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Lift Up Your Eyes

Roger Miller



  • October 31, 2008
    7:15 PM

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the Bible turn in your Bible to John chapter four before we get into the word I like to have a word of predicate value hence I didn't have and we pray that this evening as we look at some of these words and share some experiences that the Holy Spirit will be here to speak your thoughts and to impress how witnessing should be a part of our everyday life we pray in Jesus name amen John chapter four were not things going to do a Bible study so to speak on John chapter four oh to share some experiences with you but I will look at some verses in John chapter four basically it's the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well everybody knows that story right very common story we hear all kinds of sermons and books written about it the fabulous story about the thirsty world seeking something that only God can give but in John chapter four verse three three to couple verses talking about Jesus he left Judea and departed again to Galilee but he needed to go through Samaria so we have Jesus and his disciples there on a mission they are moving from Judea to Galilee going through Samaria and as you know Jesus as he comes to the well he's thirsty he's hungry the disciples go way to get some food in the setting there by himself I was sent with a lady from the city actually the Samaritan woman and she's drawing water and she gets in and get into a conversation with her and ends up how her in verse thirteen whoever drinks of this water will thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst but the water that I shall give him will be will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life incredible two verses of incredible information for this woman saying hey you'll have to come to this well to try to find something to satisfy your thirst and he's speaking in a spiritual level about the first-ever solo and offering to her the water of life and as the conversation unfolds Jesus reveals that he knows of about her life and she's impressed by that is informed that he is actually the Messiah goes back to the city and we had the disciples coming back onto the scene and of the disciples come back onto the scene is Québec collected some food for Jesus and themselves they're on a mission right the disciples are on a mission there with Jesus their master and their teacher there moving from Judea to Galilee there on a mission they have and have work to do work for the Lord to do and Jesus is sitting there when they come back and he's not that interested in the food and says my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work now this is the key verse that I find in my life as applicable to my daily existence as a person in a position as a Christian do you not say there are still four months and then come the harvest behold I say to you lift up your eyes and will the fields for they are already white for hardness think about this Jesus is sitting at the well he's looking at a field and he sank the disciples you guys say that this field is not ready for harvest for four months yet right he says lift up your eyes in other words opening your off days on Scripture what does it mean when Scripture tells you to open your eyes as a spiritual thought I is a spiritual to have the Holy Spirit remove the scales open your spiritual eyesight to see what's really happening behind the physical scene spiritual seeing as I says also in your eyes and look at the fields look at them in a different way than you've ever looked at them before for they are already white for harvest and I'm sure the disciples are saying what you know as they usually would say initially in a conversation with Jesus but after while things may soak and what Jesus is saying is that there is a harvest that can be seen around you at any time if you look through spiritual eyes if you look through spiritualized now the disciples were on a mission if they would account on their mission without Jesus interrupting the mission for ministry I'll hold out would've not heard the good news at that moment okay so I want to talk to you tonight about being a physician or in Dennis resident whatever wherever you find yourself that don't only look at your mission in life for the mission that you are on but be willing to open your eyes and know that there is a harvest around you there is a harvest around you Jesus said there is right you may not see it if you look with physical eyes if you look with physical eyes you may not see it you have to through the spirits see this harvest that's white ready to be reaped it's around you trust me okay how Mister cannot leave that there when I come back to these thoughts and dramatize some of my experience and how this is change my life first of all it's interesting to to to to look at what it means to be a witness for Christ to be a witness for Christ we can and in the comments of why God allows us to get into this process are really interesting and NAM probably volumes of books could be written about why that is why that is true but I think it's true for the reason that I hurt I think Mark 's family say many years ago when we reach outside of ourselves to harvests or dissipate in the harvest of souls the soul were saving is our own okay the solar saving is our own very important concept this is a ministry that God allows us to insert into the work of our own salvation working out our own salvation incredibly important incredibly significant in everything we do okay so as I looked at this verse in and became began to unfold these thoughts in my mind I realize there's some incredible implications here first of all what may appear to me to be eight on harvestable fielder nothing right may not be that way if I open my eyes to the spirit I may see a harvest our made person participate in a harvest that I didn't expect it was unusual OR or just this bitten in outcome