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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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follow how we thank you for this day they given to us and on no lower than especially in this time of year so many other duties and obligations and activities going on that we are easily distracted I pray a special blessing and protection on those who are not able to be with us one of the many you buy them even with additional noblesse also estates might only be fewer numbers are we know that yesterday and most of us helpless as the dive into the deep things of dance at the seventh annual open our eyes and revealed to us that we will be the grass this concept concepts of this prophecy will be better prepared for blasting the Lord reality things Jesus 's formula all right our against someone you were here last week Hayden was here accordingly you he was like yeah okay good related okay so let me just do a little some other review that before we move on to the next next section what I did in the last week was I did a summary of of the first six chapters not so much going through all the events again but looking more at the results and the lessons so say that we learn from each each chapter and something that we saw in common a call him that we would fall within the first six chapters is that there is a concept that God is vindicated in almost every chapter I should say on I just day you can see it in every chapter with some chapter clear than others and some chapters as more of a focus of for example does what any and every chapter you see that God 's people is placed under some sort of attack some sort of a trial and depending on the results if it's a good result it proves that God is what he claims to be and also claims off it also proves that God is just and God loving all the rest and revealed the character of God vindicate so and then he took the one we see then Daniel and his friends maintaining the diet that got prescribed and instead of bowing down to the idols by eating the food offered to they were subjected to a trial attended Tessier and they had a head of the UNIX and the princes look at them at the end of ten days and say look compare us with the rest of the if we're any better and because they were faithful to God at the end with indicated indirectly in that they were healthier so that their judgment was vindicated for more than that it would improve with proving that God was right and checked into communities free clear though Wiseman about and could not drink the Daniel could simply proving again vindicating that God is Almighty God that he is the one that's able to enter the secret things because he gave the community and chapter three same thing the Hebrew boys were kept in the fire but he saw a fourth man walking in the next set all I see the synagogue at the VM King Nebuchadnezzar he proclaimed there is no God I think after this one again Howard indicated before you see them because it is humbled and tentative need for seven years and at the end of of those seven years he turned around and glorify God and he said you want Almighty God limits on all levers project able to come with a base that he says what he says the word that he said was able to prove that God was right proved that God was just in the Chapter five we see our handwriting on the wall but again we see also that Daniel was the true prophet of indicating God something a little deeper in chapter five is that God 's word was vindicated his prophecies were vindicated given chapter or a student in Isaiah and Jeremiah got predicted the downfall of Babel he predicted in Isaiah forty five who would take that one scene insiders specifically he also described how would be taken he said that the gates would be open and the river would be dried up and up exactly how how that one fell on the diver to the river side of the history 's right under the law is River when rightly the middle of the city that gates that block so this might come in the wall from the river and they let the kids their happy feet so God 's prophecy in Daniel chapter five or the prophet was proven correct update your profile and this gives is evidence that all the rest the process of judgments of God Willis indicated chapter six Daniel in his faithfulness we mentioned last week that he was an example and inspired example written by a white expired example of the life of sex occasion so in the through the life of Daniel he was able to prove that those who were faithful to God very even though they were kept sensitization they were placed within a vague grasp of the devil without any mediation or intercession but they would still be able stand and the end indicates that God is able to save his servants to all of these stories at the twenty sixth Godspeed was placed at a trial or judgment glory be a test and when the outcome based on the positive outcome God 's name is indicated so we drew the conclusion that from chapters one through six we already mentioned that describes how God 's people are to repair themselves to stand in the final judgment because everything we mentioned in the very first study editing Daniel pointed end times if history repeats itself and images climatically so we see the repetition of history and I got people the last days will repeat the history of what Daniel and his friends went through not specifically but the similar type of experience so in the very end of time when God is going putting his people through the final phases of judgment the whole point of why God