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Faith is Closer Than You Think

Dave Steward


Dave Steward

Senior Pastor, Fallbrook SDA Church



  • December 5, 2008
    7:00 PM
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you will see all my friends I been gone almost a year the segment has been a long and I miss you guys so I'm going to your tonight and I were in a massive lessons the Lord upon us this weekend as he talked about one of the most important but most ignored subjects in the church prayer you know there's only one thing that the Bible calls the house of God doesn't call the house singing sermons he calls an house of prayer some as we forget that only so tonight were to be talking about that in and before I pray I want to ask a question how many of you insert into the doors tonight with Thanksgiving in your heart and you raise your hands no matter how bad your week is been no matter how many challenges you've had the matter how many struggles that you have right now in your life did you know that God tells us to always enter his sanctuary with with a spirit of Thanksgiving Psalms one hundred four set her Psalms chapter one hundred verse four five says intern into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise be thankful unto him and bless his name for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and his truth endure through all generations is a wonderful horse in turn to his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise was Glen Barker are heads today showing the Amalie father I want to thank you for gathering us here tonight to focus on Jesus and the power of prayer and I pray that this would be a blessing as we come together and discuss the very important topic may we all be inspired more to have a more active more energetic more powerful prayer life Lord may we connect with the limits of power seven in Jesus name amen you know it seems like whenever I had been invited to speak and I fray earnestly for God to lay on my heart what he wants me to share he seems to always touch an area of weakness in my life why is that and you know I didn't choose the topic for this weekend I was I told Paul and Melanie to be in the area this weekend in a support stupor weekend and so the topic was chosen for me but you know God has a way of letting me know areas of my life where I need to greatly improving prayer is one of those areas yes I have a regular prayer prayer life that I could I could stand to have a much more energetic and vigorous prayer life how about you friends know we cannot pray too much I want to start with it a quote from a guy named Stephen over this is what he said it is my conviction that we are never going to have revival we are never to have revival until God is not the Church of Jesus Christ to the point of desperation as long as Christian people can trust religious organization material wealth popular preaching shallow evangelistic crusades and promotion drives there will never be reliable but when confidence in the flesh is smashed and the church comes liberalization of her desperate wretchedness blindness and nakedness before God then and only then will God breathe in yes there must be the point of desperation but there must also be the point of intercession all that God would bring us to this place of initial Russian cannot think or talk let alone taste the revival without intercessory prayer indeed the reason for a number of my church in the last analysis is the sin of prayer list nests and how many of the sipping guiltier carless so many of our churches and yet you look at churches that they do experience remodel there is always always something that is not lacking and that is the people coming together to pray to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit have you ever heard someone say well we've done all we can so I guess with a week all we have left to do is pray of your heard that before that terrible roster rises focus Wednesday prayer meeting about server experiences prayer really should be our first resort not our last contributor someone once said that seven days without prayer makes one weak is that true but tonight I want to talk about conditions for successful prayer life conditions for successful prayer life and I don't think I many get through them all because I want to leave us some time to pray together actually tonight how can we talk about prayer not do it you know Ellen White says there are basically seven conditions for successful prayer life the first condition is to have faith in us women spend the bulk of my time have faith because I think that's really an area where we lack so much in and above all things I think that's why sometimes our prayers don't seem to really reach God number one we need to have faith number two we need to feel our need of help from God LI says that our great need is an is its all our needs most eloquently in our behalf and subsequent page ninety five number three another condition for our prayers to be successful is to renounce sin how can we we are having active sin in our life blatant rebellion against God how can we get all talk to him I know it is been periods in my life where I was lately rebelling against God and I would try to pray and I I just knew that there was no point in a number for another condition for success of her life is a spirit of love and forgiveness in our hearts the Spirit of love and forgiveness in our hearts you know we cannot be wrong with man and be right with God is that true if we can't forgive someone how can we how in our heart can we receive God 's forgiveness number five another condition for successful prayer is to persevere perseverance pray without ceasing continue in prayer the Bible says number six is to seek God 's will write instead of following our own lusts and number seven we need to pray with praise and thanksgiving right now life says that if our prayers seem to be empty and hollow and they just don't be ceasing to be reaching God we need to have Thanksgiving in our heart no matter how depressed are like this we need to somehow someway claim the promises and give us praise and thanksgiving