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Dentists on the Frontline in Ministry, Part 1

Wendell Lawrence Rick Beckermeyer



  • October 31, 2008
    11:30 AM

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him and him and me and I will thank you so as we put all excuses and I made quite a few though that I'm directed to you know I can't take the time off for my practice and lose all the chair time and money the authors ministry takes time and a year-to-date time off from from from your job and from the work and the audit and its objects that support the fact that God wants us to be involved in ministry and Matthew sixteen twenty six as for-profit is that the man who gains in the whole world and lose his own soul but what will a man give in exchange for his soul so and then sums up how many all excuses I have made an love my friends and made no it is expensive minor materials the handouts of food I can't afford it I'm actually at this today and was mousing slippers for nineteen might also supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus so we are running the fear doing and my patients may view me as a religious fanatic memory lose patience to no excuse now I have made them before I first thought about Angela see Ephesians away after you for that zero and I'm with the acts eighteen ten I'm with me in the matter of no man so set on the heard the so that has a lot of as for us as we venture out I don't feel comfortable bringing up religion with my patients most of them are the secular mindset and don't want to hear what the Bible anyway and does not excuse that many people make and Psalms thirty four seven five system and by way of the Lord trust also in him and he shall bring to pass in Matthew ten thirty three says the woman denies me before men I will also do not him before my father who is in heaven I'm the pastor or an evangelist I can't give Bible studies but then whenever that will made of excuses to get and I certainly have Psalms thirty two eight I will instruct the NTC in the way which thou should go I will guide thee with my eyes and the sound city four burst forth that I sought the Lord and he heard in the limiting from all my fears saw the tears that you may have gotten the living from those fears and Romans eight twenty eight and we know that all things work together for good to them that love of God to them who are called according to his purpose so as we fulfill God 's purpose as Doctor Griffin was talking about this morning God will certainly guide us in the purpose and work things out in all practices for his for his purpose if informing his purpose memory step one of faith and take the time off and use of all resources for ministry God bless this many times over an annuity chemistry is that God blessing many times over and you know when I first started up meetings with Nikki Griffin having meetings my office that the gift of a scary sometimes around honest with you you wonder how can I afford this it's its coffee was expensive the first meetings we had years ago we had seventy patients register and get my mind we can only hold like fifty fifty five and three have wings waiting room and so we allowed to resume and we will do so those of the meal going to get handouts everyone materials to take half of the afternoon off it once a week and it was kind of scary but we had that God led and directed this is a positive way that we knew he was leading and directing and the month end production and collection figures all was much better during those months that's about the time to help analyses analysis about this in my mind my cock was still couldn't figure it out you take time off to spend more money you will bless the ministry and yet the Lord blesses much more and so is the law to test and I've had the lowest AR at the end of the month of those months also in other accounts receivable in those months that we did most ministry it was the lowest and for some reason got dismissed my count the cause is called with success was defiled by the numbers him down the center now and the boat we knows nothing right we know God is certainly resting take more time off ministries than what Malta ministry and as a month to figure the better how do we explain these miraculous blessings is this what faith is all about the blog features about this was giving and receiving and second regions nine eight ten and eleven this is one of my favorite sex and I read this over so many times when God is able to make all grace abound to you so all things at all times having all that you need he will you will abound in every good work now he who supplies seed to the solar and bread for food also supply an increase your start seed overlies the hogs of your righteousness you will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous in every occasion and through this through us your generosity will result in thanks getting to God this is a company text and God in everything you do it obtain something that all things God will supply you need and how do you abound in every good work someone recover health and tell us something about when he was setting of your new practice recovery unique practice which he has an architectural design these tell us about so that shall and you show us something about how the Lord allowing him to design his office and the special way so he could be to present the plan of salvation to his patients and so he that shows a few slides about that and tell us how how God led him in this in this sensor presents God 's gospel to do this patient's time is