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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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I get a Bible with currently Daniel two and the I guess for those of you were here lastly I decided William when I was I was a wee more for a week of prayer and the Peter Gregory and just of the brief introduction on the low really blessed on villas great spiritual revival and repentance and all coming together unity between the students and staff and the locomotive they might think not just here Loma Linda puts all over so when you keep our people in our church in mind in our prayers daily because the Lord wants to come back and you have to have group of people can be ready and I come from all over not just Melinda although I think a lot of them are here and got many people elsewhere to so today I stated to be on the last portion of Daniel chapter two and then attempted to on if I if you can just humor me two weeks ago what was the main point that you took away from the study for those of you who are here out if you want here at work both the main thrust forward the main point of the whole story up till where we left off in chapter two okay maybe give you a hint Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and got to go in a dream and engaged between the Daniel to interpret to the King now through Daniel 's interpretation what was the motive for what was the overall on overall the purpose for the desired and Danny was trying to achieve what was the message is trying to get across get out there really they say that the pretty close on actually I guess I just tell you all the all y'all remember one night when I say this but God was trying to reveal himself he was trying to present himself as a God that is reaching out to God that is personal of God that cares about the very odd desires of the Fox and not because I know because I have ever to see that at the thread that continues even through the prophecy that's what I want to begin so let's get right to it we ended up in verse thirty so the start of verse thirty one can I have one volunteer is one who has the resonating projective voice who will read for us a few verses nobody hi Jason get redress verse thirty one to verse thirty five they added in one two three four five versus ephedrine now somebody will quickly tell me what the dream was about just diversely we read and leak sensitive to tell me what what you saw you okay taking a step too far just what is the dream just described to me know but you're right you're not wrong of big idol Cherokee guessing a lot of time the first of all K Nebuchadnezzar in the pagan king right so you see the great image and whether the other the house is described as a behold a great image this image whose brightness was excellent for this image with really bright and the form thereof was terrible and the terrible word actually means wonderful in the changing so this brought image this spectacular image and opinion team was the first thing that comes to mind worship is exactly right and Eric nailed the nail on the head this is an ideal this is an image that is in the shape of what a man made them all of these precious metals that bright and magnificent and spectacular automatically King Nebuchadnezzar thinking this is an image this is a vital know this is something I need to worship already we see religion and religious connotation now what were the metals and what's in the feet I think the what happens after we see the whole image in what you okay she said of the stone is how the described at cut out without hands and whether the meat cut out without hands now let's just look in Hebrews very quickly Hebrews the start of verse Chapter nine is kept in nine verse eleven can somebody please read that in okay that's good too he was a verse two now so Christ cut in I presented these he by greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands so he entered the tabernacle not made with hands okay first kept a verse two we meet up for us a case of putting two and two together Jesus Christ entered the tabernacle of the century that was made without hands and other persons that he entered heaven on the ballot made by the Lord so what does it mean without made by God exactly noticed that the Danish up into a simple to understand now I think this was the father this stone was cut out without hands now what does that tell us about the image the image was made by hands simple enough simply put then let's just put two and two together what we had all already see from the image image had religious connotation in it are conjugal theories of worship the religious icon and if the religious systems of their breath is not the best work of a system of worship erupted by now okay let's go to the interpretation is a whole lot more there enters of the aside mullah coming today is probably two percent of this whole prophecy but don't get discouraged because it'll come okay let's start now in verse thirty six and dumb let us read until this means over forty five so thirty six to forty five is one person I will heal you he will now is in and in result there will will you as I write in all and in all three and I have read and I is that there is an thing I was in an is easy and they do know he is not in the way and I and my leg is only no in and not be in you and me and he solely know that you as an and is still not enough there is only the plasma is a is an wrath and over the goal is not in itself is an okay so there you have it that's interpretation of the dream reasonable on I like to say that Daniel Boone Daniel like algebra and the book of Revelation in the calculus on Daniel it just gives you the answer coming is pretty straightforward but now with a fully get right into the actual versus just based on your observation of me reading that verse what what happened to the amount of detail to each metal as we progress more difficulty in doing it we all catch that okay and now look at verse twenty eight updated to verse