wanted us to learn how Daniel 's friend went through the trials and chat the first six chapters it so that meet you at the end of time will be with the vindicate God and his care for the last time because I don't know how maybe whether some of you were I mentioned when I was look at a couple weeks ago that the war the great controversies over the character of God accusations against the character of God and once those Activision approved in all false then this whole thing to me that the particular so first six chapters teaching us how to prepare for the life of Daniel and through the preparation what expect a trial that we can be placed to the demand the purpose for all these trials and the purpose for being prepared for them is an and to justify God to prove him to be right that's the first six chapters that sort of the agency that the first half section of the book with six chapters big title subdivide and divide the small caps of the last half which were started today and chapter seven is slightly different in the variety of ways is that chapter seven and onwards is primarily dealing with prophecies signs and symbols and times and in all images and pictures whereas the first two chapters are just more historical narrative and dumb most of the time just as I spent most of the time we look at prophecy it's discussing arm it describes time it's many many times gives you a prophecy so that you can understand timing 's for events that are going to take place more like setting out the parameters not so much the details so that last half of the book of Daniel is on my study is more of a a are timeframe it's more like a directional type of thing every prophecy is trying to bring your gaze to the right and that period of time is the time of the judgment the final judgment so that everything in chapters one through six will need to be put into action at this time for this reason based on the next five or six chapters of Iraq so that's that's that let's go specific renowned than a chapter seven on page seven seven is a long chapter not so much in a number of verses but in more on the amount of information that's not in here so what wouldn't you were going to divide in half advantage of percent can be divided neatly directly in half this twenty versus and versus one to fourteen can be just sectioned off as all I really want to call it but it's the vision the vision and prophecy that given in the rest of the chapters explaining the first half of the chapter slogan do we not even going to be able to go through all fourteen versus so we're going to go through as much as we can on the contrary half and next week will pick up where he left off and we'll will probably have to do three weeks advantage of facet will see how things go all right so let's do this let's go around let's read chapter seven versus one to fourteen zero one two three four five six seven eight people so when we start location and each person carry two versus Andover wing game chapter seven when reading verses one through fourteen is persisting to versus signed with agent and he will or will there are are are you in and you are as good as that is in and will is in the mainland and on and while he is in and in and he is he is and I is he a builder of the unbelievers as was and is and will be displayed as is and is and is is is is the in the interim I will receive a and he is in and in and there is an array is as I is in Iraq the first half and physically these fourteen versus give the whole vision business pretty much the whole foundation of the rest of the chapter representatives built on this so what we see here first we see when the day of the first of all before that all right so their four wins of the heaven of us drove upon the great sea so we need to establish what is this the meet them and distribute principal first of all before we just dissect the symbolism when he does get when you study prophecy any profits there are two things that you must get to buy three important essential points that you must have in order to run into this division in those two things are mocking your mind write it down you highlighted out of nowhere but you must have these two things these two things are time to time that this prophecy takes place and location the two things at the time and the locations the vast majority of properties deal with digital things that they bring in history and physical location almost hundred percent and so the prophecy if you can simply pinpoint it so I got to select X and Y axis if you can just pinpoint access time and in the Y application you can pretty much pinpoint exactly where or you can almost always clearly identify what this product is talking so in this chapter first of all we can find what the pond locations of all right and what are we to do is first of all you observe this and am this is the process of thinking that we need to go to so first of all we see who these things are I was before being when I can and try to discover who they are giving you think of the time the location find out who needs be sought first where are they found a way to become they come from out of the sea so therefore we must conclude that over front to determine the location of these beasts we must determine what the sea and then the next if the time is a little bit more tricky but when you look at a time you can look at it as the time spectrum the beginning or the Indonesia fund beginning chances are you'll be able to just go chronologically and figure out the orgy fun and you can go backwards so you need to have these