shortened Jesus is coming soon and we need to be able to use everything at our disposal for God 's honor and glory and it's interesting the way that some of these things come about we can go ahead and use each and everything that comes our way to honor and glorify God and when I first started out in practice I worked in Medicaid office and then I bought a small practice in the city of Niles and it was eight hundred square feet of very small but adequate for the size of a business that I had went to dedicating our practice in order to be able to glorify God 's name and just trying to tell people and country people the way that I would like to go ahead and retreated I have a dental phobia I am afraid of the dentists and I had some very terrible experiences as a youngster and I don't know to this day except for God 's grace why am the dentist but I think God saw me in the sport of particular opposition because he saw that the experiences that I have is as a kid could go ahead and I be utilized to help empathize with them the patients that I have been so that's how I treat them with great pride patients the practice grew because we honor God then we came into kind of way I'm a difficult situation because we only had eight hundred square feet we were not able to go ahead and service the number of people that we had and so I was spending a lot of after-hours and I we would start sometimes at seven o'clock and we would finish up at eight o'clock at night him high it was a really draining so one of the patient said what would you just build a larger building well to me it meant I meant a lot of money yes I had school loans I have a lot of debts because would you be in the University was arrested in Michigan and so I was paying out of state tuition and so I had a lot of money that I need to do notepad be of the payback and to be I very careful stewards of the money that God gives us is very important to me and the way that we handled that money is also way that we can go ahead and honor God nor to be able to build this building I needed some way that God was good to go ahead and say yes go ahead and build this building you need to go ahead and do it I noted the able to glorify God so I prayed about it read about it and I felt moved then I thought we needed to be tied to make this particular mission statement so I sat down with Doctor Stanley Belkin Berrien Springs who also has a mission to bring more out of the bill of the building to glorify God 's name I got contracted me to him and it was most feeling great we started out with a line on a piece of paper just kind of a curved line and we save said that we want this dental experience in Notepad to be a jury just like were journeying through life we wanted to buy it to be inexperienced for the dental patient as well so when we started out with this curve and we just kind of started working in some of them the basic movies that I feel that I have and I in you I wanted our patients to go ahead and know about in one of the first things will not create us in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and so what we have out in the front are seven different columns in each one of those columns represents a of creation and that the first one will start out very very small because there wasn't a lot on the earth and then it gradually grew until the seventh one is the tallest and it actually supports the supporting call here there's five there's all kinds of neat things that I gone on in this building there's three phases to this area right here which is the reception area K and three faces represents the Trinity because I think the Trinity works with us in our practices on a daily basis in order to be able to make nothing successful and so on each one of these bifaces have I just read faces but it also has three quarters right here and saw this face right here cut of represents Jesus Christ because originally he created the world and then through a Christian relationship he then by that we go pack go into question our relationship to Jesus Christ and so this is how you get into the building through Jesus Christ now on a daily basis the Holy Spirit works with this the Holy Spirit opens up our minds and our eyes to different opportunities that we can go ahead and tell folks about Jesus Christ a lot of people that are coming into the Dennis are scared just like I am in when they come in they want to have some kind of peace of mind and when the time if I come in there able to go in I see that this right here represents the Holy Spirit in the whole building cannabis wraps around kind of like the Holy Spirit symbol that time up on the topic is God the father and so we have three different faces of God the father the other thing that I knew that I was in have to do is work very hard because this building was I going to be expensive okay so in each one of these rooms there are different windows their seven windows from here over to hear six in each one of the opportunities the seventh one is set aside six days a week I work very very hard but I honor my God then has given me a talent and buy it by sending this particular window aside when we go into the operatory 's themselves they're all multiples of seven okay so each one of the operatory 's is fourteen feet here then there's on gallery and then fourteen feet on the other side the Galleria seven thousand people crossed as well met him on the top there are twelve skylights in the twelve skylights represent a couple different things the twelve disciples the twelve gates of heaven the twelve tribes of