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Healed and Cleansed

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • November 1, 2008
    11:30 AM

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you like this please turn with me to the second book of Kings chapter five second Kings chapter five and I like to look at a familiar story with you about the human known as the human molecular can you know I was not raised in the church so when I read these stories some of you grew up hearing them and cradle roll and you can think of these stories are relegated to know that the junior division or something of the really filled with tremendous theology for ministry and for salvation second Kings five verse one none the human and the word mayhem and means pleasant commander of the army of the king of Syria was a great and honorable man in the eyes of his master master being than he had the king of Syria because Maya hymnal lording given victory to Syria he was also mighty man of valor I have stopped right there haven't finished the first stop there if I stop there namely seems to possess everything that a man might want he is respected in only say that one of the most common things that the counselor will tell the wife is your husband needs to feel stuck then what he respected by their peers respected in their family they want to feel like that they have achieved something he had that he was known for being manly courageous man a valiant man a mighty man won battles conquered nations some of the Lord to be is the Lord used him to give the S Syria from there other surrounding armies in Ottawa woman man men of integrity is to be trusted he was respected when he went up the streets of Syria Damascus in his chariot will turn they stopped about he was no doubt a wealthy man he's commanding the budget for the Pentagon and rich famous brave respected in the bank in Manhattan that you be satisfied for the last five words change everything is but he was a lover he was dying from this terrible disease disease that separates the disease it makes you lose your sensation and our place in a roomful of doctors telling you what what procedures were you probably don't know a lot about it because they're only a hundred and eight cases of leprosy in North America in their lesser than the mission field in two thousand one I think about a hundred and eight cases that you really and African are seen in their remember trying to give an offering one of the beggars on the streets in India who held up what was left of her hand contrary to what people think your extremities of the start dropping off when you get leprosy it begins because of the lesions in any affection from not feeling you your nerves he damaged in the extremities and its injuries that result from the blankness comes first thing you'll exactly sure eyelashes and you can forget the milling dry skin drying affects the mucus blind and often from injury and disease specific selectors still not sure today what causes it anyhow there's no cure today him away on a similar rest of growth that only how much you are and pursue them I was compared to sin using the Bible to send separates one thing about what perceives it disintegrated you your declared unclean you can read here again now Leviticus thirteen forty five the law regarding the leper now the leper upon whom the sore is his close will be torn to walk around with torn clothes a symbol of your wearing filthy rags unrighteousness his head bare and help cover his mustache with a cloth and cry unclean unclean how do you like to go up and down the roads like that and it separated they knew it was contagious there's the Lincolnshire today they only have theories about how it spread because it spreads five years before the first symptoms show up it's hard to track where we find years ago what were you doing for you with King Uzziah was spent with leprosy and the Bible says he dwelt in an isolated house by himself because he was a leper sin separates to make you lose your sensation right here in town for some I started reading out of a garbage can I didn't grow up doing that I learned to do it and have a little by little by associating with other people who eat out of garbage cans the first I was revolted by the opinion around them and present I got the place dry would give them instructions and a point in the dumpster to the bread was still a wrapper the canons only dented and that I was reaching over the side of the slimy dumpster and eventually I was climbing in and have a little by little you start losing your sensation for what's all that's happening in our culture is happening in our church home I'm appalled you know right now in California were trying to decide whether marriage is between a man and woman that is I think an abomination according to God will take it up with me it's an abomination we don't know the difference in our church as a denomination voted in two thousand proposition twenty two which is marriage in California will be between a man and a woman seems like a no-brainer in the kindergarten could figure out in our church understand at our conference that said we are in favor of this proposition and recommend people vote allowing a proposition eight that will be voted Tuesday in our churches being silent on others they will just need to pray will tell you what our history has been in kind and decide for yourself what changed Clifford Goldstein asking the questions that the Bible changed the truth change or did our culture change in our nerves are damaged and were losing sensation what's right and wrong and unaffected by a world affected by begetting cardigans I got in my rental car yesterday and you know you have to get situated every cars differently probably all done this and you know when you smell and the last occupants and their cigarettes or whatever and then down and turn