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Dentists on the Frontline in Ministry, Part 2

Wendell Lawrence Rick Beckermeyer



  • October 31, 2008
    3:30 PM

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everybody is all you guys talking below lastly something getting everybody is okay I got to say that by DVS this is the second part of all dentist on the front line presentation this morning we did in office type of president you know what we do in the office how we minister to reasons in the office how we present Christ in the office and this afternoon we get to talk with someone more about mission trips now the Lord has used us all can use us in a special way to two minutes of the people in the mission field for outreach also fix even if you get Eric the reason for this to agree with it and so the content is in the frontline ministry part two mission trips any vandalism and will have ducked back in my old North and presentations what he's done in his mission trips is always ministry and will happen and the lowest Doctor Los Santos also about shifting from his friend on another one soon enough and how God has used her in a special way and what are agreed by fees from either resident in Lansing Michigan and University of Michigan he of vision State University and even lettuce know about how the law is using him to do our Christmas tree was practice and in the community and that we have Doctor for thought the last thing .co yes these Doctor McMuffin and induce him offer silly and easements article submission work across around the world and so far has been given by God 's presence with us all kinds on them we thank you so much they love you what's cheerier protection arrest today in for this wonderful group of of physicians dentists and dental medical students who come out to learn more about ministry for you continued all the hearts and minds receptive to your word give us a desire to step out in faith I log onto you this new wonderful things to the upcoming businesses we hasn't used it for his sake amen God is calling each of us to be in terms of the great physician and in Matthew nine thirty seven says then said he unto his disciples the harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few so we have a lot of people out here we need to hear what the message of Jesus Christ and God is calling us that this is dentist all positions but we are medical missionaries for him and we have a great will to be done and we went on a mission trip in fact an electrical that the trend that will be Hindu Indians last year and below the Loma Linda medical team with and in some of the students here who of who went with us and we sell quality but they undergone a few that way I mean in overall interest in seeing about twelve fifty one people it's our week and the this young lady went with me right if you my left right here and she was so impressed by what happened in the interim that that she she decided she wanted to come and go at it don't feel and see the issues in Delhi to school right now she applied the idea school got an and she's so excited in fact in Windows now this is the also learned that from this seems like totally Ensenada doctor uses a witness to all staff zero other people in the office until patients also and that my wife when this is helped out in the industry Eisen helped out with a mission trip down there working on among the patients here any amount the editor of tooth that was aching for it was six months Andy's is hurting and gotten got no relief seeking him in the next section on him yet some of the Loma Linda hygiene students here doing some doing some cleanings and we would have any fancy dental form of shares whatever we just use whatever we had an regular chairs beds whatever and the Lord blessed us and use this to do stupid things for him some of the dental students here working with the melting and some patients waiting to be seen there some of those sites and went up to people waiting for hours before he got there we can get like forty nine ten o'clock and people BS and story six o'clock in the morning waiting fifty sixty hundred people law to maintain and God this uses a similar dead time we left and in the evening but it was it with her and he felt rewarded that you even help someone and I'm room of the situation right here these are some people who were sitting all day out we could not see them in the end of the day and that really hurt inside job people who would need to be seen I mean and we just was so tired I just looked in all this was impossible to see them and some of them I left and went to the other side then we went to the following day trouble problem and how to get there just silly to be first in line to be seen next day and then some they continue to do it collect rainwater salvage these places don't have natural underground water like we have they collect rainwater from the needle and knit we use that we went into buckets and fill them up so we could have things to the patient to spit and the thought of running water available so we had to open clinics outside on that on the tenth this little girl had rampant caries and if several low girls like her and if not a lot of fluoride in the water down there on that chloride off middle out any threat to the water so a lot of these kids don't have a poor dental hygiene and never see the dentist before you can do any and some of them so this little girl was within the authority for four months so I felt kind of sad for five four so I told her mother if she wanted to be seen I can have her come to United States we can begin begin to some extent to work on her so mother called me when I got back I gave her my number and when we made arrangements have a concern as hospital in Michigan and the mother brought up the Children's Hospital and apron a special program and they were able to to fix all her teeth and some things extensive work on her some broken house and abilities up with intemperate travesty for get out of paying and that our mother was so happy and that we could do this for her and and we had some ten thanks here where patients would pretense out and reminisce on the rain and rain almost all day and as we working on patience we were getting wet dream significant back we don't want to stop it with Amendola probably a hundred people who received one of you to be seen so we just kept on working until God finally stop the rain in the afternoon sometime real to continue working without getting wet and recover a little maxi taxis be a book titled under having five of those taxi that there was all-around and the different sites we had a group of harmony but sixty of us come sixty five of us as we divided into three groups and went to three different sites every day and the MacInTouch look takes a different sites and we will possibly island remote Pro remote places so please have swamps and have any any running water and blood mosquito CL but I'm not allowed a student to work on some of these people our life says there are in all cities thousands who have the fear of God before them will not bow the knee to bail is because so many of these are a lowly circumstances of the word does not world does not notice them but door hidden in the highways and hedges these are seeking God I also heard the voice a lot saying whom shall I send little for me God is not calling us the medical professionals but the medical evangelists if so many souls dine without our knowledge of the saving love of Jesus Christ so all was going to do it if not us who if not now when so him he thought they are the only Muslim on the mission trip okay individually rewarded that that the Lord will login it easier to do a great work for him and his sensitive side that you feel that God is using a special way we are living in a pivotal time in the history of the world we all we would call them all chaos the natural disasters the financial devastation millions of people around the subsiding the waters of life with little hope of survival in such a time as this when there is so much need and desperation God is positioning us as medical professionals to be a beacon of hope and blessing to those in need God is calling us