to me at first about that was to be the case secondly in this in this concept is that Jesus when he went to this well it wasn't an accident everything Jesus did in the Bible he was led by the spirit okay in other words the spirit had prepared the ground the seed had been planted this spirit had been watering and feeding the soul preparing for this event okay so Jesus was just walking into an participating in an event that the spirit had already set up a very important point also thirdly it is not our ability we can not convince anybody of anything right to say that again we cannot convict anybody of anything it is only the Holy Spirit through the heart that's open to him that can receive conviction very important point also so the harvest is white with what Jesus says and take him at his word right lift up your eyes if you're in the hospital lift up your eyes if you are in the classroom lift up your eyes if you need in your neighborhood lift up your eyes up in the supermarket lift up your eyes it may not seem like anything is there but there is God has promised that there is a harvest that is right okay also just as a little aside you do not have to I mean I totally respect to have a son-in-law that is involved is as actually the the originator of frontline builders and builds church this is called the Mongolian Sudan and and my wife was raised in Africa as a missionary but I want to tell you something tonight is that the Bible tells me that if I'm a Christian my citizenship is not honor etc. my citizenship is in heaven if on the Christian right I'm a stranger and a pilgrim here right so anywhere you are on the planet even here in Palm Springs you're a foreign missionary is true you're a foreign missionary so before a missionary field is right Jesus has made it whether it's in Sudan in Mongolia and Loma Linda and Chattanooga Tennessee the mission is their knowledge to share you set some experiences that I've had through the years which have amazed me when you when you look at this verse and you say wherever you are you hear this voice they lift up your eyes then the possibilities are huge the possibilities are huge who knows the person standing next at the grocery store who knows right the spirit has prepared the harvest and he's allowing you for your own salvation to enter into it it's it's incredible okay so when ice and that is my residency in Wichita Kansas I decide to go back to Chattanooga Tennessee actually practice in Cleveland Tennessee which is a small suburb community of Chattanooga and my wife is from Chattanooga her family lives here in a great idea let's go back home for her I'm from the southeast my folks and family live close in Florida in a really great set up I'm going back and I get a great job in a nice little hospital for five radiologists there is no everything 's looking great and in a you know I'm I'm starting a practice and I come to work the first day the very first day and I walk into that walked into the the office for the radiologists are not met them all before and interviews etc. but I'm ready to work that day and and one of the gentlemen there is name of this use first names Doctor Chip and you know I had not met him because he was hired at the same time I was we're both out of residency revoked come into the practice of the same time I met met in a met all the other guys submit the very first thing I made an meet this guy and I'm it I'm actually thinking in my mind lift up your eyes you know I'm an honor to be sitting next to these five guys like more than you want to sit next to somebody can hope that might next a cubicle reading x-rays and out at that were to have a relationship you know what's what is what is here you know why am I in this hospital I interviewed and got it out got accepted to groups in Chattanooga and Cleveland and in Marysville and just several groups I just chose that when you know why am I here why the Christian anywhere was the primary purpose of the Christian being anywhere witnessing for Christ is nothing else zero that's why you're there so I'm that's why I'm here lift up your eyes one of these five guys are all of these five guys are the harvest in my mind right so that's the way I approach the practice with the way I approach the practice now I don't just know my guts and tell them everything I I know right now in the this you you answer answer this spiritual realm where the Holy Spirit leads you the Holy Spirit tells you when and what to say don't go ahead and don't rush ahead of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is your guide and well impress you of when and what to say but because I need to move on for some more current stories this was several years ago I entered into conversations with Doctor Chip and soon we were having spiritual discussions so no spiritual discussions led to an interest in studying prophecy and after a year and a half of one and a half hour Bible study every week in that doctors home he was baptized at seven p.m. just incredible blessing incredible blessing to be involved with the harvest is God 's work right the harvest that is like this verse says my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work this should be all of our food so I'm thinking okay Doctor Chip is a seven cabinets now I have a partner now we have to hear it right and so I continue on with lifting up my eyes where is that you know where's the next person can come from there's going to be another person there's got to be another person so I'm thinking I don't know I can see but I know God knows I know the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit now so when I do a site and I hate to say this is like this but I set little traps around though and my office in my office behind me were all my books I have a shop and I have little bite notebooks like answers to difficult Bible questions I have is that not there the almost forgotten day by Mark family and I just have these planted around the office and now and so one day I think