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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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last week however here Norman was and what he told me I don't know that's fully accurate now that I talked to someone you on to cover Chapter eight versus one three mainly that is the RAM and then they go and I guess that's one of the Randall one that broke off and go into the woods of four and now of the goat but since I think I mostly hear Al of the year and I want to have this on the recording on this going to go over it briefly review of the first two creatures in the introduction to this chapter address cover a few things at home sitting cover so this should begin when Daniel chapter is welcome news for the lease Daniel chapter eight beginning in verse one and someone the first one okay I like how I have the version puts it in this very clear ability changing sets in the third year of the reign of King Schadler a vision appeared unto me even Anthony Daniel after that which appeared unto me at the first to look at whether the first thing about the vision it wasn't that the failure was repeated but it happened after a previous vision and its pretty easy to all conclude that assignment provision of chapter seven days of the seventh verse one percent in the first year of no-show the king of Babylon Daniel Haddad him upon his death any motor vehicle the sum of matters and integrity this happened in the third year of the Randolph Sather said Daniel himself using this in the vision that came after the first visit division I received after the first vision I received so you can say we can say that chapter eight the vision of Chapter eight is part to what it is a sequel what is it a next part of our next chapter of a greater picture that was begun in Chapter seven outline this important is simply this chapter eight is a repetition of the same history that took place in Chapter seven however is in large or they are details that are brought to life and was not distracted the same story told citizen in a different angle so we should different light we see different details different things that came from that came from the history thank you and this we can further understand this by something that you can see in the text but something that we know that we can look up that is that we remember in our study I don't know some of you would hear that you are instructed to assist liquor I like to give you a specific verse of chapter two verse four executors for the says then spake the Chaldeans to the king in Syriac old to live old King live forever tell by soliciting and we wish of the petition now beginning in verse for the very interesting and and for all the way until the end of chapter seven twenty eight twenty eight versus seven seven that section of the book of Daniel was written in Aramaic it was not written in Hebrew is written in Aramaic language of the Chaldeans air America that's if you look it up tonight on a possible program if you look up in Mike's Trenton quarters in the back all the words in between those verses ill tell you in Aramaic means or in Aramaic is this work is not Hebrew now in chapter eight it switches back to being written in Hebrew not what's so significant about that before you even touch on that something related Daniel seven and Daniel a what is one of the greatest similarities but what when the kingdoms represented as in both of these in both of these chapters beasts exactly right but now what are the differences between the beats in Chapter seven Chapter eight remember now ten percent and we see a lot of Eagles wings bear with me with the amount of reason on one side we see letter with four heads informing the file with your fourth beast dreadful and terrible that devoured pieces in staff the residue of his feet thereof I see the graph clause and all that stuff but in chapter eight of these of land and a goat what are the differences between the basis of the seven separate more powerful okay now let me try to narrow things down a little bit what that AE Brian Sibley but right when you said you believe a right into the senator carnivores castrate veritable or liquid is even simpler one their predators and their unclean animals on the one their prey and their clean break down even more just a remnant they are creatures that are used for the sanctuary service for the Hebrew the clean animals both of which represent him indigenous activity or the religion of the Jews so looking at the language difference at the seven with an aromatic chapter eight is in Hebrew for the seven years unclean predators as symbols of the nation and chapter eight clean herbivore sanctuary sacrifice animals to represent kingdoms somewhat so significant all this now this is what I've read in a book called Daniel Revolutionary Rusnak the history between chapter to chapter seven was of particular interest to the political pagan nations that's what's written in their language so Daniel he wrote in their language so that it can be easily distributed and shared amongst the pagan nations and the political powers of the time and separate is written in Hebrew and typically when it's written in Hebrew it is directly spoken to or given for God 's people many times in the gospel it'll say which is translated the Hebrew word is such and such which is translated such as such those times you pay special attention to get special significance for the Jewish people is that his dialogue with the book of Matthew the same thing here is written in Hebrew from here on out tap into chapter twelve is written in Hebrew because specifically intended for God 's people so in Chapter seven Chapter eight sing history one is primarily for secular political mind