states these pillars to find out what the profits on so now we not would not sure when the prophecy begins it simply says came out of the boat we do know when it ends in the end of the fourth beast based on what we've been second coming is a good answer and that the safe act and is right at the right answer all more specifically the final judgment and end of the judgment is the second coming of Firestone specifically until the final judgment so this fourth beast is for beasts they happen and notice that it says first I thought line second I thought there and then I be held indoors leopard and it comes in chronological order it's not he saw four of these come out at CMU just look at them one at a time if you want your constant consecutive off from what we read so the fourth piece the end of the fourth beast was agreed and the little horn of the fourteenth it ends at the final judgment so that the one end of the world of the second so there you can establish this beast and what all the beef and at the final judgment energy count backward for beasts than outdated beginning tsunami discover what did you thought the Subaru quickly ever seventeen Daniel seven verse seventeen anyone are so these these derivative fourteen which is four kingdoms so for kingdoms the last kingdom and the end of time think how back or kingdoms the fund beginning now we figured out the time and we only know that these represent kingdom Daniel the beginning of bigoted that because tell you a lot of the know what the symbols now we discover what the winds and the sea is the first let's look at Revelation fourteen seventeen Revelation seventeen in verse fifteen all right so waters in Bible prophecy represents multitudes nations peoples or large populations of people so the deacons out of a place where there is great populations but is even more specific that's look at our relations seven seven first one is me diverse to so these four angels are in charge of hurting the earth and the sea and they're holding back the wins of putting two and two together the four winds is fine of commotion or strife or destruction or warden and built up a couple more verses let's look at the Jeremiah chapter forty nine July forty nine verses thirty six and thirty seven July forty nine Chris thirty six thirty six so that's this verse makes it really clear that the four winds especially if specifically set the four winds of heaven off is described as as destructive forces structuring war strife commotion this type of activity so back to Dan Chapter seven first of all we see the four winds of the heavens striving across the great Sea celibacy this multitude of people for wins representing great strife and war zone promotions and it is in this environment that before beef arrives out of the four kingdoms so the location now just doesn't know the location and we don't need a pinpoint specifically the exact latitude and longitude and on the globe but we're looking at just general and as specific as we can but even if it's just a general description it's good rusted nail things down as far as we can so these four beasties fourteen nuns they arise one by one in a location where they are great multitudes of people and they arise through wars and strife and bloodshed commotion so doing that unacceptable where we see the first being that we've established the first two most important things on the location and this the reason why we can do this without we can eliminate we can eliminate a lot of things a lot of options that I can try to do this so that when you study anyone you can get the same answers these the nations they come out in the area where there are large populations of people so this rules out Tasmania Australia Greenland Antarctica even China the diesel places and pretty much now the down to the old world Europe and the Middle East basically and then the last until the end of time so these are worldwide nations because they exist in these large places would like the great numbers of people and they are kingdoms the last word sequentially last until the end of time so this rules out a lot of other nations of people my come up with now I don't know what some of the options are but on I get that he can beat aborigines he can be the Native Americans here it can't be those type of people this must be some sort of great nation that arose a great multitude of people and this also means that there must be some sort of historical documentation of these nations did not disappoint skewer to try somewhere is the great political power and we can narrow things down but wouldn't have been done in a more three describe them each of these nations so let's go to verse four verse three says the four great beasts came up often sees diverse one from another as for the first was like a wet alliance and had Eagles wings of the the wings thereof were plucked and it was lifted up funnier than may stand upon if he doesn't have the mess hall was given to it by first delights I believe it or not lines I described the Bible is good to our Jeremiah chapter fifty two much of the fifty can one person please begin my chapter fifteen verse forty three and forty four and another person reached Jeremiah fifty one thirty five to thirty eight all rights and deposit Jeremiah fifty one thirty five to thirty some based upon these two verses what nation the liner Babylon and on this last verse that we disfigure my fifty one I had the whole thing that on just so you can see the this is a prophecy that God prophesied the battle and maybe never be rebuilt and you can look at history