I'm thinking in my online okay what partners in a go next you know what partners cannot enter enter into that once start these Bible studies are now and and just one day right out of the blue one of the final tax walks into my office in and I think that if the physician our spirituality and for people to talk to us about spiritual things should be right up front there should be no barriers nine people should be able to walk into you and ask you anything is still comfortable to get into a spiritual conversation so this file checkbox he says hey I hope you don't mind that you know I was working last night in your office and I got this little book off yourself there they know that they can pick them up and if they want to make it happen you know made that clear out and I was arguing about attacks with one of my other colleagues and in the file room Doctor Miller and eight can easily look at this I don't see where this is a stretch of spiritual conversation a year later he's baptize a Seventh-day Adventist Christian the harvest is all I didn't expect it I did not expect this guy this guy is not take too long to explain his background that he's not what you would expect to be a Seventh-day Adventist but once Christ came into his heart and he became a new baby and he started all over again that's a different story right the bat that the past is past and as I didn't see it with I knew they were out there I knew it would happen in various type so who's next so he gets into after he's baptize a seven feminist Christian and he gets into conversations with his file at colleagues in need of the domino effect along the domino effect of enough in witnessing anyway the domino effect starts its work he starts witnessing about some issues that he is discovered in the Bible and Russ was the other guy 's name bill was the first guy Russ was the other of the guys name and before long we had in my office after work a Bible study with about five or six tax and file tax and people in that office just atoms that want you know the domino effect and started right and pretty soon I did a evangelistic series of the church so we started there in invention Tennessee with my father-in-law John signs and Ross and his host family come to that and accept the Sabbath and just incredible this incredible the harvest is out there I would not have known any of those are expected any of those people to be a part of God 's harvest but the Holy Spirit knew he prepared the soil I was willing to look to be open to enter in with him and his ministry what a blessing what a blessing interesting a partner that I have now when my other partners right Doctor Lebron Lebron 's an interesting guy with a he is so political you now and so so possibly but that is either really really good guy but anyway we had we had gotten into some spiritual conversations and which have had with all my partners but Lebron special interests you know you can if you have a sense that you know and we had a hard time last year at our practice our hospital was bought by a for-profit organization they asked us as radiology group to do things that we couldn't do from a professional or moral basis and I was really happy that our whole group chose to do the right thing and so we said if we if we have to do these things this way when you leave the hospital and nice and you know they they back just to stay at the last day was and now we cannot participate in and on my whole group is Christian but you know not all of them are Seventh-day Adventists but we just could not participate in it and so we made a decision a moral decision before any of us had another job now that's tough you know when you have families I have five children two in college now that's that's kind of tough to make those decisions but and and for me it wasn't coming it was just a cut deal you know it was not good not that wasn't tough on me trials are tough but dumb but for Lebron this was a knee bending experience in now he he as you know just very political and didn't want to disrupt his career he was born and raised five generations from Cleveland Tennessee this was the hospital that you know his father was the hospital administrator you know for me hospital board chairman and this was his hospital known and been sold by the community through this for profit and this was an knee bending experience now in the previous year or so we've been talking about spiritual issues Lebron and I and he has raised a Church of God Christian but had never participated in paying time receiving the blessing from paying itself through conversations we had talked about that in and we talked about the Sabbath and different issues that he was interested in and in his timeframe but right at that time when we went through this trial in him as Lord will be going through this right now it's like you ask right why are we going to do this right now God has a way to work things out but anyway Lebron at this time believe it or not decided to start paying time I write in the midst of not having a job and we were quitting on one day we can have the job all five is the next day okay okay within a week of him telling me that he was to start paying high we get a phone call from a hospital that's thirty minutes from our hospital and asking us they were losing their radiologists and needed a radiology group right despite that whole event is to be a hospital losing their group and needing another group and it's always a hate will talk to you about that so we go over there we talked to him and we get this job and then I'm a medical multispecialty group calls a sentence or hate were buying our own CT scan or an ultrasound setting up a imaging department we want you to be our radiologist and then another hospital calls us and says hey we need another radio holiday group to help us up here so before long when we left the hospital in Cleveland we and also we got our own pet CT scan or our own imaging Center and so we are now making twice as much money as we made at the