rivers in Israel and so it should buy one when a patient comes in I miss it what a nice building and it's really interesting because when I buy in high conversations it's high we kind of forgot call tag I so somebody will say something to me and then tag me and that I can go ahead and respond back to them they say to me what a nice building they just tagged me and him and me the opportunity to be able to give them a Bible study about our building in what God represents to me and how he died so the supplies I things on a daily basis so this is public enough that the paperwork and actually this is what it looks like here these are the seven columns in each one of the columns gets bigger now I haven't done it yet but I'm going to buy it I heard about the Rosetta Stone in all the different languages and each one of these columns have been to him for five different languages of the verse of Scripture that it talks about what was created on that particular day so it doesn't matter it out after I'm done and gone under to have this inscribed on these columns and could be there in the Internet by everybody that I comes over to the building will be able to will be able to depend know about that in the days of creation what was interesting once a week I got this building build time the Lutheran Church actually had a kind of a little road rally and they hereby had different places in Niles that people had to go to and I they had them coming over to our our office and they said no how many columns are on the front of the building and I was there on that particular day and I doesn't know what you think those columns represent so on the Lutheran Road rally they came to my office and had a Bible story eyes study on the creation of time you know I these are those at the seven Windows dad this is window here's a simple block two one two three four five six six includes one of the opportunities because working very very hard and we work very hard the seventh one here is set aside now but if you kind of look at five what Christ sacrifice was he died on the cross to save us right what can you come and see the cross for here okay then in this section right here you can kind of see the cross symbols as well there were three crosses so that is what they are particular by section is this building but we had a lot of interesting things happen I while we were building this building it was just amazing on one of the things is that this building right now is five feet taller than what I had originally started out to be because when we dug down to place our footings on which a water at and so we ended up having to go ahead and raise this building in order to be able to go ahead and make sure that the basement is not flooded what verse of Scripture comes to mind a city set on a hill cannot be hid when we glorify God and put our step out to glorify his name he set this up and he says I want everybody in the house to go ahead and hear and know about your particular building I let's go inside outside we can see that the seven in the seven walls and how the building kind of is actually shaped like the Holy Spirit symbol him inside that were kind of looking true and this right here is the entrance that people come in and I believe that every single person that comes into my office is a blessing from God and has the right to hear about Jesus Christ I believe that and I take that risk in order to be able to tell every single person that comes in about Jesus Christ in one way or another this is the other side here I also die it was incidental offices are buried by a very scary places a lot of times I wanted to go ahead and make this feel like my home is what Jesus wants us to do is one word in his presence we want to be able to go ahead and feel like we're right at home when word was God in the right spot telling about him there's peace there's your as we go into the different opportunities in that the contractor said there's not a single straight line in this place and on and on each one of these alcoves right here is kind of curve this is the seventeenth across tier in each one of these hides the opportunities by the operatory 's are when we want them to be kind of like a secluded private place but also not a scary place either when I see rows and rows and rows of double chairs I get a little bit nervous I get a little bit nervous but you can't seem down to the very end of the building policy have to do is worry about what's happening with him nothing that's what I meant for God wants us to do is just worry about today in our sufficiency is our faith for today the twelve skylights of the above are led in a lot of natural light is very important to be able to go ahead and look up be able to see your surroundings be able to not feel closed in and you know what one is looking up or not concentrating on the things around us the depressing things also by ally we have time we have verses of Scripture so that is where going into the operatory 's high against John fourteen sixty nine believe words is my peace I give unto you not as the world gives you minute you let not your hearts be troubled neither let them be afraid I don't want she spoke to be afraid and so if they read that before they come in to the end the different opportunities that have it in their minds and they don't have to type it have to be afraid along the top here is the Lord Shepherd and comes all the way around here goes all the way around the the inside the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want in I think it's very important to be able to show