to God 's and I want to go back to number one and really spend the bulk of my time here and that is have faith easier said than done is not happy Jesus asked a very stunning question and Luke eighteen eighths with Chapter eighteen verse eight this is what Jesus said when the Son of Man cometh shall he find faith on this earth know what generation is he speaking to you speaking our generation is any deal to live to see the second coming of Jesus case and he speaking to you and me when Jesus comes in the clouds of glory will he find faith on the earth will he find faith in your heart first one I want to make about faith is that God expects us to pray in faith was look at Hebrews chapter he guard the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 and returned to the faith chapter Hebrews eleven very good chapter and I could want to memorize this is the hall of faith God 's people any other writer of Hebrews makes a pretty stunning statement in verse six but without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him wow God is basically telling us if we do not pray in faith our prayers are meaningless how many times we prayed have you prayed am I afraid or we really didn't have faith in the power of God to answer that prayer while could this be why so many of our prayers seem to go unanswered similarly this begs the question what is faith and job verse one defines that for us verse one and three in Hebrews eleven now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence things not seen through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear that's a pretty powerful statement when you think about it God is very powerful just by his word alone he called this world into existence now that the largest star this some astronomers say that the largest star out there is a star it's called canonist majoris some people call it the big dog Star but I know where God got that name never heard a canvas majoris and he ever has anybody ever put it in perspective how big really is cheap for you well let's put it this way if the if the earth were the size of a golf ball okay this star would be so high would be the height of Mount Everest the highest point owner can imagine a golf ball next to Mount Everest K now does anybody know what the number one trillion represents is that being is that the number beyond Chilean show your mathematician you familiar in Delhi and Cheyenne at Sabbath is the next one quadrillion you know okay well okay canvas majoris is so big that you take it would take seven quadrillion hertz to fill it up me give you an idea what that means let's say that you took a golf you took golf ball or a golf ball and put it unstated Texas okay you would need twenty two inches of golf balls twenty two inches deep on the state of Texas to equal how big a star is so the earth was the size of the dog gospel you would need twenty two inches deep across the state of Texas to fill that's a lot is not imagine a God that is so powerful you can call a store like that into existence just at the mouth of his word so when the Bible says in Hebrews eleven verse three that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear that says a lot Psalms thirty three Psalms thirty three six says by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all their host by the breath of his mouth what's amazing about prayer is that we can tap into that power the power of the word of God someone once said that prayer moves the arm that moves the world imagine being able to ask God they can just call something into existence like the air are a human being or start so huge we can't even imagine imagine being able to release his power for whatever we ask that long as long as it's according to his will so again what is faith faith is the assurance of the thing which God has said in his word is true that God will act according to what he is said in his word this is what George Mueller said about prayer he said no impressions are to be taken in connection with faith impressions have neither one thing on the other to do with faith faith has to do with the word of God it is not impression strong or weak which will make any difference we have to do with the written Marsalis were impressions you so if God says that I believe it and that's good enough for me right even if we don't feel like it's true George Mueller also said probabilities are not to be taking into account sorry mathematicians many people are willing to believe regarding those things that seem probable to them faith has nothing to do with probabilities the province of faith begins with probabilities cease sense fail an great many of God 's children are cast down and lament their want of faith they write to me and say that they have no impressions no feeling they see no probability that the thing they wish will come to pass he also said said that appearances are not to be taken into account because if we see just with our eyes rather than take that taking God at his word we don't see much do we our vision is so limited and now beloved Christian friends you are in great need to ask yourselves whether you are in the habit of fuss confiding in your inmost soul and what God has said and whether you are in earnest in seeking to find whether the thing you want is in accordance with what he has said in his word so really the question I have for you tonight as you take God at his word I got one a man friends to take God at his word a man like to make is that Jesus assures us that we can pray in faith was look at the book of Mark Jesus is talking Mark Chapter 11 Mark Chapter 11 and verse twenty two Mark Chapter 11 first twenty two Jesus says have faith in God for verily I send you that whosoever shall say to this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which he says should come to pass he shall have whatsoever he saith therefore I sent to you what things ever you desire when you pray believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them Jesus makes a pretty bold statement there does me if you believe you will have them do other viable writers also assure us that we can pray in faith but look at the book of