as dentists physicians and medical professionals to go in to go into the mission field so less talk about a that let's have some of the father after professionals and share with us what Pablo has a life and get it from a person and tell us first of all this is very special and within Pathfinders rights only if the grinder abuts twelve years ago whatever fifteen years ago yes he lived in Michigan one time right in line and they are Great Lakes area the late and she used to go on mission trips with fast of God 's and Doctor Becca Meyer by the Pathfinder and probably had no interest in dentistry and time but because of the program where they went every year to two on Lincoln Republic writes she developed an interest in dentistry and with mother Dennis who helps her will motivate her and and and mentor her as a result seeing one of the Novell school and became a dentist and sees how the pass in front for mission work and how put up for a point right now and in seeking lettuce know all the laws using her in a special way offender is in everything any while this is probably one of my favorite things to do talk about a certificate of I love my initiatives anyway nothing that Lexington at least if I can do at least one every year and the life what's gone well I'm ulcerated onto this evening leaving on about five days one of which appear in about five days but like so slanted against the mission field work through Pathfinders and I group in Michigan Oakland one a member of the Michigan and I want to be something article my dead sexy at position five okay dark carrying out and then I went on these initiatives with the Jamison group rentals around twelve or thirteen years of a Franklin on his chance and I would like this knows hands-on video steaming it resolved soon I like that schools and other supplies in it and that we took with us and through that experience of immigrants get into dentistry I really condense us in Michigan Rheingold you'll see once a year for checkups and good experience with him so if I got into getting as I write I was able to go through slowly settling down and I'm not in this area since I went to school Loma Linda for missionary deals you think here from my trip last year both articles that were going to buy just one on to the group primarily out of the East Coast call United hands and their healthcare professionals based out of and it's based out of mostly Florida and Florida yes and I was invited to the live Loma Linda and that group last year and I went on then I met Doctor Lawrence Lacey last year Linda Trinidad and then issued a land again on a trip down to the Caribbean he went to St. Kitts and Nevis and it was actually a lot of fun because not only did I get to go on is to begin with this group was very well organized trip and anybody can exit Gaza isn't going to talk synonymous about the strength and the group that we went with my mom and she knows that her very first mission trip so she got to get American QME my dental assistant unfortunately ceiling and an Emerson with able to help with uncropped control registration other things but reminded going on a chip with me as an organic stealing goats St. Vincent but this is on the beautiful island of St. Kitts and the trip was in July and August of this past year this is our group that we went with the nice thing about the group is that not only are there people that are healthcare professionals IPO but there's also a family that gets one these transcend this past trip we took a lot of fun young people it has been a team of and eye doctors that came from Texas and a broad Adventist and on advanced alike those very nice mix of people in the building witnessing tool also part of that group was fighting dental chain and I on flight status yet inhabiting someone as good as winning so I held on the dentist that when they will does rain people that were in the group and to work with us in the also had some medical students that were in school down there in the medical school bears I also got to train that were hidden able to do basic dental treatment for some of the patients that was nice to have them with us on three of our four clinics done and this is our waiting room in the government hospital where we were we had lots of people waiting outside the door and could I get in the door but they were waiting out there before we would get to our clinic every morning in the waiting room is passed my test finished the whole day so unfortunately turn people away but luckily we were in the site fraction three days later connected to the same people are they can come back at meeting casinos the day before visits from treating we were able to use some of their dental chairs there so we were able to have someone of the set up the also use the hallway at times to see more patients we worked with some of the Adventist churches they are stolen what an Adventist schools they were able to have our meal then he had clinically presents is very nice also this is Atlanta's primary school vaccine building onto the building we had nice nutritious meals every day is is that the patient's is one of my favorite patients of the trip I really enjoy seeing children is one of my favorite things to do in dentistry and this little boy came and I think he was having a toothache is front two teeth and he was about six learning rate of fallout facilities for the little early no no and don't keep coming in pretty soon so he told him he last came across Alex is actually really interesting I've been exposing I see here is a will cry when they get shot suspect that the waiting crime and he came back the next day Ms. Mann anyone to take pictures and thinking as they think is that really meant a lot to me was very nice seeing him again a big smile on his face next day we are able to take take on equipment with a single and its variants have been no section and other other things some of my slides here and start going back and this girls she will go short haired sexy help organize a trip and she actually was influenced by working in the dental clinic with us this year now she must want to dentistry is still fifteen she may change her mind and it was very nice to have her dance teacher in Connecticut about learning the Adventists that was kind of a fun thing we had some an Adventist churches that took us around and helped us with transportation this is just in the hallway sorry about that out in the hallway of the clinic that we worked in the government clinic on this girl right here she was twelve years old and she is one result and she came into the clinic are not done she came into the clinic she was very sad because she fell at school I think and she broke her friends to chief and her friends were teasing her because I like all you look funny name twelve and thirteen -year-old black so they were teasing her and she came to continue anything my teeth look awful my friend achievement I'm reminded what a dentist so luckily we had composites with those which are the whites filling and able to restart T back to normal she doesn't need braces but we are able to restart back suddenly she has teeth that look properly shaped and full-size storefronts and accusing her anymore she was very happy about that at Valley able to do that is also nice is trying to dentistry I was able to write since I was into its major to hands-on in the battlefield down there so I was able to let the lady named Lisa she's actually a mother of two sheesh New Jersey but she was my group leader on my trip last year and night the group leader again this year to help organize our clinic and see she's exercising a nurse was a common apologist in the record attempt before like I was in Paris again on the America to ask a very happy to do is pull her first tooth means you got excited about that and the patient was definitely happy to get the pain full two hours also the stitches action taken from Sima power clinic in Nevis they were in Nevis which is a small island off the coast of St. Kitts for one day we took the ferry over their entire equipment and he worked out of the church office over there some kind of interesting experience it was actually the most comfortable chair never worked