other hospital with twice as much time off to get the twice as much time off and we getting calls every day and so I tell Lebron I say hey you may want to cut back on the type paying about of inevitability about with this just kidding know what it was witnessing out Lebron could this day this was this was just last year the rock Lebron to this day is considering is a huge step for him what the Sabbath and okay he goes to the largest Church of God church in the world which the international headquarters of the Church of God is in Cleveland Tennessee Lee University is like Andrews University for them is in Cleveland Tennessee he goes to Sunday school with all the religious professors at Lee University okay now I don't know what all this is going to go to heaven following a follow-up meeting to figure this out when I'm excited about it there is a harvest out there in this domino effect this can be incredible what a privilege to be a part of something like that but in another aspect of that about two years ago on talking to Lebron and were talking about Daniel and Revelation issues and I had been to me I learned a lot of Daniel revelation from Phil and his father and how to teach it and it had been participating in and seminars and things like that and and he and Lebron tells women to write a book about some of his things in a I said no I'm not author you know is it but some other people and mentioned it so I said well maybe I should know just jot down some notes in the outfield like to get it published and I thought maybe the review and Herald would publish it and and so I spent now six months writing down some notes and in making a rough draft in and it was then ascended into the review and Herald and I am telling you it was like the Holy Spirit told me that you have a publishing center right here in Cleveland Tennessee is called pathway press it's the review and Herald equivalent for the church of God as the review and Herald is to the Seventh-day Adventist church okay this is a worldwide printing press printing more than oppressing as a whole printing organization for the Church of God so you know I remember the first day I drove up I got I got an appointment with the editor I am the first day driving into the oven front of this huge building with my manuscript was the one in my doing here in a position real now this is in out are some of them his understanding of Daniel Revelation is not the Church of God 's understanding of the revelation effect so I walk in there and I've got my notes and I I remember a man I was supposed to go shake it like this enough and would you like to look at this e-mail and editor I said I told her you what I dine and she said you will look at it and so she calls me out like two weeks later and I'm thinking all the time to say no when publishing this at this at pathway press but she calls me up like two weeks later and she says hey Doctor Miller I read through that now get this now I know anything about the harvest but I knew that I should lift up my eyes and expect the unexpected right from John for expecting on it as he says hey my father is a Church of God pastor we had Bible studies and art on Revelation in our house every week and what you've written your book is exactly what the conclusions we came through yes will print your book in trouble I say what incredible and so so they present my book they sell it in their bookstore on the campus they promote it for me on Amazon on their website for the Church of God you can go there you can see the book in its understanding revelation in one day and it is Adventist mainstream understanding of Daniel Revelation incredible open up your eyes look around you who knows you now it's exciting so anyway we got the book printed by I I just want to put a little side plug-in here you know if you know if you have something that you thought about doing in God 's leading in the rental old now there was many times I said man up this is too much work work a bit other things to do or I don't know if I should do this or not or no special and I walked up to the doors of pathway press milk that was I just really felt like but I remember the tax lift up your eyes you know expect the unexpected God had led me there continues to look at what happened what is incredible very exciting as a part of that is a part of that publishing of that book Lebron member Lebron my partner he takes the book and handed out in a Sunday school to all these professors at at Liu ever city file now where that's all you know but I'm excited to find out we also started a ministry as a side shoot of this week we had finished a five-year step in developing a new church and events in Tennessee we committed five years developing the church and in establishing it in a dark County so to speak and were ready to do something else we were praying about it what should we do and my wife and I my family wanted to do a personal ministry together so we set hate must start a ministry in area is within an hour drive that doesn't have a minister Janet and start no start this process again so we go driving around called the conference nowhere is an area we get some areas we go there is one little areas it's the Kaysville Copperas Hill Copper Hill Tennessean appraisal Georgia right on the line it's a little tourist town and we go there and and and that and the church told us that they are now seven feminist churches and like a thirty or forty mile radius of that okay there's a lot of people who live in the area is not densely populated that it's fairly significantly populated areas like do some research and within a twenty file twenty five mile radius there's like two hundred and twenty congregations of other denominations very Bible oriented Bible Belt communities right and so we say hey you know let's think about this we go there one weekend and were well known around town and in there's not that many people in town you know there's a lot of little tourist places and enemy like we might turn the corner and