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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 8 (Part 2)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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fundamentally fancy someone to bring us together on this Thursday evening through the open again to the book of Daniel chapter date specifically we understand that there are so many different opinions about this passage below we want to see what your word says solicitor guide us we cannot trip your word on your spirit can do it justice so please do with this give us clear lines that we may be able to interpret these two things of your word those are still coming guys not this is a prejudicing him and him and okay so let's went here last week so I guess flow go through briefly on what we covered last time me for the past two weeks I guess the opening chapter eight one I just started it cover the first two verses and then I took the next few verses so we seen so far we gone through media Persia which is the ran and the receipt grease which is to go and then the first the notable horn between the eyes as Alexander the great vendors broke off the street of its power it became for kingdoms of fourteen cannot it be true for commanders of all four of the commander 's and Alexander's army and is divided to the four winds and last week we discussed the little one came out and we identified as the power of Rome and we mentioned that it is grown in its completeness meaning Rome and both of its phases the pagan faith and the people face so what would get a decent night the main focus of our state is not is to see how that is how this form represent both pagan and papal Rome and believe it or not this concept of the two segments of Rome is perhaps the deepest of this of this chapter so it may take some time let's go through it let's begin in verse eleven read verse eleven that would spend little time here we are he mentioned he magnified himself to the Prince of the host we discussed that last week and represent hateful of pagan Rome rising up and crucifying Jesus and on weird he identified the that aspect of it but let's take the next section this is and by him let's ask ourselves the question why can whose hidden usually magnify himself even to the Prince of the host embodying the daily sacrifice was taken away this hand is talking about the little horn because you look in verse twelve and the host was given in the guest daily sacrifice transmission this hold part of talking about the little filled by the little one the daily sacrifice was taken away and the place of his sanctuary was just down to the daily sacrifice not that is that is some might want to call it the enigma of Daniel eight this is this is the that often bewilders us what is you sacrifice some before going further I was on a media quick quotations from early writings page seventy four second paragraph on this is what Hawaii wrote so then I saw in relation to the daily Daniel eight twelve but the words sacrifice was supplied by man's wisdom and does not belong to the text that the Lord gave the correct view of it those who gave the judgment our crime if you look to the Bible 's I don't know if any other version of that but the King James Gilligan the King James version there were sacrifices in italics that means all words in the King James at the site at how I italicized means that it was supplied by translators it will words added to the text to make a flow and sometimes even most of the time is very helpful but sometimes is based upon the previous ill biases or previous knowledge experience of the translator and in this case based on L-1 's commentary this would sacrifice does not need to be there it's supplied by man's wisdom now you must be wondering well the translators probably are intelligent people and therefore they must have some reason why they added would sacrifice and there is a reason why the word daily sacrifice its connected in the minds of the translators to the daily Temple sacrifices your member daily people came by with the sin offerings they killed the land war whatever offering that they had and they burnt on the brazen altar telecom daily sacrifice and that were daily it simply means continuance in the Hebrew work the Hebrew word this means continuance and often times that what was used in conjunction with sacrifices however that word does not necessitate century service just because it was used oftentimes with the century service the translators made that connection because they knew the Bible so well they put the word sacrifice it however based on Elway is simple the wood Daley simply does not need to would sacrifice the one we look at this text advertising daily sacrifice in this chapter was just eliminated with sacrifice and our minds and just look at it as the daily as it is counting on this or even better yet the daily is the term Davey is a descriptive term for the word sacrifice at her in some cases an adjective in some cases but the descriptive word is now so it's hard to really visualize that the possession definition of the word is simply continuance continuous or ongoing something that's just continues on to continue incessantly the word but we will have let's look at this look at a little bit longer and I think the become clear so it says just this by the little horn the Davie with a continuance was taken away in the place of his century was cast down now let's ask this question again and the place of his sanctuary whose sanctuary the little boy that's exactly right not but most people they think wizard