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AMEN 2008: LLU Student Mission Reports

Richard Hart


Richard Hart

President and Chief Executive Officer for Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center



  • November 1, 2008
    7:15 PM

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him we thank you for coming back this evening it's been a wonderful Sabbath day now the sun has set and it's time for our evening meeting that were just so thankful that so many of you have stayed by for our evening meeting because this is one of the most important of our meetings this is one of the meetings were going to stress our young people and many of the projects that they have been doing but I wanted to let you know that Eddie had just finished getting our song service and Michelle as you mentioned there from a medical school in Ensenada and did you know that there are forty five Seventh-day Adventist students at that school and then about just about a year ago or so want to go down again talk into custody Mexico for a large group of happiness there that were in the health field and what my specification I have to prepare all of my talks in given in Spanish and things like that I found Annie is a wonderful thing to have connections around the around the world Mark Finley told me just this last year that we have over eight thousand medical students in schools around the world not counting Loma Linda is fantastic and so if we can get all of the students interested in doing evangelism in their own country or in their own part of the world what a army we will have it won't be just that we have to plan everything from here and go out there that were going to have an amazing army many of these young students that do not have any connection that much with the church in general and so through ASI and through a man where attempting to make some of those connections tonight we have a really exciting group is Teresa we have a few mission stories we have some using and then at the end Doctor Richard Hart and students from Loma Linda are going to be telling us some of the exciting things that Loma Linda is doing because they have been working on a number of projects and they have had the mission spirit at Loma Linda for many many years so tonight were going to start out with our mission report from Brian gallant of anything is privileged to be here like that dispositive favorite moment that okay I had learned Almighty bound versus you we pray now that you will take these thoughts these reports these words and may you see interestingly father you have raised us up as a prophetic people to get a powerful message to the world father I know your heart still longs that message to go to nearly one fourth of your children so please father speak touch lives and challenges I pray to Christ like to show you a few things what God is doing amongst Muslims in the North American division like to ask you a few questions some of them might be challenging thought-provoking than the time we have this evening I hope it moves into a new place some new files how many actually believe that God wants Muslims to find Christ as that great latter in favor of the world that connects them to the father to believe that you actually believe that Muslims need the three Angels messages that are not the least final days then which church you think is uniquely situated to give those two messages him that he only threat the two points there are three messages yes and yes right so now the question is what are we doing about it what are you doing about it how are you choosing to intentionally reach out to Muslims one three billion people in the world that's what I want to consider a few things this evening must some work has been greatly misunderstood around the country and around the world as I wanted to let people know right from the very beginning some principles the Bible is the final authority and foundation of all truth I want another right from the very beginning the work that we do cross evidence the simulations in the division and with the quiet hours I represent both the work is based on the full picture of the great controversy as described in the Bible to spare prophecy and all the evidence teachings connected with that and our goal is to call people all people in the state of conversion and being part of the final remnant when Jesus returns that is what our purposes and reach out to Muslims you agree with all those things now obviously there's lots of discussion about various methods these are things that have come from the Spirit Crossing the Bible very quickly got started working we join him mingle with people we are called to actually be people to lift up truth that re- center piece of truth revenue from wherever they happen to be strong by superstition air and put them into a larger framework of truth that's what Jesus did as were called to do as well were told in evangelism the Bible says the test all things on that which is true and the good news is not the bad news about something else we're called the people of truth few more things actually work of Muslims like God we want to guide the timing we need to be called to stand on common truth and Ellen White specifically says that when you go to work in areas of great prejudice have suggested a bit of editing Christians and Muslims for a few centuries she said actually do not stand on distinctive beliefs but agree in every possible way you can build a relationship and allow for things don't be there to satisfy theological curiosity and do not be argumentative which is a challenge because both Muslims and Adventist love to argue so these are things we been told to do now I realize this on the very complex issue an easier time going forward I believe our methods message should be different than any other group and we need to be sharing that I believe it if we claim to be children of the kingdom we should be responding differently than children of the world and saw some of your views of Islam are informed by people that don't even see the Sabbath in the Bible you may want to reassess some things when we look at lessons we should come away with a different understanding because we have different picture the Bible as well something to consider everything will not say anything like training programs around the country is biblically sound though it is very uncommon give you a simple example you're all very intelligent people how you think I'm crazy if I say that's true that we has some sharp computer people that you thought I was crazy sorry I'm not blind like mathematics teacher but the reality is free in base ten which