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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 5

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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Conan hello and thanks so much for another day another week of life and today as we gather again to study a word especially on Daniel chapter five of trader you will give his wisdom as he did to Daniel and help us to see the importance of the events that took place in the past that we would be prepared for the future has to be a business of coming particular day on their way and do those unable to be with us for this industry to teachers and guys tonight this is a prayer in Jesus 's life this week we are in Daniel five is that those dance epiphytes and I get to do this pretty much every week except last week but what's the main point or what's the what do you think of anything today but with story what event significant fall of Babylon came what else happened okay the writing on the wall how about relationship with previous chapters with UCS what can you just off the top of your head this should give me a better idea of sure I was you that for sure God is there in the midst of them even though what is with me astray as I see one of the main main points but now just don't tell you that just a little bit what was it that Ellis Avenue monotonous but do I guess I'm getting a little too far ahead of myself but why don't we go ahead and just start writing the chapter and verse one all right would like to be actually don't tell me if you would like to give me look at verse two also our anniversary just repeats basically what it says in verse two for this is what the theme they you getting right here what's going on what's the event described in New Jersey there partying getting drunk now this is this is this is a significant point and on I don't know of any of you notice just how Mickey do what was what was the political climate at the time of this piece military political the governor and the threat that that's the one I was trying to bring I guess I get some money does give the brief explanation will go more in depth later on as we go on the study but this is during a time when they were having they had had to see efficiency during a time when the Medo Persian army was besieging the city of Babylon and this is very significant because how many cities do you know of it under siege with throw party in which they invite all of the says wagons of the say all this is still a thousand of lords that a party with a thousand of the nonmilitary political economic whatever leaders that they had and what kind of attitude do you feel is being demonstrated to what Bell shows a list with you think this arrogance pride self-sufficiency now just a little side note Babylon is an incredible city or what is your thing the city was built on the river Euphrates literally half the fee was on one side the other was on the other side of the river goes right through the middle and on because they had a constant water supply and it was such a huge river that you know it's not like a little trickle on where to drive easily such a big River and the city was so massive the walls were so big nobody can go through it nobody can go under and we can go over it and they had all the water that they need pretty much there was self-sufficient for industrial and economic time predicted farm grow their crops whatever inside the city walls so that one in a sense they would were soon as they say they would be in a new undeceived by yet they were not really in danger in a sense so Bella says of the King is throwing the ball this party so to say look at us we have nothing to be afraid of we are at the peak of our glory and we don't even be afraid of you you got a stay up there in your trenches in your cancer in your stale bread whatever wearing here having a big party really be afraid of the NL I guess I better explain before going further who Bill Shetterly who does just that it will shut it later on the chapter you hear to mention as on the issue Nebuchadnezzar referred to as his father he keeps saying that Nebuchadnezzar your father but the word father it doesn't necessarily mean your immediate father it can also mean your ancestor or grandfather great-grandfather whatever and based on the history that I read thus as of the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar and his father is not the nidus during this time he was out away on on other excursions I guess you can say so thus as it was the grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar who is the insurance of the state is the temporary king of Babylon and him he is doing this big party now in this party we are dimension who were all there goes all the lords and his wise talk to bind all those things but what were they doing drinking wine out of what what were they using the Temple goblets of the Temple vessels from the Temple in Jerusalem very important point now looked ludicrous for a what type of ceremony with a participating merciful just we just have tormented a quick and rules that I was a citizen of the praise services sailor worship service they were gathering together to honor what you worship what the phrase their idol God and they were doing that using the holy vessels of God the true God got a few groups know that that time so now this is this is what we set already it was during a time of insecurity that in a time of of instability but it was at that time that the people were crying peace and safety at that time also at the same time they were uniting all the political leaders under a religious or worship religious how is not power but they were united together for the purpose of worship so we see that coming together so far as it is absent time that verse five takes place okay so maybe Chris five all are so you live in the midst of all of this this the sequence of events that taken place we see that and is at that time that a hand comes for or if says of Singh government has current now in the Bible it's very interesting that the finger of God is or not dissing of God but that's a finger usually is on connecting with judgment not sure you can go back and check me out on this but all of the ten Commandments written by the finger of God and then Jesus King no one will notice on