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God, It Makes No Sense

Chelsy Schauer

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Chelsy Schauer

Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) Vice President of Evangelism



  • December 18, 2008
    12:00 PM
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afternoon delight C Ivan on the mercy of God and that I have the privilege to stand before such an army of young people who are here because they want to hear the word of God he met before you begin I need to pray the divider Lauren you have a message for us today and I were that you hear the longing of my heart and that you give me words to speed so I share the testimony of what you've done in my life and not a bit of it is about me Lord I just pray that he will be uplifted all glory may go to you and that we will not leave your chains not one of us Lord that we will walk out those doors sensing that you type stuff guide us I pray in Jesus name amen open your violent acts chapter twenty six acts chapter twenty six and this is our theme for this she wisely wanted to be for this purpose I want to read the Scripture verse that we have chosen acts chapter twenty six and were now look at verse sixteen eighteen are you there here we see that Saul now all he had been on the road to Damascus he had been persecuting the Christians killing them putting them in prison and now he's on the road to Damascus to do more of his work and a light appeared the Lord appeared to him and said I am Jesus whom you ever you were sixteen the dance hall is missing he does not arrive and stand on your feet Bryant appeared to you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen another things which I will yet reveal to you I will deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the Gentiles to whom I now send you to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in me today I have a message from you that for you that is not the norm or maybe maybe it is the norm is the I would have to share my testimony with you and I never was a criminal I never went in infringement I never did drive I never drank or are small in fact I was raised in a wonderful Christian Seventh-day Adventist home I want to learn at an early age and was baptized Kathy that meant for confirming I was going on mission trip actually I was raised to seventy goals from writing my first year through my first year in college so what do I have to share with you today I often thought I had no testimony but many of you sitting here today I believe have gone through many of the things that I have and I want to share with you with three points on the givens you right at the beginning and it lets you know I will make an appeal on those three things at the end because I believe that there may sitting here today are struggling with these things why number one we are living in very dangerous time is what I mean we are living in a time where it is dangerous to be idle in the study of the word of God you and me we are then in a time where it's not okay for it to be your parents relate to your pastor 's relationship with Eva orgy will be a big social event you made me we are living in a time where we need to have an answer for the fate that we hold to share with you in my testimony where this comes in point number two there is someone here today that God is calling the full-time gospel work you're on your masterful at school or after your answer job because you know God is calling you but the things of this world are holding back today is that they can answer the call point number three as the young people we need to live truly shine Christian lives no more hypocrisy this is my bird and it is time that we stop fighting the things are going and I on in our lives that is not of faith and smiling and saying a lot I'm wholly but when we call home we are not the person that we aren't from the people these are the three main point that God has laid on my heart belonging that through the experiences I've been through that God will impart this message to you today study of the word of God answer the call truly shine Kristin lives as I said I was raised in a seven out of home was very good at a young age but something was missing I would get up in the morning to the line of sight down my back sibling a black and agreed to I was set for the day I was inspired to write good stories but I found my relationship with Christ was like that I was on an emotional roller coaster because I was not getting deep into the word of God 's spiritual leader this one is ceramic type creates were when I called the United Nations I preached on things that were emotional field the beginning that what was going on in my morning devotions with God I wasn't searching the right women deep into the word of God and what stands out about my my teachers or some other people and get their opinion or or maybe I go to church I trust that things wonderful man of God and you would be preaching and I would take his word for it but I did not know what I believe in myself and I had an experience that eventually you give for Jesus and naivety has many of you know about a fight you thinking I went to you for Jesus and I was like a fish out of water I was older than everyone else that was there it was strange food and strange address that I wasn't used to and on top of that we were thrown into this work call the vandalism now however the Vandals and this is what young people knocking on doors we were just going to random people come knocking on their door talking to them about God what happened there she would think happens one through the outreach of laundry staff member I remember distinctly I was in my room and it wasn't early early morning I woke up and looked across the room I saw the girls Dean was there when the staff designers studying your Bible that morning and she was searching the worst he was reading I saw her she was she was beeping she just sat underneath when she was just being until after she got delivered a motion by I came up to her and I said everything okay why are you crying about maybe there is something wrong and she said Chelsea I was reading the story of where Jesus was in so much pain in the disciples they were sleeping my Jesus was hearty and they weren't there for him she was leaving because she was reading about the Savior she knew that she had a close intimate relationship with she was reading about the Savior and she thought he heard he and she