in my whole life and investing is a nice back it is leaned back is a cool breeze coming in the window things very comfortable but we don't really have that here unfortunately has its limitations she just wanted to take a picture of me after the treatments and then we had a lot of people very grateful inexorably to thank you sign there but we were able to help a lot of people and was very rewarding to deal to go over there and make a difference in the lives of people over there on the system the picture from the ferry ride back and then a couple pictures here this is I think Doctor was amazing to me when I'm out into the to the dark Lords amends and he went out into some of the rural areas in China Dan Houser impressed by the last day we went out into about three hour drive out the essay that because the East eastern side of that island and is a picture that I sent actually and I was sipping my favorite place on earth but it feels very beautiful there because it is the area where you saw a lot of beauty but then why make a mile away from the annual system which need of the people and is amazing to see like this beneath the goals and resorts to be right-handed than it was basically empty island like the punch is very beautiful in its water needs on my and my whole point is that dental clinic out in this rural area of Trinidad to help the people out there because there's no dentist .net area at all right now is nineteen from last week about sixty five people and the people in blue are the loneliness students that came along to help it was very nice having that as part of our trend this is Doctor Lawrence on our first day of clinic I thought the children and assist more work pictures there and even had helpers we believe what we were able to have an idea children that were the case on a trip and a sexy went to help out they would hold the flashlight for us we could see or they would wash instruments and they are always willing to help it was a nice having them there were about seven and think five years old with Zachary at that time the medical and optical team also I think with us that year this is an example of some of the housing that you would see a very rural area not minutes running water and very need needy area but we were able to make a difference in that area and then he made some friends the kids were able to make friends and give out balloons and toys and is one of my favorite verses found in acts one aliases but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you each of you it may not be my witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea Samaria and to the end of the earth and that's our child Swanson a anyone have any questions or you will I think then the main thing as far as warning general price taking someone out of pain and within us when it comes and went up to think they've had a toothache for years or minus weeks and sixty days and now we get to think it's a big debate thinking deafening when your day is very rewarding to have single industries Limited taken our fixed and they were expecting to get really backspace button and having is that if they thought the van having no pain after sitting outside the biggest the biggest thing for me on the trends and then of course avatar something that is seeing the smile on the kids they say they like working with kids and is seeing them and interacting with them and teach them how to do just to basically think brushing and flossing is also very rewarding so this kind of a tossup between the two is a you is and contribute one of the year is not a fair and as Andrew tell you it's very and organize you give all the details and civility what once was a mischievous once a year United had the great group to be a part of an Anderson who pitches therefore of BN Hansen and what they do and right him we return these the most in NFL examples that will many locations you are you there for Borland for three days the other before or after right so it's that's very rewarding so I think will have the ultimate maximum now and share with us some of his working with the Pathfinders 's mission trips and in some of the things in the ninety million in my computer just couple practical things since in the private practice how do I go ahead and justify the time that I take off for how much time doing kickoff during the year I know to be able to take donations and beyond the way that I have figured it out for the way that I have working out for myself is I believe that our time should be tie so we took the number of weeks during the year and we tied that then that's how much time I going as for mission work on during the year now I generally take about two to three mission trips across the seas but then I also go ahead and open up Friday's to go ahead and do go to work for veterans in our community by homeless vets and I work with our residential services I can provide them to work for them and so it ends up not being about two to three trips per year in ago I gently beware from week to you we can have two weeks I on each one of the double trips in and then dental trips that I I had started out with I from dental school I was with team mission impact with Michigan conference Pathfinders and I felt very committed by two thirteen mission and ever since I graduated in ninety five I've gone every single year I except when that the years when it it has been canceled and I interestingly enough when the trips were canceled but you go to the Dominican Republic and other trips would come up different opportunities I said that I we were never without a place to go some of the other places that we went to buy word the Ukraine and also to El Salvador and in those particular situations we went ahead and took her dental chair which is in the back there I enhance actually plasticized cardboard and it folds up its twenty six pounds and has a nice little box there and it's gone with me on five ever since nineteen ninety five and it's held up wonderfully in a nice thing about that particular chair I do note that Doctor Lawrence but after you got back from the double trip how did you go see a massage therapist for a chiropractor how would you Andrea Yedioth is I what ends up happening is you have a chair like this and then you bent over them like this in order to be able to treat them in your doing that all day long and so I said we had to go ahead and get something different because my back could not handle it and so from the Christian dental society looked it up online we were able to buy a purchase that chair for about two hundred and fifty dollars and get high it's wonderful because it will the largest of patients are amazed that it supports them they when we go ahead and put them down on the chair in the kind of a squish around and I'm just a little bit nervous about maybe having dental treatment on a cardboard box there amazed that it actually supports them and so it's really a lot of fun plus I when I'm sitting down in treating people and that I within the dental chair of the back pain is a whole lot better this particular high outfit right here gives me air water and it also gives me the handpiece hand foot control in order to be able to handle things I is from from Dell dumps a lot of Colorado aseptic was another company and I believe Loma Linda probably has some of their kits which ideas section there quite a bit heavier in the nice thing about this is this is this is all you need right here him this battery and you can go ahead and two oral surgery with this compact composites is all you need you know and they even have a little backpack adult tactic you can put this on and you can just go to top go to town the other thing that I will die knowing on these trips by Andrea was talking about having five different people hold the flashlight for you then I will buy flashlights that I've taken with me are that little by some of the other ones are called a scorpion that Heather Wu lithium battery and that I can abide metal halide light you beautiful white and white is probably the biggest thing that you need right call I mean besides if you're working on a particular extraction and you can't see what you're doing meant by it could be hours