twenty eight twenty Rita God in heaven the review with secrets and make it known to the kingdom to another what shall be in the way of when I think latter days I dream the vision of butter on identity so Daniel simply says in verse twenty eight the purpose of this being the primary focus of this dream is for the latter days says we look at this image and automatically we are you see these are the each metal represents the kingdom that's exactly what the process at the key notes progress till the end towards the feet it gets more description more and more descriptions Sonata not tell me that means God is telling us where's we focus most of our attention the latter-day in the image which portion of the image is not the feet please see in him Daniel chapter two we see we see the head of gold have I think quite a bit of description and will see why this moment and then in the same breath in the same breath interpretation of the Silver and the breath is given is just one thing and then that the fourth kingdom the iron it is one of hybrids pretty big birthday and then the feet of iron and clay takes three entire verses describe and then comes the stone and will get to that so using the methods of the Bible is trying to encourage us to study using understand and focus on the field finding most of us we arty understand what this do most of this prophecy was just less just go through it first of all on the head of gold this is year without seeing our canteens verse thirty seven for the God of heaven has given the aging them power and strength and glory and wheresoever the children of men dwelt the beasts of the field and the fowls of heaven having given into thine hand and have made you ruler over the operator tell me from the Bible from your knowledge in the Bible where is the other winners another place in the Bible where you remember and gone giving the animals under one management under Adam and so Adam got said Navy animals rule over them have dominion over all the earth all of these found all of this is under your care under your jurisdiction and God is saying the same thing to King Nebuchadnezzar interesting no what is the significance of that nice evening we've alluded to it briefly can other studies before God was trying to reach the heart of Nebuchadnezzar to convert valid and in my personal humble opinion that is one of the primary purpose of Daniel chapter two entire dilemma with forgetting a dream having Daniel interpreted having why they're not be able to tell the dream all of that was for the purpose of reaching the heart of Nebuchadnezzar why this verse tells us that Nebuchadnezzar is in a position like Adam he is like for the state of father the world is the key of the world so that his one decision the decision of this one man has influence over the entire creation that God is trying to tell Nebuchadnezzar wake up listen to me your decisions the choices you make the other thing that you do will affect all of creation so God is trying to emphasize that my company I can help you I'm the one I created you and throughout this image God reveals himself as the one who set the kingdoms of its exemption and if you go back and you listen Daniel 's prayer after God revealed agreement that exactly said pray the Lord for you set of candy take them down so God here talking Nebuchadnezzar you my friend you have a significant responsibility on his shoulders and I got says thou are the medical interstate battle on your magnificent kingdom is symbolized depicted by the head of gold no he said you are the head of gold melody looking a lot ahead religion getting ahead you think you know undigested food in their diesel is led to the punk from up here but you think in your mind so got a thing Nebuchadnezzar you are at the head your thoughts would enforce everything else in the rest of the prophecy scholars try to emphasize enough nebula wake up you have a important role to play in this world and in danger before we went through that two weeks ago she did center and you can meet has conversions doing chapter four and made a story meeting story so that it there you go Babylon the kingdom of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar 's kingdom had a goal and they goes down verse thirty nine and after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to the all of that another kingdom inferior to the now tell me Canada inferior kingdom the feet the superior can I did on the psychiatric cat but I mean logically speaking me what the debt funding based on the definition of the word superior need better or stronger or superior superior but Donna think after you a kingdom we continue a kingdom not as glamorous not as not as powerful perhaps not as intelligent another kingdom weaker than you in you will overtake you simply put God is saying through this one sentence God is saying I will remove the throne from you David to make a donation to the human logic a weaker nation can be a stronger nation if the reader nation business automation and that we commission becomes a stronger nation to see the logic behind that God is simply saying look undertake the gone away from you and given to someone else that's all he's trying to say so who is this who is this next kingdom of silver slipped let the Bible explains Daniel chapter five please look there with me you know the story of the handwriting on the wall on Phil Schadler the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar was at the Ephesians is all ballroom then they will be surrounded by the need of urgent at that time and didn't think they were crying peace and safety to having all this fun time and they come out and they just hack writing with bleeding letters on the wall and does what it says meaning exactly voice and uptake in the definition of Perez or you force verse twenty eight chapter five by kingdom is divided and given to the needs and Persians so based on data five is the next kingdom who does the arguments used need of Persia that's right let's keep going when you can fly through this after