it's never been inhabited ever since but on good so the line represent Babylon we can settle that will clearly in the Bible and on commonsense wife we can think back to King Nebuchadnezzar chapter two and Chapter four Chapter five he is mentioned as the King of Kings the Lord has given him dominion over all the human chapter four think actually see this as all a good representation of a line on I didn't bring a picture but I want to the British Museum once and I saw a piece of the wall about one and we do not on the gates is on inside of our alliance with Eagles links that it literally the on not a state bird but I was with the word is not a mascot than the nations animal like me at all legal forget the name Dino Norman national symbol it is a specific term is not yet yet yet it's telling me that that that that that that animal that they used to represent himself line with Eagles wings amazing some people to try to argue there were many lives in battle and Llanelli there were all because Daniel capitalized on anyway so we see a lion and has Eagles wings I want to Eagles wings represent the go to have a good chapter one of this one out the littlest time nonprofits needing and Afghanistan before that's not good for his hanging I have a good chapter one verse six through eight and a year in which Mark one is in their you receive from their horses and also excluded and levers and artwork here is their worst results for themselves and their worst then shall come on why you hasten that are PC here I've had you meet all that because just because verse six this agreement to the Chaldeans through notifying the same same nation public even if it's not that specifically can still get what Eagles represent Eagle here represent our the speed of and which with which the military comes upon its prey is sent as a ego Jesus to be on the military speed and capability was tremendous for this line although align us by faster ready a powerful predator with Eagles wings the king of the birds ID can fly quickly to victory into defeat of enemies so we see here Daniel sees a line with Eagles wings a royal creature definitely came the birth king of beasts known powerful military and we known Tom Wii represents that one but then it said I beheld till the wings thereof for clock so the wings of Eagles Eagles wings represented their military speed and an compliments in power so when the wings plucked off without me that sticking perhaps one step a little too far on but just simply we can simply say their military power was removed so I even remove my features work but they no longer had the speed and the victories under the great clock expedition incompetence that they had for those golden years were oversold so to say and what happened and it was lifted up from the earth now just without going any farther cool in the Bible does this remind you of this phrase and he was lifted up okay he got a thinking of Academy when he put it this way who that was not no on the side of God lifted himself up Lucifer so Lucifer because the editor you got nothing on the right track but they were looking at at at a nation and a nation that is that is a antagonistic to God so these nations are not described as favorable and got sites so thinking of people that were not on God 's side who lifted himself up and we see that Lucifer wanted me why was he lifted up to remember Moses had become again if they get appointed her seventeen okay my Bible submitted by heart was lifted up all that also means he became proud because diabetes that he was to became proud to say in beauty cost and to become trial or lifted up simply means that he became trial and when do we see that happen in the history of Apple in the feast exactly new member chapter four the pleasantly humbled greatly and he learned his lesson but then in chapter five the whole point of Daniel Little some of the bloodshed was you knew all of this all that happened your grandfather noted that but you still been a humble yourself or if you look at what was not said that was said was that you are still proud to ground and because you're proud of this destruction is coming upon you so this is detailing now this line is detailing out when it was lifted up its wings like of the fields near the describing out the rain fell Shatzer it is the end of the maintenance of Babylon and it was lifted up from the year and the carelessness go one more phrase before I give you Chris and me stand upon the feet as a man now what does that mean me in your mind I want to see happening it's it's now standing on its hind legs are not in the line bounces felt like a human on the economy so what must necessarily happen before the line for so this line was lifting himself up representing it was proud but it can't stand because it will fall into the light can do that so let's look at the next verses Proverbs sixteen prestigious threat so that describes clearly what we've been talking about just to have Bible verses solidly establish that and finally the last description is that a man's heart was given to it and that's also a dog the opposite is also true if the man's public given to it that that means the lion 's heart must of been taken from right so let's look at a few verses can one person please me Genesis eight twenty one and another person Jeremiah seventeen verse nine and the last one I like this to read it together on sort through the jagged glass on balance the last little bit trickier so whoever gets Genesis first a versatile practice from the first what is Scott description of the human heart evil