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The Trumpets and Islam

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


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the revelation chapter eight they were talking about the seven trumpets and the relation to Islam you may be aware that one of thy most significant obstacles to Christ's second coming the ensuing is the billion Muslims of the world in other words what are the two other two objects of Christ coming as in Scripture what is this gospel going to every kindred and nation by the people and the other because the ripening of God 's people the first one of those involves reaching Islam handset I get to my main point before I prove it the seven trumpets a revelation eight through eleven provide a very useful tool in reaching the Muslim mind in one hour we can only get through select the seven trumpets I want to just help you absorb some things to begin with well known as the first two and I saw relation a pursue and I saw the typical appraiser 's revelation introduces a new line of prophecy that is Revelation eight cardio water should have gone with the section called the seven seals of Revelation eight two introduces a new section the seven trumpets bursary and I saw another angel that's beside the seven trumpets I saw another angel having a golden sensor came and stood at the altar he was given much incense it should operate with the prayers of all the sayings upon the golden altar which was before the throne him tell you for the second time that this angel is Jesus he is the one in the offers up our prayers he offers them up before the throne to his father and what occurs next witness passage there mixed with an incense that is the incense fragrance of the merits of Christ's life our prayers may be recalled I think it was in this class with a revelation for five we noted that there are beings they are the twenty four elders that have files for the prayers what are they doing prayers angels help answer prayers do work evangelistic answer prayers as they do in the book of Daniel and Revelation so they do elsewhere in the Bible for what is Jesus doing prayers he mixes them with his righteousness and offers them up can you notice third new CM verse three that this is inception or the beginning of Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary what phrases versus unit that this is the beginning incense was given to him that his reports given to him he doesn't happen then it says that he should offer with the prayers of what is the word all the saints here we have the work of Jesus beginning and all the prayers of saints are to be mixed with his righteousness verse four and the smoke of the inset the prayers Hussein's ascendant before God from the Angels was a say from his hand now this is an interesting point you might remember the Old Testament may write it down it describes about the describes Jesus describes being the beams coming out of his hands and says there is the hiding of his every know the word is used and since there is the hiding of his power there is the height of his power that is the power that is the power of his atonement is is in the sacrifice was made and what is in his hands the scars of the emblems of the sacrifices made here that incenses ascending from the hands of the angel up before God verse five then the Angels took the sensor filled it with fire from the altar this is bad for another words afterwards that Angel is offering up prayers who are presently offering up prayers of Paul Sais and he takes coals from the altar he puts them in the sensor and he throws it to the birth and there were noises thundering and lightning earthquake you might remember that we notice this phrase earlier recent revelation five that this marks the end of Earth 's history and I introversion five Revelation eleven Revelation page here Revelation sixteen Revelation nineteen sure you have the very last thing on earth history I really would like to spend more time with you on the six versus ones that tell you what they mean and leave it to you to read the handout for those relisting on your first find the website these six verses are a parenthetical prophecy about Christ administering the heavenly sanctuary there replaced in such a way that we can know when they happen they happened during the same period of time as the seven trumpets that is the seven trumpets are introduced then we have Christ ministry presented including its clothes with the throwing out of the sensor and then we have the thunder and lightning is an earthquake it marked the end of the seven last plagues and then we had the seven trumpets introduced again by God as a little graph for those you are visual oriented in an and to revelation a person is through safely five versus one hundred clinical prophecies I'm talking about prophecy of something that can be seen but business class and I think about process of the county seat something like price intercession for something God on picking out the ceiling process through a process going on your weekend see the opening up of the book of Daniel Turner we can see a barely political about this but we can find out whether nurses should it happen by where this process are found when there injected in the middle of prophecies about otherwise historical event so we have the seven seals one through seven and between six and seven we have the parenthetical prophecy from the ceiling health the ceiling is going to be in earth history contemporary with the last events website we have Revelation ten is about movement is found between the six and the seven trumpet was that held me until the movement is where that picture of the open book of Daniel to happen in the timeframe of the six four seven trumpet and here in Revelation chapter eight we have the seven trumpets introduced in verse two and another mentioned again in verse six engine the verses in between we have the picture of Christ's ministration of the sanctuary 's interception and at the very end of the picture of intercession is an element that the very same as and the seventh trumpet so that by comparing those two elements they end the same and they start the same we can know that when this crisis frustration