me to Persia and another thirteen and of brass which of their rule over all of your payroll overall the only description this kingdom will have will one influence it will have great stats great territory now what's even as this is for the Bible explained during a chapter AIDS with their Danish up to eight lives begin wish to restart let's begin verse five one two okay verse five six and seven five six seven somebody that was the very reason you quickly as you rather have her in your power or both in his Homer or are you okay so the man was defeated by the goat we see them this these few versus now who is a man who is ago eight Dana eight verse twenty and twenty one date added like kingdom defeats McCain with Medo Persia Greece now needed a lot more that we can say about that in things like the help kingdom of Greece Ashley wore brass on prawn farmer interestingly enough they depicted the belly and thighs of brass at all this nation the only Alexander the great is said to have copied the then known world and in damages of payroll bears rule over all here so we got the first freaking goes down Babylon and Persia Greece which is flying through this is a lot more to say but maybe will touch on a more limited to damage up to seven in our verse forty is working of the fluid out of it Daniel two verse forty and a fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron for as much as I break is in pieces and subdue it all things in as either break up all the short break in pieces and Bruce know what is the overwhelming characteristic that your that this tech is trying to tell us about the fourteen very good the first the first word to describe is what word scratch was strong as iron now with enough strength all type of strength right there's positive strength upon the competition negative connotation for me I think of it iron what's hot the iron half is a constructive kind of strength or that a destructive construct based on the first to tell me destructive the work break it happens coming out three times I think that this is a fourth kingdom the description of the Bible simply selling as is it is a strong kingdom is strong like I has a strong like I'm not in the sense of its made to build buildings not in a red iron for framing the buildings are needed to make pots and pans this is iron that breaks and subdues and bruises so this kingdom became the iron is said that breaks in pieces and subdue it all things and as iron that break all the short break in pieces and broods now this is like a kingdom now you tell me where does the strength of the kingdom law that's exactly right the military or the Army and that's how a nation destroys me this this this is science that subdues all things breaks in pieces and you know just demolishing things now based on your knowledge of history any weekend we can go through a long effort of proving that this is all the kingdom of Rome but based on your knowledge of history Rome comes after Greece right now Dean and how many of you know what the word Rome means the definition of the word wrong integral while Jessica I got really close to me strength she got it that the definition of the word Rome believe it or not it means strength and Rome what was a famous for the iron regions of exactly right and on the Roman army they were known to be brutal there known to be destructive on their era paintings I've never seen and I've heard about where you see Roman soldiers literally allowing the field where the city used on the date of the truly level the city and plow it so that's like never existed and this is that this is the description of the kingdom of Rome and at the end of this verse it says it shall break in pieces and Bruce this may have significant me a break in pieces and not in an object I can model him breaking these beats and grooves a glass bottle with Hebrews flesh and blood I mean some people might say you can bruise Apple or something sure but that could still be classified as a living thing but this is the idea that this kingdom is not only physically or I should say it's not destructive just to the infrastructures and to the buildings and the objects but they had baby severe techniques of injury and hurting on living things namely human beings and on just to throw this out on I want to spend to much time on this but on know what nation nailed Jesus to the cross the Roman nation I and Genesis chapter three verse fifteen is from the woman's seed Michelle Christ the servant head of the survey shall bruise his heel there's some correlation that you consider them one euro on but the front so I is the kingdom of Rome now I'm not going to the car quickly but we won't lie when I have more time on important stuff when more firstly one and whereas also the feet and toes part of potters Clay and part of client the kingdom shall be divided there shall be in it of the strength of the iron for as much as I saw iron mixed with miry clay now in the fee immediately we see a carry over right the legs of iron extends all the way to the toes in part iron goes in the feet and then something else is added to it and what added to it click what type potters Clay but that he knows later on in the verse at the end of the purposes forth much about soft iron mixed with what my weekly interesting the feedstock talk with potter 's clay and then at the progresses that becomes my weekly missive I was the significance of that on twenty two volunteers want to be on the IVS 's chapter sixty four birthdays I visited for state and another person Jeremiah eighteen verse six is known as guys is sixty four versus the power are your way or we all are so in this first we the word got hand and God is Potter so other than mega- pot is great okay next verse Jeremiah eighteen hundred six okay so based on these verses what is on his click what does it represent God 's people and potters Clay it's it's useful to me as the tech suggested eating moldy conformity can make objects out of it and then go through the baking processing of personal application got people