James who wrote the book of James James James chapter one verses six through eight but what James says but let him ask in faith nothing wavering for he that way breath is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed for let not that man the one that waivers think that he shall receive anything of the Lord a double minded man is unstable in all his ways do you ever pray and just not receive answers does seem like your prayers disturb powerless could it be because you don't pray in faith or believing that God will do what he 's he 's promises to do was look at the book of Psalms Psalms chapter thirty seven Psalms chapter thirty seven verse three the Lord and do good so shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be fed delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of my heart commits I went to the Lord trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass what were the things I really love about God is that he doesn't equivocate he says things boldly and definitely in his word he says trust in him and he shall bring it to pass not maybe probably perhaps he says he shall bring it to pass that the powerful promises I like well liked Susan book steps to Christ about faith and prayer she says prayer is the key in hand of faith to unlock Kevin storehouse where our treasure the boundless resources Barnett 's peso just imagine you could go to a door that has a lock on and to unlock that door to tap into their boundless limitless infinite resources of God all you have to do is go there in faith and use prayer is the key your hand is the is the hand of faith and you put the prayer of faith in the hands unlock the door and to tap into God 's unlimited resources how often will we approach God do we really believe in that kind of faith she also says in second testimonies should page two seventy nine one petition offered up to God in faith has more power than a wealth of human intellect one petition is greater than a wealth of intellect and I'm glad for that because my life is a very high but I know someone who is his intellect is very high someone else said that prayer without faith is like a check without a signature prayer without faith is like a check without a signature is is a check without a signature worth anything now it is worthless for the signature below is what gives a check value but the prayer of faith has on it the signature of the Lord Jesus Christ and it is good for any amount when presented at the bank at how much is the check before any amount don't we pray for such little cuddly things we could pray for so such greater things Philippians four nineteen says that my God shall supply all your need how much you need all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus this is what a man named Bishop Paul said so-called prayer and he puts prayer so-called prayer if it is only dribbled from careless slips falls in our feet to form words and the prayer into the effectual prayer that pierces the clouds above and reaches the throne in heaven takes faith but every child of God may prayer pray the effectual prayer that available much I know for me many times present dribbled for my careless lips and another phone cards you member when Christ came down for now Transfiguration he was greeted by a man who had a demon possessed son and the father was very perplexed and he cried to him you said if thou can't do anything have compassion on us and help us you are going Jesus replied to him would Jesus say he said if thou canst believe all things are possible to him the believer does Jesus make that same promise to Uni if you will believe all things are possible to him the believer and a member what else that man said he said Lord I believe that help thou my unbelief they got still reward and honor that prayer God help my belief Lord I believe it helped thou mine unbelief is a story about a little mountain village and this village got its water supply from a lake that was above the village and there was up high that connected the lake to the village and one day all the people to those notice that they were getting water in their homes and they were perplexed and they start to despair the men in the village and analyze the type coming from the lake and they realize that there were no breaks in the pipe and so people started giving up on the water supply many moved out of town but one day one of the town officials received a note misses what is said if he'll just pulled the plug out from the top you'll get all the water you want the plug was removed there was an abundance of water and prosperity returned about half famished and half deserted village how many of us as Christians are robbing ourselves in heaven 's blessings in just the same way we pray but the channel a prayer is clogged or plugged with unbelief asking and not believing is like holding a bottle under the sink with the cork in the bottle and not receiving the blessings of God that's why desire of ages on what's that it is faith that connects us with heaven and brings a strength for coping with the powers of darkness friends do we need help coping with the powers of darkness have you send lately have any of you soon lately could it be that when we send recently that we did not grasp the hand of God to prayer she says that in Christ God has provided a means for subduing every sinful trait how many sinful traits every sinful trait in resisting every temptation however strong someone in Cortland Meyer says that if we could only look behind the curtains we would be able to trace the streams of power after their source in the habits we would discern that the very instant the prayer of faith was uttered in the secret science of the lonely soul there was something taking place at the other end of the line and another lines and in other parts of this world I would like to offer is that faith may be increased no I cut a recognized a problem in many of our paralyzing that is the lack of faith but is it possible to increase the faith soccer lives can be strengthened you believe it is possible your visit my favorite one of my favorite Texan the Bible talks about how you can increase