the belt is brought him she wrote with his finger in the dust so to say judgment upon the immigrants are trying to stone this one also another one on the text is in Exodus chapter eight verse nineteen if you wanted down is on the Egyptian Wiseman when they saw the place brought on by the God of heaven basis surely this is the finger of God meeting in their mind the thing of God is directly related judgment so identify with your finger to me across riding on the on the wall of the abyss house building now me I don't know about you but if I was in the middle of party that was in a people getting drunk and going off of the things I see this handler start writing on the wall and I would naturally in time and be inclined to think that this is not good news right is one of you sure yeah you see everybody everybody everybody saw and him okay so that's that's the setup I that's what happens then became Thompson's was changing his thoughts troubled and the verse six of that the joys of the lawyers would loosen his knees smote one against another this is very very interesting because why did the Bible does go to the length of mentioning they'll show that was so scared that his knee started knocking against each other and I is really interesting on because our if you look in Isaiah chapter forty five and maybe we'll go there in a little bit but that was actually prophesied by Isaiah the prophet actually prophesied that he will lose the joints of of loose the loins of the king of Babylon some Democrat maybe we'll go than a little bit I guess I just thought of today cited by my share that with you but anyway verse seven verse eight also I like the way not just one data positive this is always this is so funny three in terms of if you look at the progression of the wise men of Babylon in chapter one you see the wise men on they were totally outwitted by the three or the four Hebrew boys these even the teachers of these four boys were not as smart as they were Daniel and I shed a new check in medical for them when to quit ten times wider than all the watchmen of the realm so first of all they were they were not even a smart assist students first chapter to a comes before the King and the King of the street and you can't remember it and Dave moved that they no claim to have powers of the supernatural they were not able to do what they claim that they should need to do they were able to tell the drink so like well not minus ten points in the first chapter three they had this grand scheme to trap God 's people within the northern work site if they can really scheme evil even we evil happy to be Canadian duties evil schemes anyway in a chapter for the king had a dream another drink and sound remarkably like Chapter two of the canvas I remember the day even though he could tell them the dream they still could interpret me that's pretty bad announced after five the writing was written out for them to see and he still could not read much less interpret it I mean it so they can interpret it but it also so they came and read the word outlook Wiseman IV of this is you believe it or not there is a significance to that is this that every time you think of the Tom showdown or sort of like I want to competition but they are contests of contention between God 's faithful in the widget got always give the wicked plenty of opportunities to prove themselves he gives and ample time and all opportunity to no-show that they have the stuff that the claimant they can do but yet in the midst of all that the wise of the world they always fail the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God and God called the fools to confound the wise and this is even significant in the book of Daniel on this just look at Denny's after twelve will come back I'm skipping ahead a little bit on for those of you don't completely understand what I'm about to say that's okay one of these days in jail but Daniel genuine wealth verse nine verse ten and so on please read that in a minute I like and what okay now in these two verses the very very end of Daniel we see that something is sealed up in the book of Daniel without going to the full explanation is that LSU met with the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days after eight verse fourteen and on the words are closed and sealed until the time of the end now what it is unsealed at the time of the end for the Bible say will be able to understand it the wise not with in the book of Daniel because the book of Daniel we must do it contextually within this chapter in the book before go elsewhere just to be safe within the book of Daniel who is the wife met sure but within the book of Daniel completely the whole book Dan the three friends sonatas of putting two and two together in order for or mean put it this way the people who are able to understand or the wines will be able to understand the prophecy of the twittering days when it is unsealed of the end they are the people that go to the same experience or have the same discipline the same faith the same type of dedication to God as Daniel Murphy said in studying the first six chapters of Daniel and looking at the experience that during the friends went to an and the type of life that they live the way that they went about the relationship one another and with the people of the world as well as with God as people learned to do that then they will also be called wise in the end but why are the ones that truly understand this prophecy that was sealed but will be open and might I also add that understanding the prophecy is not simply an intellectual acknowledgment that is true what you for your ability to prove through the ins and outs of the prophecy approximately ninety days I find me plenty of people can do the mathematical calculations dates a year all that but the key is the wise who understand means the wise will fulfill with the wise are the ones who will go through this prophecy will be participants in the prophecy that weekend it is a prophecy about the finishing of the tome of God and his people the cleansing the sanctuary to the wise people is not just the money being wise is not simply constitute be able to explain but also to be able to stand during the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary are not I've taken a couple skip and hops in the future