are used to is what you're aware of all the time one one and phase two actually is numerically equivalent to three but he thought at that street was eleven your thinking I'm crazy and that's why don't you draft a more but the truth there's a lot of the contradictions of people see between Islam and other things it may very well be the day looking at different worldviews and we need to go a lot deeper so it looks like a superficial contradiction may not be actually all we need to be a people of integrity everything we say should be biblically sound indefensible we don't need to quoting and responding to various clinic arguments when you define spare processing friends that we have people lie all the things that we sell you something the guys been doing prismatic conversation Atlanta was a Muslim leaders may have been asking what I did and I said that I try to bridge the gap for Sunday's Adventists find them both the essays is Jesus Christ they looked at me and said that's great what the madness now those in the land of the Muslim I know a lot about evidence that the rest the world doesn't they let the music was in evidence among them let us that we don't eat pork we don't drink alcohol and that's already built a huge bridge that day God impressed me to share for distinctive beliefs of our beliefs our church say the dead Sabbath century message and vindication of God 's character and the three Angels messages in the call to be ready for the return of Jesus on that ensure that from the Bible I served them with a chronic worldview that they could understand and resonate with it opened up to an a half hours more Bible questions more more same letter by what we do I would be ready for these things we never knew you guys existed in any essay question is one of our writers has told us in the last days ago to rise up a group of people that call the world to the essence of true faith and that we should join with them and then he looked at me and he said could Seventh-day Adventist be that group has some questions to consider should we are we due Muslim actually know it or do we sound just like the average evangelical or do we sound like maybe other major speakers that see nothing but evil within Islam to be no relationship even bother seeing the good is some serious questions God is doing some exciting things in Atlanta River small group of people that are reaching out evidence and Muslims together even studying together we recently renew health Expos for Muslims in Muslim neighborhoods that invitations to go to mosques we're just invited to go to the Islamic Society of North America which is a yearly gathering of thirty to forty thousand Muslims we had the chance to do a health expo right there for them God is doing some fantastic things the conversations and relationships that were built throughout the conversation the time there opening their mind is one open to the Adventist minds to the possibilities of what we offer to them the people at a few pictures here taking the health education resources eight natural steps similar to the new start idea and adjusting them so they would not be immediately offensive to Muslims and in particular items like that building relationships and watching God break down walls I like to challenge you that as we have the invitation possibly to go back again I watched NBC in July fourth if you'd like to be immersed in a world of forty thousand Muslims in contact with me if I was well their art they may have a magazine that goes around the country notice what it says here at Venice to issue alcohol focus on providing social services and education have a clear concept of monotheism we do worship one God the Bible does say that and promote traditional family values have much in common with Muslims this is a Muslim article largest Muslim organization in the country the identity came out strongly for Muslim Arabs civil rights and post- 911 America have built major institutions to serve the sick and diseases at the same time however their concern is to see the individual and social wellness should also promote the spiritual aspect of health and well-being their health projects overseas mostly in countries with large Muslim populations and carries on Muslims are talking about you in a positive light are you talking about them in a pot like you learn the ways to build relationships have you learned common truth following the spirit of prophecy principles so that you can actually connect as his fellow spiritual person and build a relationship that might affect their eternal life is in serious questions for us to wrestle with so I'm calling you to please a part of God 's call the one three billion people that in many ways which somewhat ignored and since 911 they are the people that people love to hate fear and misunderstanding and prejudice are blocking deep genuine relationships and is working we can do here on White Sox thought how God brings immigrants to our country we may reach down and touch the world Saudi Arabia sends fifty thousand students United States of America every year to study what are we doing to reach out to them they haven't come only from education there witnessing as well in the medical profession you rub shoulders with Muslims all the time that like to encourage you to prayerfully consider maybe learning smart talk with me having a training program for your medical institution for groups of people there are so many built in bridges and wonderful opportunities to connect heart-to-heart with Muslims and we have a powerful message they need to know that in Christ there is assurance of salvation and they need to be saved from the deception these final days and only we can give a message so join with me and be a part of that obviously it's a no-brainer for raising support for what most people consider the enemies of America is quite a challenge and yet I'm being more more convinced that the fact that our country did not go under the economic insolvency recently may be that the race the mercy of God for us to do a lot more specifically reach out to people we've been ignoring so join with me in a very tangible way in the blessing supporting this workaround the North American division supporting work in Detroit Newark and Atlanta in New York and Toronto and work all around the world so that we can share this message with God 's children haven't heard yet every time I speak I'm looking for three types of people some of you maybe all three the first person to someone it needs to have the misinformation fixed and changed and educated by biblical great controversy worldview the second person is maybe someone wants to say