then we would walk down the street or walking down the step that the other way down the street and all of a sudden it's like a slide of people coming toward us I mean enough seventy five fifty people walking down the street I don't know how many there were but it was a distinct change in the environment in that community not little town and were so what is this note we didn't have any idea got had led us there and have any idea what was going on and so we started and everybody walking around the little yellow tags on which were interesting as we find out that this is the drop off location drop-off location for a tourist train the Blue Ridge Mountain Railway right so every day at this certain time this train pulls up in the town and what's relatively those tell me know I mean this is a normal little town becomes packed with people in their milling around they have two hours with absolutely nothing to do besides go to the little shops and things that my wife and I said hey let's give them something to do so we ended up renting in a in a in a mall there a section of the building that has big glass windows on the street in the large glass section on the interior the mall we ended up renting that we looked around town there were no there was no visitor center okay working to be the city 's visitor center so when we got there mainly just doing this we had no experience doing this was okay go make a sign that says Christian resources visitor center welcome in also we make this time we put it up enemies just get ideas you know we start getting ideas and ideas ideas and pretty soon we've got these displays we have this visitor center everything and there's free there's videos there's books there's videos playing there's rated sure there's all kinds of displays that art art art about current events that trigger someone to think and want the question is our goal trigger someone to think and want to ask a question so now we have people that will come in they are receiving the literature we have all kinds of contacts through that but I'm a tape out to specific ones have we been doing it for three years and people actually ride that train us from Atlanta Georgia up to that area from all over the world is incredibly sit in this little town called Cindy CLB 's people coming towards you you set up this ministry and you have people walking into your ministry taking your books and literatures and getting into conversations are from Norway in from England from Australia visiting United States he took this train ride to taking them back home you know all of a sudden this little town becomes a distribution center for the world who can figure that right gone me that he is the one with the Muslim beer I incredible the two experiences one we started we do a little healthier we take blood pressure we do a cholesterol you know we talk about lifestyle issues my daughters are nurses they introduce and counseling we do we do the subtle health care and this guy and I'm uncertain in there this guy comes running in innocent in any says Obama should mention his name or not but the same Mister G okay he comes when he comes running into the thing assessment am so glad I found you here I have been operative say one thing even when you're not there we have display racks on the outside of those glass windows that people can come by they can see every display generates a question they can pick up a row sure about it her a book about the topic okay just for example limited to be one example see can understand the story about Mister G we have painting by Nathan Green and one of our displays them like a displays but whenever display and we had the nicest Nathan Green mean and receive a big and expensive painting by Vincent during the first Sabbath and Eden view seen as beautiful picture incredibly we got the lighting perfect on it just like they recommend any Jesus face glows in pain no one can walk by that window and stop and look at that it is an impossibility I won't forget them again it's just beautiful and then we have underneath it and that we had always five professionally made we have the first Sabbath and eaten by Nathan Green gave us a first thing the first Sabbath and he sat it out creation picture then under that we have a professional sign that says before thousands of years before there was a Jewish nation or Christian church God gave mankind a very very special gift some how behind it in places that are less obvious we have the complete fourth commandment on professional signs on the wall and we have Genesis chapter two says God rested after his creation work generating questions right generating questions here these people are Christian but they're keeping the Sabbath are not Jewish they can't rejuvenate their recognizing Christ so as a part of that we have Mark Findley 's book the almost forgotten they that you can pick up on the outside of the glass you can look at this and pick it up on the outside glass or for there it's on the inside of us implementing it okay so so so this Mister G comes walking in and he says listen you have been coming there by here and in a hat and can't you hear it when we're not there every day to spend the weekend I been coming by here of gotten some of this literature this is the greatest stop I've ever read now he'd read it out almost forgotten day I think he Christ we have steps to Christ out there a couple of other books we have available outlet and on the other side glossy red brick pizza I want to get some more of these books I've been taking more than my share when I come by here I've been handing them out to people I know in town and so it's how we get into this conversation is that how many books can you get me I want to hand these out okay so I said how many do you need he says well you know and I get a box of these excellent we meet in the next weekend and and he says I'm really interested in this and actually I had a set of tapes by Doug Batchelor from one of his net series given the tapes at the same