but in Daniel chapter four five oh one fifty four fossil pharmacy experience of Daniel 's experience of both must those who will stand in the judgment also must have an in chapter six also while such one that next week but now I'm in a skip ahead a little bit up to five the story continues nobody can read the words know we can interpret it but the Queen SS I believe it's it to be the queen mother probably the mother of woods on the Wi-Fi today the wife of King of Knights who is in there the time she says there's a man is a man in the kingdom who is very wise and your father grandfather Neptune is it at him as the one the head of the master the magicians and astrologers Chaldeans and Susan with a wife and so forth and so call the conflict while images read in verse twelve for as much as an excellent spirit and knowledge understanding exhibiting entry as shown upon sentences and dissolving of downpour found in the same Daniel McKean name altogether now that Daniel be called and he would show the interpretation so simply put Daniel was not at the part Daniel was not at the party novices this ability even more significant perhaps in the next chapter but meantime the kingdom Daniel has while and be like Daniel he's so why is and he's so capable he's so smart and God was able to bless and so significantly put in such a high position but is that really something to be covetous of having honestly think of anything but it hasn't been any even remotely envious of me sure if God see that we have the capability to place it there but do we really want to be in that position Daniel on the high tender not things in the next chapter won't see them much clear the Daniel he was not yet departed he was not the grand ball of his grand gathering where everybody's anybody with their he was not there so now mundane containment notice what the king says in verse thirteen okay this is this reflects that are the attitude that Bell Canada had at the time is a Daniel by this time if he'd been in Babylon for many years often this Wednesday evening in the mid- eighties and this old man watching it you know he was the chief of all the wise men you probably been the most beloved counselor became Nebuchadnezzar and this is how Bush has agreed to locate us Jonathan Daniel argued that argued that at Daniel that you know we captured your city and we together sleep I argued one that you know sort of so to say argue the argues that slave that we just out of the kindness of our heart gave you everything that you have that with a kind attitude has been communicated verse fourteen and I've heard of the debt the speed of the gods is in the handout lied Aniston as homelessness found in the researching another watchmen astrologers have been brought before me that they should read this writing and made known its manager partition thereof but they could not show the interpretation of the thing were sixteen and I have heard of the about cats make interpretations and dissolve doubts now thou can't read the writing and make known to me the interpretation thereof thou shall be clothed with scarlet of chain of gold about an agnostic the third rulemaking not known the third rule omitting mention thus rather is the son of the king who still lives there he is the second so he can grant anyone higher than the third will the notice in verse sixteen he says now if thou canst me to write it if you have room chapter for the misuse I can find verse four on verse eighteen especially verse nine and a verse eighteen Saturday chapter four chapter four verse nine presented as an the Yahoo the thing is the only divisions of my three guys this I address the loss answer is there is always a in and are able to spirit is not even noticeable difference between attitude of the Delta shot for Bell Canada and Nebuchadnezzar have had implicit trust completely in a prophet of God may yet thou shalt that although he's actually seen the fulfillment of the prophecies of Daniel has given in Chapter four which is magical ability to provide he did not believe he did not yet exercised that faith August on his personal application for us that we cannot live on the fate of RFID our parents or grandparents and we cannot just take other people 's word for it we can't think that just because they think it's fine that we can just go along with it or we can just think what that their religion it has nothing to do with me I don't have to think like them all we need to be careful that we test all that we believe whether whether it should be for the truth whether before the for air but now that you going to see what Daniel says verse seventeen this is what Daniel says Jane asked the city for the king let the disputed beach of the self and give them he was another yet I will read the writing of the king and make known unto him the interpretation positive remote this says Daniel 's right here he says what is he about to do she said I will make known to him the interpretation so you would expect that the next words that come not that this mouth will be the interpretation of the other of the words right but look at what he says okay verse eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two consoling me that for the eighteen to twenty two will start as far as is and will and in life is in our and our right will and I will and in a way that you most high God and over the will and is in the humble in heart logo is and this to me is the whole point this is the whole main focus of this whole chapter and that is that the whole message that Daniel had for that notion it was not simply love is what the words say this is what they mean again Daniel was not trying just to communicate the information but he was also trying to communicate the purpose of God through his interpretation of these things the novices this is very interesting and that is that in the past Danny has always said all of thou King the most I got I gave you Nebuchadnezzar Kingdom Dominion that it but when you talk to Bill Shatzer he still says that the most I've gone and haven't gave to Nebuchadnezzar all of the things it it was never given the nausea alliance that I will have a conclusive answer but what it tends what will the depression that tends to come off on me as I felt that she was trying simply to say I have already gone through all the trouble of