a week you wait all this out I think you need to understand that the will of the Lord and so I enrolled in premed and so I got all those classes organized in and I had confirmation and a few weeks later one of you was actually in that calculus class with me this here today one of the positions that we I took account I taken algebra and geometry in high school but I taken one of those other correspondence courses was algebra to I'd finish that into and a half weeks and that had been well over year-earlier and when you do something that quick it doesn't get consolidated now his essays and working memory if you know some things about memory and so I I didn't really remember any of that algebra two and I remember Doctor Hatcher would start out at one end of the board and go to the other and the bell would ring just as he was doing the final equation the board was probably about half as big maybe a little more than half the size of this from this room here on getting confirmation from the individual to take calculus with me and I have a couple of days before the testes is remembered now on this particular damage was Friday is your first test I remember I never even heard that I've been studying chemistry in my other classes and then the I replied home that night and I thought well I got one trump card I thought is an engineer so I called him up and told him about these equations and the problems that were there and how I didn't understand and all he says Sun it's been many years since I've taken calculus number one releases number two I never had calculus anywhere close to how you're being taunted auntie says you're on your own hands so by I hung the phone up and will discourage them Ananias did send a prayer of Lord if you want me to be a physician you know that it requires some semblance of grades and I don't understand any of this please grant me some understanding and so I studied the material but still felt clueless and one landed in the past I felt as clueless as ever in the end of intestine just didn't feel like things are going well and Monday Doctor Hatcher put up the scores and average was sixty four percent Lois eighteen percent highest the says this done this only happens every several years nineties and hasn't him for quite a while but somebody got a hundred percent I remember everyone hissing at that point in the room and item really want to pick up my test to see what it was I knew eventually I had to them I picked up the mirror was one hundred it turned out my Angel new calculus very well have I'm sure helped me with that test and I and after that that was the confirmation I never looked back it was clear the Lord wanted me to go in this and is clear that it was the career choice for him that would best serve him in regards to my marriage there were some things that that happened in our dating relationship I will go in all the details I normally go into it because it can be a teaching tool but there was an individual in fact I should say my freshman year of college in freshman composition I wrote out a paper on the girl that Neil Natalie will Mary I didn't have anyone in particular my wasn't dating anyone at that time and I put out the things that she would have to have an end things that you should have the majority of and that another last time and she had any of these it would be nice and I took that comment just effort curiosity sake and I showed it to my parents and they were commenting on it smiling that sort of thing of course my sister 's one zero they were talking about and so they got a hold of my sisters are older than me and I read that and they shook their head was score looked at me and says you're never getting it Mary Neil and I said why you say that this is there's no girl in the universe that is going to matchup to this I said well that's all right I guess I'll get married and so I but the amazing thing is that there was a girl that I was dating later on it was a medical school girl and my father told me that I should get to know more I met her in my home church and because of my respect for him I did try to get to know her and by reading the book of acts together and also starting at the apostles we go to a park in a public place and I really appreciated her in many respects and actually so much so that I am the woman who do her physical therapy when I was in medical school she was in a new physical therapy and Anders meanders and started the program have high and so she came to Loma Linda we were dating for over a year plus and a thirteen hour road highway trip back from our former pastors who was jammed downward in Northern California on a weekend going back to Erika started asking me some more serious questions and I started deflect them are really in regards to the future etc. and I told her I was very happy with the way things were and she gently then broke up with me on that trip back and I and I got a guy who is been dating a lot of girls I used to date in and released today the different girl every weekend just to get to know people but never one to be serious one of the reasons why my father was wise enough to tell me that if you get married Neil you're announcing your independence and you are no longer going to be supported in any way form or fashion from you know us and I hear his parents and so I think you knew some of my strongholds in that regard and so that really helped I want to get close to anybody if that point because education was first but here after analyzing this I actually other another classmate of our send medical school Rodney Van Pelt was there the professors are the sum of people from the Dean's office line me up and in the second year to try to help them pass he was having some difficulties and so we study together and his grades improve the lobby in her junior year when seen each other in clinicals and he started asking me about Eric and I told her we broken and he says well I'm how much your interests are your interests am free much the same I said oh yeah I have you ever had any arguments whether I should actually know Stephen breaking up was there any kind of emotional decisive no it wasn't there was an argument or anything like that she just counseled me that you knew that wasn't use continuing the relationship I wasn't willing to go forward and well what about spiritual