your faith is found in Romans ten seventeen is a may not you promise us that's right faith by what you're hearing and hearing by the word of God let's say friends that you have very little faith okay if all you do is start claiming promises in the Bible even taking the text of the Bible and using those as your prayers do you think the goblin creature faith so you know what I I really my faith is really weak I really don't believe help my unbelief but what I do know is that your word is true and that your you will do what you say if I just take these promises and make them my own our faith can grow incredibly guilty and got struck with the really powerful thought a while back and I just love to share with others do you know that when you find a really good tax it seems to just hit the prom you have right now seems to really express how you're feeling what you're thinking and really gives you strength and comfort you know that God had you in mind when he had that writer write that verse never thought of before they got XE had you in mind when he had that writer write it a certain way that's why the Bible says that the word God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword because it worked quick means living this is not just a two thousand year-old document it's living it's powerful today oh but this is so much easier said than done is not will bit more about George Mueller George Mueller lived in the eighteen hundreds he was an evangelist he was a full film he was a wealthy man not because he made a lot of money as a businessman or professional but because he just prayed you know he started orphanages and in England he educated many people he said many young people to college and as far as I know he never had to ask people for money he went right to the top of your when you're out to be ever gone to a company or government agency and yourself frustrated not getting help you want to go directly to the boss your redundant for what usually happens dealing with if you want to Ford Motor Company could you go talk to the CEO if you're having trouble with the way Washington is doing things could you go talk to George Bush probably not even if you let the local government office you think you deal with talk to their elected official maybe maybe not depends on how busy that person this said George Mueller said why should I waste time going and begging money from humans when I can go right to the source so he would he just prayed to God and God continually supplied his needs I want to share with you some things that George Miller said about that because I think it's really helpful because it's one thing to address the problem lack of faith or deficient faith but it's another to talk about solutions and to give us some thoughts about how we can increase our faith how many of you would like your faith to be increased K this is what George Mueller said God the one to increase the faith of his children what's that word God what he delights to increase the faith of his children want our faith which is feeble at first is developed and strengthened more more BIOS we got instead of wanting no trials before victory no exercise for patients to be want to take them from God 's hand as a means I say and say it very deliberately trials obstacles difficulties and sometimes defeats are the very food of faith it's probably not what you want here is a those symbolic negative things we try to avoid right trials obstacles difficulties it George Miller said that the very food of faith I get letters from so many of God 's two children who say your brother Mueller I am writing this because I'm so weak in faith just so surely as we has to have our faith strengthened we must fill a willingness to take from God 's hand and means for strengthening we must allow him to educators the trials and brief mention troubles it is through trials that faith is exercised and developed more more God effectually permits difficulties for you you don't normally here those four words put together like that do you got affectionately permits difficulties that he may develop unceasingly that which he is willing to do for us and to this end we should not sure but if he gets a sorrow and hindrances in losses and afflictions we should take them out of his hands as evidences of his love and care for us in developing more more that faith which he is seeking to strengthen us strengthen us case so he says its trials and difficulties and strengthen our faith the Church of God is not aroused to see God as the beautiful and lovable one he has enhanced the littleness littleness blessedness of beloved brothers and sisters in Christ and to learn for yourselves right cannot tell you the blessedness in the darkest moments I'm able to confide in him for I know what a beautiful and kind and lovable being he has an interview to will of God to put us in the furnace let him do it so we may play ourselves with him as he will reveal himself and that we may know him better we come then to the conclusion that God is a lovable being we are satisfied with him and say it is my father let him do as he pleases you know I think the reason we don't experience more trials this is we avoid them we don't we don't gone places where God can use trials to develop us that when we become willing to come out of our comfort zone to put us through those trials I guarantee you his will wants to take us to trials and difficulties so if you have a no trials difficulties you're on easy Street got examine them I really find God 's will when I first began to allow God to deal with me relying on him taking him at his word and this is where it gets really in sync as he makes it real it's a personal testimony I sent out fifty years ago simply relying on him for myself my family my taxes my traveling expenses and every other need I rested on the sample are the simple promises I found in the six chapter of Matthew read Matthew six twenty five to thirty four carefully was look at that together when I type this this passage gave me great comfort to when I find decided to quit my job because I used to worry so much about my own bills and expenses how God are you