the key some of me can't find it now because it is hybrids are the Nissan where you don't even have a Kenyan data Kenya handed Azores the keypress abutment and is intended situated on the thing started when trying to adjust the mirrors and vigor of Korea following a hernia get out on the freeway and get going and I was probably far three or four minutes for realizing the radio was on the plane is absolutely abominable music as you used to healing in our culture in the background that what once was what is refusing I was for humans of what's happening to me so used to that allow for me to say what his voice Little by little Samantha finds out he's got leprosy and even though is everything a man would want is not happy he's dying what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul so he got a little girl is household the Syrians first two had gone out on raids and they brought back captain of a young girl from the land of Israel you know there was war between Syria and Israel Manhattan waiter is today in some of the marauding bands that were sneak across during harvest time the borders and they would raid the farms and they ransacked the small towns before the king could muster army defendant and it off and grab the children that might be how things turn them off to sell school girl was snatched from her home at all she was used to her her family she evidently had highest terrace because a car about God carried her off and in regard watched out for her she could amend solely make bricks I remember seeing any of these children working in Brickyard 's little kids and that she was putting on my soul don't like Joseph while putting the house of poverty and maybe she remember the story of Joseph she said he held on to get a plan on what his plan is to be faithful what sound out about her master and his disease maybe her mysteriously a wife and family was planning one day what had happened to learn the language and she said very simple childlike faith she said her mischief if only my master were with the father who is in Samaria for he would heal him of his leprosy is no record that allies have ever healed anybody of leprosy the only avoid pursuing the Bibles were God healed Miriam but there is no record of anyone else being Hill and yet but she has how my thinking on this based on something the Bible records everybody who came to Elisha with a problem he took care you name for me one time in the Bible someone came to life to the follies I can help you everybody and find a way to name the life is similar to the name Jesus Jesus name is Joshua Jehovah is Savior a licensed name is Elohim shall God 's sake insisting they basically just the other form of God is a type of Christ in the story if she would go to the land to the holy land and sea the profit is in Samaria and that was Elisha he would heal him of his leprosy and Jesus had several liberals they came to him directly and probably Mammon is now living out in the mother-in-law 's quarters this isolated house because he's got leprosy can't hug his wife or children separated march down the streets of Damascus now people turn away that this a unclean it's a little better than living with a colony and you know when your sister that's something I've noticed my families to make fun of me he's me because my religion the high was whenever I get hit with any family gathering they would like call me multiply demoiselle your preacher you work on their week and when my family was with my brother and I see tween the blessing before we get his muse to doing it with the kids is really good for you wrote thanks for the growing analysis when my family was when my brother was dying and I was called and said that either do not hear falcon yet cystic fibrosis it's really bad this time had been in the hospital my wife recently don't think is going home this time and I got on the plane I got out there and I went in the room nobody made fun of me because I was a pastor and when they were all in the room and I said is often because the oxygen turned up to hundred percent he's sitting on the end of this vendor 's lien oversleeping breed with what little bit alumni had left and play to slow down is talking I pray for you and it is not with his mask on in my funny how people are dying in somebody's offering them hope healing their desperate Israel you have tremendous power is a doctor because you have one finger he too often life extended life I mean even if you do today how insincere someone hurting and even offer them relief you know what people will pay for belief type for high hayfever and if I have an attack and I know that is some kind of antihistamine that a drugstore and I can't do anything because in my face like a faucet will pay big bucks for one don't feel little better I know it's not life or death is on a no tolerance for misery of the world see anyone feeling in a desperate so one word reaches me in the life and maybe has some service or she brings in some footage of the walkway in a talk at a distance you know Jesus was talking a little Hebrew girl she says that the prophet a life nobody heard about Elisha Syria they knew that he performed near us no record of nearly eleven but they knew they had a real profiteer this is the apprentice on the light that you be pregnant in writing they knew about that just north they have one will conform up in Damascus the prophet Elisha she said he will enter having United Kingdom maybe if you could write you a check in the present word reaches the King behavior is always as general this is a secret weapon gotten use this man it's hard to find the right he got a good one you want to provide good health program so you should let whatever it takes name this year on giving the money of blank check paper Cheney ticket contingent of soldiers with you get yourself down there and find out if this is true where the Falluja