evil from his childhood assess so that the type of heart the deadline was given a man's heart okay next verse hear my ass into her son to the heart is not only evil that is wicked and if deceitful that the keyword deceitful next verse but to others looking for Samuel percentage of the seventeenth and first thirty two I'll be okay good I gets another person in mind that those tricky business on a tricky but on the no man's heart failure or lose heart what does that word is what is out with you not synonymous with courage that so the description of the man's heart we seen so far we see that first the heart of a man is evil wicked and deceitful then the heart is also synonymous with a man's courage or I can say that an divisive that it is cowardice the Lionheart we often use as bravery very courageous Valley but that Liza was taken away so the courage of his nation was taken away in a man's heart when asked how it is given to it and its wickedness evilness and it's even a word and on and it's deceitfulness all of these things are given to this nation what happens proud it's it's it's what's proud and then it's courage is signaling the agendas of describing Bill Shatner they'll show there was through this she was discussed do it on his own heart this season because he knew intellectually all that happen to King Nebuchadnezzar but yet somehow in his own heart he convinced himself that he was going to be all right I can't prove that the Bible but we can assume wealth why would he do what he did in chapter five and then he goes the next step and the perceived wickedness in an and he was guilty of blasphemy got vessels that clearly describe Bell shouted an outlet of the courage this is why we were given this verse and Daniel five and verse six this is one of my favorite verses in this chapter it is the descriptive and believe it or not that actually prophesied in Isaiah that that the loins of the King will be loosened before the fall but based on chapters seven is specifically clearly reveals to us that this king lots talk he was scared and he was afraid so describe perfectly first-base this first meeting is Babylon clearly all of the all of the different descriptions that we had snow why don't all the details of the this week this is simply the reason once you have established the first beast and then so that starting point right within the time we talk about final location before the first pieces that want an end that the final judgment so therefore we just need to look at history and to fill in the blanks even without looking at the rest of the we can pretty much guess what the next nations are coming our safety prophecy is not that difficult as long as we follow our common sense and set the proper parameters around ourselves the study was that one was next nation need to purge after that reason that role any remember and damage up to this is why two and seven are so closely intertwined event chapters two we see that the legs of iron or been thrown right and how long the iron last all the way to you all into the votes right on until the end so therefore based on chapter two can we already see the first three nations must line up with last nation simply lock the length of time and so we know that the final beast what must be the kingdom of Rome the lack of incident and makes perfect sense but when you go deeper into that next week when I can have time with all the Sonata we've established Babylon we can spend a little less time on on the next to be and not we already like overtime let's just go through the bear had a leopard and that will pick up on with the fourth beast next week special assistant to the there will be on this file and behold another beast a second life to a bear and a raise of itself on one side and had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it and they said that sentiment arise devour much flesh so the second these rises up the second beast described as a bear and is raised up on one side I know how that looks maybe it's just one side like this or on its hind legs estimate drawn both ways but simply put looking at history the need of Persian empire was divided that it was not divided it was asked a conglomeration of two political nations they were the team of the needs and there was the kingdom of the Persians and the uplifting of one side of the basic meanings of one part of the nation was more power for more prominent more influential than the other and now the Persians and there's actually little more detail given about this very concept in chapter eight to this there is visible once I and it had been in balance of power is missing in the needs were less powerful than the Persian vessel described here and on it is described as having three ribs the mouth the chief of it and the rest of this verse is describing what's in them now of the bear so what does the mouth represent either the states now let me state meet this the chief Yahoo and they said the sentiment arrived and devour much flesh so based on that verse are based on that phrase even our much less what does the bear devour with his teeth so what the chief must necessarily represent it's one of the powers of it destroys right so is describe military power for more than that there are three ribs in the now so therefore military to military must have conquered whoever the three responses so therefore we must simply want to create using a commonsense reason that the three ribs must represent some sort of political entity because no lefties and military power to destroy you to destroy a delegate for