yes Brian I'm willing to go and serve this group of people that we have not been reaching out to openly I love to talk more with you be here tonight I leave out unfortunately morning and a third of the people in this very room right here are people that can say I want to see Jesus return I want to see the gospel go to the people that have yet to hear a clear representation of the character of God I want to put the resources that God has made me a steward of the work finishing this work so those of three people like this encourage you please join me in doing something that maybe you never thought of coming talk with me on the ethical at our booth at this meeting estate as long as you need God is doing some exciting things but join with us pray for God your words not mine these things are green Jesus it's easy to feel easy to feel good about the relationships that we do you know we compound our tests and we kind of probably say we saw this many patients but in these early treatments but I would I would challenge us to think maybe we feel a little bit bad on that we need to cry for our patients we need to we need to wonder if we dealt any significant long-lasting blows after we left that we weren't around to manage the M&Ms the complications that we leave behind talking of course about short-term and medical missionary work but I'll try anyway that's just a little whom I did some that think about I so happy that I followed that previous Muslim presentation because that's where we went this year through a laches were my heart kind of calls I thought to myself often are set down as you know we will have to run the world and we see these pages that are Muslim and and you non-Muslim country you can't quite preach Christ outrightly so these Muslim brothers and sisters are looking at you like okay right providing free care for us it's nice when you want to we want Woody trying to do and would we know you're Christian but because I'm thinking to myself when was the last time you maybe they exist I don't know if and when was the last time you heard of a Muslim travel halfway around the world to provide medical missionary work to convert eventually people and sell to them it must be an anomaly you know that were going over there providing this care but were not quite standing up to preach Christ and so the challenges is far-reaching cannot be short-term when you when you bring care to medically to a most him him want to tell you little bit I'll tell you right now many Glover I hope you out of Saturday but I minute give a brief intro and then I have two videos that we were very hard we lost a lot of sleep preparing my wife I got a new MacBook Pro in this thing does wonders for slide presentations side to take events that place Curtis Farnham and creators call media has prepared a video that I absolutely have to share with you about our effort in Bangladesh the original plan was to go to British Guyana I was in my second or third year of residency and Paul you is a dental student kept pounding on my back every time he saw me NATO's day we got a good risk I am ready with me British Guyana Mike Judge 's key bother me about it I love mission work I love this stuff I mean it to me it is says so much more fulfilling than a fat paycheck which I've never received but I can only imagine it's so fulfilling when people when people who can't pay you back in time for what you do are so thankful I really bring a pot of soup takes anything they got in the borrower just finished to leave their appreciation for what you've done I love this you know it and so I sit you have time to problem was April March April May June and then at the beginning of July we go to adventure hope Sabbath school University church were sitting there at a presentation by Doctor Palmer scholar who is from using appointed and drive dentist in Bangladesh this guy is a modern-day Paul he's sitting in the face of government that is constantly threatening because you not for me when he feels the heat from the government coming down on him for baptizing individuals he backs off immediately service this is a house thanks for held health and all of a sudden he feels the oppressors back off and so he showed us your goals that are happening in Bangladesh and in all these one at ten and we were developed about that up to that point Paul and I and in a group wanted to register to British Guyana and we just sat and we looked at each other we saw these verticals and we resent the skies by himself we got the support we get to support the sky so the trip changed to Bangladesh last year we went it was beautiful this year we went back and there's something to be said about consistency same spot same middle of nowhere and were starting to see glimpses were sent into just one week every time we go this is a brief synopsis of our trip about a month and a half ago time constraints do not allow us to see the other video but I and I apologize for that but I encourage you to look it up on YouTube it would be under Bangladesh two thousand eight promotion or promo video we feel like we started something in Bangladesh and some of it has to do with inspiration and we receiving the conference those who went last year this year so pray for us and you know we expect to see big things in the ten forty window thank you we so wish we could give everybody an hour to tell your experiences experiences this him just testing you know one of the things that I just came back from another meeting day J I'm sure a few of you may have gone to bat down in San Diego accidentally really truly accidentally dropped down on a session about mission so I just thought was another medical group mission thing and it turned out it was a group of chiropractors at the APA chair I didn't even know they were there but they were and they were talking about how important it is not to just go on a mission trip to keep going back to the same place that these short-term mission trips are really kind of not great for the people you come and give medicine or you do something and then if you never go back you know how that is so I think that to be involved with a mission trip really do have a purpose and you continue to go back even if it's twice a year once a year that people can kind account on somebody's cares in a stunning comeback that's what I really like about what Doctor Hardy has been doing through their outreach with the Adventist health international and with it medical students and dental students at Loma Linda and we have invited him tonight to come up here and tell us what has been happening with the Loma Linda the students that long-term mission projects