nine I was just in Mexico last week a little more week ago during a week of prayer and Mark Grella last grade school down and while I was there but we really good record attendance death has fifty people like Catholics visiting going to never to the standard I was selfish so please Lord for that opportunity be down there and I speak about four more words of Spanish held attentively the sanitary and calling canalis sanitarium was not sent right solitary anyway it's the Spanish word for and they took me on their as a place that specializes in healing Doctor Thomas Lopez in the thirty seven years and never heard of this place couple of hours really surprised this is an alternate union who was a nonhazardous physician in Mexico City making lots of money and he realizes this is the Rosen wasn't really helping the problem and found the truth by reading the Bible we can administer just from reading the Bible to win his only dinner with him and his family and they have the sanitarium is content of two hundred people and their full all the time is a time advertisers as we don't advertise word-of-mouth I want to see his advertising letters without having and I talked to some of the couple spoke English and the families there that were dealing with cancer and is having miraculous results he said he know not everybody comes in the field because someone come pretty late stage cancer but we see a lot of miracles initialisms pictures and some of the x-rays and miracles of tumors and things were in the natural remedies a lot of what we normally hugely and but it was interesting that people came there I talk to families that come from other parts of the world because they were just and it would've given anything for the expensive than was getting is not an expensive program of way when the Lord and we had something like that in North America that could get some press how surprising what they're doing there wasn't famous all over the world this facility is a you go to go I'll send the money verse five so the king sent a letter that had add to the king of Israel had a lot of attention back then between them do they just sort of had a tenuous peace of this point so he departed he took with him and talents of silver six thousand shekels is a hundred and fifty pounds of gold bonus seventy five thousand sorry about three hundred pounds of silver and ten changes of call in the folding the not Walmart clothing this is Neiman Marcus flowing and more drops clothing the little girl that is a notification single profit for your name is dealing with the palace and the protocol and all that he never considered finishing introduces you in a you have some kind of introductory session there on the White House lawn no fanfare in Michigan CNET girl gave a message to send though the property notices several messages that come before name is feeling cleansed in the letter said now be advised defending this was just not written well be advised that when this letter comes send me among my general text of my army to fight your army my servants you that you might heal him of his leprosy or talk about awkward moment that happened when the king of Israel read the letter he was totally bewildered that he tore his clothes and said and Mike God to kill and make alive that this man since Amanda meetings you love his leprosy therefore please consider and see how easy support warming is trying to create an international incident pieces wanting to insult his also later called elsewhere while the missiles over against us and then the remaining is no putting the obvious bad spin on what's happening here and great perplexity and consternation they are in the Palace of Israel why is he doing this presented it reaches the press wires and makes its way to the house of a lifetime that's just outside of Samaria and he tore his clothes besieging a quarrel with me some inverse fee so it was only July so the man of God heard the king of Israel had torn his clothes he sent to the king saying why did warn you close medication for his close because they were worshiping idols in Bethel and Dan they were in mourning over the right things and memorial their own political problems they weren't mourning over the spiritual phone the more dangerous close please let him come to me what does Jesus save me one cleansing and healing many are two great utterances in the book of Matthew summarize the essence of the gospel through basic you come to Jesus and you go for Jesus Matthew eleven you come to Jesus come on to me all not twenty eight go ye therefore teach all nations we come to crisis is when Dorothy feels us he cleanses us and for what purpose that we might go and pass on that healing the next Lindsay 's serious as you come to Christ saves you it's how you come to Christ is this love relationship lovelorn and you go for Christ and the whole gospel is summarized in this sin let him come to me that he might know there is a prophet in Israel is still a prophet in Israel today God 's people forgotten we were on message that the father had an answer to people all over the world are looking for the message that we got a win godfather that has the answer but you know who's forgotten God 's people and we get so involved in this political funds any notice a human chain to the government instead of God the answer was not with the government the answer was with God and we still did the same thing here we try to substitute policeman for pastors is little and Company has eventually word got to name the looking and it is going to profit he's inviting you to come see you that you don't travel that have been carrying all of this money by yourself as you read on to find out that he had a contingent of soldiers they were carrying all of his goals is a great procession is that service with any writing Royal chariot and with a lot of pomp and ceremony they make their way to the