it is the must be the Prince of the host or how this is a problem because if you look at the whole passage verse eleven twelve and thirteen it is clear that it is the little one ethically to date okay we have to set the little one comes matter funds up into the print of the host and by the little one the data is taken away and also in the place of principal factory with FM in in terms of looking at it systematically she magnified himself to the Prince of the host the little one did the little one click way to daily and a little more sanctuary was cast now when you come back to this and come back to this as to why this can be the little one sanctuary just keep that in mind that a lot of us go down to verse twelve we discussed at this stage a lot of this but let's come back to admit with twelve assists and a host was given him against the daily by reason of transgression and a cast down the truth to the ground and it practiced and prospered does anybody have a new King James version you can be diverse yes okay what are the first three words because of transgression okay I like that because it makes it clearer than the King James bikinis is it simply says and then the host was given him against the daily by reason of transgression or we can simply say a whole story on me as her transit translation renders it same thing and army was given for the little boy against the daily for four we should say because of transgression and account down the truth to the ground and a practiced across this is this a strange this is what's happening first we see the little one it takes away the daily because of Trent press for status David on was given to the baby by an extremely honored to the little one to take with a daily so that the transgression can come from a sense because of transgression in order for there to be a place for transgression there must be in the moving of the date and the Army was given to the little one accomplish that of Mrs. this is tricky because transgression and daily often is not in our minds the term of the now transmission is is not the object of person being some of things but it explains itself let's is that will quickly in verse thirteen and will come back Mister Jean then I heard one say speaking in another state said unto the sentencing respect how long should be the vision concerning the baby and the transgression of desolation to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot I believe this is the rest of the big key to understanding what if the baby what is the transgression let me read it again remember sacrifice this take that word out for now it says how long should be the vision concerning the daily and the transgression of desolation so can we say that we meet another way how long should be the vision concerning the daily desolation and the transgression of America the continuance of desolation is the same as they and the transgression of desolation is the second phase that come after the businessman of this is little hard to grasp your fingers around but let me just try to explain the him a better time you say we are all students of Loma Linda I'm not but sometimes this data is says we can say that while Normans graduated law anyway because they know line and Andrew are students of Loma Linda what is a norm that is a state of Loma Linda and Andrews assume them in the same thing this is what the staff is doing the daily and transgression of desolation and the wood daily remembers continuance if the federal term I think it is a continuance of desolation and transgression of desolation now based upon that description just plugs back into the previous first first the continuous updating of the continuous of desolation was taken away for the transgression of desolation the next that the vessel ring a bell clear as mud okay I knew this is can be a little tough but perhaps this can be made a little the simplified to simply said that the continuance of desolation and a transgression desolation represents the two phases it represents to faith the first phase is known as the daily the second phase is known as the transmission of desolation now it will be a lot easier once you come to understand this in verse thirteen the question is that how long how long for the how long shall be the vision concerning the daily and a transgression desolation to give both the century in the post be trodden underfoot blog plaintiff will do more but the question is simply asking the court the process in question he's saying how all will the continuance of desolation and transgression of desolation Trott God 's people underfoot the question simply is how long would this power in both phases persecute God 's people ECF in the first so therefore that is why I say this is the two phases of Rome because one comes up it must be removed in order for the other the common place nine forty note this on the trying to media around the bush I'm just trying to show you some reasoning you are you you are correct for another so let's go back to verse verse eleven and by him the DV was taken away in the place of his sanctuary with Castel the place of a century is the little boys actually at least in the phase of what we called the Dave 's announcement asking this question the word continuance out how to make the simple there were continuance it represents a continuance of desolation or continuance of institution at the time of Daniel previous account Daniel up till the time of Jesus because this is a ninety five and so on to the principle and after that the baby was removed up until the time of Jesus what type of persecution