occurs its parallel in time to the pouring out of the seven trumpets I feel like I was more complex than I intended it to be I guess in this country try to show you one more moment description and go on because this is the main point for today but look at Revelation chapter eight and look at verse one reversed to when I saw the seven angels who stand before God and to them were given the seven trumpets look at verse six so the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepare themselves to sound seven trumpets are introduced twice introduced in verse two are introduced in verse six there is one observation now look at the end of verse five and there were noises thunderings and an earthquake now look at chapter eleven and versus fifteen then the seventh angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven and looked down to verse nineteen then the temple of God was opened in heaven and arc of his covenant was seen in his Temple and the related names noises on the reins and an earthquake and it adds great hail these two observations when you put them together say that Christ's intercession starts with the seven trumpets here the seven seals in verse two and verse six and his intercession in Athens with lightning and thunder earthquakes of verse six and eleven nineteen if they start the same time and in the same time they cover the same it might not be clear it's not worth one minute longer than I've given it for moving on notice in Revelation chapter raise versus seven the first angel sounded and the hail and fire followed mingled with blood notice in verse eight and the second angel sounded and something like a great mountain burning with fire was joined to the sea I know this firsthand and the third angel sounded and a great star fell from heaven the first twelve another for angel sounded and a third of the sonnet was struck by what he do observe is that the first four trumpet take a total of six versus to see that verse seven through twelve now compare that chapter nine hundred verses in chapter nine verse twenty one chapter nine is the visit of the six trumpets like this for the addressee can see it adversely takes six verses controversy twenty one versus that is the first four trumpet take an average of one and a half versus easy in the next to think an average of ten versus each wish according to the bottom of attention Revelation are more important than his trumpets and development what I'm trying to make so I'll tell you what these first four trumpets represent understand tell you the second time and then move right on this excellence in Rome which was described in Daniel as rising from the ashes of Greece Rome was described also in Daniel is breaking up into ten K Kato 's royalist headquarters these first four trumpets describe the fall of Rome in front of a single entity into a collection of barbaric element tribes and eventually became the European power the first four trumpets describe the breakup of Western Rome the breakup of Western realm occurred by a simple series of us there was a man named for layer who was the ad of the Visigoths who fell in the hell do you have grown there was a man named Jim Sarah that had over the man is that likewise fell that he had a divine commission to attack Rome there was a man never hurt anyone else that names I made up my own pronunciation but Wasser who was they happen others rely that also hast Rome and it was the first one to succeed in overthrowing the Westermann government and set himself up as the King of Rome never went on Gloucester came into Rome and he established himself and there was a man and he left behind who had more to do with these other three that might be my guess the short version of the history is that he loved the Honda was making a a name for himself up here in the Baltic area and asks he was growing in his dominions other tribal leaders other tribes to get out of his way migrated south those included a larynx people just ask people to Wasser 's people as they migrated south from that big Baltic land they ended up settling in what we call in Europe and North Africa but you're not applicable onto Roman Empire so they began to displace as they conflict with Rome it is such interesting history I feel like telling it to you which are going to have to read it you a few hints to help you as you read through the site Revelation eight a number of references to the term one third because Constantine divided the empire into three parts they were known as Eastern Raleigh luster in Rome and Illyricum but you don't care much about overcoming that because Eastern Rome was so afraid of a lyric that they made him late in the title Dana and I had a Roman general over a Lyrica how to illustrate that to you it would be as if Mexico invaded America and were so scared of them we made that Mexican dictator to give the title of being and president of the Western United States should illustrate for you what was involved ever after that the area was under my weight the thirds are referenced to one of these three divisions of Roman Empire being attacked or otherwise troubled there are a number of symbols used in Revelation page that are worthy of our notice on the hail is used Halo it is not too hard to understand if we understand the waters represent people 's here you have a storm of people that make sense and be a storm from the north where the world was a letter from the north he was not first trumpet involves hail mingled with fire and live in that just well describes what he did the storage and Sarah is interesting that describes a mountain of being thrown into the sea amount then being thrown down it is a metaphor borrowed from Jeremiah fifty one and Jeremiah fifty one down is a burning mountain that is thrown down fifty one and in the second trumpet here or e-mail lists under the sea what happened with Jen Sarah Jim Sarah at the head of the fleet of ships ransacked the Mediterranean coasts in an effort to root him the Romans and the higher the price cuts Roman Empire United to crate a tremendous fleet a fleet of more than one thousand fighting vessels I've never had never found any reference to a fleet that size anywhere else in history they brought those thousand vessels down to the