humble house of this profit and there they are at the door and one of his sermons Noxon the normal lives in a specialized to come out to GM and the bowel into the fanfare and he doesn't even come out it says that he came in he stood at the door of the house of Elisha and Elisha sends a message to the Newman and he said go and wash unit the problem was diligently fifteen minutes on you know I know it's a struggle for doctors and dentists because you just probably feel awful you need all these patients awaiting their and their Re: irritated because they're waiting in your behind schedule and the ones who had him finally I want a lot of attention and you're doing your vests to pretend that he given them a hundred percent attention and you love them and only them and answer their questions and not seeing life but unfamiliar runoffs I know I want to commend you do a good job Ottawa school you go to so that you can look like do not rush him to even look like I can't wait to get on the next vision because I'm getting behind right now that you guys do a great job I really admire my doctor waited he cultivated that was a lot more questions in his fourth but he doesn't even come out doesn't even vitamin the waiting room sends a messenger out the door were dealt with the hours are in and of all things doesn't even get a prescription to go to the drugstore he tells them to go to the river and not just in the River Jordan River and in the Jordan River and the Jordan River carries a whole lot of cells and it's not a crystal clear mountain stream matter-of-fact in the summertime it can be a series of stagnating pools whereas the river is coming to Damascus come down from these mountains and their often a lot of ways back there were cleaner and clearer and what does it imply when someone's prescription for you is anything that can hit a implication he needed to do math is that your dirty than what is the implication if he says you need to take seven maths and remember you know I remember that when we were younger my brother and my step brother and I sometimes we all take math not the same time but they fill up the child and and John would get in and installed him again and I would get in at least one of while I was to get in last figure one one hundred and thirty and it still waters the hearing you will him and you're why I need therapy him and so when you're told to wash the dirty river seven times the fierce theme if you are generally used to having headlines can you understand what he was little indignant so there's a message it comes from a little girl in this message that comes from inside the servant of Elisha and when he gets this it says in verse eleven PCC who shall be explained it was a try this is even more to the North American seeming and he probably had all give that advice before he said you shall be clean Jesus onetime however come than Mason Lord I believe if you're willing you can make the claim that Jesus actually went so far to reach out and touch him and say I am willing between and is aware of the Lord saying be clean to begin plans because of the same words and let there be light here was why his creative power in the word of God something also notice about the healing of Jesus Jesus was touched people that were unclean and according to Jewish law if you are clean and someone's unclean energy touch them the uncleanness flows from them to you even I is for this unclean people and the polarity was reverse and the power of cleanliness was flowing from him then in the cinnamon waking him unthinkingly than clean like that woman was the flow of blood she was unclean she confuses you can cling to heal he still does that today doesn't that seem power than the human anything can happen we expected an interview sort of insulting afternoon it must be humiliatingly going around these covered up his leprosy Steffi Sorensen probably Vance again as we read on you'll see it's humiliating to the king in assisting turmoil and here's the beginning he releases what are they saying what exactly is he doesn't know what you're doing here here is what you deliver funding source humiliating and visiting on getting on top singles the problem is humble house of the palace by considering the profit of the Palestinian-American countries used to does any know who I am become as encompassing as until the fire dance around the chosen gunpowder in the fire having to put on a show back in when you want to profit honey bottle is in every respect the needlelike pain number one Miami my brother told his dioceses arthrosis my father started well he's started a hospital to go to Florida you'll see a bachelor Children's Hospital my dad built most of that had millions of dollars and invested all kinds of money and medicine and healing but you know what he didn't have enough money to save my brother doesn't matter how much money he can't lie to life for all terminal him curious by the way is just one of the something people can voice a lot of money sometimes the conclusion he went taking money from them Jenna one time can be had been hated after Nam and was shielding on the story wouldn't ruin it for you after Nam and was healed that hint at a later got sick he said he sealed to Elisha and to the present of every good thing of Damascus is a second Kings chapter eight forty a.m. alone so when Nintendo profit of God can imagine bringing in a camel can carry forty burdens of the best things of Damascus were brought to a Weiser for prognosis didn't even ask for healing is delivered I was only asked a question forty channels like when Queener she became the solemn gestures were just given us healing and truth we get great treasure in this church is that I thought he surely cannot demean the human was serious verse eleven anyone with a piece of your self body compound we didn't come and see me this isn't a server nevertheless