humbling your grandfather Nebuchadnezzar so that you don't want to go to the same thing but yet although you see that you've heard you were there the first half probably you still have not changed you never will we said last ton of the signs and wonders they'll show that had already seen all they got to show is really nothing more that got to do in the sense of review himself more fully or reveal himself more personally because you know you than the miracle of having Nebuchadnezzar no change in decent that in the Nebuchadnezzar wrote this hold your testimony those in chapter four you don't detailing his experience and praising the God of heaven and not only that she's also seen what he am sure you heard of all the different experience of the never to have the people gunship reinjected to chapter one so they'll show that he had no excuse because your e-mail she knew all of this but you still do the humblest heart set even though he knew all of this what did he do again she took the vessels out of the temple of Israel the Temple of Jerusalem this was not just know some sort of haphazard drunken stupor he did on purpose this is open rebellion and he cared not forgot the because he simply said no let's take out the vessels out of the Temple in Jerusalem knowing that that was the full of a God that his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar had converted to worship so this is the circumstances at that led up to the three words whether I guess it's for worth but three part message written on the wall if you download was coming to the time when they were openly rebelling against God knowing me but yet they were in different sure is an old and say five and a sure record right regardless of his or her in the SEC that throughout the whole book of Daniel we go one two three also a four and five with you again chapter six banality going here verse twenty three basically details what we party talked about this now his worship of of receiving God 's now verse twenty four this list is simply for twenty five through twenty eight I will as well you're in sales and visit this is the judgment message three parts detailing three aspects of this judgment first this is meaning or amending on a maybe not enough in either God has numbered thy kingdom and finished it but this is a significant of the split of the meat put it this way what is the keyword numbered that the basically the whole concept or the thought of meeting is encompassed in the word number five has a number and the term number on against the version that Joey had the number the days of thy kingdom reign of our okay so God has numbered thy kingdom would you say God has gone through a process a process of numbering way process of determination that has to be than the concept of numbering is it constant of a process of determination something with their process to come to conclusion or a in the person application gone number the number of a number the chances that is given is number the times if he cheated the Nazis number the time they rejected and he had fashion what can we say he has come through a process of investigation but not investigation is over it's finished now the next part TECO thou art weighed in the balances and are found wanting I believe this to be somewhat of a repeat of the previous concept but enlarging it a little bit more thou art weighed in the balances again to the process of the termination no thick investigation type of work but you are found wanting so this is the enlargement of that we've investigated but you are guilty you are you can not wanting you're not in any income on the favorable side so guilty Perez by Keenan is divided and given to the Medes and Persians to link it with the previous concept you what you can not guilty and the sentence will be your kingdom will fall you can be given to the Medes and Persians so that the put in my own words you can perhaps put it another way meaning the investigation is completed tackle the verdict is that you are guilty dressed in a sentence is a kingdom is divided against me that makes a so far is the same as Perez just a different tense up with a different form of so that that's the three-part judgment message and what happened after that verse twenty nine then commanded Belshazzar and they clothed Daniel Scarlett at the chain of gold about his neck made a proclamation concerning him that she should be the third will in the kingdom were thirty in that night with no show the king of the Chaldeans slain and Darius or Darius the median took the key about threescore and two years old now thirty and thirty one three seven five three number twenty nine on still saying to myself so don't hold me to what I say but first of all Daniel specifically said I don't want your cold your scarlet I don't want him to take the position anyway that the end Kim Doss at the Davidson nonetheless I can't read his mind and I've I steady income or profit doesn't give the official reasoning why he did so not to speculate on what I do want to say is that through his actions somehow it gives the impression that he acknowledged that this was true he accepted the fact that this was true she did not stay away with Daniel off of his head neither did he turn around and you know pretend nothing happened that he did follow up as promised so not officially sure but I I am satisfied as saying that he acknowledged that what Daniel said was true and this in the final scope of all things is that for each of us God will not even if even for Satan himself dog will not put us in the lake of fire until we recognize and we acknowledge Begala 's right and we were wrong that is granted you were not inside the city and thus less just the fairness of God because easy as writing on the wall got the not have to write on the wall God did not have been given this warning Danica McDaniel didn't even need to come me Daniel probably perhaps maybe you know near that bad most of all that night anyway we got out of his mercy wanted Belshazzar himself to acknowledge the fact that yes this is just as true now as it is altogether and went on to the stories of all skipping and hopping the drawing perspective and application we voted on we see that what's happening at the beginning of this chapter is that there was a union of all the political powers out the Lords of the