was weeping as shocking I mean if I read that story maybe I cry but this one she was still lots into the word of God she knew Jesus so that if he was in pain she was crying second they now happened when I would vote her with questions I really wasn't asking the question to get the answer I wanted I would like my opinions are justified don't get me where that's okay to do that and instead of giving you her opinion she did all we pointed me to the word of God they will want to intimidate to go look it up in your Bible clearly minority now she gimme a few taxis and resuming contacts will study them for yourself I contacted after another question shall be low-sodium for yourself every time I get ready to tell me there was always tell me to go study the word of God so I started getting into the Bible and I met a lady at the meeting and she would ask me questions about the sad but what happened was and he got in I knew them to get their improvement from the Bible so I started searching needed to know the answer people had questions brought up with his life but I don't even know what I believe for myself is not enough to say my parents believe my church believes that since this is my religion but this is biblical this is what I believe the word about and I started studying it changed my life I started having answers when people act I started knowing what I believe for myself point number one study the word of God we will be on an emotional roller coaster relationship of we are not deep in the word of God amen are you with me K number two is used for Jesus I was very convicted on many things my dress the music I listen to the movies I watched many things the relation stadium relationships within I was under heavy conviction in many changes happened in my life but then I went to college I had a plan I was going to be a doctor I was going to do now is going to live to make good money to do good things to have a good name title and position there's nothing wrong with being a doctor don't get me wrong but my motive behind was not that my mission like the people I was in a full-time evangelism but my job was next it was the other way around and when I went to college sadly enough I started to compromise Missouri compromise and all of those their it and I became absolutely miserable I was from God 's will for my life and I was praying about and I knew I was in his wealth I started the same I will be in school instead in all all all the world events world events or object linking options were not but it got to a point in the middle of the year why was absolutely miserable I couldn't help it I knew I knew God was calling me to full-time gospel work but no people and understand the opposition from my family from my friend because I was craving why would you give up on these things the knowledge of something called Bible work of even know that it is only thrown from so why would you even knew that it's crazy but God was calling me to it until I answer that call I was never going to be satisfied I was never going to be fulfilled and Cal we fulfill the purpose God has for us we will never have to fulfillment amen so what happened is that I was actually a small and I was watching G Y C and I was I was watching Randy Steve thank you sermon called blind with gold rimmed glasses have you watched February if you haven't listened to it blindly gold rimmed glasses powerful sermon I got my parents owned about I brought my computer I then watched this is why I am predicting when Benedict and so I went I went to a meeting that cause of evangelism and there I was in the word of God is learning how to reason people visit many amazing testimony of what God did and I could stand up here all day is share with you the powerful things that God is not I don't want you to miss the point is not about the wonderful story that's not about all of the being glamour so to speak in evangelism there are parts to it but the point is that it seems to me it completely changed my life when you're sharing the gospel you're watching other people 's lives be transform our you for somebody in their heels that's not really know you see can it work you you should care up by putting the company in a few the Sabbath for the first time Ms. had been searching for the truth powerful you see people back tonight when you meet them and they don't even want to there might be the end of the meeting there will be completed and given up driving out of a change their whole life you can't help but know that that is not you it's gone and that's what changed me if God is calling you the full-time gospel work do not put it aside because of a title or position that temporary do not put it aside because of opposition what God called you to his noggin always be easy amen don't put it aside because of a relationship job God will take care those things finances don't put it aside because of those if God is calling you and if you are here today you know that today is the day to answer that call no putting it off after college there was a time on after I went to ask out when I was a full-time mission work I think that you want me to open the door and every time I did in one nine four something more of an open and I would always leave the door open to show me that everyone is always provided for me after that time I was in full-time ministry and on my spiritual walk with was great other connected when God was sharing with people being miracles happen and then my devotion night and started neglecting those morning devotion and just my words to you my own personal conviction is that if we are not spending time in the word of God in a prayer in the morning were in trouble that morning time with God is critical and I preaching to myself I appreciate it just thinking this morning sometimes want to sleep a little longer but God has a message president Mike Boettcher started to slip some other things in my life circus that there were different struggled and I found myself in a place that honestly I don't really want to share with you but there may be somebody here who do not place the ministry was upfront freaky I was the whole living Bible study I was praying with people I was doing all these things but when I went home there were things in my life that I was struggling with that I did not feel like I could talk to anybody about you don't like what I wanted the pastor a church member to the church members because the others looking to need a lead in spirit that can tell the people in