must go through trials and temptations and they must be their faith must be tried as Gold tried in the fire at one flood debate then they can be useful vessels right so the Potters the Potters Clay Goss people so somehow receipt at the beginning of the feet we see potters Clay or God 's people or all she wore a church I should say mingling together with iron which is the political power of Rome the political nation of raw so now we see a union now of two things a Christian sadistic Christian religious power mingling itself with a pagan political that's honestly mingling with I see that okay and it says here the fourth of the Putumayo the kingdom shall be divided but there shall be in it but the strength of the iron for as much as soft on the clay of the kingdom shall be divided this is a very interesting paradox if the feet the Arnica is in the four the bill looks like someone to feed but yet is divided into this one but yet it's not one it's together but yet it's not really together and with the got there someone read Mark chapter three verse twenty four and is in the kingdom divided against itself it cannot stand based upon God 's philosophy of course this keynote is not unified this kingdom is divided so what does God automatically say what happened to the skin it will fall this kingdom will fall why is that why is that it says that they are mingled together the pot is great iron mingled together but then they come down in the set was much of this without thought the iron mixed with my weekly now what is my weekly very quickly Psalms kept of our psalm forty first two and so the miry clay in this context is something that traps got people it synonymous with a thing called a horrible pit but that is contrasted with what set my feet on Iraq so we can contrast this with with stability and Marty Clay is unstable it's a trap Scott people simply put it's a negative connotation and looking at a definite one why reclaim it's been so turned the describe dirt basically on the definition is Calais is something that needs to be swept away it's useless to something that you cannot use this worthless something attracts you to something that dirty something that is not your like a potted so we see the progression the feet starts off with good potters Clay but then it turns into this useless dirt called my weekly and one of the what is the process that the clay goes through in order for it to become my weekly that is significant points if you look in verse forty two verse forty three at the same verse forty three and whereas thou saw iron mixed with my weekly they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay the verse forty three and explaining to us how this click became my weekly verse twenty one it describes the feet audit question is unlikely virtually do it describes the toes very interesting defeat of Attila differentiated video for helping me may have some going to that night and this would create as is the question that were asking why is this claim call Mike Leigh what will happen to a term from particle is a nicely and it explains is what happened at the toes of the field if you think where that's all I'm mixed with my recording they shall mingle themselves the seed of what is and mingle themselves with the seed of men now let's look for a moment of first John first John chapter two the first on three first concept of rebirth nine anybody this type of not explaining crystal clear but we can we can deduct some very important things first of all God has see right and God speed is placed within his children and a cause of them to not sit just as we put in this verse and now based upon first Johnson is reversed for the Flickr on what is said leaving that for us with it okay so he who breaks the law is sent so breaking the laws and in the King James just as soon as the transgression of the law itself putting two and two together those who have got seat in the window seat of God we can say the offspring of God they keep the commandments of God the maker and revelation chapter twelve posts for seventeen Revelation twelve or seventeen it says and the dragon was rocked with the woman in weight and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which do what which keep the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ in and upon God to have his seat on this is the seed of the woman hugging the woman of Revelation twelve the report it seems the pure God both of the Lord Church of God had this offspring actually the commands of God aftercare directed so let's look at the inverse of that so that the seed of God what is the seed of men they do not keep the law of God they do not obey the word of God so in the Daniel chapter two we see here that the image in the feet of iron and clay mingling themselves with the seed of men so these if you think that the history after the Roman Empire it was divided active in providing all the different enough that they tried to spring the different religions together and the Prince Yearwood married Princess over here to try to merge these religions yes they were trying to bring unity to the states short of primarily the division came because of the differences in the religious beliefs of the dark ages especially after the Prosser information these people are marrying themselves and leaving their seats together but they did not obey the law of God and as much as they want to unite as much unity as they saw they had what does God say about Daniel to his says they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men man that do not obey the law of God they are the wicked son of the son children of the wicked one and what does God say is that but they shall not cleave one to another they shall not cleave one to another not just based on what you know when I want the first time the Laclede was used talking a lot married between as many and God later on says the man shall leave his father and mother and created his wife into flesh to become one the whole purpose of we are leaving before to people who become one