getting Jeremy race to read this passage not really believing but let's take a look at his nephew sixth twenty five to thirty four therefore I sent to you take no thought for your life what usually or what you shall drink nor yet for your body what you shall put on is not the life more than meets in the body than raiment behold the thousand year for they sow not neither do they reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father feed of them are you not much better than a witchy you by taking thought can add one cubic unto his stature and why taking thought for raiment consider the lilies of the field how they grow a twelve not neither do they spin again I sent to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these wherefore if God so clothe the grass of the field which today is tomorrow discussed in the oven shall he not much more clothe you O you of little faith therefore take no thought saying what shall we do what shall we drink or wherewithal shall we be clothed draft all these things do the Gentiles seek for your heavenly father not that ye have need of these things but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you take therefore no thought for the morrow for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself sufficient under the day is the evil thereof no friends this church is been given a very special message the most important message it was ever given Tamir mortals the three angels message he is calling men and women to take this message to the world and yet so often we are hindered to do his will and taking our message to the world because we worry about the very things I just read is not true is not true he wants to use so many of us anybody who knows the three angels message what do you use bread that he may have you do it in him you know where you're at he may not ask you to go to the other side of the world but he's asking all of us to do that and a lot of times we we grieve the Holy Spirit by not taking this message more serious and not taking God at his word to provide for our needs your outline says that as we get closer to the end God will call more more people out of their secular lines of work to work full-time and gospel ministry you believe that's true do you want Jesus to come are you willing to do whatever glass you to do to help hasten his coming getting back to George Mueller I believe the word I rested on it and practiced it I took God at his word a stranger of foreign earnings when I knew seven languages while he was a bright guy and I might abuse them perhaps as a means of rent remember this word Satan K begun employment but I consecrate myself to labor for the Lord I put my reliance in the God who is promised and he has acted according to his word I have lacked nothing nothing city lack I have had my trials my difficulties in my purse empty but my receipts have aggregated thousands of dollars while the work is gone on East fifty one years then with regard to my cow store work for the past fifty one years I've had great difficulties great trials and perplexities there will always be difficulties always trials that God is sustaining under them and delivered now and deliver me out of them in the work is gone on this is not a sum of said because I'm a man of great mental power or endowment energy and perseverance these are not the reasons it is because I have confided in God because I saw guiding his care for the institution which under his direction has a hundred schools with masters and mistresses and other departments which I told you before I do not carry the burden and now my sixty seventh year I have physical strength and mental vigor for as much work as when I was a young man University studying and preparing Latin orations I'm just as vigorous as at that time how come because in the last half-century labor I've been able with the simplicity of the child to rely on God I've had my trials but I've laid hold upon God and so is come to pass that I've been sustained it is not only permission to positive command that he gets to cast the burdens upon him I'll let us do it my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ cast thy burden upon the Lord he shall sustain the day by day I do this morning is very morning sixty matters in connection with the church in which I pastor I brought before the Lord and thus it is day by day I do it in year-by-year tenures thirty years forty years but then he wants us do not believe to to obtain full faith that wants all such things as jumping into full exercise of faith in such things I just countenance I do not believe in it I do not believe in it I do not believe in it and I wish you plainly to understand I do not believe in it we got the all such things go on in a natural way the little I did obtain I did not obtain all wants all this I say particularly because letters come to me for questions from those who seek to have their faith strengthened begin over again stay in your soul on the word of God and you will have an increase in your face as you exercise is just like going to the gym and India start off bench and four hundred pounds no no muscles are weak right we have to start off small not Texas where around wanting more he said some say oh I shall never have the gift of faith Mister Mueller 's God this is a mistake it is the greatest error there is not particle of truth in it my faith is the same car faith at all God 's children of that it is the same kind of Simon Peter had and all Christians may obtain the like faith my faith is our faith though there may be more of it because my faith has been a little more developed by exercise and there's their faith is precisely the sci-fi exercise only with regard to degree my maybe more strongly exercise now my beloved brothers and sisters begin in a little way at first I was held in trust Lord for ten dollars and four hundred dollars then for thousand dollars and now with the greatest ease I can trust him for a million dollars if there was occasion the first I should quietly carefully deliberately examine and see whether what I was trusting for was something in accordance with the promises in his written word