that people look up people see that and they see how Jesus can go ahead and come into their lives are operatory 's are that the fourteen feet long and natural colors and then in the stairwell and then the back of the building we have Revelation twenty one and twenty two and Revelation twenty one to twenty two and talks about a couple of things talks about the new Jerusalem coming down it talks about the river of life talks about the tree of life so people when they come in and the guy asked me about the building and one another wonderful building I take him all the way through I taken from Genesis all the later revelation and they didn't realize that that they were to go ahead and get Bible study but they do anytime we take a step forward and we put our faith into time and trust in Jesus Christ is one person that is very very unhappy about that that's a double and he will go ahead and go to create links in order to be open to just credit God 's name and the way that he just put this in the pure the way that he did with this particular building was three hi three different ways the first thing that he did was he got I got involved guide us out to buy the property and then she increased the cost of the building high we opened up our building in two thousand stick six and in two thousand and we started with the planning session and write about that provide time the building costs actually triple and so when we went to the day and we said we need this amount of money in order to put this building they said not a problem okay here's the money go well but we started getting into this dad always said why this is in the numbers are adding up here the electrical bill that we could have is almost a quarter of what we had of our loneliness and then the excavating was almost another the bill and when we started doing all the math never did the steel prices have tripled the price that they gave us originally was just one third of the final cost and so we need to go back to the bank and then go back to the bank again this is it for me is a mission statement and so regardless of the outcome or how much it cost and beyond I was committed to guide to building this building because I ever person that set foot on the property got a Bible study about what this building was about and what God meant to me and what he was doing in my life so regardless whether the Satan was making it the original price or making it three times as much or he was making it six times as much as much I was committed in order to be able to go ahead and I have the message that Jesus Creswell since the second thing that happen is that this particular property had interesting background I hear familiar with Andrews University I hour that particular area originally this particular piece of property was oil refinery in so they had a logic high contamination so they had to do and an environmental cleanup in order to be able to make the safer people that are then transferred over to of fertilizer company and then I we were digging around for the footings and the backhoe dug down and ended up by hitting a barrel so we uncover uncovered their own the barrel was sealed and I is that I contractor says it all it's just probably filled with a bunch of bolts and I you know it's probably not going to contact cause any problem I just go ahead and get it up anyway you wanted to they dug into the barrel and tore off the top and out two bunch of liquid in the liquid they didn't know what the liquid was so the files fire department was able to go ahead and practice there hasn't had I tried procedures they brought out all the tracks they brought out all their spacesuits they brought out everything in the closest down the closest down for a month and it ended up that guy I can be a chemical that they use in hemorrhoidal shrinking hemorrhoidal tissue and so we save some of that know that we didn't know we just went ahead and the Michigan Michigan Department went ahead and pick it up and finding that you can do a so that was the second thing that the devil I wanted to go ahead and do to prevent this building from happening the third thing was just really devastating because we were three weeks from opening in December hi oh two thousand and six one two thousand and five and I we were getting everything ready we actually made a note by the publication in the paper you know we were to have an open house in no event denials by inspectors said what you know you have even have it inspected how are you going to go ahead and open but we were determined we believe that God was in go ahead and work through this and this particular situation we were working along we were working long days and I have to nation some of the communications sections of this part of the building appear and one of the diet the technicians had a spotlight line up in the attic and he left it on by and came down and as he was coming down the electrical cord caught on this foot and the trouble light ended up falling down into the night into the installation while the insulation is fire retardant rate while its fire retardant up to four hundred and fifty degrees K which is should be sufficiently well they went ahead and nine good start I get it actually started the fire the surface testified the surface temperature of a white ball gets up to four hundred and fifteen degrees and indeed eighteen United fire up in the attic and want to get fired I ignited the fire up in the attic by we were on the inside and preparing everything in then my son who is working on this building I saw this big