the deferred mission truck programs and just whatever you'd like to do with the students of our others that he has brought with him tonight so the rest of the evening is yours Doctor Hart thank you so much for coming to be here with you look on the audience and I see a lot of years a lot of commitment and a lot of experience from many different countries but I like it primarily have some of our current students will want to share what's happening the various programs continue to carry on the DMA program for admission appointee program for met for students and those guys sixty eight students and residents in it we just recently started another program was called global service scholarship which is basically a matching program for all the other schools of Loma Linda sojourners a student of public health do now I don't something else is a program there as well though helped amortize your debt while you go to server brought his death off the things and old people back the most was when going over hundred years I feel like I've been there most of that time but I think I can truly say that during the time during the last ten twenty years the sense of commitment to serving the world needs continues to escalate America's more of a palpable sense of it on a campus now that even before so this evening we like to share three different perspectives with you and I've invited some of our students to come do that start off with Jonathan Thorpe Jonathan is a second-year medical student president of an organization on campus called make mission interest group any digital that of the perspective for him and what that is meant the moment of Jonathan thank you Doctor Hart and it's been awesome to be here this evening and throughout the day with you folks here I honestly wish I could've been to previous name encompasses that I hope in the future that I can attend others I want to briefly start off with starting a bit of my own personal testament to how I added up your Loma Linda very quickly my parents work for the church maybe mainly recognize the name Thor connected with hope title and I've had a privilege to travel to the world and receive many different countries live in a few of them in Tanzania in two thousand and one housing grade ten and we're there with the other pots or I was having seller campaigns that would series there is helping out with the TV production in the game in the editing in the evening but during the day out how the opportunity once or twice to go over and see a team of medical and dental people working on Minnesota Stadium experience never left my mind I think it out of my mind I came back to North America finished up high school thinking praying Lord what do you want me to do in my life so that I can can can continue to serve you and how to be a engineering in video and other things and I kept on playback the thought of not one experience there in Tanzania started at CUC and then my third year started application process to different schools one being universal verdict in the Canada where I'm from and the level in the University I said Lord let me be accepted at the one you want me to go to well the good Lord opens up doors in more ways than you can expect because ethics accepted both and I think Lord we can't do this to me can I I I was asked to specifically close one door open it on because I mean it's a difference about eighty thousand dollars to go to Canada go to school and course you pay off debts are fasting get overseas in service at capacity well both doors open I ended up coming down for weekend visits on my friends and I doubt is another trip and I remember to this day where I was on the campus screen there just the other good start and shop lewdness statutes it was the graduation weekend and I was in a chair that I just said largest help me to know where I need to be I came back after the weekend and I got back home and I open the mail Sunday night I thought a letter from you base that you have to thousand dollars next night edited by Monday night five o'clock to confirm your seat I'm like oh my goodness I wanted another least to three weeks to make up my mind what I was in the good to be the case the next day I've hiked up on the mountain behind world we live in I started praying I say reading the Bible and archived whichever one anonymous source books up there with me and I said Lord I need your help I can feel it could go either spot I know you can use me wherever I go but I want to be where you want me you walk down that hill and I those pranced the Lord and by the time I get back to the house I want to impress on my mind where I need to be and I kid you not that was an experience that I don't think we'll probably happened to me more times my life because I honestly think that God spoke to be coming on that hill said I want to be in Loma Linda I didn't completely know why and I'm still experiencing those reasons to this day I just share one experience briefly analysis second day of freshman or experience up on the pediatric neurology team and they met Senator and to be that wonderful Christian position became into a room where there was a patient is unfortunate brain-dead and he was needing to do a final exam on the patient and to each of the Bible open at the end of the bed he opened the better the Bible is laying he picked up the Bible and even most meaningful testimony to this family they knew that they were to have to withdraw support and it was being when I saw that testimony amid a physician RC picking up the Bible sharing text having prayer with the found that said I've made the right decision when home I called my dad and that is that it's worth every penny of eighty thousand dollars or whatever it is to come to school and missions can take many different forms as you well know I'm probably one of least most experience inexperienced person in this room but that is just one form in the patient's room here in North America and it's exciting to feel to be on a campus work international missions is such a focus and as Doctor Hart mentioned I have the privilege of meeting out in the mission should scoop this year it's an exciting thing in various as he mentioned there is an excitement on campus of omissions and I've only been here for two years I can't speak for more that I can really feel amongst the student alone among all the schools on campus there is such an excitement about international missions is its wonderful reminder the text in John John chapter twenty verse twenty one is worst talks about the fact that the father sent him so I send you enough the key tax that we've taken as a group and said Lord help us