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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 6

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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him at all this week although not we don't have as many people here if it unlocks the sort of a finish so that an larger than and more like the end of a chapter in the study of Daniel although we got this far chapters but on after this week the studies are going to make quite a drastic change because the first six the first six chapters all stories are all just simple no well packaged no sugarcoated easy to swallow no story form in each chapter but coming up the chapter seven through ten to twelve is going to be more heavy-duty stuff but what we studied in chapter 's one through six what what was going to finish in Chapter six Dave will greatly enhance what to help us to get the proper perspective as he studied the last few chapters so with that this is what we'll do today within a go to chapter six that the end of the study tonight I'm in a do a little review not so much a review but more of a summarization of the first six chapters with the proper perspective that will enable us to properly take the next move for us into the next few prophetic chapters are excellent amigos directly now to Daniel chapter six the first I chapter six now I do this every week so might as well continue what is it that you remember what what is it that comes to mind when you think of getting a chapter six then send this perhaps is the most famous chapter of this whole book the whole book of Daniel no most people already know about all the know that Daniel is and him six is actually a bit is actually sort of in the center and is in the transitional portion between the first theft in the second half of the book so this I believe has somewhat of a abridge the next section so let's begin vacuuming the mask over or more question what else decided that Daniel Lyons said significant this chapter decree okay fair on those organizers Daniel 's carriage is very close to him looking for what one is left with unbelievable one of the main points in this left if you are a threat and I would will be touching on that actually more of what I was thinking when Daniels religious life or I I used was a sanctification and will discuss animals so let's begin chapter six and beginning verse one to verse three consultant please read the fourth person versus and the over one hundred or move them and over the rainbow in one is my computer is as long as there is a big food was and is okay this is the proper perspective the center of the story now what just happened in the previous chapter okay now what happens in Daniel in the previous chapter right at the very end after after that she was the third ruler I just made the third ruler in the kingdom of Babylon that this is a strange and don't tell me happening domestically how exactly this happened I wasn't there but somehow in the transition of the old Kingdom to the new kingdom Daniel was not only no preserves most of the people in high positions in and Bolton and probably get online and get the addendum only with my preserve but he was made one of the top rulers in the whole province for the whole kingdom will be the Persia leg is that I don't know all the details but this one thing I know somehow something in the life of Daniel caused the Meetup urges to be able to step back and say wait a second B Waupaca we need him to work for us and we see that he has what the Bible says in excellent spirits so that we can place him in his high position an associate at the one hundred twenty princes or satraps above them with read thinking Genesis presidents when Governor subcommittee what I governed Hunter twenty Princess Princess and all of these three Daniel at the first MP3 reported directly to the King sedan Ashley got promoted in the in the class about what he now is the second highest will solicit now this is this is very phenomenal now can you imagine communist Russia being taken over and they keep the thing you know leadership and about the movie but Daniel just the fact that she was preserved and kept at such a high position shows us that he was very capable and very faithful and something about him caused the other nations of still wanting to work with so that's less than festive background now if you were of the other native Persian rulers the governors and the princes whatever and you have just world years young words from the bottom of the ladder all the way up until you in the present position a half and they only take this nation and then there are third in command becomes our second-in-command while leaving you with you racist racist and you would feel incredibly jealous probably envious so that's exactly what happened this legend is reversed for two that's just go to verse nine risk for diverse like somebody is in an is him and I and all the intern of the present of them together and that is to drive liver all residents of the kingdom because he is insulted together for you very free that whosoever shall you donate your thirty day they'll be okay you shall have okay establish the degree and are writing to the changes in law and we're working right and so this is this is what happened the princes and anyone do a very jealous we got offended Daniel so they have to have some way of getting with some way of just removing him from his office door killing him or something so they came up with also the plants probably but very interesting what they cannot do the group five zero they could not find anything wrong out press a regular slot is about this today but if it was modern-day America our modern-day countries what I feel as they would go the CIA FBI tap all your phones check ways no your IP address the Internet where websites are going to your bank account credit card they will have twenty four hour watch and they would check all of your previous history everything defined just one place we missed no crossing of two years and then go catch but these guys they were these were the top ranking officials in the whole country they said this as they had based himself have to confess because he is faithful there was no fault or air from the business this is what led them to the next next part of their their plan that is that