vandals homeland maybe a tit-for-tat and they demanded unconditional surrender to ensure us that they would give him a day to think about it maybe they didn't want to fight so they did in the database during that night he loaded up barges and family had been pushed out full of Arial among the thousands ship fleet it was also in their more together he let the combustibles while the wind was blowing strong and burn the entire fleet as the second trumpet and the third trumpet you have an element and understand this element is helpful in this element you have a you have sun moon and stars I said I appear I got the third and fourth trumpets in backwards order I'm sorry about that I feel it is the truth and glossaries the fourth so I go into the real are going to inadvertent when you have a falling star and the star lands on the fountains of water the third I wrote it wrong I'm sorry that the tea let go when we me learn how the water is this issue appear to you by the landing were all these barbaric tribes were ended up in need of them making them that there are one's liberty violation a smart way these better nations being displaced and enough carrying their bitterness down and into Europe but what about this time a falling star and prophecy at the start cost on this relation one to refer to stars as messengers and what was funny okay no problem Broncos the biggest stars as messengers because Revelation one but there is another way starts are used in symbolical prophecies one of the stars representing the prophecy of Joseph the brothers was for the heads of tribes tribal leaders in the prophet Joseph are referred to as styles what was appealing to the tribal leader and is a tribal trouble leader that much like a falling star had a very short but significant career he found a burgundy was gone you die it was a short like Muslims it wasn't so many years then in that fourth trumpet but Wasser she is the one actually settled in Western Rome is from the fourth trumpet that most historians date that and of Western Rome because he removed the Emperor the console that is Emperor 's authority never wasn't there never was in the East for your mood adverse authority the authority of that console to ask what the console that was the head of one of those three divisions first Eastern Western consul and here move this forward in the Senate and House of the house are the things represented therein the fourth trumpet a third of that sign a third of the moon a third of the stars were darkened that is referring back to Joseph's dream you had a patriarchal government represented by the father the mother and the signs below is the equivalent in the government of Rome was the Emperor the console end seven Festival for the Vietnam government to that future governments of Joseph's family and the authority of that force the government was destroyed in under the reign of lots already unsatisfied with that if you're not reading the rest of the last verse of chapter eight and I love you and I have heard an angel flying through the methods of having saying with a loud voice low blow low to the inhabitants of the earth because of the remaining glass of the trumpet of the three angels who are about the sound to even find out on that beginning that these topics are more significant than their worldwide impact in the first we do find out if I can describe for you when in short the first two trumpets introduce Islam and gunpowder have those two world developments had an impact on everything they dominate the news today they dominated news under years ago they dominated the news three hundred years ago in fact since they have risen they adopted the news ever sense the slick revelation nine verse one then the angel sounded I saw fallen from heaven to the art notices the second hoisting a falling star the first one was tequila and now we have another one I'm a tell you it's Mohammed Mohammed is so that we describe as a falling star because not only was he that had a try he was the head of was me he was a messenger what do they say about what's the name of Islam there is one God Allah and Mohammed is his that's a prophet or messenger is the same thing the English ticket was given the key to the bottomless pit now some people notice in verse one that he's a star fallen from having and you'll find men who will advocate that Mohammed began as a true prophet and degenerated into a false one I want to suggest that you should draw that from that verse because where does IT look fall from you the very same place that is you have here a description of of power and authority Angel technology said I'll tell you why is Mohammed himself let's look look at verse two and he opened the bottomless pit and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace so the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth so light in the Bible is used to refer to in some cases truth and righteousness the end chapter age of his referring to the authority of the governmental luminaries narrative if Joseph's dad is a song than once liked its authority what would Genesis say about the sun the sun rules by the data moon and the stars ruled by night these lights were connected with authority as early as you get in Genesis and here you have the authority of Rome is compromised by the work of Mohammed and his bands certainly is what happened I don't in Genesis you have the sun moon and stars and there given to rule licenses in Genesis one rules the day the others rule the night light there doesn't represent truth it represents authority necessary to find chapter eight the covering up for a third of the sun and the moon the stars represented a lighting of not true the lighting of authority and now we have the authority of a large part of the Middle East and eventually of Rome is being clouded over and being taken over by Islam and what's rising out of this cloud locusts locusts are so interesting we've learned a lot in velvet of these nonprofit represents the nation we observed that of course was used to represent the kingdom is not of this world and now we have locus you know locusts are described in parts thirty one is one of those four things that are very small and yet very wise was very wise about locus of Proverbs