doing just that one extraction in your yes and that's what I'm using now on using the LED headlight I have a little battery pack that the from my belt though in that last for IFC two batteries one for the morning one for the afternoon and then I'm good for all day I am those I the biggest stress points are I like back insight about the dental chair in not having the light and the other thing that I just kind of a little tidbit on when I'm going right now where the scrubs when under needless to say just where my bathing suit because what is I what is one of the biggest productions that you have during one of these trips like were the biggest reduction that I have I during these trips and sweat of items him and I you look at me after I've done a triathlon and look at me after one day of these dental trips all look the same okay and I understand I lose weight you know and it's really good for my physique and everything and that's another reason why to go on one of these villagers it's great for your physique right and it is so I know but it sure was my just as also I is just in the mission trip and trip checklist is in some of the things that I take to go on my mission trips I hear Justin I I liked it the first couple of years that I went the only thing that I did was extractions and I was really disappointed because these these young women would come in and they would have beautiful smiles but they would have huge cavities right in the front to add I was really disappointed because the only thing that I could provide for them I was to take them out the film of the negative then oh yeah small you are in one year we went ahead and have amended this from the Jackson area I became on the trip he just brought a bunch of stuff with him a huge suitcase and we were kind of scrounging around and lo and behold we found some root canal files and some root note how drills will we were sitting at a basketball camp and under the undertaker that I the caretaker 's wife would not smile at all and I know we would crack jokes to triangular disallowance and thought she would not crack a smile and I than I says I do a little Kijiji and so I pulled up her lip and cure for huge abscesses and seven future and so we said oh boy this is that you don't whatever you do what I before the only thing that we can do of course is the Paul Martin and Mrs. Eitan okay you can put it past the car he discussed issues and no no no no no no cigar I don't want those people about do not in all go ahead and deal with the infection and they were losing in Iraq and so we were scratching around in these duffel bags in which you know it we found these root canal files and drills and so for the next two and a half hours we did for root canals or buildups and restore those teeth so you know and we did have any x-ray stuff okay and felt okay how far what's my working life for for a central advisor okay I'm going to go ahead and say about twenty one twenty two okay I'm good to go ahead and do that and sure enough you know we went ahead and did the root canals and sometimes we just have to pray no him we just have to pray a lot and so we wind up we just had a little season of prayer high and we said Lord that you were trying to buy represent you were trying to provide the service or the time for the school I knew this lady in a more we haven't been able to go ahead and do everything perfectly the way that we normally would over in the states we still hadn't provide for us to just go ahead and fill in so we were coming down from worship him I didn't sleep at night youngest miscellanea cover blown up and buy the whole set come walking down you know from from the little chapel that they had up on the hill and fears this lady with this huge gear to ear smile waving and waving like this you know she was just so excited because her husband was making fun of her and there's a certain amount of respect that a woman would have if she is a beautiful woman it and if she had all her front teeth removed then she loses that respect from her husband she had lost some of that respect and here she was waving she had came to respect back she was smiling from ear to ear could not get her to stop smiling she was so happy this is just some of the Al Qaeda go to these get a fasting these are the cooking resources before the trip there's a lot of planning that is not necessary we we get together with all of the we get together with all the kids that are going on the team mission and we have a OSHA orientation okay it is very important in order to be able to do that with some people that are not dental because they don't realize that I've been need to do have particular procedures and systems in place what will I do with the needles what do I do with the extracted teeth what do I do with them the bloody gods how do I handle all that stuff and so before every single trip we have OSHA training then and there is thousands of medications that are high maintenance unit doses almost looks like Halloween candy doesn't when we die what hasn't done their time and this is what's nice about behind the Dominican trips is we have a list of all of our medications we submit that then to the government and the Dominican Republic before we ever go when we submit that to the health department at the Dominican side then they give us a letter in the state from the minister of health and then when we go through customs we are not bothered we have the letter we I have listed all of our medications five we have listed everything that were bringing in and we never have to stop by in customs it helps to go ahead and have luminary work what we don't do over in the states we end up finishing up over in the Dominican facility donated by a sharpening holder sharpening by instrument over there and saw it we are shopping some of our elevators get a lot of toys out to the kids that this insight about the bay and along the Caribbean beach and just imagine him he buildings not being there that's one time when it looked like when you were probably going but then they split up these outbuildings and they just destroy either the landscape this is the beach where we were at it I appreciate all I is actually the palace word by the dictator Tar Heel well I went ahead and that was one of his residences he owned the property that the camp I was on these are some of our dental clinics now when I go on these double trips and not only do I wear scrubs but I also wear the blue gowns in the reason why I wear the blue gowns is because I noticed one thing about guys girls probably never do that set off but the guys when they get back in the take off their blue T-shirts I've been full been very neatly like this okay and then they throw them underneath their beds and you don't all kinds of the how do you grow bacteria in a warm dry place until all of their T-shirts with all the garbage diagonal from the day is that is there and so we where these so these particular downs and Mrs. one of the reasons why we can lose so much weight on these I think I was the biggest loser particular blood pressure before extractions and nine we have the medical clinic this is in the dental clinic the eye clinic in here we go somebody is using the dental handpiece in order to be able to do an extraction of a lot of minor surgeries are done we use the auto refractors to go ahead and I determine the prescriptions some of the areas in oncology this really by clicking here I do realize why the Dominican people are so good at baseball okay this guy has just a small thin mop handle that he's trying to hit the lid of a water bottle okay and he hit it out of the compound okay this guy is probably going to be playing for one of by the major leagues these are some of the slum areas that we went to Mrs. Eric I kind of our demo setup here's a demo chair the head of the instruments can avoid out to three different vent how do you sterilize instruments on the double trap I don't have an autoclave right exactly so what we do is we have the Ivory silk and we wash it with ivory so then we go ahead and have bleach and it's kind of diluted down about 50-50 because if it is diluted down all your nice shiny instruments are good we all corroded