the only thing that we can really trap them using his religion now perhaps in your minority cranking thinking of present-day application I first there was some I think this is a acute out of my completed bind to it just yet but I heard a man of a father for my friends he says he usually never break the speed limit he prefers to drive five miles per hour slower than with the Stephen says and I'm from California easy that's bigger to me but on this is the reason he gave what he does that he never break the speed limit because he says one day the people come to try to find fault just elected into Daniel I want to give them any reasons for an airlock faultlessly and I thought of them yelled at by the best reason ever heard anyone give for keeping a speed learning I don't know if that's the law but am as interesting because think about it in your life are there just little things perhaps possibly is questionable as perhaps one of the one of these days and may find you perhaps I'm missing that will but the next the next one I want to make is this staff for the faithful people of God this one nothing that can trap them except their faithfulness to God Satan will be able to Satan will say that he will whisper in the ears the opposers think users that religion is a way to make him fall together so faithful that they will not disobey their God and in fact if you read the book I believe sanctified life if this affects our life it's thinking that somehow thinking that something else is some article that I can remember but so that the devil whispered for me now with the devil to hold these men that Daniel will not forsake his village and the devil knew that this be the best that attractive in the end times in the end times exact same thing will happen but people have come to the point of so on such a surrender but there's nothing in that a lot of people can say is wrong that's bad that's no he can get them for that but because it is so faithful that people will be able to see if we can get them in the area of religion and we caught Patricia the same thing will happen in the last days for now the decree was signed out this is the next one I want to bring up matters is the notice with the presidents what the leaders told the king in verse seven says all the president of the kingdom misuse me less beginning verse six then these presidents and princes assembled together to the king and said the something can dress the forever all the primitives president of the kingdom the governors and the princes counselors captains have consulted together to establish a Royal statute but this is this is the gist of what's going on became basically he said all right I have pointed all this position you could hear the people and you rule and you take your business and only company for the big stuff all these people sure I think they are responsible to send greetings to gather together and they come to the king and they thinking now we've got them ourselves and know we took a survey or we can't win from these people in the kingdom that they really want to do this thing so we all did gather together and leave me just wrote this little know this little temporary law that everybody seems solid in favor of it out he do this you know you can pry when the next election something like know all the ominously made and going to war with Iraq and Ottawa Rochester but am please see the that the tone of their voices this is what the people this is what the majority says we want to do so with this book the king obviously being very wide politician obviously so elegantly lots of good spot CC it was a majority rule it was not just a minority if you think about is that all the president entry on pretty sure that the majority was on the side know that we can prove that but it does say all the presents they could I tend to think that's possible that actually a majority against doing what's right now the law is determined by the majority is at least a month of democracy and in this situation the king succumbed to what the majority wants now this is the next point and that is a throw history has the majority ever been all actions they ever sometimes perhaps they happen but him is the majority usually right based on history and religious matters rarely rarely and the problem is that we seem to forget that and are in the last date believe it or not it will be the majority versus a very very very very very small minority that the situation will be just like this after six and meanwhile you want to do this everybody thinks it's okay everything everybody thinks it's fine so what can the people with the Satan in El Paso decree was signed the papers what can they do nothing this is what the majority wants and does nothing with minority can do is you sure know sentencing of them is on a string and is and will is all together and earned the new leadership restaurant very good point I didn't think about that exactly in those words but very good point cc disk and distinct knifepoint this is not a permanent decree is a thirty days so any king 's mind it's bound to just everything just go over note that this is good what will do it again if not as fun easy so in the mind of the King is nothing wrong with this and at a brought out this guy should be a good thing politically for the whole nation using so this is a problem this is the scenario so what does Daniel do let's look at verse ten list me from verse ten this converses to ten the fifteenth you are you are you a way and you are you are you he he he is a and is as you are is is a is an and is in is and is and is is is is a he and silver as I is and is and is and is no a in a this is Jay is something that I should just make a note on the thirtieth and mentioned three times early in this chapter that is a characteristic of the law of Persia you see there is a law about making lost in and the simple law if that's what you make along you can change that law when picking signed that is deemed infallible you can't change it we can't undo it you can't erase it you can know just to get out you can amend the cost and him and visit the problem with McCain you may disagree and I Kathy to back out of his power and this also just a quick note this is the new version claim to infallibility this is one of the characteristics of me cleaning up the characters to God