to prepare now so we can serve even better tomorrow working closely with the Sims office students for international mission service but they have some fantastic opportunities for students on campus were just working through various lunchtime seminars and meetings he had Doctor Saunders was just as thus we can share with us and the doctor gave when he was here a few weeks ago and really good turnout from above multiple different schools on campus is just excited to be a will to be with these fellow students that really have a desire for missions I know you hear a little bit more from them allowing and from the Haiti chips here in just a few minutes and there is just such an excitement that I'm so glad I can be part of and I know that my story is similar to many other students here on this campus to why we are at Loma Linda thank you Jonathan so you know my roots are in Africa the years ago when I used to work in Tanzania there were probably twenty to twenty five ohm undergraduate serving across the continent of Africa because of the church funding policy and did amortization on I added that number up about four or five years ago and I was down to three Loma Linda physicians in all of Africa as scary we been able to successfully change the general conference policy decisively change the debt amortization sank and the pipeline is now starting to fill up rapidly were not eight positions and I know how many probably that's five or six dentists what was serving in Africa and the numbers in the continue to grow one of the most important things I think I can do in Loma Linda his to get out of the students way because the energy the center keeps on pushing in many different directions I like asking the opinion to come forward Amy started off in medicine to the first two years status Masters degree in house back in her third year of medicine and a media couple for a year and a half ago or so as a student Association officer started us down a track of a major project in the country of Mullally and I'm the master to speak about and I'm to steal a little bit of her thunder and because Thursday morning at seven o'clock we had I think a very historic conference call in Loma Linda in which we had were connected with all of the Adventist colleges in North America and announced plans to have a joint mission trip for all the colleges together coordinated by Loma Linda HI out to Mullally this coming summer this a be the first time we try to do something together for the entire college system in North America and some of the credit for that goes Damien some of the vision that she articulates her Amy tells low but I was happening while one is a way to start you how you get along the project is like it seems that it's so front-line that you can't remember the beginning but from what I can recall we were sitting and newly elected list officer resisting authorities in Loma Linda and we were try and figure out a way that we could unite the campus of Loma Linda the University of Illinois definitely other campuses five and the US colleges just because there's only different schools and they all have their own schedules it may much segments in and so the students don't feel like they ever know each other we know the other schools and so we as the student Association were trying to find a way in which we could bring to campus to getting unite them and everything that Friday is going around and him again in particular and never having attended that before we didn't know quite where to start and so we e-mailed Doctor Harnett quenches all to eager to handle the project and say well I just got back from Alamodome the hospital is in trouble they're going to some financial struggles and a not quite sure what to do that resulted in its use student significantly delay dealing with how to pick up the pieces so we found out we disguise started throwing everything at you know like when you're not experienced you don't know what species do everything he does how to make up for your lack of experience with energy the reader and we started getting me there is a letter and then anything that anybody came up with me we did some were failures and summers accepted but all in all we saw more and more students getting together and interested in helping out mission projects and it was neat because I don't think any of the campus could just as far as happiness colleges in the US but become woman to have the public health school and the dental school in the medical school and the pharmacy they each have their own unique talents that they could pool together and together work on different projects like writing grant we had a group to come together to write granted because they were all from different angles and had different perspectives on things they put together in a beautiful letter of inquiry that we've been using to send out the different foundations that can find plenty for now Malone so from there we went to a initiative in a convention between all the student associations of the US out of his causes is called a I used it quite active and it kind of document to be on the last maybe fifteen him and what do you know what we get back a conference and they were looking for a way to unite all the out of the colleges going on but it sounds familiar that's it so we were trained alum linearity and I am long as they are one of them as they often visit southern Canada the idea will wantonly do a mission projects and that will unite all the school clinic has started counting out if United in the name of the Loma Linda had been running a mission project and so they came to asking us what would you be willing to present the project and see that something that the colleges wanted to set the very last meeting all of the essay officers for all colleges in their and try running Ponzi process you have the couple hundred at the opposite of all the colleges in the all of their opinions heard and so they all have their pain did not mention partisan and how it should be done embracing me so all in all we did a presentation is very unique as well as instances where you can you can fill the spiritual battle and the spiritual tension in the room and once we prevented the project you could find here the big group starting to talk amongst themselves and it was very much divided there is a lot of things that came up and have serious issues and questions about how he would do this and what would we do in good melon the building is that much money and how and on although on we got the very last know when they were supposed to vote and up until that moment in the game is divided even more leaning towards opposing taking