in that wonderful ringing or more George Miller's in the world today I like that one other person said she said absolute faith in God and his personal care gives that wonderful piece which pleasure prosperity fame or anything else cannot get neither can solve poverty nor trouble take it away the face of Paul and Silas had ripened into perfect trustful messes they sing praises to God in the prison dungeon what are they doing the prison dungeon they sing praises to God because they trusted in God with iron shackles on their feet truly is Isaiah says thou wilt keep him in perfect peace is mine is stayed on me because he trusted in the Nicaea number of you out there who with me look at where Paul was imprisoned right before he was killed when he wrote second Timothy where we believe he was imprisoned and it was it wasn't too bad right when we are just there for like ten minutes with our flashlights and I think there was even a light on in there but imagine being there in a dark prison in Rome and singing praises to God because their faith in God you know when I was in Micronesia I did have a lot of faith and sometimes God takes the very little faith that we have been in and blesses it and the principal came to me at the end of the first semester she said I would like you to teach a class in the next semester I've been teaching Bible high school Bible and knowing that's what I really want to go there to do you know so I was really happy teaching the Bible but also what about the was nice to have a little variety and she said I want to teach a class about the law well I said to be great except I don't know world do for curriculum I had a couple mock trial packets that I could use for the students and we could do a couple mock trials but she wanted me teaches class five days a week for the whole semester I thought there's just no way that doing a couple mock trials and keep these students occupied so I perplexed over it I went to the library to see if maybe there is a book called law for dummies presently like that is obviously you're not getting get into the complexities of contract law are something with high school students I just want to give them an overview of the different aspects the law 's so just like we frequently do you know we try other things for we finally go to God to keep the minor was on the island in the middle of nowhere okay yap was an island how many of her yap all quite a few of you damage event via two hands beautiful island is that what's only about fifty square miles and it's one of those islands I mean what's amazing is this island B Islanders used to bring in these huge pieces of stone money from Palau which was about ten or fifty miles away that may not seem like any big deal but when you're on open water it doesn't take but a few miles to lose sight of land and how in the world that they were unable to go to another fifty miles to get to their destination not only to pull out that Doctor Yap who had been gone at night using the stars they were master astronomers is just amazing what they were able to accomplish anyway was a small island the Miller nowhere and down the eye looks high and low in the school and I couldn't find anything about law for curriculum for the students so without much faith I prayed to God I said God if you want me teach this class then you have to provide a textbook or something for curriculum you know that very day God 's blessing upon my prayer literally came from the heavens here what happened to that very day we got an announcement that the US Coast Guard was coming from the island of Guam which is about five hundred miles away in a big helicopter and that they had a shipment of used textbooks I never heard of a textbook about the law for high school students know we have a couple lawyers backed their giver her the textbook for law students I need for on high school students I didn't even know such such a thing existed but you know as we unpacked the boxes forgot I'd long forgotten about my prayer that as we unpacked those boxes that came from this from the US Coast Guard helicopter we had just hundreds well I say hundreds now we had hundreds of boxes much more than we needed and there was textbook sunshades French and Spanish and all kinds of elective type classes and you know that in some of those boxes they had high school textbooks called Street law all about the law these were great books now they were used but they were great you can stuff on eBay as I was to bring a picture tomorrow but I decided to write about tonight anyway we had many many more books that we could use the fact that Chris will so we're not enough shelf space left he given to the outer islanders so like yeah got the hand-me-downs from Longman we gave our hand-me-downs to the outer islands rose even more primitive and so there I had this textbook which gave really good overview of the law it on the talked about case studies it was just perfect I couldn't I couldn't have asked for anything better this is out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that you think that was a coincidence do you think that helped increase and strengthen my faith in God dammit you know what you know you know something that was some six years ago we need fresh experiences every day and for knowing how many sharing some more those tomorrow is getting home late and I don't want to take anymore times I'll be talking tomorrow got more experiences more more recent experiences in doing my work and evangelism about how God has answered prayers in a in a miraculous way so before we close tonight I I would like to have us come together and pray are there any volunteers that would like to come maybe pray from the front and we could pray together that I need to call people Wendy Wendy would you come when these occur wire I miss hearing her prayers are fervent believing prayers Zoltan project come for our members all ten and I participate in the local chapter of operations lowering for ten days we need more that only friends coming together and fervently praying as a group jean operation global rain started basically I've are Myers I believe his son started his