person so these people mingling themselves with the seed of meeting the political power of Rome or Romish phone like political power mingling itself with a religious power that does not keep a log dog looks up and says you try the mayor yourself but that is not a legal marriage you cannot creep together was the word for an illegal marriage a marriage that people try to come together but it's not section its unholy quizzical adultery with a different word fornication so right here we see in the field line including there is fornication going on and what the dog call this fornication a union of church and state power that's the whole point of the feet of this image the final Kingdome was call the kingdom is called church and state King there are a lot that goes into this and just as a preview the Bible does it think I'll repeat and a large when you got the book of Revelation it skips almost everything the whole image is just cut out and adjust talk about the feline a quick so when you say the book of Revelation all your study is these reverses advantage of the two feet of iron and clay but were not going to that by now so that's the whole point the kingdom comes down and we come to the feeds we see is a union of man's unadulterated Christian religion mixing together with this political power that has the characteristics of Rome ever sweet to take a step back and it's a told people are iron and part of clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken now partly strong party broken which part of the strong and which was broken on a strong nucleus broken now when you when you think about the very logically anything about this this way you say you have had the shape of Bethany the line in order for you to put iron and clay together which of the two substances will have to compromise the claim so when ever there is a church and state here in the church is always the one to come all looking to history specifically the unthinking the time of Ahab and Jezebel and with this Christian political power Christian for the thing and his religion came many of merge with the powers of Jezebel the political power of Israel was still intact but it was the religious power or the religion of this of the Jews I was compromised and what resulted will result forgot people persecution and again he looked down at the time of Jesus the Jewish leaders decried we have no king but Caesar can you imagine neither the Jews is that we are the chosen people of God they said we have no king but Caesar the religion compromise when they try to unite with political power and what happened Jesus was nailed to the cross whenever religion a Christian I should say whenever a Christian so-called power tries to unite with a credit or a political power the Christian power always gets compromised and what always ends up as a result is persecution of God 's people as so right now we're looking around the world and visit after we reviewed study do we see a one worldwide power that the union of church and state not really not really that's why we don't really see persecution right now because people do at least on this country this persecution all over in remote locations but forgot people as a whole like it was during the dark ages when the when the nations were ruled by a union of political and an religious power also known as the Holy Roman Empire with a papal power persecution was rampant all over but all in good essay right now if they'd gone had placed in important parts with in the construction of this in this equipment if that is a whole huge study but just the Satan gone see that if this power with continued continues to run all the way from the time at the end of the Roman Empire of the legs of my all lives of and upon like it will if you get letter run amok like that but people will have no chance no chance to grow and develop so God that hang on waitress moment I need to raise up my people I need to train up my people so that they can stand when persecution will start again after this is the key this is the key when God 's people are ready church and state union will come back we'll see right now you can need to stay the book of Revelation will see it and any chapter seven union of church and state one day will come back and as a natural result persecution of God 's people will soon as to what the determining factor are we ready are you we should not be worried all you know why I'm scared of persecution nominal that's not the whole union missing the whole point the whole point if I want to be like Jesus and when you be like when you are likely to persecution naturally comes just like persecution apologies of everyone so we need to get the right perspective the feet of iron and clay so I believe that right now we are in the toilet of time the God of the department waiting for us to get ready and when the when the toes are finally extending the final person persecution and it is at that time and the Doctor fun of earth history the first forty four takes place between forces and in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left other people but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand forever finally after got people get ready when the toes are completed the store will come out without hands the kingdom of God will come and destroy this now this image is a disaster the whole are more enemy try to wrap things up real quick so we see and by the time we come to the end of the feet and toes the next event comes the rock now we already discussed that this image was in the shape when the form of a man or human being now there's a few verses I like your three office was Proverbs twenty three percent of the get the complete of West as part of the first of the vet about birth whether the thing is right as a man thinks in his heart so is he so basically you want determined your identity as a human being is not determine why you write on another town by your left pinky is not determined by your stomach is determined by your head your mind when you think identify and