whereas there just Institute of net trust in the important member that so many Persia the law can't be changed so now when Daniel heard about this changing of the law what did you do now many he pretty ties them he asked the question this way I guess Artie 's buildings because of the point the point is that Daniel went to pray after he found it wasn't something that he did hear about and he just was not they didn't keep it a secret as it starts on dancing the contract was more like Daniel knew and they knew that he knew but they yet knew that he was still going to pray safety Daniel he was not he was not scared of the situation I know Jesus counsels us on on the Daniel government Jesus when he was on yet but Jesus said the Council complete printed cloth right so now if I were dead I would think that counsel literally I would go and I would climb in my closet I was full my blank head note that some bullpen lock on the door whatever I would not open my window and pray why did he do that several things the last four words of verse ten with listing as he did before these four words is the key to the whole chapter I believe as he did before and he didn't aforetime you see why is that the key because the key is been nothing changed the methods they very carefully just just think about this as he did before meeting nothing changed this thing now and then you knew that the writing was signed he went into his house and his windows being open is chambered with your something you down on his history someday appreciate that before God Estes always just as if nothing ever just as if the decree has never been passed so you see this is a secret the secret to Daniel 's courage as he mentioned his ability to stand in the face of trial is that his religious experience was such that when the crisis came all he had to do was maintain a lot has become the hottest spot in our lives we feel down depressed and we feel like I just have to pray when you spend nights weeping on our knees and reading the Bible in a few extra minutes everyday Justin just a little make those few steps up the celestial ladder so to say not just the makeup of the title we were the live meeting maybe now that's that's a little exaggerated maybe maybe not the ligula Daniel didn't win this this crisis came goes no way around it will make perhaps it was a way around but I don't believe all you did was do what he knowest preparation for the crisis does not take place at the crisis and the preparation for the crisis is not like you do just a little bit little bit little bit on the crisis is about the content you do the rest really fast really in all the last minute and they give me work hard at the last minute on an amendment of the amount the Daniel pray when he was in trouble with the same amount they prayed the rest of his life so for us me just this is a quick survey of the author July from them but the time they spent with God every day the mountain amount of time we pray how much you say the Bible on the Christian fellowship and a half for ministry whatever if you were in Daniel 's position with happiness in a multiyear beginning when you still be saying the Bible the same amount as you are now praying the same amount if it wasn't that the Creek upon your head as it wasn't a simple question simplification of this leader not has great application just a moment but now what happen when these men came now these guys became Daniel 's window they found praying there and they wait a full day because a new keeper three times now the guys I believe Daniel knew that they were watching a British I believe that's one of the reasons why he continued to pray with his window open because he knew that these guys are going to find out anyway if he strings Jeannie the pipe of this house or something so he knew that there really was no inter- the guys so my love PSA for the Kennedy Goodwin at that executive that you are probably way that I can I can imagine Daniel kneeling at his window praying for his oppressors pray for them is that Jesus said we should react the guy they were thinking and you know what disability they do not take this guy he's not supporting our our new no plan of action in supporting our new government she saying she is not faithful to you feed their cattle all the blame on Daniel that he was totally no this honoring the King to see what they said about Daniel back K he does not regard the degree to use site he did not think he does not regard you you don't care about you he does not respect a really is legitimate using so they turn the tables using Daniel in his actual act of loyalty carrying it into our accusation of disloyalty this is a problem is not because you can be a lawyer they as a candle when the people see with the eyes of the European disloyalty Dana which is loyal that at the problem always your prayers and the threat stream gave thanks and he has sure what to be honest mission should not be our attitude everything know for us what his life is but a vapor undated is his next advantages with minutes of the grafts that when the sun rises with the swing 's ER life is not worth anything so we should be like that so when the oppression comes sure it is God 's will for me to go to school for Continental to think that way assure that probably has something to so now this is what happened thank you Daniel just in one word but being on patriotic old that's a problematical is living in this country no I'm saying but now you can you can imagine easily how we can fit into the same situation countless banality going we merely read that the King when he was here these which is so displeased with himself this is something that's also interesting I do not get the quote but am the quotation somewhere I think it might be great controversy says something along the lines that they will be meant in political office who will work the same cause people at the end we see here that the King Darius is doing just that is bent on saving God 's people of the interesting is responsible if you more verses but now let's go to verse sixteen to first we were wishing that it was the first twenty you are you will a you are you are after I is easy to hope how effective this is a kinky headed she finally had to do what the law command him to do a look at this to what he says he says now the king spake of the