studying with your looking for me for that producing might do something about I want anybody to think that I'm a senior and I was trying to keep his outward up here was a hypocrite I was living a lie not a true genuine Christian walk I was looking at outward display of an inward emptiness and seen it over and over again I've gotten phone calls Toby I'm not can be administered anymore I falling into thin into great I'm nobody to talk to I'm stepping out you may be year-to-date unit you will then called a full-time mission where you got to Newfoundland infected in season and if you walked away from the cloth I run your life money for UB 's grace is sufficient combat back to him his grace is sufficient I'm a living testimony of that we don't want you want to go and open something I know I will we really thought we need to do is find a spiritual leader that we can affect the freeware that we may be seeing out no more living with them now to make you not to reverse gluttonous church and are we living through a genuine Christian live will be no gene and infinitely personally when you're in the word of God be an answer for the fate that we all are you with me you can say amen the kind of quiet this is a burden on my heart because I see and I hear people walking away from the calling God has because of something in your life if you are standing here today and there is something in your life that you been hiding it's been too long and it's time to give it to God it's time to let go of that care soon it's time to confess that the new phone into and it's time to make it right with God and get back into the work as I can tell sharing with people I see I mean for this army of you rightly trained that are studying the word of God they know the word for themselves there's many my thought is that relationship is not calling underlined what RBC report for this purpose and what purpose were not army and you've rightly trained to finish this work we cannot be preaching to others that are just hollow on the inside and out what shall we need to be filled study the word of God yourself for not calling upon your liking matter what mission gone and lived that life we are need of young people today who don't just clock in and clock out of ministry even why I was going through that part of my ministry was like okay I working to five then I did my hours I did my time and actually understand the experience of you during that time I was driving a clocking block out mode I'm in full-time ministry right and principles that lasted only but I was struggling in my personal time with God it was affecting that I was going back and forth from my apartment I'm going to Michael Segal Dana my neighbor saw me one day really cannot do much and I get home at the end of the day I want to talk to anyone I just wanted to go home they do not think I might be relaxed that I am entitled to be blasé that's it I was walking to my apartment door Munich on the overwhelmingly met yet I was new to the area and I think that leaving said I think what do I do what they are the mobile sector again Bible studies able to be like that when evening comes Michael McGivney Bartleson and I was still predicted I is neighbor at three single day 's drive don't know how long they talk to me they waved at me they would ask me questions that I was on a mission significant role I was clocking in and out homework we are to live a life of the time evangelism to see people through Christ's eyes to see their need and to be the hands and the feet of Christ but we need to be filled first but the word of God God has a purpose for you I don't know your story I don't know what's going on in your home in your personal life you know how your relationship with God as I don't know how your devotions are rhinos among God and I know that I'm not standing here today because of me but because God has something to say and I just happened to be the tool is the title of the other methods at my testimony of God it makes no sense Randy Steve graciously let me use that title those five words my story it didn't make sense to me why God would call me a full-time mission work I'm not anything special but I'll even know I finally knew calling me to predict other people that doesn't make it didn't make sense to me why God was calling me personally to walk away from school and to be fully committed to his work God showed me that it wasn't just to get a degree have a degree to say I have one it wasn't just to impress people that he would use me and it's not being on the school that he was calling me to that and he would provide God 's holy some of you today and ended sermon title got it makes no sense again it still does not make sense to me why God has allowed me to you swear I made many mistakes I grace of God somehow somehow he uses somehow I don't understand when I was first questioning the work they do share one more story with you what I was knocking on doors in Texas and I was quite seen that still God why did you call me Judith it doesn't make sense it makes no sense God and I knock on this lady 's door she was in her twenties she had three children and not married she just gone she had been through on Hurricane Katrina and I knocked on her door and she said yes we could start studying the Bible to be began to study every week and this was a pivotal point in my ministry in my walk with God can answer that question we were studying every week and we came to the study on salvation of the open word and I went through the tax Bible texts with her I made an appeal at the end Courtney would you like to extract Jesus that through faith she looked at me and she said no and I didn't know what to do with ensuring that what you without a nap go you know what you do next they seek to know what why do I mean she said no like no way around it just now this is an important decision one way while I do not begin pleading with God so I went into a few other verses and I made him feel horny we don't know when our last day it today is the day of salvation don't put it off for a moment longer on lawns to come into your life he wants to change these things and I said no is there anything keeping and she said Chelsea you don't understand my boyfriend he's Muslim yet even on study the Bible with you maybe fear is if he knew if I accept Jesus I know it's been a change but he would be so angry I can't do that and so I began to talk about how God would see her through Godwin zero three this is the most important