King was gathered together and they were united for the purpose of worship in the worship of false gods and the way that they were worshiping the false gods was not just getting together just any old way they actually gather together using the holy vessels of God and filling it with the one about so there is a blessing when profaning of God 's holy vessels in the process of doing you know what is unholy and it is at that time that there is an encrypted message that's written where everyone can see what in the midst of and is a three-part judgment message that not the note we can really understand until God reveals his true profit and only the true prophet of God can fully unravel read and interpret this three part judgment message in this message I guess I easily encrypted I cannot see the word it was a sealed message these words were written so everybody can see them and leave them they could not understand this closed up and sealed up to twelve we see only the wise shall understand and a wise instructor five Austria Daniel and the prophecy now if only profitable if you damage is twenty nine days and is only the true profit I can interpret that writing about writing as three parts the first part of investigation second part I got the verdict Mister Barton of the sentence is dealing with default value so putting all these things together putting all these things together we see during the time of all the political leaders coming together under the banner of false worship but filling the holy vessel of God with the one of goblin and the one about one it represents so perhaps I can draw this conclusion using the holy Sabbath concept the doctrine of the holy Sabbath but filling it with the one about changing the day although keeping the significance in the name of worship and under that worship all the political powers gathered together at that time a message will be proclaimed in the myths of heaven to every nation kindred tongue and people three-part message that was sealed until of how the and it is at the time of the end only the wise or I should say the true profit unravels and interprets that message that message we understand to be a twenty nine days the first one message meeting investigation on worshiping and for the hour of his judgment is come the hour of his judgment is come the second part of the message to article thirteen was was out and waited in the bounces and found wanting your guilty that is what Babylon is fallen as far why is she made all nations drink of the wine of the the wrath of her fornication the same even want Allen fell according to Daniel you knew all of this but yet you still blood profane God 's holiness we still worship the God Goldratt and all the and finally the third the sentence liking of the findings of the Medes and Persians and an instructor or relation fourteen the third Angels message says the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God so we see here the events and Danny typify parallels with events in the book of Revelation detailing the end of modern Apple the fall of ancient Babylon reveals the fall of modern and I know so you heard me preach on this before and on this is fine but this is something else and in chapter five verse five notice that there's something else is included in this and the whole scope of things this something that cast light something that gives clarity to this message and what is that Dan took a fibrous file missing out to fourth fingers of a man's hand I wrote over against the candlestick upon the class of the wall of the king 's palace making solid progress on the road so this had wrote in a place where the candlestick was able to illuminate with candles it was able to bring it to your clergy so everyone can read in Revelation chapter one verse twenty can read that or write it down a candlestick represents a church God 's church is in the final in the final ending moments of Babylon lot about one it will be the Church of God and assist handle stick and we know which candlestick is currently in existence right before Jesus comes in the candlestick the latest year believe it or not I can be casting light this message to the world and in the end babbling willful but yet at the same time difficult to come out of her before that time comes and on visible on more than we can discuss I guess we should also at this note added that all there were a lot of Wiseman a lot of watchmen to try to redirect but only one could so who ever is the one back in discover or were rightly interpret the sealed message that must be the trooper this simple process of elimination and there's only one profit only one that has ever rightly interpreted the profit of twenty hundred nonprofit is Ellen what so I may know I make no apologies about coupling aryl or no talking about her I believe her to be the true profit of God 's final generation and God 's remnant people and this is just one of the many ways that we can discover that she is only one decade consistent biblical proof of the sealed message appointment days I know we've know I've already talked about point and Dave and the judgments all of this before you ever reached in chapter eight the everything points there anyway so when we close in prayer on many right on time and yet any questions we can discuss that is a father in heaven we thank you so much for this story that is so packed with meaning there are five when we realize that you truly do not waste words at the same time he wants to teach us so much that our finite minds just cannot grasp on I pray Lord that he will continue to work in us an honest that we will be faithful by Daniel was as our brother Chris mentioned that we read willing to call sin but frightening regardless of consequences and also that we will be wise as Daniel is one so we will not only be able to intellectually explain the twenty three hundred days that we will truly have the experience of having our soul Temple clients announced in turn having the heavenly sanctuary clans once over I pray Lord that help us that he will help us to continue understand the deep things of your word as we continue to try to seek these things out to understand that if ourselves the patient's others as well this blesses us with the part I separately sniped his Jesus


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