snow is not to be like destroying some sort of natural artifact is going to destroy some entity human Corporation of some sort that must be since organization and three ribs we look at history what did the need of Persian Empire destroyed before they became this nation the three bids that simply represents the three main areas that they had to conquer first of all is Lydia and at the province to say that if the north of Kabul so we had the Euphrates here and the Tigris and the Fertile Crescent Mesopotamian area in the north of that is video and then we have Babylon and the south of Egypt so these three areas were conquered by me to present before it became the military power in the world leader in Weston that's what the free Richardson video balance Egypt and it makes perfect sense of our and a lot of this goes back to history I recommend a book by Euros Nicole Daniel Revelation if you haven't had a chance to read or you can look at God cares by companies as the tubal volume by if you are not however pretty good at the Geneva historical evidence for all the something but now there's one thing that is even more significant that I want to bring out is that why did this power destroy using this constant of the Valerie in the bear can kill in a variety of ways note there can not eat the pain it can just break his neck can just clock to death to sit on it I don't know the barrier could have done a variety of things to destroy this nation specifically it was used it with them it is it uses on appetite and weight it devoured other nation the weather that represent you when you need something what happened to that object and become the party exactly right and if you look at the rest of prophecies and we see that that's where the power will come up again and the in chapter six we remember that Daniel was like burning Man in Babylon but then he gets shifted what you got assimilated into the keno need of Persia at the second-in-command so there was some sort of assimilation through the carryover between that one in need of Persia I have to study this more but from my personal study based on the Bible as their prophet that is that when need of urgent empowered with the word the vowel in a nation devours another kingdom it simply means that that nation swords the culture and prep the philosophies and the and the practices of the other nation to become part of themselves so it's not so much that you destroy the other him more like it was absorbed and everything apart of this Mexican polemic and that will be significant on next week was fixing more significant though the bear assimilated that went into its system so now it's Thursday it's a lion bear on the nation although it doesn't save so that go there we seem to think these of like a bear third we see the leopard and so another like a leopard which had on the back with four wings of a file now what is the nut with the first word becomes your head when you see all of those descriptions leopard and four wings the file we early we then have to pick that the same text describe the Eagles Hastings and eat it all to use the word leopard describing the speed so first it has taken a suitable leopard with the speed and that it has wings that had two pairs of wings for wings so it really that that's basically the whole description of this of this beast is that it's incredibly fast and honestly merely establish that the next in Greece and even if we did it the next chapter chapter eight will tell us clearly that came with me now the speeds we ought only to give a history lesson Alexander the great conquered the known world by the time is thirty three and all that's pretty incredible that's very fast to say the least I don't think it's ever been done since I don't believe so at least maybe my history is on rusty but if the fetus first as Stephanie record that was set so that I'm going to too much detail as fast as four wings of these had also four heads and the menu was given a when now have four heads whether the head represent what you do in your head you think was the leader of the head the hat or of the body the head is the leader of the bottle so this piece has four heads now simply logically say speaking them and me this business for leaders on the next chapter will describe one query Alexander the great and all that but this piece for the description the Bible one is the focus on it having for its others what happened I don't know if you'll remember this from the associate learn about it but that Alexander the great conquered the known world and then he got drunk when they had a fever and he died and asked and answered laying on his deathbed who wielded it cool your kingdom go to and what as his parting words he said simply the strongest they never left their and known he never verbally or officially declared air although she had a young son and he had a brother I believe brother brother-in-law you needing his death within a few weeks I think a few days on his whole family is murdered his wife his brother and his son so that left no existing air to Alexandra L is for commanders for top ranking generals divided the nation amongst themselves and it was specifically only for this work these are the names K and the region that they will first discuss standard and I will mention very clearly that is that it's important in the next chapter is a reason wanting anything just so you have any factory had become the chapter on chapter eight then you will understand why it's more important such as Senator he ruled in the West by Senator he ruled in the north