decisions you can make in your life and Courtney said yes I want to accept Christ the buyer had me began to pray I never liked someone to Christ before for the very first time and as she hydrated and I I waited for her to pray it was silent that I don't know what to say to just talk to them like a friend she began to pour out her heart I've never heard a more beautiful program not pray that they and his horny prey she was crying I was crying and right in the middle of her prayer vigil are busted open annually there are boyfriend and he looks serious revival in her lap my Bible and nine both of us by Amit and praying or crying obviously you see what's going on and he was and I didn't know what to do I just sat frozen staring at him and looking at her but she can't pray she pressed on his he said no did I want you to come into my heart I want you to come into my life with him standing there she prayed that prayer when I walked out of that house watching what happened according I knew why God had called me today and instead of saying God doesn't make sense I walked out of that house they got it makes sense now it's changed my life to see someone else except Christ and it changed her life there are people just like that that God wants you to reach whether you are our professional and full-time work at your job that's irrelevant they are to reach people for Christ if you don't know your work with that mindset start praying that God will change that if he had you there to witness for him not to go to an eight to five job and make money and then you'll just do some work for him on the side is not what were called to briefly the three points we need to study the word of God to know what we believe there's some here that you don't know what you believe you want your morning devotions you're not deep into the word of God you're going off of what everyone else believes it may be that some opinion number two someone here has been sensing gods called to full-time gospel work and your allowing a hindrances are allowing the things around you to keep you from making a full commitment and today is the day to make that commitment number three their son here today that you feel like you're living a life of hypocrisy you feel like on the outside you're living that's a holy life but inwardly the mass and today is the day to give it all to God to come back to him to fully surrender his grace is sufficient those three points I I one appeal to you today and this is what I want if there is someone here today that you sense that you need to be in the word of God you haven't been on the nasty to stand don't just stand because of an appeal and you think you should stand into the commitments to God you're not a word you don't want your believing you say now is the time that I need to know what I believe number two there's someone here today who feel they're living a life that the opposite and today you understand and say Lord I want to limit through a genuine Christian life no him from yet wanting to stand this is not a general feel this is not for everyone to stand but leave the decision number three there is someone here that God is calling full time gospel work full-time gospel work and you have been avoiding that call you when not regret it my friend Stan today and make that commitment I want that those of you that stood to make a commitment of full-time gospel where God is calling you into dangerous thing in the link you to come right up here to the front I know it's a little late to walk but this is a serious commitment if God is calling you get his work and you have not yet answered this call come forward and make that aim that called that make that decision today praise the Lord this is not a general appeal I want to pray for you for those of you coming you made this commitment it would be wrong of me to let you walk out after this and do nothing so right after this I want you to go right to the left side of the stage you're right my left and were to meet with you were going to pray with you I want to help you follow up on this is a serious commitment not you make at UIC walk to the front some testimony that some girl you don't even know said and now you're in a walkout and never followed through with it you with me God is calling you and you sense it for a while he's touched your heart and today is the day Frank Hobart I don't know why you asked me to stand near today but I know Lord that is not me for your glory and for your sake there are those today who is sent to you touching their heart Lord first I want to pray for those who stood in the same door today I choose to get into the word of God I don't know what I believe I haven't been studying I don't know you more like I said and today I commit to getting into the word of God blessed the Lord tomorrow morning I pray you wake them up early to be in your word and maybe get up and made a study maybe find answers for the beliefs more there's some here today that there is something other than in their life nor they feel like they're living a life outwardly hypocrisy there's something in scientific clinging to inboard it's hurting then record they may be struggled to come back to you but today we see that your grace is sufficient it doesn't always make sense to you call us back into this work and I pray that today for those standing and given the strength to let go of any cherished sin and to live a truly genuine Christian life Lord one of them Gordon then for this group standing here today they sense that you called them to old time gospel work I don't know that the medical missionary I don't know if it's an evangelist the pastor of my work I don't know what it is what you're calling them to what I ask that this not be just another appeal would this be the first day of their following your purpose of them answer that they follow through Lord with you we need a more dedicated young people have been strengthened opposition comes the less than guide them thank you Lord for G Y C thank you promised change your life go with us we pray in Jesus precious name amen we have a short announcement if those of you who instead would move to the side of the stage here are a couple people are going similarly when you and there will this is my audio as he was generating you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net another done by the one-on-one networking like this is more for online service www. audio versus nonwork


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