case that you take those and you put them into an alcohol I put mine in the alcohol bath with that I would overtop and then I am calling that I sanitized I before the next instrument that God does a lot of sterilization in our art I think the Angels are there right next to us going ahead and scrubbing the additional bacteria off of the instruments this is our civilization is at what's really needed this kind can't be tabled by weeds and Celine met down there and interests of fold up into another box like him back there and we have something standardize every place that we go it's the same I came on the same chair now I can just keep on going really click here these are some of the meds I what you have to really watch out for are the mice okay and so when are you you go down there and you have all your medications out I at nighttime the share use of the mop okay because if you don't then the mice will get into him and mouse was actually by chowing down on some of the Naprosyn and so when we copied it over the head it never felt the fact that the mice are about about that day in outgoing there is definitely going we try and show by rising the teams how to go ahead and I poultry and so we loosen up the teeth okay and then replace the four steps on top of the two and then if I've done my job right then as soon as they start to pull the truth than the typical dropout arcade and the team will grab the force up and jump up-and-down identify candidate idea that we try and be a little bit more professional but some of them get very very excited she folded for offers to live in some of the other things that we've taken down there and more recently is the portable debt by x-ray unit and this has just been a lifesaver especially for I were doing root canals are for I know breaking off cheapened the root chips are still in there where I think I would use this and then we justified I shine them up on on the computer over in the Ukraine versus the x-rays that we get I over the Ukraine and it's really great because I they don't take x-rays after they finish the root canals okay but the x-ray is actually extra so if you want to x-ray after the root canals done you have to pay five dollars more okay that's that's just part of the deal I got a new taken before but they don't take one afterwards in the disco ahead and say okay I'm the root canals done in so we had a lot of interesting root canals and the people are saying I just got a root canal done in my two still hurts no what's the deal until we would take an x-ray of that in we would tie the will we would say okay this student has three canals possibly for you have one of them filled can you understand why you're hurting now and take this back to your dentist and have him fill the rest of them are you know that the rest of the canals this was our twenty fifth year of the service by this boy whose name was dire our behalf and by he is now about fourteen or fifteen years old he's taller than I am now and he was just a baby in arms when we first started out this is some of the things that we see yet the market some of the culture leads now this particular guy here on we were actually privileged to be part of the dedication of the first Adventist Hospital in the Dominican Republic and this is suddenly the president of the the North American division I'm sorry if it I think it was alto or something like that under Doctor Alta high but it could be nine a.m. and nine Christine Ervin went on some of the first dental trips and now she had returned as a pamphlet here now was returning after I believe twenty some years you could have your picture taken care of this was our team for the year and this was the hospital very very nice hospital that right in the middle of town they had a lot of services and in this was the dedication service right in the middle of the services began to downpour and so everybody is underneath the tents and so on and this is the ribbon-cutting here and to alert of the facility one of the reasons why we were there it is because the eye when we first started coming over there they did not have a lot of a lot of medical services as I influenced by because of the influence of the medical trips and then the greater need and I think there was a lot of investment there and so they started developed by a more expensive dental treatment this was I mean on medical treatment this is their cafeteria in their pharmacy and this was just a him they had probably we do have some time off and this is the sterilization hopefully everybody is catching all of this this is the pharmacy and and we would go ahead and sit out on the road and we would work for forward you know if they brought us our food we would go ahead and do a filling for them they brought us how you will need to talk or something it was just a fun time we had a lot of good times and a lot of restful times to that was the size of the avocados no wonder we would work for food these are the car is would just melt in your mouth you probably have them here in California and that size choose choose he said that their exercise from self-care they're completely demolished no and they are the government is actually rebuilding the whole camp this list I this is called South campus and why campus are lower by you have a camp here you can I know I'm sorry and this is kind of interesting because I are he will the dictator chair Sheila I had in and was okay when he was murdered I he had given a particular amount of properties are ready to the Adventist church and this was the property that they get I gave to to the church but died because he was murdered and no longer by the dictator of the country then in the court systems they were a system they were saying that this particular transaction was actually known boy so they had been fighting this for about twenty twenty five years and that the government University eye over there and Dominican and the administrators who owns this property it ended up being that they finally settled that two years ago and they said that the University actually own the property but the Adventists own buildings and what I in part of the of the agreement I was that I government would go ahead and knock down and rebuild all of these I all of these barracks or report the camp camp buildings so that's what's being done now so when we are go over to the Dominican pride this year were good be going to the North camp not the South camp because they either completing the camp now so the government actually built is going to build the camp for us so I these are just some of the troops this was on the fourth of July eighteen glitzy January first and then I the day after of course I and there was a lot of partying and as you speakers are about the size of the screen right here and they are high they love their music loud I mean really loud if there was a you know if you can turn it all the way up and then some more that's where they would have volume and that's where they had the volume of these two huge speakers and we went up to them and we asked them how is there any way refreshed my crazy because you know the music that they were not high and that they were playing was not really conducive to a spiritual nature then and we prayed about this Lord don't please help us in this this transaction help us to go ahead and work this out so that we can actually glorify you we went up to the to the guy that might actually had the speakers if you have a uncontrolled and we started to talk to him he had a bunch of ketones on next to him of what he was consuming the night before and so he was pretty well loaded not only was he loaded with alcohol but he also had weaponry on genocide arm I believe it was a colt forty five dad and so we went up and try to make this transaction and at first I there was no negotiation he just turn the music up water and without we went in and we we we prayed about it again and then I don't know what happened the music all I all of a sudden quit I and I and the rest of the day we had peace and quiet to this day I don't know what happened maybe Godwin had turned off the electricity because that happens very often over the Dominican Republic it but he was