bubble in the page into what's going on and I I some mail to an the author NFL really hot when up in the attic call the fire department chef known still get choked up about this we were ahead you know we were just so close to in to getting into this building inherent in the devil goes ahead and Posada's trump card Denver building down that's when convenient I'll fix him and wanted to go to say about God than what is a good essay about God then if a bird is building down but you know God works through these situations in the newspapers came out in object pictures of men chopping holes in the roof you know how man we spent all that time and money to go ahead and in and put up this building and here in the shopping holes in my rough and I was just sick and devastated and it was interesting because then the news reporters that I came up they got a Bible study to they got a Bible study about the create high about creation they got a Bible study about the Trinity they got a Bible study about how the Holy Spirit works with us on a daily basis and the skylights how they represent and how they draw us up and I think I'd like got a Bible study on in Revelation five twenty one and twenty two they got a Bible study they heard about it they heard the story no sometimes very very difficult at Christmas time for a lot of folks a lot of suicides the suicide actually goes up at Christmas time but what they heard is that this was not an act of God this was in fact to discredit God and even in this situation God can work through it as devastating as it can be God works through us does not leave us out in the cold he works with us and is right beside us in the three were these that were thrown into the furnace said to Nebuchadnezzar I don't care future only into the fund them the first is the fiery furnace regardless what you do if we live or die I am still going to go on how to glorify God in this building here I am still going to go ahead and glorify God burn it down all built back up again under the go-ahead to glorify God to this building and it fifty thousand people heard that message go figure I could have done any better to go ahead and publicize a practice that God was in go ahead and bless them his blessing I couldn't do it I could do it I could take that much publicity and hear God went ahead and did it for me into newspapers not only the newspapers but the savings time the news channels went ahead and pick it up and they heard about the story of Jesus then it ought after the notebook cure after we went ahead and buy got the building up my wife worked five very very hard at actually submitting to a competition and you probably buy those of you that are dentists have heard about dental economics him hi there were two magazines that my wife went ahead and submitted the story of this building here and we were able to go ahead I would believe that when but we were published in double economics God wants people to know how to help me he wants to let people to know about him and the story in dental economics they did not change a word from what my wife went ahead and printed up and that message was that Jesus Christ works to this particular building and in high end up in our office fifty fifty eight -year-old died he probably gets dental economics then picture was now been the thing about this is that it in the article because our website right and sell high and people can go ahead and typing on it I got different responses to provide to us or different questions and I got some really neat risk high responses by one person said by it all got great article were a Christian too we just wanted to go ahead and buy you don't want to praise God 's name in this effort to court thing or another by individual a classmate of mine from Indiana University the technique pieces by Rick great article and dental economics I just wanted you to know that I went ahead and return to the faith of my years at another I went ahead and I we probably got about fifteen or twenty different I e-mails tonight I want a hug back to each and every one of them one of them was I said great article but why don't you walk the talk and talk the talk get your own teeth fixed and I fight I wrote back to innocent I thank you very much I know you're right I do need to go ahead and do the things I need to go ahead and get my teeth taken care of my walk though is with Jesus and my hope and prayer is that your walk is with him as well he wrote back and he said whenever fortune boatmen thanks for your honesty it ought and I'm glad that you have a walk with God I pray for that person he didn't leave his name I have his e-mail and on continuing to pray for him because I think that he is actually praying for a relationship with God I know we has because Scott is working on his heart that's why he immediately e-mailed me because God wanted me to go ahead and talk to him about my walk with him and to encourage him to find that walk as well I know sometimes we know practices we may find it difficult to sought to comprehend how God is good is the deal with loss but believe me when God opens up the door for people to give their hearts to the Lord we have to be ready to present God 's truth at all times to them and not only convinced that people got versus the point of faith he will supply all the resources for Ms. please let us talk about the nuts and bolts about the details of ministry to the office well-written and it was a story about David B evangelism in the architecture and you know in my practice we would meet I built my new office part about three