thirty one though they have no ruler or overseer they go forth by dance that is other organized without an overall leader that perfectly describes the vans of Islam prior to the fifth trumpet did they work together they had tremendous power tremendous growth over taking large parts of the world but there was no palace that was over the wall that was reserved for a later time it says enter them was given power as the scorpions of the earth have power but says like the scorpions of the earth who we can find more about that further down in the same chapter look at verse ten they had tails was a say like scorpions and there was things in their details their power was to hurt men five months and they had as a king over them the angel of the bottomless pit whose name in Hebrew is about then but in Greek he has the name Apollyon those are both words for destroyer there's things in their tales what payable represent and Bible prophecy I've say we want to know because this is the last time to find detailed in the book Revelation in relation twelve you have a Dragon in the sky was into this tale takes a third of the stars turn in your Bibles to Isaiah Isaiah chapter nine this is the primary passage other than my study of the Quran itself why I cannot buy the idea that Mohammed ever was a true prophet Isaiah nine in verses fifteen and sixteen the elder and honorable she is the head the prophets who teaches was a say lies he is thy tale for the leaders of this people caused them to error and those who are led by them are but to say destroyed what is Apollyon mean destroyer the prophet teaches lies he is not tail and what about these locusts they had tails like flex for Isaiah nine presents the picture of a false prophets his false teachings that spread all over all over but you might be wondering now how liberal does this prophecy help us reach as long if it twice out that Mohammed is a false prophet for Mac revelation nine I want to point out to you the key verse to bring out for Islam I wouldn't bring out those verses anytime soon error at the beginning and try to reach a Muslim brother sister Revelation chapter nine and looking at verse twenty but the rest of mankind who were not killed by these flags did not repent of the works of their hands that they should not worship was essay demons and idols of gold silver brass stone and wood which can neither see nor hear nor walk and they did not repent of their murders of their sorceries or their sexual immorality for their for their deaths according these verses and what was the purpose of that of the Islamic lightning of Rome was God attempting to do he was trying to make him repent exactly as I remembered this particular Sentinel condescends idol worship and idolatry and spiritualism spiritualism idolatry and how to worship you know that Islam had a purpose in God 's plan Islam had a purpose if Islam was raised to punish the Roman church for spiritualism for idolatry for immorality this is not still hold values against those things is one still despises those things immorality and idolatry in particular item of you know this because today Islam is viewed as being very anti- Jewish but that is such a faulty view of history many times in history Islam has been the savior of the Jews the Jews were happily persecuted under the Roman Catholic system turkey many times became a haven for Jews being banished from various parts of Europe another Catholic dominions bitmapped back to the one point in the had of Turkey sent the Turkish army to its exhibited Turkish Navy to go pick up shoes that were being banished from the shore so they can have a safe passage back to Turkey Jews played a leading part in the government today in a wrong Jews lived a very peaceable and happy life in Spain prior to the ousting of the Muslim Lords by the Catholics in that country then the Jews were disenfranchised their property stolen and many of them killed and you then justifying it in Baghdad during the Middle Ages they had high positions in government underneath Muslim leaders why bring this up because Judaism was neither idolatrous nor immoral and what was it that Islam was raised up to destroy idolatry and in morale in fact if you could draw a picture in the picture of this sort was well done as a powerful visual aid in speaking that is long Roman which began here incidentally began to grow and it's how he and Romo was very easy for Fort Monroe what stopped Rome from growing on this site it was Islam under the Moore's one-stop Rome from growing on the side through the nose lungs of northern Africa was wrong on this I then moved lungs of radio was stopped Roman from a brand-new this is history it is not as well known by England nearly became a Muslim nation came to find it was ready to unite for the past with the Moore's to avoid the aggression from the Roman Catholic Church that never happens but my point is that Islam is formed a cross that important words and Muslims Islamic form of a crescent that contained the Roman hypotheses shopping from growing and in fact as long as use of God to spare the Reformation more than one time that is when the Catholic Church was ready to pounce on the reformers in Germany and to smother the Reformation several times and they're ready to make a big move suddenly the terrorists are the Spartans would show up attacking the front tears and to protect himself and Turner and energies down that direction as long as been used by God look at verse four says they were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth or any green thing or any tree but only those men who do not have the seal of God and therefore has was chapter nine verse four Islam that was raised up to contain apostasy of another sort what kind the apostasy of Sunday worship so where was Sabbath keeping preserved in keeping with preserve for the longest outside of these bonds it is long south of the border in Abyssinian among the Egyptians is preserved a piece of this border among the Indians also among the Syrians and of course by the Jews that were in all these places how did has a lot of truth out of papers the evidence is that Islam was kind of Sabbath keepers in fact the Quran speaks highly of Sabbath keeping infected front pages of the