not playing his music we just praise God for those prayers he helps us in every situation he works through last one go ahead and step out in faith so I like to nine most of you probably Artie know Doctor Paul you and have him come up next I know you okay I Doctor Paul Yoo 's recent graduate from Loma Linda for all of you that are still students by at Loma Linda there is and at the end of the tunnel I mean there is a light at the end of the tunnel and so I just want you to know that we have time many will be successful Paul I turn his life over to Jesus about eight years ago and when he recommitted his life I he I started to go ahead and make that direction by two and pursue dentistry and how I can go ahead and buy the ticket for topic essay in a way that is all states are being your to talk about the passion of my life which is a medical mission work to be able to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and to be a part of the healing and the healing ministry along with that bringing hope to lives thanking us a privilege that this profession brings an I decided that I can be a part of this profession is an amazing field on to be put in work of Christ and to bring I guess it healing and relief and hope to lives is nothing more than I can ask for I know that many times we can get so busy with our work in lives that we really forget that that the purpose of of why we are in this field I think it's by accident I believe that the Lord has given us the skills that we can be a blessing to those we come in contact with them and we must not forget who brought us here must not forget that the profession that God created and and that no matter how attractive things may be outside of a church we must stay true to our calling and we must learn to distinguish our calling and our our our careers I think we ought to have careers in our respective fields but all of our callings all of us should have the same calling which is ultimately still waiting and I guess we got out this type I can cannot go into some slides and some pictures here so that you think might be conducted by K 's when I think of these these trips nice one thing to to go on these trips in and to feel good about it you know I think it's a nice thing and you are not doing anything wrong but we also must understand that when we go on these trips it's not just providing healthcare as it can go deeper than that were not the Red Cross were not just some nice manager in organization I think we must understand why were doing what were doing I think we can need people to Christ with our with our healing ministry and that must be emphasized along with the healthcare that were providing is if you missed out parking we missed everything because were not any different in the rest of the world are you doing nice things when when I think of the great example is in and in the past I think of Jesus Christ he was the greatest medical missionaries ever to walk on on on on our and he gives us an example to follow and I sang also look at his disciples I'm encouraged to know that question you sinners and in and in his and his work and I as I think of Samiti early advanced pioneers and their contribution to do movement I'm also challenged challenged because of their commitment their sacrifice to the truth it inspires me to continue on our the left off and I think it am it something that we all must consider you when I gave my life to Christ by eight years ago and I committed everything to when I committed everything I I didn't know what to do now it was everything was new I had no career I had a career but it wasn't in lines of what I want to do and when I give my life over to him he gave me new dreams he hopes new purpose new everything and from that point forward I never looked back you know there is a is a famous him him it goes like I decide to follow Jesus no turning back no turning back door behind me the cross before me though no one joins me still I will thought this exciting because from that point for a never did look back in a dental school is an easy and I shall like I'm the least experienced of everyone here after like I'm speaking to you are preaching to the choir anyway everyone's been on trips and is nothing new but I I just wanted to share my expensive mice my perspective on on these things on these mission trips I've had a fortune to to be a part of a numerous mission trips load before school started and along with them as a student I been on numerous trips announced it has taken me to many parts of the world down part of Africa to on and of Madagascar are images and the tip of the Horn of Africa along with Eastern Europe to South Asia to Central America to the island the Philippine just various parts and I've been a part of long trips like a month long to the weekend trips in I've been a part of a big organization ninety members often the United States not including local volunteers along with this being my myself I've been to participate in many of these trips but I've also let out and organize on some of these trips as well so I feel like I do have a little to share with with the choir you know and an again you know this is my passion I'm part of the General conference of seventh Avenue serves as a missionary mind his wife my wife to get down with her residency in ophthalmology and there will be often for filling the dream that God had planned for us in this is what motivated us into healthcare and we want to stay true to what God has called us into an it's easy to get distracted I know you know I won't deny it you know it's it's easy some people ask you why can't you serve your enemy is true we can all serve in different parts in place your call to the different places for us to feel caught overseas missions in this where we want to go and I respect and other local organizations and local work we need them but for me and I guess my wife we are called to overseas and I want to fulfill our dream and him living life so I guess it outside it's up now so what does go on with what our presentation in him physical that you may have heard and we talk about the talk of the second coming but have to I never heard affairs is desolate your human can go anywhere around the world will see the need whether in San Bernardino to see the middle of Africa tour heart of Bangladesh in a you see the need anywhere and everywhere we go in a girl I met in Africa Cameroon now I don't think that she's a Muslim or Hindu and Muslim the wherever you go you see need him this is in the Philippine young people which is flock to to chart clinics at things in Honduras this is in Bangladesh some kids Susan Romania employee do I mean me out and she's ever seen a dentist and unites us how to get this far you know without getting some relief this is a dispute on the you know I love you know I tested it but in a he he he presented a message setting up the second UIC or the third one but he started off by saying the enemy of future missions as you transition and not and it kind of comes very clear to me on getting many ways it is so true on these or some other clinics I've worked out of him standard of sure we all have a different way of going about doing things that you live your systems and instead of mosquito nets we just run our own tensing couple areas if you don't have space rebuild on the roof and bring our own tents by our own generator for our own part I realized we might be limited to power for housing so I started organizing a way to to recharge multiple areas and that is to bring our own housing repurchase for 1099s that can house and people really tight but I mean no house people if there is no room we built we put them on the roof and a syrupy sweet on this occasion we had five twenty people sleeping on the roof there only like and typically you know we we start gathering supplies and equipments and whatnot for far trips have a couple of these generators for what it weighs just under fifty pounds which will pastor the baggage limit we create our own back in session that allows us to do hiking work without stopping to that has been the problem cost me stopping and you can't see and do you have these back and such and we just got a letter high