and half years ago and we doesn't specifically for ministry segregated and said that the design of the son of each room there is a television and we can feed the DVDs and three eighty and although things for the office result very so we anything that we have vehicles screensaver the component on the stove is a screen in the office of additional pictures of ministry of mission trips all the time rolling out an patient seen these last questions was the electric was that all was lesson and it doesn't happen this week 's interest in the end Kathy Mumbai will study and the cost we have it's in books and magazines on the counters in fact Rick has some interesting postcards didn't you keep initials Josue the best these around in his custom postcards with a lot of his mission trips and different things and you can just take a look at those and see some of the things that he is done to our and any applicable culture of the world whereby ye are in on this mission trips he takes pictures of the kids of all the while reporting the hell is a mission trips and is also interesting to read about Jesus and how he and Holly is a long-term of the world and the sun that's that's needs confess that you can take a look at it after two and how God has is leading in that way and we we had has anybody and he was driven lifestyle matters in the office I mentioned the wonderful program which we used as the its it was so nice to have her come into office and and help us out with Witt with the meetings and we serve all patients a nice dinner when they come in with seven items in soup and salad all some non- vegan meal and we advise that we didn't be serving a meal out in August seven o'clock and we have thirty one patients showing up and then we thought we'd be each week we going to talk what nutrition health and so on people will wait now and then have diabetes and have all these different medical concerns so it's a nice way to so that we has set account is up on on on all front office there for them for the food out and domestic units in helping us out celebrations there and then some of them just come for the food but they don't realize that we have another food for me want to give them know what to see them with God 's holy word and the local pastor but just as a renter he also came over every every every week and help us out with the Bible studies below are living free series that we had and it was such a blessing and then David arose came down after we had meetings having six wings we did nutritional meetings and economic transition from from from nutrition to Bible studies and tentative to prophecy using Daniel Daniel one and where it unknowns on his friend refusing any of the Kings Kings food the defile themselves with God 's will but before that they serve and it was with a very nice transition and we had I think this meeting probably about the one forty five people attending and we transition from that and after he became the less said today's let's would like to less transitioning and was really really nice and out of that we had I think digital sixteen people transition from studies in right now we have every Wednesday night with fifteen people coming out and this is a win tonight by the city every Wednesday night and is interesting most of the ladies we have two guys in the group and the guy to the left is second from the back ease of physician and a bullet hospital fossils there and he is a Roman Catholic and he brings Roman Catholic Bible and then we study Daniel seven right to answer the challenge is so we told him like we did start using the Dan and KGB of age of the any supply in fact he is actually giving up his entire personification sleep them everywhere that I Tuesday's trading of the all of his colleagues as we come everywhere that I can study God 's word that Daniel seven and the lady was sitting in Sam is his daughter on his motives enough in the some first time actually studying God 's word and she is so excited any that come up early every every Wednesday and any can't wait to come in on and they have a couple golfer they want to bring your last Wednesday meeting last week before game and they were just so excited and we does have a wonderful time studying God 's word and most of people most of a Christian these two have to be utilized the digital of the Buddhist of these is Roman Catholic you know and we had a picture opted not at all conference room in a limited green and it is it just shows that God is a possible business we are partners with them in ministry I think just the picture of Jesus right over the dentist yes just to give testimony was that before and it saw that people asked many questions in on it it affirms your faith of the Christian God is leading and directing you in and write such a way right name man in the candidacy of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that we have arthritis in the cinema waiting at a moral conference room the legal basis in there and it just gives an infinitely more we host some mom some business meetings once a quarter and we have been the script menu when coming out and we put it right on the easel right in front of the meeting and most people see of a vessel that will synopsis and so it really is the ministry we know that God is leading and directing us in a special way than a regular problem she a few of the things about how you know get involved with prayers of the officers that the pretzel importance premeditation is we have my dental hygienist none of my employees that I would be right now our awesome that Venice but we know