represent Jesus and the story does Jesus usually speak us face-to-face with us he sent messengers why when we speak of face-to-face video why don't we get this guy face-to-face our sense of separated us from God Saddam uses messages users are not up in always funny wave his hand over the place until the leopard has on somebody else or not a fan of par for the rivers these are ancient names are not exactly sure are several rivers which one season plaintiff rivers of Damascus better than all the waters of Israel could I not washing them in the clean needle that was probably a valid argument what do I have to go here to this writer can I pick my own doesn't matter what church is part of America churches with better buildings and that her music nicer people and having you make those arguments that said this is where Latino Jordan 's River 's later when Jesus was baptized it's where John was baptizing in Jordan a symbol of death in the Bible notes and all the hands Jordan 's stormy waves storming toward Jordan 's billows we sing about it it's the lowest river in the world river in the world these two oceans one River needs to cease Seattle Washington Jordan and he said I am not to do that and he went away in a range now is kind of cool because between Samaria and Damascus to go right along the borders of the Jordan and he's writing he could across the net effect in your time here was where the ferry crossings were there was one trailer actually crossed the Jordan he may eventually had to go down and get on the ferry and crosses can you imagine the struggling is felt all the services arriving at a distance as developers in ensuring myself and is going by season Jordan and he's thinking he's probably settle down and you know what is going on the nine how is any is not as dry this is what he saw another leprosy Bible says that his servants came near them which they drove around the horses and close out as a message comes through a little girl poor profit servant in our zone soldiers got often sees people not through any one message for through series of messages in a service came near and I spoke to my reason with any good early in the process could hold you to do some great dining what you've done the obvious satellite data go get hundred foreskins in the Philistine the knowledge of my daughter name is invalid feminine like a challenge like I was going to lose Dragon urges older climb that mountain or we can handle that taken that him and I have a very nice in a man about his problem was leprosy 's problems and needs easier for women to access these his men because men don't like to surrender an orderly save you must be broken you must humble yourself and they reason with him he thought you know I would've done just about anything this one is trying to run year the only guy on the season is close salvation is so close how much more than what he says wash and be clean and unethical or so says to us today come to Jesus just like we are washed clean all managers looked at my watch I still don't have the power of Joshua yet to pray the subtle standstill and when is daylight savings time to get him to him and waiting for old than him now I notice when someone were to so verse fourteen he went down and he didn't seven times in the Jordan River according to the same in the manner the amount of times he didn't make a difference it does not insanely big plans the first time with a third time this is the seventh time you blessing when in the walls and terrible following the miracle happened six times five times four times if it stopped after six times that were never taken care God means what he says the seventh the millionaire the blessing is in the seventh and people that were fanatics and Mrs. is that they does matter God means what he says in his word he is particularly by the way to help in the healing law for leprosy they would take water and have been washed in sacrifices Franklin eleven seven and the Levitical law and it says when he came up every time he went down something was happening to him that he thought that he was washing away leprosy of his wash and dry unit a project of a car dumb question but your doctors I don't know him and you know when you first put the jacket differs at once or twice he's pretty easy you engage in sexual and the pressure of the vehicle he got a couple of times he was on the lift off the springy just a couple more times this season tires actually live the fat spots normally off the base of the tire and jack and eventually just one more time and it clears the ground and that's what was happening with everything went down he was being set free a little bit until finally he was clear and something happened he felt something happened because of this is was restored Windows word resource in his place him in the art had lesions in the disease scales problems and he came up and he was restoring known this always cracks me up and says his flesh was restoring the flesh of a little child it doesn't seem a little incongruity using women in general would release him but isn't that what a Christian is near a soldier but your newborn you're like a little child or converted but you're a soldier your brain even the army of Christ that's what happens when you are our Savior will we be with me just I don't want to rush all share my food with you this day and one seconds the story doesn't he goes to the man of God in all his eggs in Easton deformities and look indeed now eyeing their own eternal life comes from knowing that there is no God at all the earth except in Israel he is now set for the God of Israel why is he was healed it was the most powerful things reach people with the message someone their bodies healing take away the pain given home and analysis now I know is using you are not a medical bill yet it is one okay this is unwilling to get your feedback because once worth more