Daniel by God whom thou service continually he will deliver the know I don't mean have a valid statement in the spirit prophecy but the rising exercise of faith here is not in the living God somewhat you remember the response of Nebuchadnezzar in chapter three the three Hebrew boys he said who is this God that has delivered you out of my head whereas in chapter sixty Darius Darius God a user continuing he will deliver you there's a marked change now I'm making an assumption here so don't quote me on this but I believe Daniel had something to do with that data must have through his life his actions perhaps even explaining to the king himself perhaps roughly the Jeremiah and an is Isaiah about how his got predicted that his nation even namely Cyrus himself with the other store that will through those experiences this king is able to grasp of the truths of heaven so somehow he was able to grasp this concept but associated is repeated twice what characteristic about Daniel 's service to God is mentioned by the king twice served him continue this is another way of earning cash on this before but this I see as perhaps he can say sort of the big picture with the theme of this chapter other than Daniels was faithful continually he did as he did she know he is religious life was as it was a four-time it was consistent continual daily and this is what happened particularly into the lions den unlike in a comment much on restless and the king fasted and leave a pagan king fasting for the Hebrew Hebrew captive for them but the king came to the came to the mouth of line sent and what did the King call Daniel Weatherly said over Daniel servant of the living God is that God and us there is continually able to deliver the line but here we see in direct relationship making them almost synonymous serving God continually equals being a servant of the living God Shiva keep in your mind to go I was twenty one let's just the system is Chapter twenty one to twenty eight seventy three got in as I live in a in a and I is a you are in an and he is is is is is an and as you are in okay this is the love we just were not coming everything but Justin know that when Daniel went into the den became sealed it to seal the dead but what does it mean to seal them opening up within your means this is final this is what it's meant to be distance the end of his set sealed Alamosa another time they remember something a stone rolled over some opening in a sealed the grave of Christ was very interesting now when you come back in touch all these window type a lot of extensive and let's look at a few verses please look in first Peter chapter five verse eight will remember for the Hebrews eleven thirty three and you were wrote as an capable as the one we're not there is some unwanted will go than a second based on first Peter know what character in the Bible is like until I the devil safety Daniel here he's thrust into the den of lions just thrust into a position where he was face-to-face or so to say he was directly tempted he was able to be directly tempted by the devil just face-to-face with out to say induces he is brought into this dentist place there just was no other source of help and he is just he is subject to the rack for the sake of the devil there's nothing anyone else can do to save the situation he was placed in so he was just thrusting the disposition of being the heart of Europe in the den of lions face-to-face with the devil but yet God sent his angel to shut them up with a lie why base in Hebrews eleven were sitting three goofy faces of living fell for the evidence of things not seen and without faith it is impossible to please him all of these things we can know if it is doing just a study on the update we can then see that through faith but to stop an outline of Daniel through faith stop about the lines by faith in God and God granting the Arabs at the request of faith should not want patients by the Angels in the end God reserves and not a scratch nothing was when he was not hurt because he was faithful of these all simple applications but let's look at it this way of Jesus he came and he was just doing faithfully his work but then did the people cried a majority decided to pass this law we have no king but Caesar crucify him for the majority came together really not leaving not my even knowing what they want crying out crucify him and the royal edict was what made and Jesus was crucified and he was placed into so to say and then a hole in the ground put up stone on and sealed it meaning it should not be changed yet after three days Jesus came out his resurrected so that she was subjected from the time of disseminate until the end of his time the grade he was in the belly of the earth is sign of Jonah he was under the direct assailant assailing the devil himself face-to-face with the growing line and then at the end God was able to deliver him because he had conquered your copy that this sacrifice how do you do that to the faith of Jesus his faith and that faith was constant communion day-to-day this just consistent continual in all sacrifices surrender an end religious commitment to God the father is called the faith of Jesus and I let him to fulfill his duty of the synagogue as the sacrifice the lambda Leslie and us his resume no more than that Daniel the people the president so have to confess I find no fault in him just iPod etc. I find no fault in Jesus Daniel went through the same pattern of thing to happen to Jesus Christ but also in the last days there will be also group of people that will be placed in the situation this might annoy key place in the situation with the majority will rule and have all of this commotion Capasso who along that conflicts with the minorities system of worship in their and their conviction 's religious convictions and as a result they will be condemned by the diff degree and Adobe also thrust thrust into this den of lions in this position where they are face-to-face with the devil himself put a time when there's no intercession time of trouble you can say but yet because but they have been faithful and they had the faith of Jesus also they will be delivered eloquent vision you not read in a moment let me finish I miss this class together the people of me to Persia said in Daniel there is no error no fault you can look in Revelation