will what firm can use the described that persecute towards God 's people up till that time hey say I'm not in a highly call you but I want Jesus to reason with me up until the time of Jesus Christ even afterwards but just up until that every single power that has persecuted God 's people has always been a pagan power see the nations this August in Babylon before that it was Egypt's new in Syria Babylon the Chaldeans need of Persia Greece and Rome that all pagan nations even it if you go all day back after the flood Nimrod started persecuting us he was the one that was the era of the father of this pagan religion so paganism throughout the ages have been the continual persecutes for of God 's people so therefore the continuance of the solution with the daily simply is paganism pagan power that persecuted off people now that makes a lot of sense now because this is the place of his sanctuary was cast down paganism is a religion therefore they can have sanctuary previous to that it would make any sense because it was just political power political power that has sanctuaries religious powered and this religious tolerance for this religious political pagan power because you remember the little horn of porn represents political power for the daily represents taken the taken political power is cast down his sanctuary is taken away but not as good a verse twelve and a host was given him against the daily by reason of transgressions so close that gives a little one against the daily by reason of transgression in verse eleven we haven't finished this I'm going back to what you mentioned out enough it says grandma but in the data was taken away and the place of the sanctuary was cast down but this is what you really think you can even find you thinking just now and you have to follow me on this the word taken away were taken away Mrs. you might not believe me but look it up in your concord looking up for yourself building my wood floor about work the original definition of take away it means list to list unless you have the means to list so that they like and move type of list was it to exalt what to raise public but the word it simply has to list taken away with list that's what I found in the concordance of strong concordance the definition of that word taken away Salinas is a daily or the continuance of defamation or paganism was listed in the place of the sanctuary cast out so now this makes things really really kicking we dissected the data was taken away by yet it was listed but yet but it makes perfect sense because the next phase is called the transgression of desolation you see paganism was changed by gluing the set pain in the one that's high become was known as the papacy emphasis this requires a lot of historical background the you can read along one on your own if you belong to the bottom of this letter just try to give you an overview that is just this you will awaken a sense of paganism no longer was the official religion of official practice but it was just transformed in a sense it was baptized but now it is called Catholicism and is the papacy it was a missing files at the same holidays at the same system of beliefs but now they just change the names of the Goths and is not placed in a more exalted position than before and that is called the transgression of desolation for a couple reasons now let me ask you this question the papacy I'm assuming you've been through this before this message often in the New Testament the papacy has a special name is a longing for one of the latest is called a man of what the man of sin and was sent transgression of God 's law and transgression of desolation represents the people phase of Rome that persecutes God 's people remember the question of how long will the people be persecuted by the daily and the transition deflation so far all along to have been pagan pagan pagan pagan all of a sudden David taken away what it was listed oil is changed now is called the transgression of the solution I what's so different about that still paganism shores of paganism but now it is Christians persecuting Christians persecuting other Christians in the name of God of heaven and back to God is sent transgression so therefore you see the transition from pagan political wrong to people which is still political all within the little one power known as role so that's how to break the spell of the more so he megaphones up the print will was taken away with listed the place of the text century was cast down and the host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgressions to cast down the truth to the ground and a prosperous just one more note but in verse ten visits I'm not a little point in the beginning of its power the little one and a waxed great even to the host of heaven and a cast down some of the host of the starts the ground and stand upon right there we discussed last week agreed on much incident that represented the Hebrew people and independent leaders saw been trampled with a cast down the political leaders of God 's people but now look at verse twelve after the Davey 's transition into the transgression of desolation is now casting the truth to the ground and checking a trip to the ground this is more of a religious type of endeavor before it was just casting got people politically cast them into the ground but now is transitioning and it is becoming more religious in the sense of true casting God 's truth down to the ground so you see that at a practice and prospered and before we go to practice and prosper I want to touch on a host is of an army was given to him