speed back to gender it does the work is cheap this is your standard sterilization equipment as as you seem to see the digital nomad allows us to get instant visit x-rays of the commission I worked at areas where there is no lights when you have our own hard work at night we have our lights and became still the dentistry and this is at an Avenues clinic out of Madagascar and this is where if you know Joe 's abilities and eighty one grad he he I just left his private practice out in Oregon to to move out to Madagascar to work out there and not in some facilities you have everything you need you know were doing root canal is to him other restorative work without any major problems and you can work in warehouses to this classrooms if you can't afford to bring a dental dancer chair and you have to utilize what they have and this is some of the things working out in a community center and this is just a local dentist in all the Jews extraction this audit can provide database click on it Madagascar is probably the best clinic in the country everyone looks that to be the example before the American Dennis went there the redundancy without x-rays filling their root canal just with cows and hydroxide and nothing more there is no x-ray there's nothing people just get extractions that's it and this is a classic example of this because extraction clinic investment everyone is town 's name is not at the only dentistry available is extraction and and sterilizations horrible to me is distant in water and that's it and it's it's so hard because you know better and you want to educate them but at same time this is the way this is the way to do things how you change the education overnight it's impossible to see it you just thought into that kind of confrontation you know sometimes it's hard you know better but as long as you don't do it now because it is so far behind in terms of their education and that the training so and not when you have minivans writing like this down on a funeral demand a leader is putting his head down this Doctor court Nicola is a GC director for dental affairs and I think I'm after just writing in the chain for eight hours and being underworld for five hours and still it's early morning keynote we are need some shut eye and history there is and this is a common thing as you know that with any daughter of your knowledge have some setbacks either flatirons are remiss flights are just introduced a list of competition that we know we can run into endless this is just something that's not uncommon in a fight started he laid out by this economy is why we do it you know we have souls to reach we have children soon to minister to know and this is damage click automatic Askari were putting up a sign is not a great work NASA's town of my part of the story and you and I hope noting continued some working for sows on that we will not forget our are suffering brighter and better outside of where we live it so easy to get distracted but I feel that were at this could possibly be the last generation of medical missionaries know if you were to all come together and to to give him deleted the disciples in the early pioneers that I think I think I am thinking happening this in our lifetime but it really must be a corporate thing we must work with our churches with different organizations that are involved in this type of work and to really utilize the right arm of the gospel in reaching souls and I hope you enjoy the presentation that you have Eric reverse now and he is a resident physician at Michigan State last thing and so that talk about some of the contacts he had to his residence program and how God was impressed with him to him the JR you know no one has no son for the review generation knows and is one of a logon uses the special way is absolutely a doctor rinsed him the filament out of the sun like this is a completely geared towards dentists and I'm actually surgical resident at Michigan State University my back on sex and physical therapy and preventive engines University my wife really sitting back there and my legs and pelvis left closing portions just can be five minutes line items are probably tired and want to get some movement on little dinner also but I like to entitle it opportunities are adding a very appropriate that you said about opportunities when I was going about that physical therapy school i.e. was married to the clinicals and everything in one of the clinical Lenihan was at St. Joseph regional medical Center in South Bend if any but it's a minor from a promoter that Michael Woods and it's a Catholic Odyssey by the name St. Joseph regional medical Center is a Catholic hospital and I didn't want my clinicals there for whatever reason I got in my head that this is where wanted to work the Senate so I went to make my girlfriend so this is my work I want I want to get a job here in a way this is our pick our work in the pediatric Department of physical therapy the point of this part of a metallic is a set being that it was a Catholic cost for thought as an opportunity right there Catholic so there are any preaching or proclaiming a specific religion so I saw that as an opportunity to talk to people if they were in need of excitement mostly at this plant this level in the mentoring was more of an emotional meeting others physical things in which you could address of physical therapy but really unemotional liberal spiritual level I actually did find several opportunities to talk to people and I wouldn't feel guilty about method of anybody of her dress is a memo to what the Catholic hospital so I figured the okay to talk about God here and there I'm so bad that some of the opportunity to become a forgotten trouble thankfully for that after years of working I approach my wife when they can I would have to as part of my job I would drive him and do home visits and during that time I have a lot of time to listen to the radio or do something to McLaren Long story short I had an epiphany when Dana had been tossing things around in my mind they had been getting a little bit anxious regarding what I was given the doing of my life and working for a couple of years I want a little bit more and I want to be more involved and how I felt a little limited sometimes which Monday as shown about my wife's job she was a social worker met medical social worker at that time and the other big hospital in South Bend and I showed up afterwards to him that to her office on the way home and I said they decided to study medicine in the she gave me this look like are you joking or are you are you and minimize fire a serious benefit yes I decided to study medicine this is a limited and being a woman of prayer she decided to pray for it needless to say she was actually praying to God that I would be really really bad on my MCATs I wouldn't go into medicine that is thankfully we also elated me and the numb I guess that had different plans for us and that brings us to Michigan State that my medical thing there and this is something for all of us who have experienced the bottom sure all of us in our busy lives express as well we can to get overwhelmed we have so much things to do so many patients to see so much paperwork to write we tend to sometimes lose that focus on I think we lose these opportunity sometimes and during my medical school training we had the blessing of some neighbors of Shaw 's children across the street we had just moved to Lansing area wouldn't really know anybody in our still status and the church family and we had a newborn girl Alyssa our daughter was I know by the CMC was on there my wife and I decided to be stay-at-home parents and though we made friends with some really good Christian people across the street our neighbors here's another opportunity so they decided to invite us to Bible studies and was a great list as a Bible started getting together with them and they're doing some Bible studies and become them realize that we will do more than about the Bible and religion and things like that and after many conversations you know and they found out that we're Seventh-day Adventist and their curiosity was was am opened up one day with my neighbor is one of the straw