elsewhere in the Bible it says that Jesus Christ is ahead of the body which is the church which means entire body looks like you doesn't hold of the study not just being a part of God 's the body of Christ mean that we should look like you and our characters you see them one -year-old last week just looking at this image the head is what based on a study looking down the line endings and thought that nothing is valid that the goal of your decisions affect the rest of this image therefore this entire image if we can give a name to the village while the call Babylon and what is this image we see the different metals they represent divinations differencing political powers but the entire image is a lot a denial if an item please see that they are just in the image itself Babylon is called a union of false religion political so when you go to the book of Revelation it says there is a woman on her name is under four heads of mystery Babylon the great automatically that when the great basin two is false religion mingled or youth United together political power throughout the ages that have SL found one in this matter this man has gone Babylon how would be destroyed as rocket out of hand there is a specific term in the date of ancient Israel the person is killed this analysis don't in Iraq if the image of a man and he still felt based on the Bible why aren't human beings still in the Hebrew culture for what reasons with a stone must look at a few verses first of all Deuteronomy chapter seventeen versus two two five go through these one by one Deuteronomy chapter seventeen vicissitudes of anyone it's a first and a or you are in a and you are in your answer is that also reports that there are in an unit that will help himself as so what is the thin that warrants stony meets on the first of worshiping other gods was noted although we can also put in idolatry and specifically what caused were mentioned the sun the moon and anything that specifically this son very interesting throughout hated the sun has been the primary primary object of worship in fact the son of the highest got of Babylon and daily limit Baylor the goblins on the flight that's why office Jason you know you like this is the much as I can arrange for three and a half years you can have the finale want that an agreement that it is that you like the sentiment will have been qualified on that you can do it within the sun has always been the primary object of worship and new age paganism that called the son and also the leader not most Christians today they worship on the venerable day in the sun and I came out from the time of the iron and clay after the Roman Empire Catholic Church the papal power date change today Constantine made the day Sunday in honor of the pagans worked to help the patients the Sunland Christian culture the specifically idolatry but specifically Sun worship is one story so next let's go the numbers chapter fifteen numbers chapter fifteen numbers fifteen verse thirty two thirty two through thirty six and while the individual room of the is that the there is brought here the revision later because it was not for you and the Lord said to Moses the national insurance within the office Angels was a I know a lot of question of talking VMI in addition Gallas filthy camps fixed while Lenny Lenny explained in the two previous verses but two very creative diversity versus on first thirtieth is not the sold at do it ought presumptuously whether he'd be born in the latter senior the same report of the Lord and that sort of the cut off from among his people it is in the context of describing presumptuous sins so basically the story that can't be needed afterwards in the context God is trying to illustrate and say this Madison presumptuously that's why we put them away so put aside a few that God is about the stone is for opinion of the sycophant that's not the point the point is that this man knew that was wrong he knew the answer I mean that they can't specifically said no we don't do this onset they went ahead and did it anyway is presumptuous and that's what he was presumptuously so I mean if you know Asian till Sunday go until somebody any business about the same ten things there was that without a site why would this mess don't greatness so first of all idolatry second of all seventh grade presumptuous Sabbath drinking once a stony opener okay listen going John chapter ten verse thirty one to thirty three this luxury of her before John ten thirty one to thirty three I am my father was so so there's his answer is maybe worth I assume you are with those is is insane or unicellular verbosity and you and a sweet Jesus what they attempted a son Jesus for one we laughing laughing based on the first visit me at the man make yourself God 's almanac can be stoned for blasphemy more specifically a man trying to make himself gone candy store and needless to say throughout docketed if there was an concept of vicar of the son of God one who stands in the place of an end in the time there will also be powers that clean have that power to be God and we see that in relationship with thirteen Russell study that when it and finally John eight verse one five that I should cover another verse is better than that so I don't have enough time to go through that one's pretty long but John H one five this is sign-up the woman caught in adultery so you don't even really need to read it based on that on chapter what was there such as Rita John eight forty five okay and the plaintiff son-in-law maybe if you want to write it down as the Deuteronomy chapter twenty two verses twenty to twenty four and he goes to the list of all all the sexual on the promiscuity and adultery fornication that warrants don't know a pretty covered everything so it in short unhealthy or fornication one stony interestingly enough we have seen for characteristic idolatry Sabbath breaking blasphemy and a fornication and all of these characteristics take place in which Bobby in the feet DC that the church and the state coming together