where I stand and all Christian and my dental hygienist she is riding on the gift of discernment and she's able to tell when someone patient comes in if they are sad if they are depressed if they gone and given a gift and she will convince them to Doctor Lawrence a person might she needs prayer no and so I thought when you finish you can just afterwards if it's okay to pray with them and she would ask them and they would say yes I will take the patient back into rule in the back and kneel to pray with them know just how the gift and every time she said that God uses in a special way and she's a strong prayer warrior no and that is blessed for life also you know and is increase my spiritual life also and God is working so I can work with us on about how used for analysis in a special way to our with your patients to another that's a difficult thing with most practices ha ha you all and I believe in Matthew twenty five work talks about the parable of the gentleman that there were three gentlemen that got different talents and the first one got five second one got three in the third one got one talent on I believe those are opportunities that the Holy Spirit opens up to us to share the gospel the first person that got five opportunities to share the gospel five more were given to him the second one that utilize the three opportunities to share the gospel three more were given but when we know Jesus Christ and we buried that knowledge in our mind and never say a thing then it there's not a lot of good things that happened to us I believe in taking risks than for Jesus Christ and one of us one of the scariest things is the emergency emergency exam because the person is very afraid they have no clue what is good to be happening and when they come in we explained to them what the different options are to save the truth during doing this type of treatment or losing the truth and in if they choose to lose the tooth they will tell me that while the last year that I had removed the dentist put his hand on my four head and went ahead and took the forceps I was numb and they were either very you know they told me I was not in them and they went ahead and put the forceps or the players they always call players on that you and they proceeded to yank it out and I was yelling and screaming and be assisted that was helping the dentist was crying because of the paint half thank you so much because it was crying because I was in so much pain and she was feeling this tree is very scary so when people come in and they decide to go ahead and hit out there that have the truth removed Wong on that and I put my hand on their shoulder and I'll say before we start but for Hannah have a word of prayer I don't even ask I don't even ask I take the risk that they will go ahead and I want to have prayer there was I one man that was a former Adventist and I put up my my hand on his shoulder innocent little hidden prey in his comment was well whatever you think you need to do it as I said and I after I removed the two and he said my network recognizes Portugal and we prayed and him and but one what about the situations where we could not get into a situation that that that bone around to does really really try and attitudes is really super decayed and put the forceps on it and the chief shatters balance down at the gum line okay and I made its head original okay so you see where I'm going with this and so you get in the either with the elevator and the top by a third of the root breaks off and so you start getting down deeper and doing a little bit more on surgery and you break that peace often so now you got that section out and then you start keeping ongoing down deeper and that section and then you finally get that little tiny chip of the root tip out in the assistant is looking at you why are you taking so long but it is what I turned to the patient and they said that didn't take very much time at all I think there were angels country in the hands of the clock back on their biological ticker for something happened because I will say I'll say to them aren't you glad we prayed before this picture glad we pray before this car hygienist by who is I got it because a a commitment to mission service and will be going I is a right now up in the Arctic Circle and she and her husband are going to be missionaries high up in the Arctic Circle shield by shall sit down with that hygiene patient before me on the surgery case of pray with them we need to go ahead and take the risk we won't lose patience and if we lose the patient then the Holy Spirit is still working on that particular person and we have planted the seed in their minds that they need Jesus Christ in their lives so if I was the patient I know that the Holy Spirit hasn't lost that person knows exactly where they are both exactly what they need and so I take the risk one of the scariest one atop persons that I treated with an extracted extraction what I was this boy he was nineteen years old and he stood over me probably via a bona fide kind of a strong type of the individual and you never know where these people are really coming from okay I he was dressed in black Gothic eye and he had piercings in pretty much every place that you could get a piercing he had set on many in his ears he had it in his nose he jetted in his eyebrows is this I both upper and lower lips I have one right here in the front and time I told him about this and then necessary procedure that needed to be done in and I said I have a word of prayer before we start a word of prayer and we have