is dealing more with the secular events of the world announced after a weekend pass expect in the same history same sequence of events I got up and bring out issues and things that pertain more to his people and his religion so that's Daniel chapter eight verse one ballots disco briefly through the two beasts the random result let's look at the verse three verse four can someone be the first okay just a few of the descriptions here it says had two horns of both high the one with high than the other in the highway cannot left over representing the two branches of government militias looking first twenty ten Avis twenty first someone regrets left the ranch is all too things that you okay the model nuclear pelvis the rent is need of version two ones are the king of media and Persia and you know who laughs at first very different ally for the more powerful nation of the meets but they cannot afterwards in the usurped almost the authority of the needs and it became the dominant power thus one homicide and the other the highway cannot last and then this was it I saw the rep pushing westward and northward and southward remember the chapter seven the air had three ribs and is now represented me nations they conquered Lydia in the north that won the West Egypt without visiting agent that were conquered by this rent and nobody is good neither whether any that can deliver out of his hat but he did according to his will and became what became great remember that one but that in in the in your minds ran that on but welcome back to that promote and in a moment this week first off five unto verse this young verse five verse eight and me and what thank you so easy around for a raven that goal is coming from the West so this code telephone away for the whole it wasn't all earth touch not the grounds of the goal basically fly at how fast was moving ahead a notable one between his eyes is look quickly in verse twenty one and twenty two chapter eight of order is so is a thinking so the goat from one notable morning between his eyes and at one point is called the first king and there came goat as they ran in my goat came from the West vision theater chain and basically just demolishes around braces to horns as no one power becomes the brainpower of fear Ted simple enough the first one is became the first team which we know is the King Alexander the great and having great honestly we know he conquered the world and just a rapid succession just a few years but his thirty two years old he already conquered the known world but very interesting Alexander calls himself called his son 's son was Alexander atheists I don't not pronounce what a G US and that means son of a goat and actually the Macedonian people the recall that I actually wrote this down a year day which means people to go me neither specifically and they called self and I look to try to find the agency 's right civilian Greece and the word agent got the route from the word go based on my estimation to the kingdom of Greece here is not in a cat missing it so clear you just can't miss it but the interest but no this is Lissette 's first eight therefore the he goat waxwork version eight therefore the he goat waxed very great now stick that in your memory bank will come back to that and when he was strong the great one was broken of this is even more interesting the Bible specifically says when this one will be broken as on the horn a strong then it will be broken it was at the peak of Alexander Alexander's reign that he died he drank what scholarship you mean cup of wine he died because he or drink so the Bible is true it specifically says Wendell point is at its peak then it will break them out the next part makes it even clearer without a shadow of a doubt what that the Bible is true because Ford came up for notable ones toward the four winds of heaven of this is particularly interesting why because if Alexander the great power ceased what would prevent there to be talking or six or ten the Bible specifically said that specifically says it will divide into four chapters February you remember the federal meetings in chapter and chapter seven it had ten horns and divided specifically detect for the Bible is so precise in the number and that it's it's just it just proves this infallibility that there would be only for the now notice it says toward the four winds of heaven now what does that represent for wins the mask will let me just put it this way what directions did this these four points grow every direction or we can say it good to the north south east and the west I so these formal and sprouted out going to the north south east and west that's forty four four director and looking at the history that's exactly what happened before generals recover this point of the sunglasses of everything in chapter seven the letter with four heads similar at four divisions it with Cassandra these are four generals of Alexander's army is the center and he ruled was called the West Macedonian Greek peninsula and then there was my syndicates who ruled the north and there was Ptolemy often related with Egypt because I was looking in the cell and also Lucas ruled Syria became into the East these are the four divisions to the north south east and west and these we were these four general sufficient it seems in this sequel it lacks very great okay so there we have it the Bible is remarkably clear it it sounds almost as though God is trying to want to goddess wants us to give him around and go in immune Persia and Greece and God gave us enough detail to establish a trust those words that we will understand and we want to study deeper in the things are all good God and give the answer in the evening just look at the temptation God tells us the names of these countries