against the daily by reason of transgression now this is perhaps are going to little deeper water than necessary this is a pie won't get there in our study I think that if we discussed us look again at Chapter twelve age of twelve and verse eleven days Congressman says and from that time that the dailies shall be taken away and the abomination of naked desolate always understood the transgression of desolation set up there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days was twelve Blessed is he that waited until two thousand three hundred five and thirty days when I cannot discuss the actual prophecy this is a time prophecy if you another time crossing one thousand two hundred ninety years in the thirteen thirty five but just to say as we discussed in the past in order for the baton prophecies make any sense it must be beginning date with twelve sixty and we can come to twenty million days all of these things he requires a beginning date based on chapter twelve verse eleven of Daniel it tells us the date that we need to begin counting twelve ninety and thirteen thirty five and that date is the removing of the daily for the setting up of transgression this was so you must be wondering you might be wondering all was a big deal we know we may need to disagree and I believe you will find that a lot but this is really critical if you only come to chapter twelve when you contest I don't forget you can see that this prophecy requires a beginning date and unless we can clearly identify what is this daily business what is this transgression of desolation if we don't understand the transition of that time of transmission we will understand the timing of this prophecy self what is the date if I gave a beginning date each of you forgot anything right itself and the key comes from this term and mommy or a host was given to the little this can be a short history lesson I recommend you read it correctly herself in the developing your history book I believe I actually learned about this in high school history with history but also I recommend this book highly IRS has called Daniel revelation it has us all in there let me try to explain this is much as possible the little one power known as wrong is paid in phase was broken into ten different divisions by this time in the book of days you have anyone think of a seven are the beast with ten horns there are ten nations now all pagan nations and this power known as Rome in ten different barbaric tribes within ten arose the king known as Clovis 's name is closer he was the king a pagan king of that Frank try and he married a wife who was Roman Catholic and he himself of the pagan and one day he was battling as his fortune returning against him he realized wait I would lose so he cried out and he made an oath is not the best way to get converted but what he said was if the if the God of my wife helps me win this battle I will become a Catholic and lo and behold he wins the battle so much as his people through River baptizes them and hope but they are all Catholics are Christians so now he became the first Catholic King of any of the other tribes the ten tribes and he was leader not the most powerful and according to historians as my reading from demolition by restless his conversion to also please check on all of the other area nations all of the other pagan nations and variations of this keen was known as the one team that was standing on the side of often rising papacy by this time at this time the papal power was not a great power that we think of an Middle Ages but what he said was based on this historic event it says that at his birth when he was born Clovis was born into the Roman civilization but when he died beginning of the Middle Ages associate himself he is known in history as the content turn the course of history he is the man that transitions pagan Rome into April how do you do this he sought it she starts fighting his nations around them he was the king of the Franks which you know it's in the general vicinity of France now and he went and he fought the Visigoths who was against the paper fixing the pagan nations and he came around and he defeated that is about your final step and when at that deceased the Eastern Roman Empire at this time was ruled in Constantinople just identify think it's known at that time the Eastern Roman Empire saw him as he is the man to go to to preserve the Western front of the Roman nation to the eastern and higher bestowed upon him a special title and is set in the title is called an awfully title because it didn't really mean anything but it was just too make sure that he remains on a site that title is called the protector of Rome and from that day for which at that time was finally eighty five oh eight at that time this this page in current Catholic King Clovis became known as the defender of the people out at that time everything started transitioning disjointed up with that transition and five oh eight all opposition to the papacy basically with and before it was all the all the different power they were just trying to sack Rome all the tenant but they're trying to do it is trying to sack Rome that they can become an power of the Roman Empire but after Clovis came in finally the transition came all the people now they no longer wanted to overcome or sacral neutron become a part of the fence of the papal power to the opposition of people development stopped and in a sense to put it perhaps the most concise way at that time at five awake because of Clovis United pagan and Christian United barbaric tribes and the remaining the