things and so he went over all these less than I said yes very attractive durian absolutely I am about to you know it is the music come out he wanted all these different areas courses mother wrote a complete marriage complete records of the Messiah complex and and so he was I think wanting a lot from her and then he talked about his own marriage even married there for little over a year and finally he said Neil what's wrong with you and I see what you made me says yes she's got everything they are what is wrong with you and sorry to remember that a man I read for the first time in four years and five twelve and five or six years now I got out this freshman composition peace in their lives she met all of the necessary all the majority the majority of the ones and so hearing the decision was right in front of me but I couldn't see and sense of cars getting married to her I unfortunately didn't see it after that and I called her up and mastery and left Loma Linda Temple I went to LA for an OB/GYN to get a will see him but called her up to go to church with me to bear and she was fortunately I willing to do so and we ended up going insane Jim Bauer 's place and looking over the Pacific Ocean I asked her to marry me but since that time our love is wrong tremendously in fact just a couple weeks ago I looked at her and said you know it after the first year I thought it couldn't get any better and after the second year I couldn't have imagined getting any better but I now can this continue to get better any Mrs. we have a wonderful marriage the Lord is led in every way possible and going the Lord 's round was certainly a wonderful plus residency went through the same pro and con list life narrative and internal medicine and in this instance the Lord overruled the pro- con list was Charlotte North Carolina number one Kettering number two and Charlotte was a non- SDA program very intensely involved in procedural aspects and highly academic and they reserved it for normally those in the top ten percent of the class and so I find a decent chance of getting in my remembrance the first thing that I tried for with all my heart and soul to get into a program and I didn't get in and I remember even calling up the residency director the next day and saying what happened I mean you know my mind is there still possibility in mind as you overlook anything in and let the Lord overruled actively wanted Mia Kettering and a Kettering I was able to learn and do things on the health side of things in the preventive medicine side of things especially Doctor DeRose there he was there for thirty runs in the first year that would've never occurred otherwise it was clear that Charlotte would've been a big mistake for this practice we went to pro- con list out in regards to multiple places and Eric and I were both severely emotionally disappointed when the top pro- con score came out to Ardmore Oklahoma as we wanted on Ardmore Oklahoma it was not anywhere in our emotional plans to do so but yet when we went through things objectively it was clear that's where we should be the Lord didn't overrule it that client and its and it's very clear that the Lord wanted us there and I could go into the many reasons why that's the case I then we would get calls from Ardmore there were one of the calls was from evangelist famous Adventist evangelist to ask me to give up my practice and he would train me to be an evangelist I and I it was actually a pastor friend of mine he showed me this quote I've been surprised at being asked by physicians if I did not think would be more pleasing to God for them to give up their medical practice member ministry unprepared answers I can inquire if you are a Christian she means in every sense of the term in a what type of physician competent physician you're qualified to do tenfold Margaret is a missionary for God and if you were to go forth nearly as a preacher of the word and so I stayed hand medicine man stayed in the medical evangelism and that's where she also says I would advise young man and young women to give heed to this matter and she talked about the need for more women physicians well I got a call to go to Weimar it was I think in March one bachelor called me when I was at the vegetarian nutrition conference in Loma Linda and talk about amazing fact merging with Weimar is the possibility and two hundred over there and I told him that we would weigh it out to him and consider it in considering this whenever you're considering a decision I think it's very important to look at the three main attributes that one is on personal soul salvation if we don't have an active saving relationship with the Lord gone were not going to be near as effective in the the mentalist and there is going to be stressed about wherever you go but where are the threats going to be most significant where the benefits going to be the most significant and how can we way that out now and and of course a personal soul salvation would also include salvation the spouse when your team and if you're one and so you can write those independently combine them but that was all also there includes time for personal devotions where you going to have more devotional time where you can have more spiritual mentorship time where you going to have opportunities for direct teaching of others in spiritual things are for not feeding others it's hard for us to continue to be fed and sell our personal soul salvation of course when we went down out there were multiple categories and some of them were far different in going away Marv versus staying in Oklahoma in fact some of these threats on her personal soul salvation would be greater and going to we Maron some of those things when we look at it and and I won't go into all the details on that that would require a whole mother way of analyzing it I end out another area is salvation of each immediate family member we looked at every one of our immediate family members independently the best we can tell and regards them and what it would do for their relationship with God how it would threaten and how it would help them to grow how they could do better take hold of the teachings of their parents and interestingly those were also pretty separate our younger to turned out were scored significantly higher by staying in Oklahoma and the older