chapter fourteen verse five I believe the hundred foot without the final remnant people of God they have no fault before the Photoshop and also these people it says that they are the servants of the living God in Revelation chapter seven verse one at least so these Daniel is exhibiting characters into the hundredfold without the hundred four thousand will pass through this time soliciting an den of lions he was a B will be directly assaulted by you know with out soliciting intercession in heaven mediating on behalf of their sins but yet the Holy Spirit will still be with them because through their faith involved in the stop noncompliance and in the end it will be delivered and accuser will be cast out the accusers of our brethren of the cast out those that will kill by the sword will be slain by the sword the least left on back into the den which they prepared for the people of God thus the Satan himself will be Catholic the bottomless pit the seal set upon at the whole estate but this is the this is the key point was a secret was a secret to Daniel he still got continually acceded aforetime how did you do it he served faithfully continually adding to the four types of what he thinks he can disregard people molesting we must serve continually as Daniel and Jesus stood before the famous goat daily committed surrendering are willing to deny self and sacrifice for the cause of God as we go on this this on pilgrimage you can take to have a kingdom now this is a little side note but would diversely set she delivers and rescue it ended King Darius talking and he worked of signs and wonders where in heaven and earth let delivered Jennifer how the lines now wait a second dig on one side and heaven be in this chapter the latest on you I believe this is a note for people in the end times this is a little note for those people that are a little shocked shocked people Bibles I see have the liver is a deliberate and rescue it went of the data specifically he says when he wants signs and wonders in heaven and if you look in Matthew chapter twenty four signs in the sun when it starts to place immediately after the tribulation after seventeen ninety eight you can look at the date of seventeen eighty eighteen thirty three signed in heaven and earth have already taken place in the promises that he will deliver you will rescue the last days of people who are put into the same position as Daniel 's assignment but now of a few quotations here maybe then we'll quick in heavenly places patient six says sanctification is a work not of the day or of the year but of a lifetime of an explain what this means some people think a workable lifetime means I will never reach second vacation fictitious it's a process that I have to toilet sweat over all the way until Jesus comes solid and needless as a work of a lifetime it would've lifetime means a constant surrender daily if the maintenance of a lifetime you can say disadvantage he was a struggling all the way until the testing she reached optimum and he maintain optimum until the crisis can either commit to the crisis that's what means work of a lifetime now this next one ML two five four paragraph three and I believe is my last day Mrs. Daniel was excused Daniel was a devoted servant of the most high his long life was filled with noble deeds of service was faster is cured you carried an unwavering fidelity are equaled only by his humility of heart and his contrition before God me repeat the life of Daniel oh and if you inspired illustration of true certification the few honest entries in addition they left with Daniel in fact of the little book by L Wyckoff the sanctified life and half the book is just on Monday to segregation illustrate the life of Daniel and now I was talking about in the den of lions I'll is able to stop enough appliance meet listen listen of this quotation sounded great contradictory six thirty one the Henley sentinel fatal to the trust continue to watch the original decree has fixed the time and commandment keepers may be put to death so we know it under the same thing here their enemies will come in some cases anticipate the decree of before the type specified will endeavor to take a lot the none can pass the money guardian stationed above ever about every faithful soul some are sailed in their flight from cities and villages the swords raised against them break and fall powerless as a strong others are defended by Angels in the form of men of war this is the promissory half what faithful when we are continually serving God daily even when the degree Scott within how the permission set angels to protect and the weapons will fall us this is strong broken and powerless another said after we go through this chapter we got the chapters one through six this talking things together the first study whether we stay with the organic was the overall overarching umbrella to everything on the telephone judgment now I believe that Daniel the first half of the second half you divided neatly in half stories of prophecies but also the first half has a something that supports the main theme in the second part of that is something I complement each other and in and in supporting this may be the basin chapters one to six but this is not tricky questions just require some thought just think back over the first receptacle with study what is it in the six chapters related with judgment that is in common the six chapters you clump together into one word that support the cost of judgment the question make sense should I rephrase intimately another that this is a tough this is a tough questions I just want to see if I saw he got his honesty I think the first six chapters can be neatly categorized we can determine one central theme of these first six chapters but the theme is not judgment it's only a subset agency of the consequent judgment something that all six chapters have in common I've I know this is this is a tough question and there that could be potentially different answers a medicinal writer on the Bible to say the first two chapters are not fixed the Zeta but we have mentioned before the first justice first six chapters describe how to be ready for judgment that's the officially what I'm thinking of but it could be as related preparation of God 's people to pass through the final judgment before purpose