hundreds I singly a Christian woman who is seventy six years old and she she has white hair and I has it all done and by I actually you guys said she is about six foot to a user for protection sometimes I but she comes up documentation and after I've had crucial go-ahead and put her hand patients he and I said I'm knowledge is what you did note that while Mary is holding your hand she's praying through this procedure for you and for the efficiency of this we get done with the procedure okay and this boy I stands up he looks at me he looks at her he mentioned he shakes her hand he says thank you so much he 's 's shakes my here uses thinking so much I believe in God to me I believe in God to guide us working on his heart God wanted that person a person in in heaven each and every single patient that comes then God wants in the kingdom God wants executive thanks so much right after Bush is just as I know you see that I can the lives of patients and it makes everything that would put forth while and that is five thousand kings the software presentation for for the this weekend last last actually on on on Wednesday I was trying to finish about I just was so busy for them or not we will want to town so everyone money coming on Wednesday so I called one of the young ladies and only healthy with all points this is what I'm Robin to I can't really happy when this guy I know Tom he helped me what from time to time I'll ask them to help you out so he comes over the office on on Wednesday morning and I saw them what I want to do with the plot lines and joy my slides and pieces on the run nice office yet I even talk to the office and done what our ministry at with doing and he takes it zero home to his office and he was all day on the PowerPoint presentation any any free from the text that we had down there and he came back on Wednesday nights to better deal with me and as I was he says you know I'm a Christian to but I've have drifted away from God and he said is been many years and seven evil the Bible and he says that I was really touched by working so hard to repentance presentations on what you are saying in your ministry and he says I really will have impressed what do you modestly on Wednesday nights beside cry in all and he says this with all he says can I come to Robinson it was nice I said sure he says are blocked from the Bowser because I think God had a sweet for the special purpose of bringing me back to him and him celebrate that's why that's so this Wednesday becoming a vital saying when we get back in the next Wednesday and he said that he is having a few health problems in the unit of December healthy food in one sentence it's a learned model and interest in below plus limo by the Bible any Muslim on what Daniel could finally starting Daniel and he was so impressed by that and I think God with opening his heart receptive to God 's message and God opens a window of opportunity is wrote was talking about and sometimes we have to grasp that window of opportunity it doesn't last long and if we don't do it who else will if not me who will and if not now when so we saw the graph in opportunity and allow God to use us in a special way to be a positive witness for him and the you I can just easily stories about about the patients and friends come out of when the nights and each of them I think God is led in a special way to us as the requesting things about my chance God I think is leading people to us and we dentist suppositions with medical events lists and I want to use this in a special way to to spread his Gospel spread his word to others so I think we just need to prayer each day and an acting on emotional life is so important as as as .net he was talking about taking the time off to spend time with God and how long it took to fill us with his spirit his others can tell others consistently tell the difference when God fills a life that God has like like Rick God has blessed us also to be we would chosen for the Detroit our magazine to be one of the top dentists very recently and we had no clue that there would include us in the top dentist list of the pictures of it entire office and the pictures of me and it places a magnet would be getting some of call people who are coming to us and it is to me is not just a new patient is an opportunity to make an impact on someone the kingdom of God and ability will come in the lasts over six weeks I was at least five or six of them specifically we have been able to connect with and and and give them some Bible studies in their bid them come to a meeting but if voting at home and we talked back and forth anything God is leading them in a special way to close this kingdom this after we have another series coming up which we get to talk about what mission trips and how God can use us on the outside and talk to is that in the Libya this afternoon and we have a couple of the dentist two of the world mission trips coming to be with us we adopt and loses them to be here to achieve she just came back I think a few weeks for another mission trip and system powerful testimonies to share with us and so I think we'll talk this afternoon more about witnessing outside of the office we have another physician called Eric Remus even though these acts arisen the Lansing area any as a pop test later share with us also well God is use him in a special way through the residency program and Holly 's witnesses many of his patients and so come back and invites movie would come with you and will level the ten Cessna


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