they doesn't get any easier so now we need to think now everything except it this is where things get is when things get a little more complicated that is beginning in verse nine not actually before we go I fundamentally explain what I'm doing this pilot study Chapter eight versus one to fourteen is the vision proper that's the vision that was actually given to Daniel from fifteen onwards is explanation number Chapter seven is divided in half the first half of the chapter fourteen versus was the division in the last fourteen versus what the description or it was a explanation of what was given in the first half similar picture here so what we did with the program we look up and imitation what is the rent look at the goat with an end of the chapter what is the goal and elegant look at the vision with a look at some description of this misfortune which is called a little more and then we're going to jump an object against the was interpretation of the Louisville came out when I can immediately look everything all the descriptions of the one who got faced majority of this chapter but we will touch on it next week so let's begin this reverse nine ten eleven I cannot volunteer the way to focus specifically on versus and nine ten and the first part of verse eleven so the little one the little one comes out of one of the formal nap before we take a step into meeting breaking down description based on what we said in chapter seven of this act knowledge of chapter seven after the kingdom of Greece what comes if you now would be wanted I mean it would be logical for us to expect that the chemo only come somewhat after this some time after the kingdom of Greece correct and also the chapters seven we noticed that the what was the majority of attention given to a portion of the vision was more description given to any other part that's right before the little one city your so looking at each looking at the sequence of events in chapter two what was the most primary of all of the area under a statute that image that was given the most description for the new top or the bottom of the bottom of the nineteen the chapter seven and we went through the same history aware with more description given at the beginning of the end of the party and him now when we come to have a based on the principle of history repeats and also repeated in line what can we expect the end of the vision God is going to give more detail on this specific area that he has been just building up in the past so we are expecting that this will not be something out of the ordinary they got with continuing his way of interpretation and prophetic revelation so we will look at this with that in mind so the little one first thought that comes out of one of the four four this tells me one of several things it comes from one of the four horns bought it is not one of the four because it is differentiated as a little one they growth out of one of the little one out of one of the other points this must be a separate how it must be a power that is different or another king almost you can pay as a big sheet of that point that he cannot now you must be wondering why possesses significant because understanding explain the real briefly outlined with too much detail but there is too major understandings of this little one the first of which is that this little one is a keen and actual man by the name of Antiochus epiphanies who live sometimes some time in the period of history between the other end of the Old Testament beginning of the New Testament for many years here the king that came from I believe Macedonia that he came out of one of the fourth and he went to the him him anyways have a four-time key shutdown the Temple and the service to the people say that this must be Antiochus epiphanies that along with detail about this but I want to spend too much time on however like I was saying she wasn't seeing of one of these four points he was a king of the one that we set with the West the business was actually the keen represented by the one that moved to the West he could not be the little ones I grew out of that nation because he wants that one innocent one thing that's why made that point but also this little one in verse nine it said he which lacks what exceeding great to have you seen the recent regression in the RAM wax grades the goat was very great and in the middle of how lack exceeding great army looking at this logically speaking that needs a little one power must is simply not be greater than the previous nation now people think it's called a little boy that's the name little more but that does not necessarily mean that this power is less powerful than other immigrants after seven if we say that the little one is not that powerful is a little more therefore must be the least of the nation and when real problem here because of all the things that little pointed the blasting Gospels written word phosgene son-in-law while the Saints only thing that none of the other ten Wednesday so just a term that one don't let us help you it is not to say that it is less in terms of power and significance is just a term and perhaps it can mean land area I don't know a little more simply that term little more waxed exceeding great houses for the cell for the East and for the pleasant land helping on this where did that which of the four horns in the middle one go out you can just picture in your mind I have four more there stretched north south east and west this one is going south in these going east towards the plug in either North or West if either the reports of the North was appointed what the candidates of southern kingdom there's no king of the south of it without you thinking of is looking of these must be the north of the West now I'm not