a limited was a further what will be okay I'm just based on this this first six chapters what was the result after every trial baculovirus people the name of God is glorified Tim Doctor Brian Perry I'm looking for the thing was vindicated to his people every time chapter one the three Hebrew boys because they follow gods die at his and his will is learned they became healthier they did they were able to vindicate God 's health principal what is new or his health on standards kept to Dan was able to give the dream he clearly vindicates God is said in an interview between Netherlands and at variance is indeed truly yours the God revealer of secrets chapter three the faithfulness of three Hebrew boys in the end of the medicine truly there is no God I can deliver the sort test before the whole chapters are not the vindication of the character of the God has delivered me he has humbled me he is able to the humble those are proud shootings mighty God something on the floor testify God 's prophecy was vindicated this one is this one is it's it never says it specifically but the word of God as those written on the wall gods of writing was fulfilled what he says it came to pass on more than in chapter five we see the downfall of Yuma Babylon right which was across Highway eighty four in book of Isaiah and Jeremiah God vindicated his prophecy indicated his word chapter six which is whether God again was vindicated because my people was faithful now I am admitted to the statement and then to bring to not make accusations of the accusers vindication of the character of God all the way throughout the first extensive Daniel people that it sure is sure that the practical application of how to prepare the Jennifer even more important that what is the final result of the judgment why do we want to stand in the judgment what is the big significance what's the big deal about this judgment day a big deal if the character of God because you see salvation is not just being save oneself excuse me Christianity is not just the salvation of oneself Christianity at its very roots is to vindicate God 's character questions that they were one of the fundamental pillars of Christianity is to vindicate to show the watch universe that God cleans and that God 's God 's care and God 's demands was requested us is indeed achievable that it is just his loving is the right thing and that's the whole point of why God needs it generation of people that will be able to stand in the judgment so that in the last days they'll be reporting them as they see Satan on the accusations against me they just proved you so then gotten truly finally get rid of this problem is as long as there is one lingering accusation one argument has not been met this preconference it would just keep going and going and going and going with no end in sight so right now what God is looking for our Daniels Harshad technician then goes out and be willing to stand for the right of the heavens fall and live the life of true certification as exemplified as the scene in the first six chapters of Daniel and desolate come into that experience all of the rest of data chapter seven the twelfth all neatly fall into place because then we will see that hi there was judgment will take place but then we can see the purpose behind judgments and also how we are to stand the book of Daniel because the judgment neatly packaged all into one with different portions so exactly an hour while on month sure it's all they read thinking Darius wrote with all people nations and languages the dwelling all the earth you can multiply into make a decree that in every dominion my kingdom income both year before the God of Jennifer gave living God a steadfast forever this kingdom there shall not be destroyed and his diminished even chubby even as yet what it could be an increase in the CGI make a degree and assist in every domain in every dominion of making the mentioned the fury for the God of Daniel it doesn't say that you have to worship the King what was Daniel Scott is simply fear and tremble is another old way of saying you must respect you cannot blaspheme you cannot persecute these people that say all yes you see honestly think we see in chapter six in chapter six this and even divination for the sake of the nation in need of Persia the king of Babylon is no more it's only like us think a lot about domain they don't buy enough finding anymore so this is a whole new government so this is for all and is on based on this transducer assembly is not likely to do that is you and you that he is ugly so I will know you are in God and in and he will go because you see the King couple of reasons perhaps now first of all I can't tell you for sure about the telling that religion was thinking that this is my guess the king when he heard these men come before him as a new member Daniel he doesn't respect you she now continues to pray the king then in his mind automatically saw in fact if you read their prophecy and sanctified life this is a team in a moment his eyes were open to the to the Om to the plot that the asset of the trust deficit against Daniel so automatically when they came to him with accusations he realized these people trying to Trent Daniel said he saw the ill motive however no other trying to do damage so in the end he didn't want to have this type of people 's governments we decided to destroy the public is not uncommon even probably some countries today you said that in one question why don't we close in age and asking the following father in heaven we thank you again for this story and then chapter six we realize that before Schwartz so often of living our life serving you continually has Daniel did not as he went through this experience as an illustration of the true life certification appear that we will follow in his footsteps and we will be willing to step in the right though the heavens fall that we will not dodge things prisoner path to hinder our devotion to you I we will maintain a high level of surrendering commitment to you every day of our lives because situations I pray that he will guide us these last days we know that perilous times are coming and help us to be able to stay the great question is love you Lord and please bless this evening to separate Jesus


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