to actually turned out to be somewhat better by taking the move to Weimer and so that's why you go away to grow slutty advantages of doing this as well as when we came back to Oklahoma after the whole decision was made people I thought we made a huge mistake and they would say what about this and what about that and they would think of all of the negatives in moving to Weimer but you know we were able to carefully tell them every one of those things that you mentioned we laid out already I took it and analyze that out but there is also other aspects to this is salvation of others very important and before she can write a one third one third one thirty can score in other ways I'm in our instance I think we rated this about twenty percent and missed about were tied with forty percent forty percent on the salvation of others but salvation of those in the church in your influence in the church and not just those of you teaching in the church but including educating others to effectively win souls and also in the world where care can you have the greatest influence for good in the world how can you tailor your practice and what you're doing more for the Lord 's costs while this man I'm significant amount of time force I was at the Arizona camping when I was laying this out in June I took is that want to be able to compile the information way this out and most the time cam meetings and speaking three different places I return morning afternoon and evening and so and then there's a lot of time timing between him I kind of it's one of the things about I guess being a medical missionary becomes forward it's not because of who I am an artist valve often tease the pastors who earned at Camp meeting saying as soon as you're done with the talk you're done as soon as I'm done with the talk look what happens and there's group of fifty or sixty people to come up and I'm taking one question at a time one by one and so those questions are often more than the entire talk is even do that in selling the camp meeting can be fully on gone forward on a ten can be fully consuming but this time it was only two hours the camera that I was there in the rest of time could be dedicated to mess after I waited out with Eric on the phone doing all those things it came out completely even Oklahoma versus California in fact it was statistic license a completely statistical and there was no significant difference one way of looking at it was higher than the other way regards to your own children what were the conditions chosen by the infinite father for his son is secluded home in the Galilean hails household sustained my honest self-respecting labor on life of what simplicity one of the reasons why physicians kids don't often do well daily conflict with difficulty and hardship he chose that for his own son self-sacrifice economy impatient glance and service the hours studied his mother 's side when the open scroll Scripture we think somehow he was starting eight hours a day it was just one hour of study that was there but very important aspect and that economic influence the quiet of dawn or twilight and Green Valley the holy ministries of nature the study of creation Providence the souls communion with God these were the conditions and opportunities of the early life of Jesus so with the great majority the best and noblest men of all ages and so what would produce that best environment was one of the things that were weighed out was when I think my time on how much more time than I have I couple of minutes have time to go or not to go I may not finish it but if I'm if I don't that's okay I asked her was completely tied out I put this into the CD-ROM the Ellen White CD-ROM to go or not to go just type it in and it was kind of interesting what came up one of the things that came up and this was a charts and profits it was no light task it was a run on Abraham no small sacrifice it was requiring them him there were strong ties the mind and to his country is Kimberly was home and I should mention our case is resonated very well we have my characters parents living next door half mile down and we have her brother and his kids living a quarter-mile down the other side we have my mother on her same property and so we have the entire family they are beautiful secluded place to raise the kids no strong ties aligned in his country and there were strong ties mindless countries can earn his home but he did not hesitate to obey the call he had no question asked concerning the land of promise whether the soil is fertile and the climate healthful weather country afford agreeable surroundings and would afford opportunities for amassing wealth PMS those questions in fact that's what the Oklahoma people Denman I was considering missing the same you consider California's four seasons I said one of the four seasons and I said fires earthquakes floods and riots so by Peter Nath those type of questions God has spoken at a server must obey the happiest place on earth for him was the place where God would want heaven to be any honest the amazing thing when you're when you're going against your own emotions and you go where the will of the Lord is it seems like you're sacrificing some sort of pleasure somewhere but in reality because we have always fortune teller errors were actually making the choice where were going to be the happiest if we go where the Lord wants us to be many are still tested is with Abraham a not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens in fact that's what that was one of the things that I was thinking about when I read that first paragraph I should mention while Abraham got the direct voice of the Lord hi again I haven't heard the direct voice Lord in fact I pray for you earnestly that we can Arizona I prayed to hear the Lords voice so that I would know many are still tested was Abraham Nader not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens but he calls them by the teachings of his word and events of his providence they may be required to abandon a career that promises wealth and honor to lead congenial and profitable associations and separate from kindred to enter upon what appears to be only a path of self denial hardship and sacrifice God has a work for them to do the life of ease in the influence of friends and kindred would hinder the