dinner that's all I'm definitely that that it was out of either the west of the northern just think of the planet bug in your ear when you come to gain a chapter eleven is a contention between the King of the North making the sound so that you understand your eighth it will help you better understand the King of the North and South Chapter 11 one hundred and five other disciplines that in your ear next to the said West great for the South for the East for the pleasant land of what is pleasantly any guesses glorious plan sure let's look at a few versus the first look at Psalms one oh six four him him him actually looked at begin with twenty one to verse twenty five organism context of what was one five based on this context what it was I thought I heard something K or we can simply pay the promised land what and what about the land of promise it is the and some verses it stressed that the lack of desire for lack of design so this is simply is a pleasant land is the nation geographically the kingdom video and Palestine the more versatile I think that Bush is pretty clearly and on not much time so there's little how Pakistani the little one part grew great it went to the South East health club so this power is specifically mentioned for the purpose of explaining what it's really is gossiping business this makes sense compared no based on what we necessarily about this chapter be more specifically for his people so this is the power comes to the pleasant line and pretenses and a wax grade even to the host of heaven in a cast down some of the host and of the start to the ground and spent upon the little one was great the hosts of heaven the cast also the host of the stars know whether this remind you of the mind of any any place in the New Testament that mentioned something similar to this revelation exactly what goes of Earth Revelation twelve is where it's found Revelation twelve is for Ashley was the University of a zero dollars and you are you a file is okay this first year has dual application this is very important to grasp me try to explain as simply as possible chapter twelve who is this Dragon age devil or Satan but in verse for it says that this dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for the developer childlessness was born at how we know is is Jesus the son of God and he was about to be born and endless writing an abuse also represents political power remember that this Dragon is seventy four the woman about the valid child as soon as one born so what nation did that Dragon actually represent in that time Pedro and this is very interesting because in the same verse it also details with third of the stars of heaven things happen severe winter seventh Nina states until one thirty angels from heaven also a based on Daniel eight it also says the host of heaven and the stars and cast off the ground and the woman of Revelation twelve had a crown of twelve stars German the twelve stars represent the twelve patriarchs meeting the leaders of God ancient church in Old Testament elsewhere in the twelve apostles representing his twelve leaders of the Christian church in the New Testament the stars also represents the leader the leaders of God 's people into based on verse four with a dual application it must be dual application all the way not just partly this is the Dragon into twelve or one third of the angels of heaven captains of the year the dragons symbolically season with symbolically relived literally trying to kill Jesus was specifically found the symbol to represent the actual political power that the Dragon used with Dragon represented was pagan Rome and he lived to be trying to kill Jesus when he was born therefore individually also cast perhaps one third I haven't heard any historical evidence but it very well could be the Jewish leaders severe so based on that data chapter eight a person there was great even to the host of heaven the host of bringing army of heaven the God Army or his people in recent wetlands to reach the people of God it cast down the stars of the grandma spent on meeting the leaders of God 's host so this political power specifically came to Jerusalem the pleasant land Israel to the host or goth people capture the leaders cast into the ground and we do have historical evidence of that they did cast down the Jewish leaders and placed Roman leaders in their positions and so we see firsthand that represents local Rome pagan Rome coming to the nation of Israel capturing them was eleven the first part and he magnifies himself ease into the Prince of the host now without going into much detail that's just described Mister find out who this Prince of the host is look at a few versus verse twenty five saw Rita Hearst have eight between five so the Prince of the host is also called the Prince of princes make aluminum was clear with the converse of chapter nine to see who the Prince of princes are is verse nine chapter nine verse twenty five through the present principles another name for him is the Messiah so this this little one power raises up against itself magnified itself against the Messiah himself and his browsers to a petition we arty establish this nation must be King Lebron comes after the kris Empire but this is very interesting because it paid the pagan political power of Rome raises up or magnified itself against the Messiah by crucifying claiming out of power to take the life of the son of God but the papal power Rome magnifies of against Christ by being making himself equal with Christ so the rest of the description is more about difference or the second phase of the little one simply put when you come to this one next week the little one power represents the pagan and the papal phases of the team of Rome the little porn represent