these are years now you're doing this work for us look at the states now he was a salaried or anything and I met a guy one time but I just impressed to do this nothing given the facts and so in that he calls us all I given my telephone number because the seventh ahead to get the stuff in Spanish and I have some people that I know that speaks Spanish better than English and can we get some of this in Spanish so we go to the museum we buy our home how many books boxes of Spanish steps the Christ send different books great controversy we deliver them up to I just heard the guys name right it's only taken the next time I say you lift your right if a guy was here and he says I can only give you my car you know it just me the cardinal was smooth as this is amazing his card on it says has his name is the associate pastor for the largest Baptist church in the Kaysville Tennessee the associate pastor for the largest Baptist church in the case opens his disk using our literature excitingly now enthusiastically without salary exciting incredible open up your eyes lift up your eyes people are all around you this everywhere is a foreign mission field right were all strangers for this planet are citizens of heaven everywhere God is speaking to people 's hearts open up your eyes to more things I do not have a want snuggles in clot times okay if you are thought to real quick I was like a year ago I was coming out to Loma Linda to see my first grandchild born and you talking about being on a mission okay I I got on that plane and I look to my right to my left I was looking hey I want to see that grandbaby and that's all I cared about right now is bringing my daughters and my my two sons out with me my wife is already out here and I was trying to work it out now my daughter was in labor of time to get there as soon as possible I actually missed the delivery but I was there with them like three or four hours of it but so so I'm in Chattanooga on changing my schedule around heaven Lebron cover for me which he was happy to do and I'm taken right at the last minute and I'm talking about right last night I am walking out the door I'm walking out the door in him just stop in my tracks and and there's a cabinet care of my half some of my books are sitting on their interests and I and I have my satchel nonfiction of grandbaby ninety nine nine percent on thinking that the conventional amount they can about John chapter four at that moment you know but the Holy Spirit 's not me for a second and just with the suite of my arm I grabbed two of those books and put in my case barely remember it I just barely remember it I just put them in their ambulance out the door and my kids are with me we drive down to Atlanta got these tickets last minute and they were expensive and worst of all now I'm six three two hundred fifty pounds on the big right I got a middle seat a mess like coming out was going to go in middle secrecy migrant and communal if you want to get to the airport but I'm up I want to get to the airport you how many check can they say you want to change your see Corso said yes and usually pushed .net was sorry there is no other seats now but there was this you see one seat that was everybody all my other family members were set in the middle seat right there was one I'll see I told my kids I love you but I'm thinking that I'll see I got the ILC one Kyle C one I'll see I'm a big jet right I'm going to see my grandbaby ninety nine percent online from the grandbaby right maybe ninety nine nine oh five fit down on the airplane and I sit next to a middle-aged lady and I am I have to confess I'm not thinking evangelism I'm thinking that maybe you know you're not there to see the baby enough here to see the and so on this particular jet make this quick in this particular jet there's these little videos in each seat in front of you know that has the inner one they do the introduction of how to be safe on the aircraft out of buckle your seatbelt now that it's on this little videos and some sitting there next to this lady and they're playing the video of how to buckle your seatbelt on looking around and everybody's getting the video is hot about the receipt bill but hers and my video is just playing the Delta logo is not telling us how to buckle our seat belt now that didn't concern me too much in no event but I'm wondering insane that's weird you know this is receipt the lady over here the first lady she's getting that but seatbelt lecture the lady next to me and I are not getting a seatbelt lecture I almost say something to the stewardess almost is walking by me I almost pointed out to set and forget it you know I know about the seatbelt won a seat on the airplane was at ILC sitting in it lady our monitors don't work so we we take off on the flight and maybe ten minutes into the flight the lady next to me is getting frustrated with the monitor not working now she wants to watch something on this TV you know so she calls over the stewardess and says hey RTV isn't working everyone else's TVs working and she says was it the stewardesses was working on we took off and I said no it wasn't we can see the seatbelt thing is he says medicated told me that we would not have been able to take this plane off it is a law that every one of these has to be working before we can take off the were in the air we haven't seen the seatbelt lecture and she says I have to reset this if the people had been ten fifteen minutes into their programs she turns off the entire whatever sweating arenas look around you know I'm kind of going to my single net nothing is her fault is one reported now that she collection off and puts it back on everyone else comes back on the other grumbled that they start over their programs or whatever are still still does not work in industry says Kozak says that's an impossibility this is on a whole day is here and I flicked off the thing and these have to be set you know and I said while you come and look at yourself it's not working now just