on a mission project him him upright and yet when it came down fit his needs the college was called out they said all in favor of the project and immediately amuses this overwhelming sense of purpose all of a sudden for the average that colleges is all of a sudden we had all the areas colleges plan together to try to save a foreign mission campus and is being unique is the only colleges pulling together this point and seeing how they work together in order to get a fund-raising committee 's college has their own dynamic that you have their own personalized for their student body and so they're all doing their own separate thing and yet they've got their blogs going on another social network networking that I understand but the other ought to be again plays I will begin this on our campus and this is how he did envisage how much we raised and we have right now a goal for all the colleges to raise a hundred thousand dollars between all of them and so how to work Saturday's College is committed to meeting eight thousand five hundred and seventy is a party pretty much at their goal is not even Thanksgiving yet and the union is very active in Canadian universities is coming right along Loma Linda 's been doing some different activities and so it is really neat to see all of the guilt the US averages colleges coming together to try to save some of the missing campuses the formation canvases that are struggling and you know when you have such historic places like Malmo this is the generation needs to come together and do that he knows the origination that needs to step up and start taking our responsibility for the mission places so I think I just kind of continental ice representing a specific benefit to be telling you you did a reflective him us in work and I hope we really can't know where we can unify all the campuses around some common projects and then each year we want another country of the world possibly we can gradually acquaint many right and people with all the different opportunities and needs that are out there I find that this evening I has I thinking back I think is probably about a year and a half ago maybe the longer I was sitting minding my own business in my office and the present of the freshman class sin medicine came in to see me an analyst at all and says you know we that idea would dream about when looking for a project we can take on as a class that's the first time I had that I request solely we started brainstorming and over the next few months why those plans gel and I'm glad to have the class of twenty ten the juniors now come forward and share that with us in that watchdog David Cooder Sarah Allen Kristie Ramirez and Dan West of all was it all tells a little bit about what's happening in Haiti will thank you for her I can latest be here with you tonight tonight I better set the story straight actually David Cooter was our freshman class president and he window ridiculous that that story straight and so I actually got to serve as our freshman class pastor and he got to service our class president the second year and I have to say what an artist to be here representing the class of two thousand ten is almost incredible group of people I've ever been privileged to be a part of and it really is an honor to be in a room with like-minded individuals that are passionate and committed to falling when God is put on their hearts and and really listen to his voice and in doing regardless of what it is what got us call this to one of the most important decisions I ever made was to come the Loma Linda for medical school I will never regret this decision never in my life because I been changed by the group of people that I've met and it was just an what to get to know my classmates I didn't know anybody come into Loma Linda and when I came to school here I found this incredible group of people that had a real passion for the Lord and a passion for doing what God is called in to do and so as we navigated that first year of medicine week we came to the end of our first year and many of our classmates went out overseas to many different places and has dated now and I will start privilege of working from an officer standpoint as the classrooms came back to short stay in China stories from overseas and we said he always got to do something we have had these incredible experiences with the class and got to come together and do something that unites us that makes a difference somewhere because of so many spots overseas I could really use our help and everyone wanted to throw in the ideas we started praying about word is that we should get involved and we met with Doctor Hart and we are repaid about it we also decided that Haiti was the place that God was calling us to and as we taught suite we decided that we wanted a class project that would accomplish three major things the first goal of a class project would be a be a project that you would unite our class around service goddess called each one of us to service and we wanted to have something that would unite us in the class long-term normally what were their Loma Linda but throughout her career is all over the world that we go all over the states we may practice something that would keep us united around the purpose of why we went to medicine is to serve our fellow human being we had over a hundred classmates sign up to be a part of this project and baby son and named a committee to actively be a part of it and raising funds for this class project and so is exciting to see over a hundred people come united together around one goal the second thing that we wanted to do was expose as many classmates as possible commissions because as you know Mrs. is contagious when you get out there and you experience the mission field you come back with passion and fire commitment to do something you see a bigger picture of what God has called us to do and so a goal for our class was to get as many of our classmates exposed omissions as possible we are doing that by setting up a fourth-year elective as we go on tour for your medicine we have elected periods and and were looking to basically have two members of our class on a continual basis in the hospital in Haiti we write taken a short-term mission trip over there you hear about that from a couple of our classmates we are committed to staying with this this project Dena 's name her classmates expose submissions as possible and hopefully throughout our careers built to go back to this mission hospital in Haiti and make a difference there the third thing that we want to do with our project was to allow God to do what only God can do we serve an amazing God