colony ruled in the South absolutist ruled in the East these are the four Kings or the four generals that would help kingdom against kingdom was divided amongst them this is very significant and this is why why did Nebuchadnezzar I mean what the mandate of one mandated that the kingdom of Alexander divided into four why was enough three or five or six or you know that the King or from the device ten things wise specifically for I don't know why but that's simply proves that the office visit she of the prophecies of God and also how clear that he is not even the mistakes he specifically said for and they were for four divisions in the next last point I want to make tonight is that this leopard it did not devour the previous piece we mention that they are devoured and we saw the remnants of the no animals of the devout three ribs but that Leopard is simply to the manual again into it and it was it did not specifically used with the valve that was so significant about that and this is simply this this is this is where I still need a sale of the more subtle quote me on it but that's what I what I have seen a somewhat personal understanding need of Persia we can see clearly from Daniel chapter six that there was a significant amount of assimilation of the balance can problem in fact was not really destroy the actual city was maintained it was not destroyed are totally in the all the siege of chapter five was a store later on but doing a great amount of assimilation within between the new version and I want in life however what do you remember about the grease and I about their culture very unique and on the Greek culture perhaps is the most prevalent culture in Western society today I think everything about our nation somehow is related to the Greece culture the Greek culture so the Greek or the Hellenistic culture was so strong that it actually overtook whatever culture that they entered into because for example using on China as an example when the Japanese came in and the second will want to China the Japanese did not impose their culture upon the Chinese in fact the culture of the Chinese implants itself upon the Japanese and that is probably what happened between about one hundred of Persia Greece came to Greece culture overshadowed the need of Persian culture you'll hear in your seat you hearing anything about of a Persian architecture although there's some or Persian mathematics Persian philosophy version that Persian history Persian rugs your Persian Persian catsuit and Elizabeth about it believing nothing Greek influence there's Greek mathematician mathematics Greek philosophy Greek astronomy greets from architecture Greek words that carried over to all the languages now I mean you think of the Greek culture glucose unless right they were really the first on Democrats or Republicans and that's no big green culture set the stage for modern civilization really and so that's why believe it did not say it devoured the previous nation because in a sense it did in the sense that it took over the nations but it did not allow the other culture to blanket their culture in fact their culture overshadowed they're not identical now to ensure sound convincing me on but I need to have a little more back so that all in addition I went to the first three beasts Babylon Persia and Greece and we also established the time and the location in which we can safely place all four of these peace so what are the top what's the time again was the range established to start the battle and when the final judgment so it must fit within that timeframe it can't be back in the time of Abraham can be back in a time of Noah you know it can be back but then where do these nations arise from the great sea the weather that represent populated area with a lot of wars and strife so with those two criteria regarding narrowed down to this history between Babylon 's final judgment we arty have got to dance up to solution the by well so today we just been filling in blanks and on making some more blanks to fill in next week and also what significant so next week will continue a chapter seven on and visit what's going to happen we are going to have I have even discussed with Norman but often one comment seven this week and the next two weeks and I'll be gone for three weeks the remaining mission trip and then once I get back in July then we'll pick it up from there unless unless notice of the cello partly afterwards for next week and though I will ask when is it time to continue on the site if I didn't want to speed through it and am need of so many gaps all because I know that spouses can continue sometime later on and on and want to know not have a plan for the future so it may not be need that teaches the next clear order of will do whatever we can to know so that if you have any questions just even after we break and am if you have some comments or questions about starting when the bunches of start up again after the intermission a few weeks any conduct by the Iselin when you are fought in heaven we thank you for this amazing prophecy in Daniel chapter seven we see that you are God details Europe particular God you don't mean mistakes as we see that your prophecies in the past of the fulfilled we recognize the importance of understanding them so that we will not be misled in the future help us to a deeper understanding of these things as we continue to study award today and ongoing weeks will be low-density those were not the were not able to be with us on the fringes


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