remainder of Roman civilization together united them all under the banner of the papacy at five oh eight remember that states the daily was taken away for the transgression of desolation it doesn't say there was set up at the same time it says it was removed for the setting up of transgression you know don't nothing kinky by the way was when he received the title protective role of highway was one they marked the transition all the opposition saw that was when I was right after he defeated the Visigoths after defeated Visigoths that was when all the other barbaric tribes realized with not enough that it was because fondly was actually it was actually a transition date in history in terms of the nations actually stopped by I was pissed off I think with Ashley 's stop the opposition to the papal power that they've settled by historians because well let me just say that Elizabeth Avenue four seventy six and one about the because because I was in the date that transition from the minds of the people from sacking Rome to help you that happened after the QB that is gone finally and also remember this is the host was given to the host is given finally I requested I mean I don't claim to have all the answers and whether primarily while that's not primary secondary primarily a Clovis Clovis and finally he's officially now fighting for the papacy before he was just fighting because of the Catholic but now he's actually in the position of item to send people at hoses is so twelve ninety thirty thirty five the beginning date now you have it finally they can go home and do your math all rights continue to host the dividend suggested daily by reason of transgression in a cast down the truth to the Brown had a practice prospered but this is very very interesting in practice and a prospered now in the line of Daniel was hearing all this what is Syrian that war this house is groaning going dwelling is coming down the beach is the pleasant land it throws down the host and chapels the size of his feet in a manner funds of even against the principal host that continues this persecution all the way down to this entire vision a hearing yesterday and the last two words of the same and he fell or and the Lord came and brought in school instead of something like that here's an practice and prospered bad news is in the line of Daniel this power is just growing and growing and growing and growing going out but then the next response researching then I heard one Saint eighteen and another state said unto that certain same mistake now that the mouthful but simply put in his vision he sees two people angels which is called by what they were to angels and one of the Angels went to the other angels asked the question how long now this is just the key when you say the Bible especially Daniel revelation Angels they don't ask dumb questions over the phone when angels ask a question they asked the question that we should be asking and they just so afraid that human beings are so dumb they will ask the right question things as simple as that in simple terms Angels ask a question in order to emphasize that you really have to know if they have to question that should be a and and a lot of times it's a sign of angels asked questions not because they don't know the answer long time to ask the question so that they can give you the answer and that's exactly tapping your researching him once he began noticing okay question of that how long shall be the vision concerning the baby in the transmission of sacrifice says that the desolation to give both the sanctuary and a host to be trodden under foot now the question I am pretty sure might be floating line Alice what sanctuary you remember before we mentioned that this is the center of the little horn about how do we know who's I think this is trodden in foot that's only mentioned being trodden underfoot analysis look at in the Hebrew English eleven the West sanctuary the Hebrew word is mixed an IQ DJ at age make and that word throughout the Old Testament it is used in connection with any sanctuary it can be applied to God century can fly to a new venture is to be applied to any century it's just the word sanctuary but then outward sanctuary in verse thirteen in Hebrew the word if Q oh DE SH and that would call this in the Old Testament is only use for God 's sanctuary is only used sanctuary so you see the differentiation the first century is commonly it could be anything from sure it could be gone century I'm not saying a fully other question based on my reading and my study and what I believe the Bible says is that best entries the little boys pagan sanctuaries in verse thirteen without a doubt this is God 's sanctuary and now the question is asked how long will the sanctuary and the host be trodden underfoot and mentioned specifically how long the daily transgression of desolation to Tron got people underfoot and visit one of the reasons why I believe this angel has asked question to ask the right questions to get the right answer for their Daniel Pauly because Daniel didn't see past few days because the only down the future either he wasn't there when Jesus died using so this man Daniel C plywood about something like that how long will this power last and that's not good enough to see the question is that how long for the baby and the transgression of desolation of Traut got people underfoot is very specific how long gold or I should say paganism and the papacy the truck of people underfoot and the reason for that is that in Daniel 's mind he is only thinking when his people are restored because you have