we serve a powerful God and you're willing to come in give your time your energy and you your your talents to him he will do amazing things to you so we decided the class that we would set a goal of a hundred thousand dollars that we establish an endowment for this hospital so will raise a hundred thousand dollars lower in med school and I will establish the fun that we can continue to contribute to throughout our careers to make this hospital is not only a place for mission work the place that will transform to train other people that live there that are close by to train other missionaries to go to other places to help this hospital become the life transforming center that is first called to be and so it's exciting to see what God is doing there we are already over a third of our way there little over thirty thousand dollars and been raised and were excited a look at the idea we know that you can do amazing things and insists it's exciting to be a part of it went to dizzy to a few my classmates and let them share their stories with you because each one of us has been transformed in different and powerful ways to missions and electricity and share her story okay I'm a document about what we did in Haiti this summer about twenty of us went out with friends and family members including a faster surgeon optimized engine geologists and dominant student in the school of Public health on while we were there we did a needs assessment 's I was exhausted it was intense it was very eye-opening we also worked when we get to painting the building we ran an ophthalmology clinic was very successfully silent patients and and one of that one of the best stories adding that we got out of the trip was a certain little girl dreams N'Djamena she came into the clinic and all the sinners like a light bulb went on in the room you know this girl was just the most of the lease giggling to run up to you and I grab your legs and is one of Huygens at the lens and it was amazing and but one of the most unique things about Angelina was that she was laughing she is also crying she was more than is a lacrimal duct obstruction and luckily we had enough most of us was able to take care of that in a relatively quickly and it was just it seemed a minute to be able to laugh at our kind is reminded me of in the Bible when God 's promises it's always just merely powerful to mean that he promised to wipe homages rising our niches I just always thought that that was the best examples of God 's love for eyes and just a cup of reminder to me that that's our mission here is to wipe the tears from the eyes of those were suffering on instated of possession at their trip this summer to Haiti and him got to see some to Doctor Nelson again showed up on Doctor Scott Olson is an orthopedic surgeon who was an eighty and have had the religion going with him a couple times but on this summer I privilege of going into surgery was actually acting horribly home it's great to have the leadership of your medical school actually Doctor Hart came to after how they came in LA and participated and he was out there leading the charge on picking up trash and him you believe it what is and and one one nine were sitting down and ass and you'll like what he saw some the goals of bomb being a medical student at Loma Linda like what should we get out of being a student and it really surprise me because if you know Doctor Hadley he's always showing us pictures is really funny and at her last but I see you know what he said was you know I hope that someday you can pray with your patient and it really struck me because I had you I really thought about seriously incorporating that into my own and my walk you don't mind seeing patients and him it was it was just this year on the third year at a patient he came in with new Onset diabetes you totally dehydrated a single review systems found out that this guy had insomnia for the last forty years and even sleeping about two hours a night he asked about he said yeah go to bed your wake up in about twenty minutes All-Star peace around the house they show the windows a lot make sure the doors locked ass in the old when it is all starting is like the day I got out of being a Marine like OC review nominee Sehgal was in Vietnam as what happened in Vietnam and he will any site will I don't know if I wanted to no told me what happened in Vietnam what what are your nightmares and he went on to tell me the story and it was the nightmare that always came back to that always welcome object to them and one of them was using the tunnel and it was his twelve -year-old kid and he's your Viennese boy is trying to kid out in the two grades the gun at him and shot him and so he had this extreme guilt that he until this Kenya and the last forty years of his life you alcoholic ten years prior he got separated from his wife and a lot of these things your spiritual problems emanate from the spiritual promise promise is a forgiveness you know is understanding God 's forgiveness maybe it's maybe the lie that was put in into his mind or maybe it was not yelling forgive someone is those three things that usually are the spiritual problems that need to be addressed for you and yourself through God forgiving someone else or finding a live person some sin or something and asking God to bring truth and so on what would you want to pray about it he's like to think that will help MITI acting so that you and I so I sat sat down with them and greater than my God you know I just pray on that you would use shows menu true forgiveness that you transform his his heart in his mind and I pray to you meeting with this experience that you would you take the bondage that has been on this man and that you would just lifted off of him with your power and that you would just take the chains and just destroy from this day and anything that came as a consequence of this and a you replace your truth in this pencil and afterwards is like I feel like this we just lifted off of me and I had never prayed with the patient before and I was like this is awesome and is lightweight I want more story and so I will I will tell you Alan but similar thing you don't like God entrusted and the next as show up how did you sleep not appear about his diabetes is like I've never slept like that in my life and I saw him for a whole week is your trying to get his diabetes under control in everyday use leaving every day every time you napping in our walk in the wake of from a slumber at any car I called him a couple weeks ago the continuity of care your units phone number and down that's another thing the TUC and and you know he's like I've