feet he passed as the Templeton Hills church and they decide they need to come together because I was like disunity and problems in the church and they came together and they pray for ten days as a church and they saw miracles happen people that have had an talk to each other come together in unity differences were set aside and they really bonded red talk more about that tomorrow will be talking about what did God do in the early church that we read about Max you have maybe one more volunteer was then pray for us our church will bet you wouldn't thought each heart this evening that he may recognize the need that the need that we have two CQ in faith they are to start out the day walking with you so we may experience you walking beside us throughout that they are old father we are so thankful that you have given us Jesus and his example of going out early in the morning or some time in the evening and praying through the night and then doing things that people said who is this that the bar of God is manifest to him in such way who is this that the wind and the sea obey his work on Lord and you tell us Jesus told us that we would do greater things than he did we cannot believe that Lord many times and even right now we're just greeting with you Lord make that happen for result you been nothing thank you for hearing and answering our prayers for me asking Jesus name amen so let's hope this to greater things help me to have greater faith and the state come before you word we we want to bring strange fire before the Lord we Holy Spirit 's word your promises on RN works number and efforts at sea by working as to will into if your good pleasure Lord and and maybe look forward to seeing the answers to our prayers to even greater extent than we can imagine thank you God for strengthening my faith tonight I learned this into this message heard the testimonies and know that you are calling me to a deeper faith in each one of us here each person listening thank you Jesus mean in examples five minus one run embraces even though we've spit in your face and mildew to cross we then do intend that forgiveness because you are so merciful and universal loving and he assured to survive in that you are willing to die because you are so devoted to ask that you would not let us perish but that you are willing to be put in a frame because in practice so we ask in the name of Jesus that you would forgiveness for our sins that have multiplied against you and we ask that you would fill us with your Holy Spirit and we do ask that you would bring them to trial because his justice in trials that we see your beautiful face and said so often it is true that we do resist that because it is so difficult for us I pray that you would make us able and willing and that within the child that we would sing the highest and the most joyful songs so that all around us would see the deviated at your characters being developed in this him this is the for this is because soon you will come in the heavens but the pains of it is showing signs in good times coming and it's getting quicker and quicker and we may only have a few more years on this earth and so many do not know the beauty of the anonymized and we ask that you would make sure that to others we ask that you would use it says my leave is for you for your cultists from before time to be here at this time which means it has entrusted us with the most sacred message of who you are only ask that you would use us because we want to be used by you that at that man said please I am currently make up for as for that unbelief and take us through to the in the analysis to quantify your name and allow us to be standing next to your throne and allow us to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand birds we would joyfully go with you where ever you go on a daily basis most of last hide their father and we pray that we would return that to you so that we would put a smile on your face and that tears of joy would come from you and not so we ask that you would bless each precious person here that was able to come in those who are not able to lead painted in each one of five five select refill because the dastardly deeds that we do that cannot be we cannot retain them and allow us to give them a ploy teaches how to get the months and servicing your kingdom and all that come in contact with the sport I pray that so the content with knowing your name and process it and then daily be saved by the eyes Jesus Christ Jesus name in closing there Lorelei while left up your people here tonight but I'll ask you would forgive us for our unbelief I had so much unbelief Lord help us to take your work more seriously help us to come to your throne of grace with boldness that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need and Laura were always in need but perhaps really reason we have such little faith is because we are the legacy and church we are we think were rich and in need of nothing and so we don't look to you for much the Lord he told us that were blind were naked or miserable and wretched Lord help us to know that that's the condition wherein this may be alcohol but were were blind were naked women were wretched Lord we are wretched sinners Lord help us to come to you with all this in authority not because of our work but because your work left us to have a more they we stopped bringing trying to bring you down to our level and may we allow you to bring us up to your level to the gates of heaven what I pray that each soul here tonight and every soul within the sound of our voice would have a stronger prayer life and it really truly exercise that arm of faith to put that key of faith or that key of prayer and the hidden hand of faith unlock your own methods and resources Lord help us to need marble in spreading the gospel not for our own needs you've already promised to take care of those you really want us to pray to spread the truth and to get people salvation to Jesus Christ Lord may we be instruments for that purpose and please be with us as we think of you the Sabbath day in Jesus name amen


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