than life just take a gift from your servant but Hawaii should send an instant he's a standing rubbing his hands liking mine is looking at all the gold and silver and he hears is necessary is on the house and please is no absolutely not because your ceiling is synonymous with salvation and it can't be blocked it's free it's like when Ahab besides when Abraham saying what he refused to take anything this is one of going with this he was taking anything for salvation from the king of Sodom it's like when Daniel Colapinto 's hazard to guess the truth is free of disease I decisional and sister has to start getting a little bit of the holy land if you give the camel was too long to load some earth I take it back now on we offer sacrifice to God Jehovah is the going peace but I think leaning to his season going away this is out of his mind does anyone know what we need a new ease-of-use for the Chapel not all these things and is moving send them away only learning history is and says that as the Lord lives out on down in verse twenty degrees of the servant of Elisha says look my master spirit Naaman the Syrian visa seriously is money Gentile not receiving from his hands we bought but as the Lord lives on the run after him and take something from me not to his I pursue them and when the human songwriting he got down from his chariot to me on since all well he said yes oh well my master sent me sane indeed now I just had to miss on the public the just shall live after you left in the new little something can you give them the attack on the silver to changes in running just need about seventy five pounds of silver and to changes in government finances paying twice as much of a hundred and fifty pounds why is he such a beginning because she's happy for life giving authorities and he doesn't because even plans you will brace his life he will tell him what do I he's now looking at the treasure on earth and so he seceded he takes it back to his house he hides it he comes in the stands before a life like nothing 's happened and Elisha said where did you go to his site said I'm going where nothing out of the Denny's and him did not my heart go with you when the man turned back from his chariot to meet you isn't it time to receive money to receive clothing olive groves and vineyards in sheep and oxen and I'm not saying it's wrong to bill for medical help because Elisha did keep the camel burdens it came from the head of later but this was a type of salvation he wasn't that and we all need to know when the new one on the house the only all you know what I mean and listen to this season therefore the leprosy of man then shall cling to you and your descendents forever anyone out of his presence alone for white as snow to what is essentially behaves I was a Jew who had worked in the presence of a Jewish prophet did not appreciate the profit that he grew up with but the Gentile appreciation through the Gentile becomes a Jew and Gentile field from his leprosy and eventually comes a letter to the general to become the servant of Jehovah and the servant of Jehovah he goes out of the presence of the prophets howsoever it's a very interesting story transition to Hades I he wanted to sell the message for silver by so this is so you know I think this is a special temptation the phases preachers and physicians for one thing patient fly planes they say this is to distract a computer that Neil will level pilots that preceded it we'll distracted to the other thing is there often tempted to lose focus on what ministry they save is not the honey of the money I get some stuff as Christians were missing first God 's kingdom and his righteousness friends and one man starts out of the servant of God the other one starts out a servant of God hands of the leper that Gentile comes to the house of God and he is safe as leprosy visual leaves the house of Elisha Oliver Neyland wanted the soil of the holy land worship God and his eye because of his greedy one of the silver and all of us really face of those two things the world and all it offers for healing and cleansing and mass of the Lord is offering it feel free to use visit world out there that is sick and God is given us a great message they can be cleaned they can be healed it can be whole again have enjoy and what is expected and there is still a prophet in Israel if we follow the guidance and counsel that we half the world will come to us looking for that cleansing and I'd like to just ask you as we close our part-time here this morning this message are busy like to say Lord I want to be two things I want to come to you and I want to go for you I want to accept that cleansing in that healing that you offer spiritually and by your grace I want to be a vehicle in my life to serve you hello this is not to see the holy land of Canaan rather than the silver of the executives I stand and asked as we pray him to loving father will we does thank you for the cleansing that Jesus offers continuing the message of salvation that we can see off to your word for both the comforting warnings were given help us Lord to seek first your kingdom in your righteousness and not be distracted by the trinkets of the world work for your blessing on this conference and every minister that is represented here these physicians are ministers Lauren I pray that you will guide them in their lives less than in their homes and their families and help them know how to capitalizing every way possible on the gifts you've given them for healing and service to reach others for your kingdom Lord we also pray that you will bless the rest of this conference brought your spirit was the food were not to participate in we thank you for again we thank you for the status of the freedom we had to come and worship you to stay we ask these things now in Jesus name and


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