eclipse it off again that everybody's monitors go off and that she flicks it back on and off ours is still not working ours is still not working and so an answer finally the lady said to forget it turns out this lady is she's a she was a Delta consultant as a consultant for Delta to what capacity she was actually an employee consultant employee for Delta is sitting in a pleasantly about this and how and just made a little joke with Aaron and she isn't you know as has and industrious 21st-century travelers she whips out in one smooth move a iPod that has full-screen you know as ready to look at a video or something on that and so on since there is no thinking grandbaby ninety nine percent and she are coming from Atlanta going to Ontario California and she turned on her video and I'm expecting you know what he expected some interns on a video some movie or something right she turns it on that's a sound she turns her video on innocent sermon by Charles Stan what is a prominent pastor in Atlanta he's on TV some and and I'm sitting there putting in her headphone and an in your phones ready to listen to the sermon I can see this little in on the on the Snoopy on I'm just noticing it now has to and I'm telling you right then right then there was the Texan John four lift up your eyes and I couldn't not on tell me I I understood how that donkey talked on the road in out he was compelled to do it in owning and it all wasn't really excited about it it is soon as I started to see these events unfold I started getting more excited amino acid eight I'm on this mission is a mission ministry no I'm not in this ministry I say do you know Charles Stanley as he says wanted in a ceaseless limitless as the deer know Charles spaniel and she says Yahoo and Anna I go to church once in a while must have been offered him on the on the radio and on TV and he is a really good pastor and and him she said yeah I like him a lot and she says you know I just went to his church of two weeks ago and we were talking about is talking about the book of Revelation I remember on the way out of the house I slipped up two of my books right method which is in a RU interest in the book of Revelation she says yeah I really am uninterested in getting back into spiritual things and she goes on to tell me that she had a vacation time she has two sisters living in Ontario she has started this job in this career and had the upbringing and the church think Baptist and had fallen away and had been deterred from a while back and going to church just recently was going out to see her sisters and they were going to encourage her and they were cannot talk about spiritual things and I said hey listen you know I wrote a book on Revelation would you like to read it she's educating you a book of Revelation I said I said God got it right here and sell MSI pulled out and yachts about a hour flight from Atlanta to two Ontario and she looks of the participants is incredible I read this right now in a fuzzy one day five hours right size in Austin gets out her highlighter out of her briefcase and she starts reading and we have a five hour interaction on the book of Revelation and she gets in this book 's only hundred and thirty pages and she gets the like page eighty five or ninety 's and reader I guess you know what she puts the book down and she says you know what these monitors not working was not an accident was it she said this day has changed my life incredible lift up your eyes are on a mission don't be so focused on the mission against the ministry sitting next to you incredible opportunity all around us one last thing I just built a cabin for my folks delivered it's not that that there by her house there retired to come up and spend some time and in this just happened this is this is hot off the press okay I had to put this in here just five minutes I just built a cabin and I'm doing this cabin work and I felt these guys okay none of you guys work on the Sabbath and I said what's the Sabatino and we granted that we get a little conversation there are missing fine and him and that the contract is believed Carpenter the head carpenter as a brother that gets out of work he comes to the job and to make a long story short as we happened as were building this cabin having these conversations getting into spiritual things turns out one day this I mean this is I'm not extending these guys are not expecting these guys to be that interested in spiritual things right this brother 's name is Larry comes up to me and says you know Doug Batchelor so why don't know why my interviews I know who he is as the other watching his program on TV for a long time and and I heard him say something about the Sabbath and he wanted to know more about in your Houston he knows he's not working on Sabbath on my job the figures maybe there's some connection here to get into a conversation about it two months later two months later I find out that Larry the carpenter is a minister of an eighty member church all of which are now keeping the Sabbath incredible lift up your eyes and Ms. Carpenter nailing on my job you know and in my stonemason finds out about it he said I used to be a Seventh-day Adventist where that's good and I don't know turns out you know the stonemason is my neighbor the cabin he lives down the street his wife was raised the Seventh-day Adventists encrypt all around the place everywhere you are there people that need to hear ministry we minister to my appeal tonight and I can go on and on and I probably gone through already but as to lift up your eyes in out to enter and with Christ into his ministry where you can save my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to enter into your ministry we pray that we will figure spirit open our eyes to see that the harvest is right all around us but the Spirit is working to prepare souls for heaven may we make a commitment tonight to be partners with you in this work in Jesus name amen


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