I sleep six hours a night and am not targeting the and you know it I'm in a try to reestablish relationship with my wife you know and I really think that you know this is this is back here at home and and were talking omissions of the event but I wouldn't have this kind of heart if if I had an experience what I experienced over in Haiti on if I will if I didn't have mentors like Doctor Hadley Doctor Scott Nelson my life inspiring me and down it's great to see a lot of people here at interior stories and to get inspired offsets thank you in the menstrual research area and I can't than Haiti trip impacted me a lot personally involved and after my freshman year at back about a month over in carrying and I thought Agnes Hospital in the student was in and it really surprised me to see the lack of an equipment and supplies and resources they had asked for instant there is one patient within their for several months already but the doctor knew had tuberculosis but because the hospital didn't have an excellent machine he couldn't diagnose him with beneficially to get the free medication for it and think that kind of a situation really kind of it when I came home I just didn't really know what to do I felt helpless I want to do something to help with hospital that all alone I didn't really know where to go with that and talking with my classmates and when we started talking about taking on a hospital and really transforming it I knew exactly how I was getting transformed the lives of the people there and it made me really excited to be able to join with other people who have the same mission in the same goal all him since I never have the kind of momentum to do it working with my classmates has really changed me say keep that goal and I'm going down to Haiti just every day interacting with the patients seen the people down there that were helping by this project really has encouraged me had something else out there say that I totally forgot basically this is been a really encouraging for me personally also coming back afterwards we've been on getting things together for the project helping it and some continuity with it we have a listed long list of things that they need increased Jan I have been running around trying to find the things that they need I've never thought about where to find ultrasound machine or autoclave and things like that before that this extensive help need to cut them get skills I need for future when I want to go overseas and work in a hospital and I hope that through this our classmates can go to different hospitals expect especially the hospital in Haiti and keep it going on and also the different hospitals all over the world so we can learn from this and each user skills for the future it's it's hard to capture all this going on in Haiti and with our class only a few minutes but as Sarah 's sharing there's some big news at the hospital that were still trying to work on the autoclave in the ultrasound machine if you know any contacts are a available but us know about worked out together we've had incredible support to Doctor Hart and a few weekends ago in Oakland Fellowship where we made some exit contacted is her daily and all these pieces are certain to come together for this hospital in Haiti and I see this place of this hospital in Haiti Beta place where our classmates and the long-term where we can have different physicians and also to specialties Buell to go there and share their talents and I guess it's about the body of Christ coming together each one a set of talents each of us has a set of gifts and abilities as only as we work together that were able to fully exemplified who Christ is an envelope that he has for his people so I just want to thank all of you for the hardware that you've done to go overseas to inspire us as as the next generation of physicians coming out there your stories your experience your wisdom and excites us it empowers us to say no we can carry the torch for you we can pick up where you have have taken it this far and and try to take a little bit further and so you don't as this week as we join together that I think God is really a health finish the work through us and so I just want to thank you encourage you with the class have more information at WB LU Haiti project .org if you're interested that be do be L OU Haiti project .org you can see videos you can come up visit with us afterwards we love to share with you a little about what our class is doing there and it may we just continue to work together to carry out God 's work thank you to all my colleagues in weeks earnestly seek all of your prayers and support as we try to guide the four thousand students in Loma Linda to fully achieve their dreams like to close with a saying that with apologizes some of my students will use before it's a satire on what so many of us do as we go through life to title three dollars worth of God as I would like to buy just three dollars worth of God please not enough to explode my soul or disturbed my sleep but just enough people a cup of warm milk or snooze in the sunshine I want off of him to make the love and alcoholic or pink beats with the migrant I want ecstasy not transformation I want the warmth of the womb not the new birth I want a pound of the eternal in a paper sack I would like to buy just three dollars worth of God please seating is that we indeed will grab all we can get and engage the world until he comes thinking thank you so much Doctor heard and for all the medical students I really appreciate you coming and thank you to all the medical students have been a part of our weekend we do appreciate that as far as possible as Neil for her benediction father in heaven we are inspired as we see so many people young people and people of all ages here committed to serving you here on this Earth and yet we realize that the task is beyond any of our own abilities no matter how much any list view here in this room is still ultimately in your hands to finish everything so we pray that he would use each one each one of us you are full abilities for your service and that he would take the rest of it into your hands and I thank you for what we were reminded of from Doctor Hart especially the point about the print we would Magus by three dollars worth of God that all of us would think about that more carefully in her own lies that we would have a full experience with God each day so that we can share them in our practices in our workplaces so we thank you for the blessing of this evening and be with us as we get from this places is my prayer in Jesus name


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