even captivity so he's not thinking of weight in the future however many captivity later the thinking in Havana now in each human being but the aim to ask the question how long will this pagan and papal power persists in persecuting people until the end of time if you did that type of question that asks a very different it's not just asking one with the power cease asking when will persecution both pagan and in the name of Christianity Cecil God 's people all the way until the end of time that's why this angel is asking the question it's not really part of Daniel 's thinking and so the sanctuary and the host of the Trenton the foot of the host we mentioned before it simply got people the sanctuary sanctuary was trodden under foot before during holiday and a perfect fifth the Temple of Jerusalem in ruins what a refill Dennis said that the health of the papal power fraud God 's temple under foot how to draw the sanctuary underfoot now when we don't have a lot of time to discuss this with him just by the Buccaneers the whole book of secrets in the New Testament is talking about how the heavenly sanctuary is better than the earthly sanctuary house was a sanctuary is no match for this everywhere note Christ the Priest accident would've not to the Vegas ministry now but that will get he was was written to Jewish people because they were still obeying what they were still under the Mosaic sanctuary so they were actually testing away the truth of the sanctuary by continuing persisting in the earthly sanctuary services and now the people power is described by J A Wiley as Greek philosophy I forgot Roman political power something along those lines and Jewish ritualism that's a combination Jewish ritualism led into being brought into Christianity and then being blossomed into a full out Catholicism as so as the papacy persisted in earthly sanctuary services meaning going to a confessional confessing your sins before earthly priestess of the heavenly treats having to pay penance nothing like doing this type of earthly sacrifices where it's no longer actually that's never necessary that the penance was never necessary adjust persisting in earthly first services one nine the Henry's services astronomy got sanctuary is true underfoot that is how papal power is still trotting bus entry for so this has been a tough lesson today but must include in verse fourteen is fourteen and he said unto me unto two thousand and three hundred days then shall the sanctuary records at hand this effect the question the question that asked was how long shall the century he trodden underfoot in the same trend throughout the day said unto two thousand three hundred Dayton centuries shall be clad about the cents hopefully we can make more sense out of it the twenty nine days was given in answer to this question but it wasn't an answer the question and answer the question but it gave more than one question at a question about how long will they be trodden underfoot upon given with the sale of the two thousand and eight then the century and was host show no longer be trodden underfoot it simply says the sanction shall be clients now let me explain briefly what this means the century shall be cleansed that term drugs you wish Ringo is talking about the phone all the sins being brought in daily for the sanctuary what year is collapsed the sanctioning claims clearing the mind then you must need to be informed and in order for there to be a day of atonement that means there must be a sanctuary rebuilt Sentry in service that also means there must be a people reinstate David Palmer was only forgot people it wasn't for the nation there was only for the living but only for the living people of Guyana 's lines when he said claiming the surgery immediately must've thought the Muses century will be rebuilt then is God 's people will be reunited in the estate of his holy people so automatically when you set the session be cleansed it automatically means God 's people will be restored to sanction a long front of foot the host a lot of time in a foot it will be restored but the key is just that Mrs. twenty three hundred days were days of the lithium margin is set evening morning evening morning if not the tip is something almost all the Hebrew Yonge Tuesday award-winning evening morning and a lot of people make this a evening morning it is used in connection with the sensory sacrifice and is true this award is evening and morning sacrifice so therefore allow people to divide before the invasion half in a safe only half that time and of little dates because you can't apply to you dating your principal it is not the same word but I like to go back to the very first usage of the word first usage of this would evening morning afternoon exactly when the first time that currencies evening morning Genesis chapter one just the step one and Moses I believe that on purpose to use that word evening morning to force us to count evening morning was the first day evening morning was the second Thursday evening morning it was one day or two days three-day visit first second third fourth solicitors twenty three hundred evening morning it yes me twenty three hundred days in a sense of just any twenty three hundred beneath the twenty two twenty three hundred day one of twenty three hundred David's home and Daniel Nunez lined it with almost come only once a year to twenty three twenty three hundred and comment S twenty three hundred years sedan as long as thinking positive two thousand three hundred years then there shall be another beautiful so in his mind can imagine what they're