comes up to me says I'm visiting our interview witnesses in passing he comes up to me and says the Arctic I hear some famous I decided to look this up on the Internet might like to sit down and talk with you under these about the Sabbath why you guys believe it Saturday absolutely I was getting home he was on his way out and we basically cross paths soon thereafter he ended up moving from the area and to me that was a missed opportunity house conduct of our assessment that does kind of really good they even sent me inside that it was an opportunity that I should have taken the could of taken he approached it wasn't the moment but I really should've gone up to him sometime that we can set hang one for Saddam talk about things and we didn't end then we just have to remember that no matter how busy we are God has us in the place that we offer reason and I really like what Paul you said that no we can do always ultra stick things but without that extra special component were present to Christ that we know what makes this any different than the Red Cross or anybody else that brings us to this time the present day so now I'm doing a residency training and I have the opportunity and a MA academic setting where we have a lot of medical students and PA students that come by and I decided really something that I've missed opportunity with the Shaws just how I thought once that I don't want these opportunities to be missed anymore so I want to live my life for people who know them and then assemblies up with his present themselves as basically kind of not overload them they just be real direct about what we need to say so I might affect the share one opportunity that we had this lucky student will call him Bob we came out one day we were talking it was the own their therein and a student role so that you know there's a sort of hierarchy special in surgery I got the following respect always things in one day we were sitting that have a conversation with another resident in the United States things that were a little bit out of line sense of value not really agree with that and a color that appeal to the sum of the a student of physician assistants and some users to jump in on the conversation kind of on my side I was in it with an argument mighty by any means but it was definitely a conversation where morals and things were involved in them so this other is in hell even it was just me and Bob Miller Center talking and that has really opened up the conversation is successful which are stable to I go to some temperatures really oh well what have what's the house that different than any other person is a wealth dildo back to the Shaws this is the opportunity you know he was in the dominant rotation about a week nice thought him and tell him about the Sabbath and so we just when we end up spending about thirty forty five minutes just talking I just told him about why we believe differently that this is an Sabbath is probably the biggest point with some tenderness on his forehead and talk about why the Bible says that this is the right real-time how this is important the way it was I think it was you know sometimes we get a little bit anxious about being to direct people to want to offend them and that's been my issue in the past but I just feel that sometimes we if we present the Bible truth the way the Bible says it were not offending them it's just looking for the guys has been worked out to the family fortunately can go back to the word of God and in open firmware or are on from that so I decided that that this acquisition was an awesome item not only your church but were having health Expo from Wertheimer is covering some visually says remembering my city my wife actually was in charge of this health Expo where she was able to Lee I want to say up here said like assured opportunity that you have over here but these are just some brochures that will does that he has on his past Marrazzo for sure enough a poster that we did for the health Expo this article in her lap and when I can focus on this we did have a dentist there didn't really do dentistry things on the exit of something more related antioxidants but it's definitely an opportunity that we were trying now to create so we've had opportunities that are presented to us we have opportunity that sometimes we miss them out I believe in today's vantage we need to create opportunities to spread God 's message and this is one that we try to create in order to reach the community where we are we part always wonderful presentations about international mission trips but I think that we all have the opportunity right where we are or if we don't have them we can create them during the health text although during this time my wife is in some translating and the community I digital Montessori two minutes of the eye and says he is and she said he know this lady she can't read she doesn't know how to read she came to the US from Mexico so if you took me every Wednesday when we do Bible study and you can read the Bible in Spanish and I'll read in English and then that's how we'll do our Bible study S is sure absolutely no problem though the first day we were I was so excited I remember praying you know my mother mother 's home address right now so I was able to leave my daughter at home and have a clinical appraisal of writing I have a subroutine to give a Bible study and I get to read the Bible during this and our Bible worker gets really meaningless when we got there we start knocking sugar that will I was so disappointed I was thinking you brought me to this client uses that you know that you'd be right and you want to see vandalize you want to work for you and honest person and then home how disappointing event at the standing and talking I told my morning e-mail in the house right over there remember translating for the family I'm a translator also through the intermediate school District for special education cited the opportunity to work with families that have children with disability and I kidding I remember translating for them and she didn't know what we go over there and I said sure absolutely so as we knocking and we go inside and we start talking she is now interested in multiple study so although this person was not at home we were able to go to someone else's home and be witnesses though I mean it we went we can take opportunities are presented to us hopefully won't miss opportunity that we have but we definitely could try to create opportunities in whatever place in whatever domain whatever respect or that the dentistry medicine a French of the pendulum what whatever that is him I think we need to create opportunities and it's like to finish with a quote that was once said it's there is no such thing as a missed opportunity because if you don't take it somewhere else well hopefully will be the ones in the kingdom people say that they were there because we took advantage and opportunity for us thanks much Eric and to bring it closer to the hours that I thought opens up the window of opportunity as God opens the hearts of people to be receptive to his message we have to be ready to present thoughts from all times because if we don't have a glass of view they have I will say that we think that this will give nothing the Lord has for us and I always say that if all life at all witness lacks power we misrepresented character in the mission of Jesus Christ soul and we get a powerful relationship with him as he said he listens to give us power to be witnesses to him for him into all the world and God has given us for it if you spread of power and threat of lawless online and celebs grasped the opportunity at all times to log on to use this in a special way to impact the lives of others where we go and so we can finish this work for God 's kingdom lasts that fall used often it was now is the close history family father we thank you that you called us into your work we thank you for life we thank you for your many blessings we thank you for the skills that you've given us we pray that we will never prosecuted for what he gains more and pray that you will help us to use it for free work


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