development of the very traits essential for its accomplishment he calls them away from human influences and made them leave them to feel the need of his help and depend upon him alone that he may reveal himself to them she goes on this is the last paragraph of that section patriarchs and prophets who is ready of the call province to renounce cherished plans and familiar associations who will accept new duties and enter untried fields doing God 's work with Furman willing heart for Christ sake counting his losses game he will do that has the faith of Abraham and will share with him at far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory which the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared if I haven't two more minutes I'll do one more statement if not I commanded this point of what Doctor Lawrence of the timekeeper there is after he's the only one that counts in that question then as I plugged in this phrase I got the direct quote from this statement here the actual foreign mission board throne like to go to Australia carried a clause that left the final decision with her that is the request was predicated on the light she may have in the matter and are own judgment the summer wore on how she sought the Lord for life but she received not eager to go or not to go I must admit I was a little more comforted that point as I was praying earnestly for the Lords voice in this matter as it was such a complex issue way all those things out but here is the prophet of the Lord I'm not a prophet nor son of the profit but here's the prophet of the Lord praying earnestly for the wards well to be made manifest and she doesn't receive any direct communication from to go or not to go and she didn't want to go it's clear when she when you read the background image you just want a place unlike Michigan a beautiful place to be able to do in seclusion right on the materials the Lord had put on her heart she written somewhat twitchy I'm completing a lot of them yet and so she adjust actually purchase that property guide for a good price and was ready to move there and then she gets the call to go to Australia this morning my mind is anxious in trouble in regard to my duty cannot be the will of God that I go to Australia this involves a great deal with me I am not special like to leave America for this far-off country nevertheless if I knew it was the voice of God I would go but I cannot understand this matter and that's where I was and I was reading these quotes by the way when I was fasting I ended in after things came outside I then went into prayer and fasting I fasted on the last Sabbath Aaron Arizona nonetheless she decided to go she later wrote of it she adopted the practice of responding to request the General conference in Washington special light to the contrary my one of my good friends I told him about this mentioned but she didn't get the call conference and and that's certainly true and it isn't but there are and there are some principles that we can have in this matter well I I know are and I know he's been stretching it already I do have it I'm not going to ask you anymore I do have some more slides I'm not going to get to the to the end of the story there is an end to it but I how should we do this I guess if I if you come to myself I shouldn't say that she lacks is there a lot of other good seminars to but açai you cannot even get to take the seminar house that so you can get the type of the seminar in here the the five to ten minutes of conclusion of this matter on how to know the will of the Lord in the following but maybe all and with just I'm going to do aerial I can command with this principles of decision-making first principle obtained a mental performance in other words get on the lifestyle that can be conducive to you making a good decision and also part of that big mouth performance get rid of that emotional reasoning is distorted thoughts and no and design get on the program were your mind can be clear to communicate with God secondly ask the Lord for wisdom when you're laying this out the Lord has given us a frontal lobe for good reason a lot of people they said they just can't cancel their frontal lobe out and go by this lease type stuff you know when you put out a fleece in the beginning was never commended for that I was actually a lack of faith they produce that those fleece and so these fleece type things can be can be almost canceling out the frontal lobe with Lord has given you to lay things out and so asked the Lord for wisdom when you're going through this take time to analyze each point in the decision develop a way to scoring system it takes time but it were you certainly won't be jumping to a conclusion that way and by the way regards any decision I think the decision of the Lord is placed on many of our hearts here in regards to the current affairs is what to do with our money and we need to go through the same process in regards to how the Lord would deal with our money for delaying that decision were in and up making the wrong decision and we need to go through this in your Lord is stirring things up so that we go through this careful analysis on what to do with even our own finances analyze each coin how it can affect your personal soul salvation the salvation of your family the salvation of others number four look for confirmation after you make that decision in each instance confirmation had been obtained with every major decision I've made and after you get that come from confirmation don't look back it's father in heaven we thank you that you have given us all frontal loads to be able to choose our own destiny and I have that power and choice but even though you've given us a brain that's capable of making complex decisions we know that we are finite and you are infinite and we ask for your help not only in the daily decisions of life that now is that the time when this world is in consternation Lord I'm sensing that the EU may be calling virtually everyone in this room to a different path than what their Hotmail and so Lord as we weigh these decisions out we pray for your wisdom we pray that we will not succumb to emotional reasoning and we thank you that the happiest place that we can be is the place where you would have us to Jesus and


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