going to stage another twenty days before God 's people being fully restored the Temple rebuilt his people reunited centimeters sedan on his mind I called wheels are turning to try to make sense of all this is Howard the one powers arise persecute God 's people for another twenty three hundred years was what happened in the verse sixteen and I heard a man's voice because the banks of which conjugate will make this event understand the vision so in Daniel chapter eight the vision goes the first one to verse sixteen and before I said it went to verse fourteen the vision Ashley goes to verse you deliver seventeen F vision portion ever seventeen then comes explanation of vision and we only went through down near the bottom king of discounts is all about but very very end he says in verse twenty six and a vision of the evening in the morning so we know what vision that is out for three days which was told is true wherefore shut out on the vision for it shall be for many days the Danny thinking this vision is true with me to thinking the second I can make a self-centeredness this vision is twenty one days way way way but then God says seal of the vision this can be for a long time fortunately for many days so no doubt that's it makes perfect sense at this point seven one Daniel fainted he fainted and was six Sundays afterward I rose up into the King 's business else astonished at the vision and understood I just wanted to getting Glenn spoke of what Daniel is going to because this is the critical key to understand that essential cannot Janet and the vision he just witnessed the RAM to go little more than two phases just totally demolishing the people this temple at the very end God says it won't be another twenty three hundred days before your people be restored in a goddess of the client is it shut the vision stock and before long so can imagine Daniel just think he was so distraught at the vision that he just has to this is this is the stage that is set for Chapter nine because now you see Chapter nine Danny has a lot of questions than it answered his questions want to what's going on with you have got people twenties many years is a long time the thinking is not all of these questions and he think and what do we do with it what do we do as a people ecology to Congress delay in restoring your people so this is the stage has been set for Daniel in closing let's just let me just make a few notes Daniel seven and eight new member in the beginning of chapter eight it says and I saw another vision which appeared unto me after the first which appeared to me at the first and first one already we see is in the linkage Daniel was his already linking chapter eight chapter seven and chapter seven the date the actual time properly given for the fall of political Rome and its input in the person of the little one out with the papacy the political fall was given in Chapter seven seventy ninety time times have times putting in a verse in chapter eight merely mentioned that chapter eight was primarily dealing with the religious aspect that dealt with the people and since gone already told us he already gave us a valid show without the time of the fall of political papacy the religious fall of the papacy was given in Chapter eight the cleansing of the century when putting one foot in combination with Chapter seven it simply must be the judgment Howard oversaw from verse nine and onwards and more specifically the contents of chapter eight this one dealing with the religious and with the end of the religious power of this papal power it is the market that the beginning of their and submit repetition in Chapter seven and Chapter eight is the path to repetition but it is an enlargement giving us better clarity to what will happen at the end of chapter each is very interesting it begins with it begins with the rest now it's really strange one guy would do that because in Chapter seven it was still in the rain embellish other seven hundred were both in the ring of us has such epicenter began with a lot of Eagles wings and began with such other or came about in chapter eight the wrath beta version agreement such that and that is to give us a hint about the beginning date of the little worn out or escaping of little cleansing of the century saw this one is over shoe to fall into the past he wants to give us a boundary in chapter eight is the wrath of the calendula thank you the begin date for those of you who already has stated it begins in the rain of me to Persia so that's just low forties let's can comment chapter nine all these things God is trying to give us a proper boundaries that we can properly identify and to find out when this crazy adventure begins and ends the following weeks will be discussed in the much more I think you covered enough for one day so there are any questions or discussion comments are free afterwards John a little over so I need to give for him and father in heaven we thank you again for giving us this time to study together what is it looked at some heavy things heavy topics and data chapter eight pray that you give us clarity as we continue to study deeper insurgents dig even deeper into the veins of truth found in your word please send your Spirit give us eager and diligent line so that we can keep the study on her own find out the truth of these things teach us Lord to continue to press forward and never be satisfied with where we are right now that we may learn war anymore until the day he could protect the thousands our separate ways this print is


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