both phases Roman both of its phases pagan first papal and the reason for that will have described or talk about next time how switches and what's difference and when it switches analysis take a break from the first part of this prophecy is the last part look at the explanation of this portion of the vision this lets look in verse twenty three and will read until the sci-fi chapter eight yes as is is is is is is is an is a is is so and has been very red for when missing a very crucial series of texts this is that the side entrance to the press is looking for Psalms to some to verse one and two will come back to Kathy and I think that's good now my version she is her version just imprisoned nations but my late-night television is as little as is why do they see the rate and the people imagine vain things to remember that he was look at acts acts recite before now this is a very interesting series of verses because him chapter two is talking about or song to talking about people plotting against the anointed in Hebrew the word anointed one what Messiah 's definition is anointed and ingredients it's Christ anointed out who was specifically will fulfill that song the prophecy was looking inverse twice twenty four twenty five twenty five to verse twenty seven what kind of a heathen asked for four twenty five twenty seven specifically who wouldn't let us even specifically described by something the Kings Pontus Pilate and Herod and what nation do they represent the kingdom of pagan Rome and we also see in chapter eight of this nation magnified itself against the Prince the five reprints received direct just from the Bible without even going to history without even going to the Gospels we can see the patient specifically fulfilled that Scripture now let's go now to diversity better than other and read for us Daniel eight twenty three percent and in the latter time of their kingdom now which kingdom is their kingdom it competed for refund your before exactly right this arthritis is for Singapore for kingdoms in the latter time of a kingdom so therefore this must be near the end of the previous kingdom not in the middle of the beginning of each end what it's about the pass on the same the latter time of their kingdom the transgressors are come to the full eight scene of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand now we're not in a try to write it all down just yet I want to outline the look with me and a prophecy against forewarning Deuteronomy given by Moses in Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight millimeters and he just explains you what this chapter is about beginning portion of this chapter is going over all of the blessings that the global was still upon the people if they obey him if they listened his work if they fulfill the commandment and so forth but then beginning in verse fifteen it says but it shall come to pass if thou will not hearken to the both of them what I got to observe to do all his commandments and statutes I command thee this day that all these curses shall come upon you and overtake me from verse fifteen always of end of chapter twenty eight Moses is described the curses shall come upon the people if they continue to fit shoes disobeying that is the context that is the whole purpose of this chapter and it is in this chapter that we see the term his health when nation of discounts but let's read the whole section I wanted to be fully I just wanted to keep this in mind when you leave this section of this chapter thinking your mind what events does this sound a lot like what event does seem like this is described him as Deuteronomy twenty eight verse forty eight verse fifty Smith ten versus eleven versus if someone from either often straighten flat panel discusses the correct the homeowners in this is a pretty gruesome description of what will happen to God 's people if they choose to disobey so what effect does that sound like you've read enough history heard about exactly eighty seventy the city with latencies about and disease as a historian they truly see that that parents and their own children it was snatched children from other people 's arms and companies either during the time of the siege and the people of the other armies of Rome came and destroyed perfect visitors exactly as this prophecy way back in the times of Moses foretold and what is this nation call what is the was the name verse fifty nine version this is a nation of fierce countenance Outlook and this is the only place that this description fuse countenances it simply must be the kingdom of the pagan power taken political power of Rome coming besieging Dot's people so that the famine is so great that people would eat their own children you don't flesh but that's was look at a few more descriptions this is when the transgressors are come to for now what's the definition of transgressor center Valley the fourth of February prevent Taliban won't want to send disobeying the law so when the transgressors for one the people disobeyed God to the full then the king of fierce countenance will come so who is one of transgressors the transgressor specifically one nation to nation of Israel were not talking about some sort of pagan nation out there are some no weird country in Africa is talking about God 's people when their transgression is come to full that bitching affairs Council Haider punishment is interesting it says that put upon you you'll do fine description given to roll and also says a nation specifically says a nation whose you shall not understand that's in Deuteronomy twenty eight and Daniel eight it says understanding dark sentences of this is very interesting and that is that all the previous nations that overtook Israel by air on Babylon they spoke Aramaic