reason our baboons in Arabia is that God occurs that people who were keeping Salas efficiently and turn them in the baboons the fact that Islam is a purpose does that mean that Mohammed was a true prophet number of God it seems to have used men understood a purpose in their life to accomplish a purpose that was for his ends for his needs dated on the Old Testament your Pharaoh Nico who tried his best to dissuade in that head of Judah the King of Judah from coming out to fight with him he wasn't able to dissuade him slammed the king of Judah 's kelp Revelation chapter nine has two time prophecies if there's anything that's fine for speculative theologians is the reinterpretation of the strong profits I like to just cannot relate to some I guess that kind of happiness what I mean by the reinterpretation by me taking these prophecies were fulfilled when the passive in the future maybe a good first step in and tell you how their fulfillment past the sixth trumpet says that Diane tormented man for five months and that during this time they met would want to die they would not be able to die that were talking about the no talk about these men dying and want to die words of language doing of any precedents in the book of Daniel for speaking about humans as figures and prophecy your bird Daniel seven the line was made its tenants feel like a man in a man's heart is given to a tendon that little horn yacht man is used in Daniel seven in connection with beasts now I suggest you that share you how a nation that wanted to wanted to surrender wanted to seize contents tab and enter the conflict and could not happen and that is the Roman governments five months how much time is that prevented time until hundred and fifty years from the time that Islam is first made an attack on Rome which was July twenty seven twelve ninety nine hundred and fifty years bring us to the year fourteen fifty nine what happened in fourteen fifty nine that's twelve ninety nine and fourteen fifty nine that was the fall of no that is the fall of eastern Rome where the Western world is through this well is in the first four trumpet who are very and tribes but what when and to the Emperor himself always reside in the East met with Islam in the fifth trumpet then you have another crossing the sixth trumpet is a prophecy for three hundred and ninety one years in fifteen days house award is supported in a year and a month and a day and in our lives look at that look at verse fourteen saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet release the four angels were bound at the great river Euphrates where these four angels these are far more heads of tribes called the callousness or not pronounce that word either CAL APH ATS were bound at the greater Euphrates so the four angels who have been prepared for that I'll work a day a month and a year were released to kill a third part of mankind which started the Roman Empire did they destroy was the Western now the number of the armies of the horseman was two hundred million new King James kingdoms of say two hundred thousand thousand as far as I can tell there has never been a time in Earth 's history when there is an army of two hundred million that soldiers I think I'm fairly confident there never has been because that would've been coming up to the year nineteen hundred that would've amounted to something like thirty percent of the more like forty five percent of the male population of the world but it's a perfectly legitimate number for the Army 's been fought under Islam during the period of three hundred and ninety one years and fifteen days for the Ottoman Empire miss out again in a backwards way why am I sure that the this is prophetic time because no army could have been raised in that he had no army of that size ever existed at one time but it exists over that now the futurist they envision Army that size in the future just you know there aren't that many males in the United States of America fax in United States and Canada combined and if you want to talk about male of fighting age it would be in Mexico United States of America the Caribbean and Australia combined for public may I point the criminal and thus I saw the horses in the vision of those who south and then had breast place of fiery red hyacinth blue and sulfur yellow and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions enough of their mouths came fire smoke and brimstone which is likely but here it is what happened under the six trumpet that is what came to Islam the power of gunpowder this class post and two minutes ago and met so to summarize what's happening here the yellow and the blue and the red Adderall a reference to what those early conflicts like did you realize that gunpowder was produced by a Christian man I think that artists had gunpowder was produced in the Far East for talking about is artillery that use of gunpowder the use of gunpowder and artillery was invented by a Christian man and he dropped it to the Holy Roman Empire that is the Catholic powers a year and offered to build for them the weapons with this and they refused to hire him I never heard of any such thing so he went to the Muslims and they paid him very handsomely posed by the use of the Canon the Constantinople fell concerning the a fortress that can never be taken down the can was built that was so huge your picture I can hardly picture ever in my mind I got the idea that the objects it was hurling word brass balls that way more than cars from a distance of something like a quarter-mile and what would those due to brick me until to rock and brick walls and then take a few days to break through anyway so we introduce this with a low blow low to have the world by reason of the troposphere yet the sound Islam is a low gunpowder is a woe and Islam with gunpowder together was the second woe and maybe will be interested to find out how the Islam with weapons together are part of the third as far as for prayer our father in heaven I want to thank you for containing that apostasy has to teach us how to use tact and skill to reach the sincere persons among this long we need you to be our teacher asked for that gift in the name of Jesus and


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