got called a fornication and when they came together the church compromise the health of the compromise in order to accommodate the pagan religions they worship the sun and he broke the Sabbath and finally as a result of that in man arose to rule the church and the state that called himself the victor of the son of God so in the end of time and relationship with thirteen is that this power will write again a suffered a deadly wound but it will heal and healing when it is healed the toes of the feet will resume construction and when that time comes persecution or rotgut people at the end of that persecution the stone will come of the store this image is a lot more to say but simply put stone is what we're waiting for the stone image of God or the auction of God coming on when we come to damage up to seven we will cover the stone l'amour but just for the time being let's just suffice it to say stone is the kingdom of God is coming to establish his never ending kingdom on this earth so there we have it this is the basic skeleton outline data to the image the head of gold babbling checksums over me to Persia Brett Bailey on Greece Rome feline equates a combined power of Christian apostate Christian religion with political power at the very end the toes upon the rock destroyed in so they had endangered into this is the foundation for me to say this in closing this is the very foundational prophecy that the rest of the book of Daniel an entire book of Revelation is built upon this foundation is if the launchpad for studies deeper into the events in our current history and also in consequent so day to keep in mind as you study the properties in the future so before I close any questions this is why I do won't please visit the reason church and state can never unite is just this is the fact that God is laying out church and state will never unite the only church is a power that can ever work harmoniously together is in God government Goth political government with God religious worship system combined together whenever man tried to bring it on God describes as I am that's me I can't exactly in the kingdom that is that is divided cannot stand in with you throughout history churches didn't come together a collapse it never works always in the wind bloodshed massacres and destruction any other questions surprised there's not a single question if there is one particular question I was sure something was automatically and then afterwards and let me explain the question that vision is to divide it up I get asked this question if you explain the problem with the phone this way hearing on the question of whether or when it is so that the pure interest earned on the political power initially ventured with pure initially the church was pure and it was as it became united within the person you number Constantine just a little bit of his feet Constantine was a Christian or he became a Christian converts to Christianity but he was a member and he wanted to combine pagan religion when he came out of the Christian religion and try to know how a hybrid of the two mix it together so what he did was he happy compromise Christianity in order for the pages to come into the church and that in my mind what the turning it was pure before but when it became popular he came into union with the state was compromised and specifically in areas others to put me in a water on the is still no of your and the little foot and see what UGG is within the lake the feed of unacquainted not happen until five thirty one this is that this is the nearest your trim pretty serious about but know the image if not how to tell you the proportion of the time might just be the leg I wanted that not mean that the longest time not only on the individual simply to make the point of house divided that the religious entity but also the reason why the fee is so long has had extended just a simple answer is that God has this note on God has God see that the feet but he finds throughout each kingdom like they had a goal God said that one because I'm getting a chance when you prove yourself to be unworthy when you choose to not listen to me anymore at least in data provide no shattered openly blaspheme God God says at that time I will give the convention if you can fax their prophecy it says that God gives every nation a chance to follow up he given the chance and when they reject that you definitely do the next kingdom so God is thinking I have the next kingdom this gives the next and next in the wake of the theologically this is not lasting I see they got lucky with the lacking so God he says everything is in place always ready of this no time limit set for this one just let it go and revisit the issue studies but ultimately based on golf people I mentioned earlier character development you can't set a timeline but I can't say no you and give you ten years to get together or salon nine candidate got got the data he gives us ample time ample provision that think and get ready me that's not the best answer but on perhaps we can answer that do the course of the study okay political power good good question out the iron iron the legs of iron what how is the described strength right and destructive strength and the strength of the nation comes from where the military so in the feline including who ever is the military power that that supports or is unit unified with his religious power that is considered the room like political power and in Revelation chapter thirteen that power is the second beast arises out of the earth the phlegm like horns that speaks the contract stayed on one young idle men so you might know it is but I is not officially wrong but it is the second biggest is the military may thought to Arthur to ask what nation in the world today is only nation that a military that rivals that of ancient Rome any other questions okay let's just and know that and him yet if you want to see the answer to the question they never asked to stay afterwards so on


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