and that language was actually used sometimes in video Jesus when he came on this earth he spoke Aramaic and picking them up and needed Persian King and they spoke the same language and then greased chain and we know that all the New Testament books Paul and Peter and jeans they all wrote in Greek is a language is that all were no fine for the people of God however last the ancient language of the Romans it's nothing anything remotely similar to Hebrew or anything that they've ever used before so this kingdom came understanding dark sentences speaking the language of faith have no idea who never spoken before of these descriptions make it so clear of a king of fierce countenance which is actually the little one power as we see it come after the form once the simply must be the kingdom of Rome now when I cannot even describe that all of it we still have a lot to cover let's just say this was in a touch on this again was concluded with this Daniel unsure was very familiar with Bible prophecy in fact in chapter seven or chapter eight nine seven nine the age of nine he said he studied the prophecies of Jeremiah will color that will link it took not the Daniel he knew the show I'm sure he knew the stipulations of disobeying God found in Deuteronomy twenty eight you must ensure because he himself was in this time of of persecution he himself was in captivity so I'm sure you study that seek to what can we do to come out of this terrible situation sedan sure he knew in his life one set scene of fierce countenance she automatically knew him this is talking about Deuteronomy twenty eight traffic not call that but he knew exactly that this fifteen of his countenance was calm as a method of punishing God 's people and he knew it we ensure it will besiege them in the land fathers and mothers who eat their children no delicate men and women will eat other people cannibalism and they were even selling the wall the fall his mind was thinking all this Omar you are aforesaid at the end of the end of separate the service you shall be broken without hand let's look at final versus assist look at this visit new preview for next week to whet your appetite here is twenty five says the king of his countenance you shall stand up against the Prince of princes we know that Christ but he can be broken without hand so fortunately God said he will be broken without hand however rose twenty six percent and the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true wherefore shut the vision for HIV for many days now what is the vision of the evening in the morning exactly twenty days data eight fourteen and I said unto two thousand and three hundred days then child-centered now let me a nasty something this is the angel or whoever interpreting this vision to Daniel Hussein Daniel the king approved counselors will come and dynamite he knew that the punishment for God 's people 's transgression he knew that that's when the transgression is come to the full which means they reach the limit of God 's mercy he knew that the Daniel he sitting there can't discount and then the driver says go through the description basis that where it will be broken without hand however the vision of the evening the morning is true see what the vision provision before many days that has been dancing exercises is coming in the vision of the twenty three hundred days with a twenty three hundred evening and morning were twenty three hundred day of atonement the twenty hundred because the clarity of the centrist on the day of atonement he thinking it will take another two thousand and three hundred day of atonement before God will deliver his people from the cancers count this is going today can you imagine what he must have thought he was a fellow will lord this can't be true it's too long how can how can you keep your people in captivity for twenty three hundred years before he restored how could that be this is what's going to the monetary but we was we will explain this even more in the following weeks next week and going against in a chapter because this is the key that connects the seventy weeks of chapter nine twenty nine days after a conduct this was going to Dennis mine she shot two thousand years lowered something must be wrong but that's previous but now today what we've established the first release and little way to the end of thirteen which is a little around his new project clear that go his grease that's clear the King is a very great that's clear the four-point economic before generals of working that's clear out of one of those points comes a little more which I believe to be supported but the Scripture as well to be paid in and people face phases of the Roman Empire the more specifically we want to understand the difference the difference in the switch between the two what that has to do with the twenty minute days in Daniel eight fourteen so let's keep on mind sharp can you study and if you have any questions whatever after climbing young out of heaven again we thank you for this incredible prophecy in Daniel chapter eight is so much yet studying so much we don't know what's in your spirit to teach us Lord help us to remain humble teachable or as we see that you have shared such tremendous truth your servant Daniel so that even got sick he was scared and worried what we know that in the midst of all this is your mercy and grace and love for lost world to help us Lord to see your character through these prophecies and help us to better understand your plan of salvation for us that we may be saved when the time is come Lord help us to keep our gaze upon you as besides the live as we work as we go throughout this following week love the Lord protected is a prejudicing


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